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23 Aug 201265

Since 2007 some of the band's seminal albums have been born again: remastered, reimagined, reissued. Now we want your reviews of those re-released classics.

October, for example, returned in 2008 with remastered audio and a bonus CD of live tracks and rarities along with a commentary from Edge.

1991's Achtung Baby came back just last year, this time with  a raft of unreleased material; video, remixes, b-sides and documentary footage along with a second album's worth of demo and early versions of the final 1991 tracklisting.

A quarter century after Kerrang first said of it 'This ain't mere genius, this is rock'n'roll…' , The Unforgettable Fire was remastered and rereleased in 2009 with a shedload of bonus content.

And twenty years after it's debut, The Joshua Tree came back remastered in 2007, with liner notes from Bill Flanagan, unseen photographs from Anton Corbijn and unheard material like Wave of Sorrow (Birdland) and Desert of Our Love.

We've now added a comment facility to each title which means you can add your own review to each re-release. What did it bring you that the original release didn't? Was there a hidden gem or unexpected surprise ? How does the reissued edition stand up to the passing of time - what memories does it all bring back?

Start listening. Start reviewing...add your thoughts in the comments window at the foot of each album page. We'll be highlighting some of your best album reviews in the coming months and sending you exclusive prizes.

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Rattle and Hum reissue??
I would love to know if there are plans to reissue Rattle and Hum. It would be amazing to have a box set that includes the full album + songs included in the movie version but not on the album version; R&H movie (streamable); audio and streamable video of entire McNichols Arena concert prominently featured in the film; movie extras; photo book from JT/R&H area, etc.
Pop Up!
I totally agree with "JamMasterFlash", I love Pop - Playboy Mansion and Staring At the Sun are among my favorite U2 songs - let's hear what the band would have released if they had a little more time to give the songs the attention they deserved. Peace, Oldmateo.
For me this was the best bonus disc out of them all.Loved every second of it and think some of the tunes are better then the actual album.The version of One is just incredible on this disc and Ultra violet amazing.
All of them
Achtung is pretty sick but they are all great. I did like all the live tracks we got on the Boy, War, and October releases though. We need a new Zoo TV DVD though!!!1
What happens with Womanfish?
Womanfish is a very good song fruit of an spontaneous inspiration. Why have they never released this track? The Joshua Tree reedition must have included Womanfish.
Special Ultra Mega Deluxe Edition POP!!
I think next up it's POP's turn to get the remastered, reimagined, reissued treatment! I know many (including the band themselves) think the album could use some reworking: I, for one, think it's perfectly fine! But I'd also like to see a truckload of B-sides and Remixes from the POP album and era, videos, posters, stickers, pins... the works!! :)
Pop B-sides?
I've always heard this hasn't been their best record but actually there are many songs-in my opinion-that deserve a lot of chances. Obviously Mexico's concert is great, and songs like Gone, Discotheque, Mofo are really worth it. What about doing a special edition of this record, I guess it's worth listening to b-sides and know what we have missed. thanks for the video on the webpage, they look, well, totally disco!
karl 20
what i would have liked to have seen with the actung baby super deluxe and uber versions is a 5 track live cd of the 1st 5 songs played at glastonbury all from AB just to showhow fresh those songs sound now 20 yrs on
I have missed...
-Boy: Songs like Street Mission, Alone In The Light, Lost On A Silent Planet, The Fool, The Dream Is Over, Cartoon World... A must have, really must hear for every person who loves U2. A 1980-1981 DVD concert. -October: Outtakes from the sessions. A 1981-1982 DVD concert. -War: More outtakes from the sessions. A song called "Be There" (a love song). A 1983 DVD concert (different from Red Rocks) -Under A Blood Red Sky: - (it´s great to enjoy the expanded version) -The Unforgettable Fire: More outtakes from the sessions. A Pride video directed by Anton Corbjn. A 1984-1985 DVD concert (Dortmund '84 for example). -The Joshua Tree: More outtakes if they exist. "Spanish Eyes" video. -Achtüng Baby: More outtakes from the sessions (first version of "Wake Up Dead Man" for example). A 1992 ZooTV DVD concert. -Zooropa: I can´t wait for the separate reedition with its own outtakes. All the reeditions have great things (with Boy i feel disappointed). Thanks.
