Oct 24 2018
London, GB / O2 Arena

'Hello Hello'



Second and final night, O2 Arena, London, Wednesday October 24th, 2018

Set List
Hello, Hello...'

A second great night in London and what a sound from another packed house when all four band members step out of the barricage and onto the e-stage for Elevation, Vertigo, 'Real Thing', Acrobat, 'Best Thing' and Summer of Love.

'Welcome to the experience of innocence. This is the chapter in our story called Vertigo, the moment where it all went to our head. What being a rock'n'roll star does to the mind of a young man...'

Here's the full set list from London 2

In The Press
Scott Campbell for ITV.com

There aren't too many bands that can boast having forty years' experience, but this week saw U2 showcase their excellence as they returned to the O2 Arena for the second leg of their multi-million pound double-bill tour, Experience + Innocence. In 2017, fans were treated to the 30th anniversary of the 1987 album 'The Joshua Tree', which saw the band celebrate by playing stadia across America, Canada and Europe. However, the Experience + Innocence tour finds the four-piece Irish quartet return to the journey they began on the Innocence + Experience tour, which bowed out almost three years ago. Those lucky enough to have witnessed the first leg back in 2015 will remember the captivating transparent visuals of the arena-filling screen; which saw Bono literally immerse himself inside, allowing himself and the band to be creative and playful with perspective. Thankfully this was one of the many returning features for this leg; and the compelling double-stage setup, separated by a raised elongated cat-walk for their charismatic frontman to strut along was also a welcome return…
The show opened with a song of darkness and despair as the "lights go out" for Blackout, the second song from their most recent studio album. Hope was then restored for Lights of Home before the exhilarating, yet simplistic, lyrics of I Will Follow allowed exuberant fans to passionately sing-a-long. After slowing things down for a while, the crowd were soon uplifted once again for the adrenaline-fuelled Elevation and Vertigo, before moving back to some of their lesser-known newer tracks. Although the previous Innocence & Experience tour recalled the death of Bono's mother in 'Iris', and explored growing up on the Glasevin, Co Dublin street 'Cedarwood Rood', it also allowed fans to reminisce in the nostalgic back catalogue of the band. And whereas this tour, and album, give an honest present-day reflection of the band's more mature wiser lifestyles, it's apparent that they are refusing to lean on nostalgia this time around. Instead they opt for songs that relay the typical messaging you would expect from a place of parenthood. You're the Best thing About Me and Get Out of Your Own Way almost offer a sense of honour, content and wisdom from the foursome, while there is an ongoing lyrical theme throughout the new album of darkness and light - possibly a true reflection of most family lives. This was never expected to be a greatest-hits show, but there was a sense of shared satisfaction when hearing a mere few of the classics in Pride (In the Name of Love), One, New Year's Day and a surprising choice of Acrobat (a song that has never been played in public before this tour)… Although the production is highly elaborate throughout, there were also some beautiful stripped-back moments, especially when The Edge and Bono joined together for a duo of Summer of Love, in a similar style to their performance of Every Breaking Wave in the first leg of the tour. Although they may receive judgement from their critics, U2 are a not a band that can easily avoid expectation from their fans. In fact, their ability to consistently exceed expectation is probably the main reason they are considered by many to be one of the greatest live bands of our generation.

On The Socials
@iancnoble (via Twitter)  'This gig is insane - new levels for the greatest rock & roll band ever #U2eiTour #U2'

@atu2 (via Twitter) One (Invisible snippet) - dedicated to Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Flood - Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way dedicated to @guyoseary and his wife Michelle who are celebrating 1st anniversary

@CatBUniKent (via twitter) Well that was some show #U2eiTour #U2 #onelove where the key messages were love, kindness, and unity

@ZooropR (via Twitter) U2 superb yet again tonight. Sitting behind the stage (with minimal visuals) made the show feel totally different to the day before. Hearing 6 songs from Achtung Baby both nights a real personal treat (my favourite album). A privilege to be there 

What Did Bono / Macphisto Say?
"I first slept with my Mrs in London… and there were thousands of witnesses! It was in Victoria Station… we slept on the floor in Victoria Station in this great city…"

"Four Irish boys who came to London, full of dreams about something. Something unknown, unforeseeable. Tonight the dream is still there. Tonight, you're IN the dream.. London… tonight we dare to believe…"

"Blessed is London… blessed are the people who keep us safe in London"

"Macphistos's back… and he hasn't lost the plot. In fact he's all fired up for a giant bonfire.. Guy Fawkes night.
Tell me my little Cock-er-neys.. what vanities shall we heap up up on the bonfire.. shall we start with facts? What about journalists. Did you say experts burn… and how to set it alight… oh, thats easy. Just do nothing at all.. just sit back and watch it all combust."

