Oct 23 2018
London, GB / O2 Arena

Summer of Love in London Town



When & Where
First night of two, O2 Arena, London, Tuesday October 23rd, 2018

Set List
Summer of Love in London Town. 'That's Adam Clayton there. First manager of the U2. We wouldn't be anywhere without him. That's Larry Mullen Jr... He started this band…' A memory that took us into Summer of Love, two kinds of vessels afloat on the horizon of the Mediterranean, a song that looks back and takes us forward. Opening night in London and a whole show of experience in search of innocence. After Beautiful Day, memories of those first visits to this city - and to others in Europe - took us into Zoo Station.
'We are back in town to finish what we started three years ago, our story of innocence + experience. Yesterday I ended up walking past the basement flat the band stayed in 1980 in our first tour of the UK. London is where it all started for us… 34 people at the Hope and Anchor…. We played to 13 people in Bristol... just want to say... this is better'
'Innocent times… four Irish boys lost in the 80s...And all that hair…'

Here is the full set list from London 1

In The Press
Belfast Telegraph https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/music/brexit-more-than-just-a-gold-star-falling-off-a-blue-flag-bono-tells-london-gig-37452275.html
'Bono has declared Europe's love for the UK and described Brexit as "a loss of shared dreams" as U2's tour arrived in London. The Irish rockers thrilled fans at The O2 on Tuesday night in a concert decked out with dazzling technology. Frontman Bono, joined by Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr and The Edge, played for more than two hours and performed tracks from their latest album, as well as crowd-pleasing hits Vertigo, Elevation and Beautiful Day. The European leg of the tour has seen the band reflect on and celebrate Europe, and the London show was no different. Bono talked about their "love affair with great cities, great European cities", mentioning London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid. The singer stood in front of a huge EU-style flag with yellow stars and hailed London as "still a great European city". One star was not yellow but instead filled in with the Union flag and circled with a heart. During the encore, Bono said: "We've just been touring all across Europe and whatever you think about it, all we heard about from Madrid to Berlin to Paris to Amsterdam is that people love the UK. "They love you. And no-one wants you to leave. And that's just the truth. "For us it's more than just a gold star falling off a blue flag. "It's a loss of shared dreams, shared strengths. Without you, we are less. Without you, the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, we are less." The set featured a screen known as The Barricage running for around 30 metres through the middle of the arena. Running from one end of the venue to another, the versatile Barricage screen transmitted footage, carried political slogans, showed an animation and beamed images of world leaders into the arena. The crowd's first glimpse of the band was when they appeared inside the screen and performed the first song of the night. The opening of the show featured a clip from The Great Dictator, the American political satire feature film written and directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. Original archive footage of European cities captured between 1926 and 1946 was also part of the opening. Bono reflected on the band's beginnings, telling the crowd: "Just yesterday I ended up walking past a basement flat where the band stayed in 1980." He recalled playing to audiences of 14 people, and looking around the packed arena, he said: "Just want to say, this is better." The star referred to his band as "four Irish boys" and "the greatest rock and roll band on the north side of Dublin". The show included a video in support of the ONE Campaign's Poverty Is Sexist campaign which features a chorus of female voices singing Women Of The World. The eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour follows the recent release of U2's 14th studio album Songs Of Experience and sees the band return indoors to pick up where 2015's iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour left off. By the time the band reach Dublin for four home town shows in November, the current tour will have played to almost one million fans in 30 cities across North America and Europe.'

Experience OF The Day
Pip Wilson, writer, youth worker and longtime fan was in the house with daughters ‘The Sheilas'  and godson Danny, 11, U2 shows being a bit of a family tradition. Last night was extra special with a shoutout during Beautiful Day. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpUx0N5AF9R/?taken-by=beautifulhumanperson

On The Socials
@neil_mccormick (via Twitter) 'Wow. That was some rock show. As full on as I have ever seen that band. #u2 (& I've seen them a lot).'

@Andy_Turner_ (via Twitter) A U2 show is like nothing else, pop meets performance art. Passionate, raw, hopeful, political. Tonight was exhilarating, up-close with a tender dedication to Eugene Peterson. Reminded me of the film of when the two met.

