Feb 25 1998
Brisbane, QLD, AU / Anz Park
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Amazing night
I won tickets to the concert through a Video Hits competition in Australia - and gave the tickets I already had to my sister. We went early to buy some merchandise, but ended up being so much more than that. We were interviewed on live radio about the excitement of seeing U2 live and then saw the limo pull in - Bono waving out the window. We walked in waving our U2 flags, found our spots and then waited for the sun to set and the concert to start. Wow....the entrance, Bullet the Blue Sky, all brilliant. Then they played my favourite song - Bad. I couldn't believe it, I was beyond ecstatic, never thought I'd hear them play it live. Topped off by the tribute to the late Michael Hutchence, was truly an unforgettable night.
Memories of the best kind
Was a long time ago but here is my recollection.... Bono 'punching' through the crowd with Popmuzik playing in the background to open. An awesome rendition of Bullet the blue sky. The lemon. The tribute to Michael Hutchence at the end of the show. My ears still ringing a week later. Why do memories fade? Such a shame.
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