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I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
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I' ll go crazy!!!!!!!
The video is crazy!!!!!! And the moments we lived in Paris, and Athens were unforgatable!!!
I'm crazy for U2
This song is remarkable! And always listen to go to work every day! The band managed to get involved with this beat!
only a couple of days left for U2's concert in Horsens. That's my time to go crazy!!
U2 forever
I`ll go grazy when waiting to see you in Helsinki soon!
hey bono
hey bono get well soon hope yous come back 2 glasgow soon yous are amazin band
ill go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight
i love so much this video and the original version of the song.Wonderful!
Bono we are with u!! u2 rocks!
Get well bono... u are just the soul of the band please please.. get well or i'll go crazy! hi from Colombia
get well bono
it's hill and not a mountain, get well soon
thank you "guy's for bringing me all the joy and inspiration that i have recieved from all of your music i really do belive that U2 is the gr8test rock and really roll band that god has ever given us way back to the start when you all borrowed 500 pounds from each of your families ,,, to go over to london and score yourselvs that first record deal.And start the revolution that was and is "the gr8 story you have given all of your millions of fans around the world even me as a young man of 20 years of age standing outside of the generator pub , in morley Perth , Western Australia because there was only even standing room in the car park i would be gr8ly honored 4 you guys to come back to Perth Western Australia again really soon it's been 24 years guy's i would love , to come to Ireland and be just 1 of the people in the croud in a gig at SLANE CASTLE with love to you all from chris The Chillman xox
it goes with the song
some art stuff about bono as a child... worried about the world and not wanting to have the spinach!
Wish you were here !!
I hope U2 comes to South America this year, with this kind of show, it's my dream to see the "spaceship" landing on Argentina, Brazil or any other country near Uruguay. After a show like that, I think you don't have to see anything else. Congratulations for being the best band of the last two decades !! No doubt about it !!
My first concert
I was finally able to go to my first U2 concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.....Im in a video now lol. Im looking forward to concert I will be going to in July in New York. AWESOME show
My first U2 concert: Vilar de Mouros, 19
Is good getting crazing with you guys.
I can not get enough
I was and I am overwhelmed. really crazy evening in Berlin's Olympic Stadium. This song, the stage lights. This song with the atmosphere at this unique stage, I will always carry in my heart. It was really beautiful. A stage like a mountain with a bright star in the Horizon. Thank you very much for this experience.
Great song live!
I really fell in love with this song when they performed it in Toronto. The version they played was so funky! Larry was playing the bongo and the boys' heads were bobbing to the beat on the big screen. Would love to see a video of that version! The entire stadium was clapping to the beat and chanting "I know I'll go crazy!" along with Bono. It was brillant!
I love this song! I saw the concert in Las Vegas and they played a different version of the song. It was still good but not as good as this one. I am going to the concert in Utah and hopefully the play this version.
i like it a lot!!!!!!
u2 have the best songs,i love it!
Legendary Video
love this live video. want have this "live action version". remix on the tour was good, too!
vincent kearns
cant wait for the dvd
congratulations to U2 tremendous growth professional and personal wise!
I'll go crazy.
The version you guys did in Chicago was fantastic------Whiz.
Dennis B.
It was O.K. However, not even close as awesome compared to the Las Vegas show and Pasadena Rose Bowl show.
nat 2A
i want it on my ipod!!!!!!!!!!
it is not available on itunes! do you think it will be someday?? i would like to have this video clip in my ipod!!!
I love this song...I love U2
Love this song in all the forms I've heard so far, but loooved the Rose Bowl version!
When I play it I go crazy
I love this song, it's so beautiful and lets a big knowledge... I love U2
Favorite version
While I love the various versions of this song, this is my favorite. Peace to you and pray for the people of Haiti and the world.
Thank You U2
Thank you for all those songs, to bring hapiness and joy into my life! Your music helps me to live when times are sad and hard... Hope I can meet you once to talk about L.I.V.E See you in Belgium, Brussels September 2010!!! Fdj30@hotmail.com
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