U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Oct 27 2023
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli the PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #13

'Love Rescue Me'

'There's something to being in front of such a large crowd and feeling so tiny – but I can whisper to you', Bono says in introducing 'Love Rescue Me'. 'Can you hear us when we whisper?'  

Sounds like everyone can.

'Now let's make this whisper into a kind of scream. There's a lot to scream about these days….This is a song we wrote with Bob Dylan…and this song is our prayer… a message of hope and love and peace.'

'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' rotated out and 'Angel of Harlem'  rotated back in. Also among the 22 songs,  snippets including the Beatle's 'Drive My Car', Lou Reed's ' 'Satellite of Love', and The Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black'… with 'What A Wonderful World' turning up at the end of 'Beautiful Day'. 

What Bono Said

On the 10th anniversary of Lou Reed's death, the 'great poet laureate of New York and a lot of other places' was on Bono's mind. He told a story about them meeting not long after Live Aid in July 1985. 'We met him, and he was a cool customer — he didn't give it up. I said to his partner at the time, “Does he not like us?” And she said, “No, no. He wasn't on Live Aid and then this band from Ireland started singing 'Satellite of Love' and went into a bit of 'Walk on the Wild Side…'

'Live Aid was very much a satellite of love….  (this is) for Lou Reed!'

Sending love out to Larry Mullen Jr.,  Bram is introduced: 'He's saved our ass when it was quite the ways out the window.'

'Do you have anything to say to us tonight?' he asks the Dutch drummer, who replies, deadpan: 'That thing you said... summed it up pretty much'.

Shout Outs

To the 'lion tamer' Arthur Fogel, CEO of Live Nation's touring division, on his 70th birthday. 'He has a very extraordinary lion-taming technique where he just kind of stares at you really quietly. He stares these cats down, and I know this because I'm one of the cats that he has stared down'.

On The Socials 

'I feel like I'm in heaven!....Someone's gonna do church in here. Might as well be U2!' — Toby Lemley via Facebook 

'#U2 @SphereVegas is something never seen before. we will see if ever again or not but art like that is transformative in the same way the Sistine Chapel can move…forget once in a lifetime it's more like many lifetimes — for all the bad what a time to be alive to witness that' — @high5iron on X

'2 days ago we had that universe-shaking performance with Lady Gaga. Tonight we have such an intimate, intense experience.... #U2 #U2Sphere' —@HerzensSonne22 on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'Edge is putting a little more wacka wacka on MW than usual.' — lukylsp

'and Bram is really riding the cowbell tonight too!' —Dmway

'Lego should make the Even Better than the Real Thing Elvis Shrine model... it would be great to have it on a wall in your house...' —Max Tsukino


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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Zoo station Store Vegas
Diego Mendoza
Ahead to the Beginning
From Chicago we traveled to SphereVegas for a special 40th anniversary of our wedding day. Many, many U2 shows in Chicago, New Jersey and now Atomic City. It was a sonic dreamscape, inspired visuals and a loose band, tight in their playing and genuine in their shared joy. If you have not yet gone, just go for fucks sake. And we’ll see you back there ourselves in ‘24.
Worth the Effort
Thank you, U2, for the incredible music and mind boggling visuals! It was my first time seeing the band and I’m glad I made the trip. Your story and songs inspire me and bring me joy. Grateful for you all!
The Boy In The Well
Perfect Circle
Mere words cannot explain what we witnessed inside of the Sphere tonight; I'm only human & the experience seemed almost too much for a human brain to take in. It was more than an experience; more than mere sound & vision. Something special; chemistry; action before contemplation. Viva Las Vegas & Viva U2. I hope my brain will remember this moment forever; I know my spirit will. Love Peace One
Worth The 30 Year Wait!
Brought my fly shades, wore my Irish green jacket, pinned my U2 pins all over it, and fulfilled a promise to myself that I would make it back to their show! It was like I was fifteen years old again. Had front row, got doused with some water by Bono, and rocked out the night with the band! U2 is truly the greatest rock n’ roll band in all of rock history! U2-4EVER!!!
Her First U2 concert-In Awe!
Made her own edge pants, earned her way to be front row; in total awe of seeing U2 for her first time. I’m the luckiest dad to have her bring me along for the experience! Thanks U2
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