U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Jan 27 2024
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli The PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #27

Saturday night in Las Vegas

Show twenty seven on January twenty seven and a special Saturday night in Las Vegas. Sweetest Thing and Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over ( 'I wish we'd written this song') are still with us… along with some special guests. 'Grateful to be alive,' as Bono put it, speaking for everyone in this crowded house.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

What Bono Said

(On the drums) 'If you're gonna run away with the circus, this is quite the big top, is it not? Let me start by introducing you to the now world-famous elastic man who can bend himself into any shape he wants, including Larry Mullen Jr., which is impossible, I know, but he exists and his name is Bram van den Berg!' 

(On bass) 'Look at our tight-rope walker without a safety net. High as he's ever been and completely sober — it's a beautiful thing — and sporting the most magnificent moustache!'

(On guitar) 'An alchemist turning our shite into gold on a regular basis, our card-playing, card-carrying genius, The Edge!' 

(On song). 'He might describe himself as the ring master but tonight he's here to make you laugh and cry, your resident clown, Bono Vox!'

'Freedom… It's our favourite word in the band, isn't it the Edge? Growing up in Ireland, rock 'n' roll was the sound of freedom … and America always felt like the land of the free so don't let anyone take that away from you, alright?'

Before Beautiful Day, acknowledging  many had traveled long distances to be in Las Vegas 'Some Irish people here … everybody can feel you strongly tonight'.

Shout Outs

During Elevation to US Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff: 'Madame VP, Doug, Happy Birthday, from the U2!' 

During All I Want Is You, to 'Our partners, our mothers, our daughters, all the women on the U2 crew, all the great women in the audience who we feel we know, and some in … far off places in the world in difficult situations that we can never know...'

On the Socials

'Just got back from seeing U2 at the Sphere on Las Vegas. My immediate description of the experience is “life affirming”. I've never experienced anything like it. #U2UVSPHERE' — @jason­­_king72 on X

 'Saw U2 at the Sphere tonight…What an epic experience!! #lasvegas #sphere #spherelasvegas #lasvegaslife #u2 #u2sphere #msgsphere #lasvegasnightlife #u2fans #beautifulday #epic #epicexperiences' — @myjourneymyhome on Instagram

'Just saw #U2 at #thesphere in #lasvegas… I have never witnessed a higher level of digital video production… it lives up to every bit the incredible visual spectacle it is said to be. #mindblown' —@n8drumz on Instagram

'The #AdamStache is intact for Saturday's show! We wonder…Will Adam grow this out into a beard? #AdamClayton #U2 #U2UVsphere #AdamStache' —@adamskimono on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

Note: There were only a few minutes of Saturday's two-hour show that streamed  online, but that didn't stop the fans in Zootopia from relishing any dispatch that made it out of Sphere by text or quick phone calls from friends on the floor.

'We are updating what we can tonight from friends at the show....they are on the Turntable now...' — AJ2 (part of the crew at fan site U2songs.com)

'Texts from people at shows is how things were done before streaming. It's all good.' — zooropa99

'It's fun to read everyone's comments and hang out during the show even if we don't have a stream.' — Manohlive

'No stream, being audio and video, wouldn't mean that a good time can't happen... tonight was the proof...' — Zootopia moderator Max Tsukino


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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The Tight Rope Walker
Amazing night, it can’t be summed up in pictures or words. But I tried.
Sphere January 27th
Simply amazing; and our daughter's first U2 experience along with her husband!
Adam and Nat
What a night!
Our second night at the Sphere and it was electric. We arrived early but decided to go mid way through the GA crowd and watch from “Edge side” this time. The new and updated visuals made the show even better! And it was great to see more families in GA this time. The Sweetest Thing was a sweet surprise - and I think it was the best version of Streets I have ever had the pleasure to see live! They definitely raised the roof on Saturday night.
The sweetest crowded house
Came all the way from Antwerp as a fan, going on 40 years now, for a once in a lifetime experience!
Stupéfiant, magique,..; exceptionnel.! In fact, there's no words to describe such an amazing show! Woaaw!
Waiting for the show to begin
We thought we saw a great show from the 100 level in October. We had our minds blown for the second time seeing the show in the 200 section. Perspective...
Best night ever!
Following U2 since 1983 and my dream of seeing Bono and the boys up close came true! Bono’s vocals always reach my soul but seeing the passion in his face while he sang will never be forgotten. Adam and Edge were amazing. Adam has a very pleasant and sweet smile when he plays. You can clearly tell they love playing for their fans. Thank you U2!
U2 at the Sphere
Memorable night! What an experience!
Can't be beat
U2 continues to top themselves at each show. My favorite shows were 2009 in Croke Park, and that's a time I'll always cherish because it was a graduation/birthday trip with my late father. This show may have bested that weekend for me!! The whole show was immersive and emotional. They played some of my favorites both on and off the Achtung album.
The best
We went as a family!!!
Greatest show I have ever seen
Special trip for my birthday, and a lifelong dream that came true.
Adam Clayton January 27
Awesome Show!
It was my first time being in General Admission and so I was worried that we wouldn't have a good view. We were very lucky and only a few rows of people behind. We got to experience U2 very close, and it has been the greatest experience with them thus far! Every show I've been too has been amazing, but to feel so near to them was absolutely the trip to Vegas!
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