25 Years of R&H (2013) + POP20 (2017)
I love them all...from 'Boy' to 'Achtung Baby'! My favorites are the 'Live in Paris-DVD', the new&rare songs, the new artwork and the 'Kindergarten-CD'! But I was a bit disappointed about the 'Unforgettable Fire-DVD' and the 'Live from Sydney-DVD' in the 'AB'-BOX! Nothing new...boring! Hope the guys are doing it better on the R&H & POP Re-Release! Like a 'Love Town-DVD' and 2017 a 'grown up' Version of 'POP': 'POP20' + 'POPMART Live from Sarajevo or Rotterdam'! Also I hope they will release a new album next year with at least 20 extraordinary new songs and they will completely change their setlist on the next INDOOR Tour in 2014! I'm so tired to hear their greatest hits again and again!
Suddenly bad packaging
All the reissues have been great. Nice hard box and deluxe feeling sets. Then for Achtung Baby it goes digipack and looks different to the rest of the reissues? Why do that? And yes I did also buy the mega version of the album as well.
Joshua Tree remaster = Opening the Live
The Joshua Tree Remaster was essential and really well done. It revealed the artistry, depth and beauty of every song & each of the band members contributions. Perhaps the most improved track on the remastered album is 'Exit'. I love being able to clearly hear the haunting opening sequence without readjusting the volume. It could've used a few missing elements like 'Womanfish' that should be made available. Also giving us a concert never officially released with the Paris July 4th show was amazing! Please package more unreleased shows like that instead of the shows we already own like ZooTV Sydney. For Pop remaster, Popmart shows from either Santiago, Tel Aviv or Leeds instead of another Mexico re-release.  In general, open the Live Show Vaults. U2 have always said they are a live band & the songs come to life on stage. So embrace that with your fans. Keep the remasters coming with more newer Concert footage, a proper Zooropa release with B-sides, Pop & Rattle & Hum!
All unreleased songs and unreleased DVDc
To sum up, not only my point of view, but a lot of opinions in the reviews written here, the most valuable content of the reeditions are: -Unreleased songs (complete sessions): That´s the reason why Achtüng Baby is far better than other reeditions like Boy; Blow Your House Down, Heaven And Hell, Oh Berlin, Everybody Loves A Winner, Down All The Days, Near The Island are absolutely fantastic, may be they have to stay out of the final tracklisting, because the album would suffer a loss of cohesion but every fan of U2 must hear all these wonderful songs and enjoy. The same happens with The Joshua Tree, it has hidden gems like Desert Of Our Love, Rise Up, Wave Of Sorrow, Drunk Chicken or Beautiful Ghost. -Unreleased live concerts in DVD: The problem with Achtüng Baby is to feature a concert that we´ve already seen. This doesn´t happen with The Joshua Tree. Paris concert is wonderful. The Unforgettable Fire could get better in both points, it has treasures like Disappearing Act and Yoshino Blossom but doesn´t have a concert from TUF Tour. So Achtüng Baby reedition is great, but would get better with an unreleased live concert in DVD, The Unforgettable Fire reedition is good but would get better with a TUF Tour concert in DVD (Dortmund '84) and The Joshua Tree reedition (for reasons explained) is almost total. So, total reeditions must have the complete sessions from the album, must have every unreleased song and complete unreleased concerts from the period of the album.
More LIVE footage!
Joshua Tree stands out as best reissue, it's not as glamorous as AB Uber, but has the precious Paris footage DOT Why on earth you didn't follow this path with Unforgettable Fire reissue (Dortmund or other show), ABaby (Stokholm indoor show! or New York full outside broadcast)!!! I hope to see Rattle And Hum with some great outtakes and Love Town inedited live footage (whole Sydney show please!) you gotta do it, that's the only 80's album left to reissue (please use the same box fromat!)