And this from The Edge (on his way to the show via a boat on the Thames via @U2 Twitter) : ‘London Calling… ‘Live By the River'… a lot of it happened in London,, the early Punk scene… the Sex Pistols on a boat on the Thames getting arrested… when we arrived here as very green 18-19 year olds to do our first shows it was really like coming to a Mecca for Punk Rock'

What Did Macphisto Say?
‘Halloween in The Hellfire Club… those were the days… and they're coming back! I used to say in London Town when i was out that I wouldn't be a member of a Club I couldn't burn down…'

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    U2 Boy to Man fan
    What an explosive night worth all the wait, 3rd gig in 3 years and the gigs before, can never get enough of Larry and the boys (U2's first manager) hope there is more on the horizon to look forward to in future, never been disappointed but never want the shows to end so i have to walk on and go and and find more of what i an looking for can't live without you would go to the end of the world to try and exit the way i look at the world makes me feel numb,could go on as i have got U2 under my skin Mick
    Having a ball at the E stage!
    First of two nights with U2 at London's O2 and what a show, up close and personal at the E stage! Great show, with the band really on fire! Loved it!!!!
    It’s no secret at all..
    ..that this tour setlist is superb, one of the best, from their earlier songs as boys, to the pivotal moment of One where they almost called it a day, to the experience of 40+ years - it’s a perfect homage to the themes of SOI and SOE and I didn’t miss the old faithfuls like Streets at all. I was in awe of the the creative graphic screens, Hold Me, Kiss Me is one of my all time faves, such a treat and McPhisto was back, brilliant touch! I missed the Zoo Tour (exams!) and was thrilled to hear Zoo Station live at last. There was a certain sadness and poignancy at times amid a joyful noise. What a memorable and emotional night. Thank you guys, you never fail to amaze me, love you xx
    Been to every tour since first Joshua Tree Tour and can definately say one of the most enjoyable concerts, really good sound, I am now 51 but rocked all night, thank you U2 for being an important part of my life, fav song of the night? had to be Gloria.
    At the O2 with U2 on 23 October
    Fantastic show and perfect set list. So wonderful to see the lads in suchsparkling form. Thank you so much U2 for always exceeding expectations and see you in Dublin xx
    U2 get better and better
    My U2 journey began on the Pop Mart tour in 1997 (my mum would not let me go before then as she felt I was "too young") and it was a life changing experience. I am now lucky to have seen U2 on every tour since (14 times so far in total...still not enough). For me, they get better and better - the music takes me to a whole other level and I just can't get enough! I am so grateful for the other U2 fans I have met along the way as they truly understand what it all means and can relate. It was a fantastic show tonight (had Gold Hot tickets) and I am so glad to be coming back again for night 2. The atmosphere in London was electric and so good to hear Wild horses again. Other highlights for me were The Fly, opening with The Blackout was genius, New Years Day and of course Pride - will always be my favourite!
    London 1
    Missed Streets but that’s my only criticism. LOVED hearing Acrobat & Horses. Took my teen to his first U2 show, another deposit in the memory bank ♥️
    great night, yet again
    Loved it, again!! Was it just me or did the whole thing fly by in about 10 mins?? Only downside was all that tech on the screen but it wasn't used as much as on i.e. tour, shame because it was stunning!!!! glad to see it wasn't just my app that didn't work, shame, perhaps they should do another show for us with the app for free
    completed a miles stone as a huge U2 fan, I have followed U2 since 1981 and absolutley love them almost as much as I love my family, I have just accomplished a dream all 3 children have been part of shows with me, mt youngest in Cardiff on the 360 Tour, my eldest at Twickenham 2017 for the excellent anniversary Tour and now last night my beautiful daughter joined me to rock London, my kids are my world and your music makes it spin, love you Craig, Zoe and Adam thank you for the wonderful life you give ME xxx
    fitting ending - thank you
    Thank you for another inspiring and uplifting performance and remembering Eugene Peterson at the end - the man who brought us the Message Bible and opened scripture to another generation. Humbled again God bless Jima
    Missed Joshua Tree songs but otherwise brilliant. What a great frontman Bono is. I Will Follow, Pride, New Years Day and One the highlights for me. Wish I was going again tonight!
    Nice moment - the best thing
    Absolutely amazing show, as ever. One minor note which is nothing more than a personal footnote but one quite dear to me. I've been following this band since I was 11 years old. My first album was All That You Can't Leave Behind, and my first gig (for any band) was on the Vertigo Tour aged 16 as I didn't want to see another band first. When I proposed to my partner last year, "best thing" was on the car radio as we drove away from the spot and a few weeks ago, the acoustic version was our first dance as a married couple. It was beautiful to hear it played that way live and quite moving to see my Wife develop something in her eye. I'm thirty years old now, a long way from the sixteen year old long-haired idiot that went to Vertigo all those years ago, but like a teenager I made a little sign. It had a picture of me, my wife, and the single cover on it and simply said "Best Thing was our wedding dance." I held it up at the end of the gig and I swear Bono, Edge and Adam all reacted positively. (And squinted significantly to read it!) It was a little thank you to a band who have made life feel inspiring because it is difficult, not in spite of it, and I hope it conveyed a little bit of how we feel about the band and each other as well. One thing I've learned from following this band. Stick together. Stay close. Be loyal. And Love is Bigger than Anything in it's way.
