Jun 27 1983
New Haven, CT, US / Veterans Memorial Coliseum
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PS oops,. forgot the setlist
Out Of Control Twilight .Ank Cat Dubh Into The Heart Surrender Two Hearts Beat As One Seconds Sunday Bloody Sunday Cry/Electric Co. I Fall Down October New Year's Day Gloria ---- Party Girl 11 O'Clock Tick Tock I Will Follow 40
I am still living off of this concert
Cliche and common as it is, I must say it: This concert changed my life. As Bono says about their foundation in Christianity, I say about this concert: "This stuff I picked up back then, I am still living off of." Twenty five plus years later, there is something about the memory and experience of this night that affects me emotionally spiritually...probably every day! i can remember almost every song, but nothing so clear as the fist few minutes when my brother and i realized: a)We thought the Alarm, who had just opened for U2, was the best concert we had seen. As amazing as they were, U2 was a whole nother level and league. I am aware Bono may have been extra passionate this night, as he apparently had walked the streets of New Haven earlier in the day (according to the newspaper) apologizing to folks for the previous NH concert, where he had a blowup on stage. It seemed so short...maybe because there were tow opening bands and they had to quit; maybe because any U2 concert in this era would be too short. It wasn't quite sold out. But the band was. I have hardly ever celebrated as much as when they came on stage;never grieved as much as when Bono said "GoodNight" Already?
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