I love all of 'em
I love all the remasters especially Under a Blood Red Sky and Achtung Baby, really look forward to PoP and All that you can't leave behind
I could not stop listening to Boy when its remaster came out, that said I would love a Rattle & Hum remaster, I'm sure there must be tons of material in the vaults from that album and possibly a directors cut on the movie as well
Open the Vaults Up More!
Please post my ideas, I've tried posting several times and it's not getting put up. Thank you! >Quality of remasters has sounded great so far, keep it up! >Open the Vaults, there wasn't enough material included very on the Boy/October/War re-issues, and re-mixes don't count. I have to believe there are more songs that could've been in place of 5 versions of New Years Day on the War release. Go back and re-do the Boy/ October/ War releases with more rarities. >Include More Unreleased Live Concerts instead of ones we already own. There's way too many good ZooTV shows besides Sydney that you had to put that in the AB Remaster. Instead, how about a show from the 1st Leg of ZooTV. I've heard some of those are legendary. >More rare versions of songs like the Kindergarten CD in Achtung Baby remaster. More of that please! >Limit the number of dance re-mixes, those for the most part stink compared to songs we've never heard before or working versions of songs. I'll take The Wanderer with Bono on lead vocals any day over a Numb remix. >Proper Zooropa remaster, like JT & AB. >Offer 11" x 17" sized silkscreen prints of random concerts from each tour (Not just the DVD shows) for those of us that collect prints. Not huge 24" x 36" prints, those get to be too expensive and limiting to frame.
Mixed bag
The reissue program has been a mixed bag for me. Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire were beautifully packaged and came in at a reasonable price. There was consistency in track list selection, one or two surprises from the vaults eg Wave of Sorrow, Disappearing Act which were of very high quality. They missed a trick with UF by not following what they did with Joshua Tree, namely having an accompanying live document of the band from that period. Theres no shortage of available material so that was disappointing. Boy, October and War came with period rarities and on the whole represented good value. Again a live document from each tour would have been a good idea mainly as document of how the band progressed as a live act. A trick missed methinks. Now for my real bug bear. Achtung Baby, arguably the zenith in terms of U2 as a studio album but even with a version to suit most pockets, I think it's a bit of a rip off. Being a bit old school, I have no time for endless remixes. There were few rarities on the 2 disc edition but mainly it was previously released stuff. the stuff of real interest came in the form of the Kindergarten version of the songs which were fascinating but to get them it meant forking out over 70 quid. A not inconsiderable sum. the accompanying DVDs offere nothing new. Tagging the Zooropa album on for me was a mistake without offering equivalent rarities from that period. All in all having bought it, it represents a kind of emperors new clothes of a release. Following U2 as I have since the age of 10, it been hugely rewarding but often frustrating and this is one of those times. Finally they need to get on with reissuing Rattle and Hum. I never quite understood the flack. Great live songs and 9 new songs with only one real dud in my view but certainly U2 in a mode of purity rarely seen since. It deserves reissue and reappraisal. Oh and Pop as well. Roll on the new album.
The best reissue will always be the one
U2 have many hidden songs that are true treasures: Rise Up, Desert Of Our Love, Disappearing Act, Yoshino Blossom are very good examples, so, please, release all of them. Release all the outtakes from every session of every album. That´s what a true fan of U2 wants, more than the B-sides. I agree with fly39, it´s much more exciting to get the B-sides one by one buying vinyls or cd singles, but i always buy the compilations too. More questions, why does not exist a Zooropa reissue that's sold separately in its own deluxe format? It must have an extra cd with alternative versions, "Slow Dancing", an outtake called "In Cold Blood" It deserves its own reissue. Why The Joshua Tree reissue does not include "Womanfish"? Does not exist an studio version of this track? I miss the third video of Pride in the DVD of the deluxe version of The Unforgettable Fire (Anton Corbijn video). Thanks
The Best!