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    A different perspective on the show!
    Having been at the E stage for London night 1, my wife and I attended night 2 with restricted view seats behind the stage and with somewhat lower expectations! Wow - we were wrong! Seen the show from a completely different perspective (Larry's view!) and it was great! The band were superb and on fire!
    Good Night London and Farewell Berliners
    At around stage time the night before, I finally found a ticket for U2 at the O2 on night 2! Resulting in being ecstatic and rather thankful to Andrea for helping me to join the party and attend my personal U2-22, as well as narrowly avoiding missing my first tour since JT (1987). From the opening of the “Blackout” a real televisual companion to I&Es “Invisible” through to “There is a Light”, even from up in the gods, it was an exhilarating and fantastic show. Although for those of us “Faraway So Close” and above the stage, it would have been nice to have seen more including the EU flag on the TV during the plea for us to remain? Nonetheless Stay, Acrobat, Zoo Station, Vertigo and Summer of Love were just a handful of fabulous songs from a fantastic set, strong enough not to lament the JT classics. And even though Macphisto intervened, it was not enough steal the travelling show! My highlight was the coordination and rhythm of the crucifix formation for Pride, extraordinarily played and very relevantly complemented on screen for our sad last darker autumn days as Europeans. The combination of I&E and E&I feels like closure to the entire 4th movement (ATYCLB/HTDAAB/NLOTH) of the extended symphony, we’ve been listening to for four decades. The boys have said that they probably need to go away for a while, as much as I don’t necessarily agree and would like to see ABLE both on stage and that 8k screen again in a stadium, anywhere, if this is somehow a final moderato for the decade, then ...then let it be ... as the songs have been for someone like me.
    U2 @ The O2 on night #2
    So pleased to see the band on night #1 and so glad I was able to come back again for night #2 (in a row) - absolutely amazing and did not disappoint! U2 get better and better. I love the moments where they all took time to tap each other on the shoulder or just reach out, side glances and smiles - a real closeness which is fantastic to see. They are still human after all. I hope the band know how much they mean to us fans (i'm sure they do).
    Mr Andrew Cross
    Brilliant concert as usual, the boys on top form!!
    Eternally grateful
    Having worshipped Mr MacPhisto for 19 years and run a fansite about him for the past 11, but never dreamed I would get the chance to see him perform in person (let alone right in front of me), I can't put into words how much this means to me. My life is complete! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing gift and the joy it will always bring me. (P.S. I'm loving the new face - thank you Marc Wakefield!)
    Turn It up loud, Captain
    Wish I could have been there.
    Bucket List - Coming to Dublin from Kent
    Can't believe I will be in Dublin for the November 6 show! Though I am only 54 I have been actively working on my bucket list since being diagnosed with MS at 40 years of age and what an adventure it has been! When I speak to those who are struggling with diagnoses or struggles I often say look for the gift in it all. Never really what they want to hear but often what they discover is the beauty that surrounds each and every moment of their new existence. You know this. You begin to live differently and thankfully you don't waste time and you seize the moments, every single one of them! So here I am preparing to seize the moment and live out a dream, so thank you for all the joy you have provided for me and all those lives your music has touched. I promised my hubby I will be ok without my favorite song but thought you would enjoy knowing I will hear it on my last day hopefully 50 years from now as I have specified that "Where the Streets have No Name" is to be played as they recess with my coffin out of the church! I have always joked what a nice touch it would be if the Edge were playing in the loft! Guess my Irish heritage of professional wailers can't be denied! Also know you are always welcome for the Kentucky Derby or anytime for that matter, we have plenty of room!
    Hi Guys You're my favourite group since 1981 and I went in each of your french concerts I was in Paris on september 2018 the8th I will be in London on October 2018 the 24th for my 50th birthday with my husband and my daughter Their favorite song is Numb So please sing this song for us Love Marianne
    One ❤️
    Thank you so much for such beautiful news! I love you guys
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