    Tour de Force
    I never cease to be amazed at the power of a U2 gig. The tech is awesome but it just serves to make the songs so much more compelling. The energy, compassion and humility (there's really no other word for it) that comes out from the frontman is astonishing. I actually like the fact there's no JT songs on this tour (although I loved the JT gig in Twickenham, don't get me wrong). 'The Fly' was electric. 'Gloria' - haven't heard that for ages: in te domine indeed. But I found the hushed-up harmonies of 'You're the Best Thing ...' the highlight of the show, which I wasn't expecting. But, hey, what can you expect at a U2 gig? They're always shuffling the cards and making it personal, prophetic (RIP Eugene Peterson) and powerful in a way that works for every one in the audience. The power and the glory indeed.
    Thanks to everybody involved for such a great show!!! Let's hope us Brits can Get Out Of Our Own Way! One word : Community
    ewan mackenzie
    Tuesday night show was awesome
    Great night all in, great set list but not a lot from last album. Shame the app didn't work but who needs another distraction. Great venue
    Fantastic gig
    I think this was my 17th U2 gig since first being introduced to them by a friend as a student, in Hanley, Stoke on Trent, in 1984. This was right up there with the absolute best of them. I won’t forget last night’s I Will Follow in a hurry. Superb boys - you’re getting the hang of it alright.
    Lots from Achtung Baby!
    A lot of Achtung Baby at tonight's gig but nothing from The Joshua Tree! Is that a hint of what's to come...another tour in 2021 to celebrate another 30th anniversary! Great set, great show! The only downer was that the U2 app didn't work for me!
    You won't be disappointed!!!!
    Travelling to see U2 is amazing and you will love what you see and hear. Just been to both Manchester gigs and it was better than 2015 in Berlin and London. The stage is a huge upgrade and the sound is on point. Acrobat, Gloria, Stay, Wild horses all amazing and work alongside the new songs which are are stunning. All in all, this concert is why they are the biggest band on the world. Enjoy!
    people think I'm mad, part 2!
    The comment below about flying from Australia to see U2 made me chuckle! We have flown in from Dubai for the same reason - 3rd time in 3 years - and most of our friends/family/colleagues think we are mad!! it is nice to see likeminded people doing similar things!! If I&E and JT are anything to go by this will be worth every penny too. Cannot wait for Tuesday night!
    Not long now...
    Genuinely excited now. The band seem to be angrier and more intense than ever before. Great to see them pushing forward after the nostalgia of last year. As awesome as they were in Twickenham last summer, I want to hear the new stuff!
    People think I'm mad...
    It's now been 8 long years and 3 tours since the band last visited Australia; so for those of us who don't want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a show like e+i, it's a case of flying 24 hours and half way around the world and back in a week to see them. Family and friends think I am nuts, but this band has been my favourite for over 35 years and who knows whether they or I will be around for another tour. Have been lucky enough to secure tickets to both nights, so bring it on!
    Will be there once again 18th time daughters third but please all I ask is you to play WTSHNN it’s that one song that just takes you to another place
    Waiting in line for General Admission
    Anybody planning on waiting in line all day for general admission? I have waited in line all day on many occasions, and love the atmosphere and building excitement of the day. Unfortunately, for what will be my 20th U2 concert I can no longer stand in line (or sit), due to a spinal injury. If anybody wants to wait in line and hold me a place, I will gratefully pay for their ticket. They get a free U2 show, and I get to see U2 the way I used to before my accident. Sláinte.
    In the diary
    Looking forward to seeing U2 again. Twice in two years - am I living the dream or what?!!
    U2 Again
    Saw U2 last year at Twickenham with my daughter a week before she got married, going to O2 with my daughter looking forward to U2 again
    Back for part 2
    Back to the O2 for part 2 of ie tour, Was at abbey road in November to hear songs of experience before it was released, now to see it live,
    U2 @ O2 Again
    This time i take my beautiful daughter Zoe after already treating my sons Adam & Craig to the world of U2 - Fan since a BOY and with all of the excitement and hope that your music has brought me, with every tour under my belt this EXPERIENCE i am sure will kick ass, GaryU2
    Bilbao? ......Please
    Can't wait........
    VIP tickets booked. Hotel booked. Flights to the smoke booked......See you again U2.
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