....before i get older.....
the sounds of u2 s music in my life since i was 13. i am now 40. wow guys, i beseiged you, please, release more stuff i de like to enjoy it still being able to move energetically! its a tribal thing is it not. Though i must admit that over the last few years u guys have been hitting the spot. u2 u22 is a perfect example. wow !!!! if you release a best of 00/10 this november, i think thats fair. or a complete singles collection. oh and keep pushing for the box set kinda of thing // this is my suggestion for POP: disc 1-album (just tweak it) disc 2 and disc 3- literally all the b sides of that era plus: gone,discotheque,staring, from best of, and the single versions released. and also, 5,6,7 new unreleased songs, plus,...not your baby,sd 1,htkk,msara live,M:I: theme,viva davidoff.4th and 5fth disc remixes!! and 6th disc passengers album plus extra tracks. // on video, please slow dancing II, and some other full concert. Salutations from sunny south Portugal // support //
Rattle And Hum reissue 25th anniversary
What about this? 1st Cd: Rattle And Hum 2nd Cd: B-sides, Demos, Outtakes -Hallelujah here she comes -Desire (Hoolywood Mix)-A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel -Love rescue Me (Live) -Dancing barefoot -When love comes to town (Live from the Kingdom Mix) -God Part II (The hard metal dance Mix) -Unchained melody -Everlasting love -She´s A Mistery To Me -Jesus Christ -If I Had A Rocket Launcher -Can´t Help Falling In Love With You -Moving Out -My Time Hasn´t Come (More outtakes would be very welcome) DVD: A concert from the Lovetown Tour, rare footage, alternative videos, etc. I totally agree with Martin Texas and other people who wants unreleased concerts in the reissues, Dortmund '84 would be incredible, ¿why does not exist an official vhs or dvd from that fantastic tour? An unreleased concert from ZooTV 1992 would be better in Achtung Baby reissue than the very well known Sidney 1993. The best thing for me in the reissues is that they include unreleased songs in form of demos and outtakes. Unreleased concerts in DVD are also fantastic. PLEASE, RERELEASE THE 1978-1979 DEMOS, ALL DEMOS ARE EXCELLENT. A DEMO CALLED BE THERE (from 1983 i think) IS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY TOO. MAKE THEM KNOWN TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THE NEW ALBUM (BONO, YOU PROMISE THREE ALBUMS!!)
Time for Pop to shine
I think each release so far has had it's perks. The Joshua Tree remaster had a concert video that hadn't been released by the band before, and the Achtung Baby Uber release was just fantastic. B-Sides, Remixes, bundle of videos, Fly Shades, 16x16 cover posters, wow. So U2, it's time to give Pop the same treatment. But for this one (since something different has happened for each release) I think it might be REALLY cool to hear a finished album. The band often say they didn't get to finish Pop, and judging by the new mixes on the 90-2000 greatest hits collection, it could sound even more amazing than it already is! Finish the album and show us the album you invisioned! Alex
reviews...where do i start
since i have purchased each U2 album several times in my life....rebuying the reissues gets me so excited....lets start.....boy....i remember i bought boy october and war all at the same time and it was all the money that i had at the time...i blew my weekly non profit stipend on them but wow it was so worth brother even borrowed boy for awhile because he couldnt believe that was U2 and how cool they sounded...i love the boy albulm...this reissue its so loud and the bells...the bonus disc i spent hours and hours listening to and wishing i was playing it in some underground club good...october which is one of my favorite albulms everytime i listen to it it takes me somewhere so bueatiful....i remember reading the october reissue notes in my monestary on retreat....war...what can i say...this reissue changed my life just like everytime i listen to this albulm...and i have listened to over a thousand times....and this remastering is so perfect....after my pastor died...i was so sad but i took this album with me to the beach and i got up early to watch the sunrise every morning to this album and seing the sunrise to these gems and the dolphins came out one morning jumping...and all the bonus discs saved my faith and spirit....the ungorgetalbe fire rerelease..i