Sheffield, GB / Indoor Sports Arena
with Fatima Mansions 4
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18 January, 2018
The Best
I have never been to a gig since. That can even come close to this one.
07 October, 2014
Rick Spence (manchester) - U2.com I.D -
I have been to all the tours and by far this was the best. I also queued up overnight to get the tickets whereby we were allocated tickets the morning after. I recall i was number 81. The indoor arena at sheffield was fantastic, only to be made much more exciting by the fact we were close to the front and Bono took my sunglasses from my head during a song (Bad a think), he then wore them for part of the song. This was my first u2 gig ever and most definitely the best. I have tried for many years to see if anyone had any footage of this gig bit have been so far unsuccessful If anyone has anything photos, videos etc it would allow many of my freinds to finally beleive that it did actually happen. Come on U2.com help me out.
16 January, 2012
the best concert ever
i have been to a lot of concerts over the years including another U2 one........... but this concert still beats them all! firstly to get the tickets we had to que over night in a full arena car park. With U2 tunes blasting out from different portable stereos, and random games of football kicking off, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.......... not like booking on line i can tell ya !! Then the concert was electric with people over excitedly balancing on the backs of the seats in an attempt to get the best view of their idols! The venue was far superior to the stadiums and the crowd reacted with delight to all the hits, and the newly showcased achtung baby album! this concert was truely amazing ......... dont know if it can ever be beaten??
13 April, 2010
All night party!
First Indoor U2 gig I'd been to and queued all night for tickets in a real party atmosphere. Got brilliant seats 4 rows from front but no-one really wants to sit at a U2 gig do they? so made our way to the front despite protests from security to sit down. Great sound and a much more intimate setting than the stadiums - Trabants hanging everywhere...
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