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U2360° At The Rose Bowl DVD - City of Binding Lights
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i love this song, my fave! Great lighting and lyrics!
It works - thank you!
Rose bowl
I watched all of thevideos. Oh my God,I wish i had seen them first hand.. Awesome stuff. U2 Rocks the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good to have back in Mexico
one of the greatest song i ever heard
beautiful song
Really i'm in love with the U2's tour, and this song is a great one!
Live CD?
Everyone knows U2 are at their best live as this clip clealy demonstrates. Why not a "BEST OF LIVE" CD box set? CD's from every tour. It would be awesome.
A great piece of music
What a fantastic setting a piece of music this is. Well done, guys. Not just this, but listening to any of your music makes me feel so good. You're an inspiration to the music.
mi name is AMERICO
you and his lyrics are inspirations to see what cover with a finger... love, all barriers (colour, religion) for very insignificant thing (political power). you are the most large and especially beautiful BANDA DE ROCK... blessings please ... come to PERU...
Hello, I´m a crazy U2 fan. I will always love you through Eternity. Thank you for your music. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please, come back here!!!. YOU ARE "THE BEST BAND OF THE WORLD". Your music inspirates me to live positively. Greetings Bono. I wish you could get over from your operation. I named my two-year-old son PAUL, like you, in your HONOR. I hope to see you soon in Argentina. I was at each performance you gave in Buenos Aires, 2 concerts in 1998 and 3 in 2006. the U2 360° tour in 2009 was the must. My best wishes.
Rose Bowl DVD
After seeing a few vidoe of the 360 at Rose Bowl DVD, I will be purchasing it a.s.a.p. I want to re-live my 360 experience from last year when U2 opened their American Tour in Chicago and I was there.
A city lit by fireflies ! Love it!
u sung this song to me-I'm positive
The more you see, the less you know The less you find out as you go I knew much more then than I do now Neon heart day-glow eyes A city lit by fireflies They're advertising in the skies For people like us And I miss you when you're not around I'm getting ready to leave the ground Bono, I miss you soooo much. I miss hearing about you,reading about you, anticipating the show in Chicago-feeling connected to you. I miss you so so much.
The greatest show
Simply the greatest show on earth... I´m looking forward for the 2nd of October, to see this amazing show here in Portugal, Coimbra....I´m justo counting the days... tic, tak, tic, tak.....
This is a really great show ever, I am waiting for my super deluxe kit of the show.. 16 days more to go
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