remember i spent all my money on it and my bro bought me the unforegetalbe fire shirt that i wore 111 days in a row in prayer and is my pentecost album and when my wife was on retreat...i waited for her for thirty days listening to this rerelease....i could write for of bells...adams bass feels like a heartbeat....larry levitates you...bonos vocals soaring....the joshua tree reissue i got from my mother for christmas as a lastminute suprise and then she had a heart scare later but a miracle happened....when i heart waves of carried me and i rejoiced when she came home so healthy....we blast it all the time in her car...achtung babys rerelease we are still blasting and hundreds and hundreds of spins it is so wife is saving up to get me the huge package....every time i visit my mom she comes up from behind me and says get your head out of the mud guys dont know how much you mean to all of the world...idont think i could live on this earth without your music and you guys make my life so worth living and so bueatiful...I thank Godeveryday for you crying so hard right now...your music brings me so much joy.;..if you should rerelease eacchalblum ten times...ill buy it everytime...just have to save up...i will always buy yourmusic legally and have never downloaded your music or any music...thank your for every rerelease...they are perfect and worth every dollar...i cant wait till rattle and hum is rereleased....i cant wait tohear your music of the future...God Br. Francis James...aka..bede..nathanael john dabney and elizabeth dabney....we love you all and pray and fast seven times a day for you and your charity...your music is what music we use with our bells and meditation
rattle & hum outtakes
please can we have a dvd collection of the complete rattle & hum outtakes?
S French (Roko)
Joshua Tree remastered rocks \ Love Town
I should check out more of the re-issues, but JT was great, as well as the concert in that set. I saw a comment about Rattle & Hum re-issue, really think that album sounded great. I'd like a full concert from that era released, how about a Love Town tour show with BB King, must of been something officially recorded?
Pop 16h Anniversary Edition
What About This: CD 1 - Pop Remastered CD 2 - Pop Denifitive Band Version CD 3 - B-sides + remixes + Outtakes DVD 1- Videos + Documentaries DVD 2 - Pop Mart Tour Leg 2
Reggie Thee Dog
Re-issues/Remasters Are Great....Give Us
Rattle and Hum, Zooropa and Pop... I would love to hear Rattle and Hum remastered for the New Millenium. There are a ton of B-Sides and live cuts we would all love to hear. Plus adding a little punch to Hawkmoon and Desire...and an unedited version of Van Diemen's Land...that would be holy grail stuff. Zooropa and Pop would also be a welcome addition to the Re-issue/Remaster set. We know U2 did an incredible amount of work in a short time recording Zooropa...and I'm sure the Pop demos would be a collector's dream. Brighten up the sound and release them to the masses! Great job with all the other Re-issues/Remasters we all look forward to the rest!
Some reissues are better than others
I think the best reissues are The Joshua Tree (i love Paris concert, Red Hill Mining Town video, songs like Desert Of Our Love or Rise Up, all unseen photos of that era...), The Unforgettable Fire (Yoshino Blossom and, in special, Disappearing Act are absolutely incredible, includes b-sides not available previously on cd, it´s a very beautiful box like The Joshua Tree...) and Achtung Baby (all the fantastic demos included had to be heard and maybe something more, the alternative Achtung Baby is fantastic too, the documentary...). On the other hand i feel very disappointed with Boy reissue. I don´t understand how all the pre-Boy demos were not included. Fantastic songs like Street Mission, Alone In The Light, Lost On A Silent Planet, The Fool, The Dream Is Over are as good as the eleven songs included in Boy. ¡ALL THE 1978-1979 DEMOS MUST BE REISSUED NOW! I expect a very good Rattle And Hum reissue. Please include the demos from that era (She´s A Mistery To Me, Jesus Christ, If I Had A Rocket Launcher, Can´t Help Falling In Love With You...) Soundchecks like Moving Out and My Time Hasn´t Come are lovely too. PLEASE... INCLUDE ALL THESE WONDERFUL SONGS. Of course i have all the reissues in deluxe version. U2 is the best band in the planet.
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