War (Remastered) Deluxe

21 July, 20082
  1. Sunday Bloody SundayLyrics
  2. SecondsLyrics
  3. New Year's DayLyrics
  4. Like A Song...Lyrics
  5. Drowning ManLyrics
  6. The RefugeeLyrics
  7. Two Hearts Beat As OneLyrics
  8. Red LightLyrics
  9. SurrenderLyrics
  10. 40Lyrics
  1. Endless DeepLyrics
  2. Angels Too Tied To The Ground
  3. New Year's Day (Single Edit)Lyrics
  4. New Year's Day (USA Remix/Kevorkian Remix)Lyrics
  5. New Year's Day (Vocal Extended Mix - Ferry Corsten Remix)Lyrics
  6. New Year's Day (Ferry Costen - Vocal Radio mix)Lyrics
  7. Two Hearts Beat As One (Long Mix By Kevorkian)Lyrics
  8. Two Hearts Beat As One (USA Remix by Kevorkian)Lyrics
  9. Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version - Steve Lillywhite Re-mix)Lyrics
  10. Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop)Lyrics
  11. I Threw A Brick Through A Window/A Day Without MeLyrics
  12. FireLyrics
Released Date:
21 July, 2008
Produced By:
Steve Lillywhite
Paul Thomas, assisted by Kevin Killen
Universal Island Records under licence to Mercury Records
Recorded At:
Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
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War Remastered 20 Jul 2008
U2's 1983 album, War, has been...
War (Remastered) Deluxe REVIEWS
Passion and politics : the early years,...
'Like all great rock, you feel you...
War Remastered 20 Jul 2008
U2's 1983 album, War, has been...
Blessed are the music makers: a truly...
In spite of itself War is another...
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This is not a rebel yell
"War," released early in 1983, was U2's fullest and loudest album yet -- an album that started to separate the band from their New Wave peers. On this album, U2 both embraced and began wrestling with the identity of a Band with a Mission. Prior to this, their albums had featured oblique statements or pictures of uncertainty (the turmoil of adolescence on "Boy", the spiritual uncertainty of "October"). On "War," the band clearly and defiantly wrestled with the punk rock questions of politics, war, and personal/national identity. The faith that the band is famously known for kept them from embracing nihilism, and instead -- impossibly -- to land on notes of grace and hope. As a result, an album that features militaristic rhythms frequently resolves on hopeful submission. The fire of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" melts to the impatient faith of "40," while the uncertainty of "Two Hearts Beat As One" is answered by the elegaic "Surrender." These may not be rebel songs in the traditional sense, but in light of the faith that fuels each song, this may be the most rebellious U2 would ever be. The album was remastered in 2008 and released with a bonus disc of B-sides, showing an early and experimental side of the band. Long before the umpteenth Hexidecimal mix of "Discotheque," U2 was experimenting with remixes on both "Two Hearts Beat As One" and "New Year's Day". As a result, it's a fascinating release, and one essential for U2 fans old and new.
War - an already legendary album made be
War has always been, for me, one of the best U2 albums of all time, from the loud militaristic drumbeat of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" to the quiet, atmospheric and beautiful "Drowning Man" (my personal favourite - gives me goosebumps), every song on this album is fantastic. I never thought this album could get any better until they released this deluxe edition which includes the fantastic previously unreleased song "Angels Too Tied To The Ground". What I love about this track is that Bono re-recorded his vocals for this reissue while maintaining the original music in the track recorded in 1983, it just sounds phenomenal, very underrated and unexpectedly awesome track! I also loved the inclusion of "Endless Deep" - a b-side which I hadn't heard before and upon listening to it, it's now in my favourite U2 song-list! Adam singing too! Overall, not only is this a timeless album but the reissue only makes this album more exciting by including the extra songs/remixes and even after many reissues being released now, it's still firmly my favourite U2 reissue! Not to mention the sound quality is nothing less than brilliant, Great job guys!
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