U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Feb 18 2024
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli The PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #36

'Peace On Earth'

'A Sunday crowd can be a very … transcendent situation' Bono said as another night in the Nevada desert got underway. And transcend it did. There was plenty of flirtation, a promise to take everyone to a 'cathedral of the natural and supernatural', and a moustache flash mob  breaking out on Adam's side of the stage during 'Mysterious Ways' - including Bram wearing a stick-on Fu Manchu for the occasion. 'Discotheque'  made a brief debut appearance but more unexpected was 'Peace On Earth', only ever played three times before…  and not for twenty years.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.

What Bono Said

Before 'Desire, to Adam: 'Might I say what a thrill it is to be in a band with you. Just want to say that. And might I say, what a thrill it is to have witnessed this … whatever this is that you've grown upon your being. I mean, it really is a magnificent mustache, is it not?  And one other thing, and I mean this … it is said that for anything truly great to take place there requires a long obedience in the same direction and you have that. In abundance my friend, my comrade….Adam Clayton on bass!'

Before Peace on Earth: 'To see what the children of Abraham have been doing to each other, all over the world for millennia as well as this very day, is bewildering. Christians, Muslims, Jews. It's bewildering. To see the suffering of the Palestinian children after we saw the suffering of the Israeli children was almost too much. And I understand how ridiculous “love thy enemy” sounds right now. We can't live with “love thy neighbor” even in our band, in our country. But it is a divine command, and not advice. Easy to say, almost impossible to enact'.

The band also changed up the lyrics, with Edge taking the lead on vocals for the first line: 'Peace on Earth, we need it now...They're reading names out over the radio. The folks the rest of us will never get to know. Gal and Ayat, Hind and Mila, their lives are bigger than any big idea. Jesus, can you take the time to throw a drowning man a line, peace on earth…'

Shout Outs

To Woody and Laura Harrelson during 'Elevation': 'I believe in you — Woody and Laura Harrelson — yes we do…'

On The Socials

'The joy bringers, the light bearers, the hope enablers - life is but a dream & a very loud one when it comes to this band. The adventure of a lifetime, through tears and shouts, hugs and jumps - love, love and even more love on this never-ending musical journey. Thank you @U2' —@madfl3a on X

'Waking up a few hours later, still thinking heavily about last night's show and I wasn't even there. Thanks to the streamers, that show (and THAT speech) reached many more people than just those in Sphere. It will not be forgotten. #U2UVSPHERE #U2' —@mich40u2 on X

'Are We Inside, or Outside….Just a quick pic from the Amazing U2 show at the Sphere in Las Vegas… Marking a new era in audio/visual entertainment…. Well done Boys!' —@julespicturepalace on Instagram

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'B has some things to say…This show is why those of us who can manage it go to multiple shows each tour. You just don't know when you'll at a legendary one.' —stateless

'I truly never expected this show to be such a rollercoaster of emotions - not to this extent but yet again they prove why they are the best. Always. I love U2 so much.' —AvANiceDay

'Poignant and powerful!' —U22009


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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Surreal!!! One of the happiest days.of my life!!! Congrats to my favorite band. Always making me feel great! Love you, guys!!
Hello from Norway
We saved up some hard earned money and got tickets for the show 18th of February. Bringing my nephew and wife on a memorable journey. My nephew is a life long fan of U2, growing up with U2 constantly on the stereo, My wife has gotten to accept the music, but also has her favourites. After U2 left the stage, my wife turned to me and said: "I know now why you like them so much". Anyway... The concert was very good! A beautiful version of "Trying to throw your arms around the world" surprised me. Usually songs like "One" and "Love is blindness" will do that, but this time was a bit different. "Acrobat" was especially great this evening. Maybe because we got to see The Edge working his guitar right in front of us. Wonderful! Some concerts you attend will sometimes feel ordinary. You feel that the band have played the songs eighty times already and they actually just want to go home. That is why it's extra exciting when the band does something different. This evening, they dusted off the song "Peace on Earth" just for us. Much appreciated!
Took the **** outta me!
Remember hearing "The Fly" on the radio for the first time, near Cordes Junction, AZ, and thinking, "this is U2?!" Needless to say, Achtung Baby and Zooropa were in constant rotation for half a decade. Never got to see ZooTV or PopMart in those formative years....so catching Achtung in it's entirety...on my Bday no less, was not quite spherical, but pretty full-circle. The visuals were great, but the band sounded even better!! Bass thumping and guitar screaming...absolutely epic! So glad I caught 'em! Well if Bono was possibly hung over on Sunday, I surely was on Monday. And I couldn't resist the picture as I headed to the terminal gate! Thanks fellas!
On my birthday 15/02/2024
I had a great experience seeing U2 at the Sphere in Las Vegas. (Among the guests was Priscilla Presley, wife of Elvis Presley.) It was a fantastic show - with a literally dizzying sight, amazing sound... In Vegas, unfortunately, not only fans sat in the stands, but mainly people who can say: I was there! They were constantly walking around during the concert, looking for beer, hot dogs, checking Facebook and tik tok (!) in their stilettos and trendy shirts... I would like the U2 crew to return to the stadiums and arenas with their REAL FANS, who, at a quarter of the ticket prices, create such a fantastic atmosphere, which is essential for a real U2 concert! Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to have been there, but I'm sorry that many true fans unfortunately don't have a chance... Those who have brought the band to this point really deserve this show!
First time in GA since 2012
As someone who identifies as disabled I didn't think I could do GA again - but after experiencing the show in other parts of the sphere, I felt like I was missing something. Although I was concerned about my nerve pain and my deafness - (and the sphere said there were no accommodations for GA??) - I decided to go all in and give it a shot - who knows this may be my last hurrah. My dudes for the past 31 years did not disappoint. This my FAVE show out of the 4 I had seen. I sobbed, I cheered, I laughed, I made a 1000 new friends and I got to be part of the stache flash mob, one of my top 10 moments of my life - I needed this more than I knew - and most importantly I survived...my pain level was tolerable and my tinnitus is slowly subsiding...y'all are beautiful. The fans, the show, the whole experience was an 11.
Best experience in my life!
Eccoci !!!
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