Jun 28 1983
Worcester, MA, US / The Centrum
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Me, my brother and about 15 of our friends went to this show! Even back then it wasn't just a concert, it was an EVENT! We had floor seats but that wasn't good enough for me, I had to be rite up front. So me and a friend started to make our way to the front of the stage. Seeing that no one was sitting it was rather easy to climb over seats and push to the front. My friend some how got lost in this little frenzied move so I was on my own. I remember a couple of things about that show. The first being that U2 had rugs all over the stage and Bono saying that "We just turned this place in to our own Living room for the night" to a huge roar of the crowd. Then during the show, Bono has some girls from the audience on stage to sing "Party girl" and all of a sudden a girl Handcuffs herself to his boot! That was classic! The show continues and I'm rite at the stage watching it all. They end the set and go backstage and reappear for the encore. They sing a couple of songs and then they go in to "I will follow". THAT WAS IT! I HAD TO MAKE MY MOVE! I jump on stage, move about ten feet in and kneel on one knee and reach out my hand, all I wanted to do was shake Bonos' hand. He looks at me (I wasn't the smallest guy there) like as to say "easy big boy" I just extend my hand, he walked toward me takes my hand, then something strange happened. He walks behind me, both of us with our backs to the crowd, and puts one leg over my shoulder, then the other and taps me on the head to pick him up!!!! all I could think was "ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?" I pick him up and turn to face the screaming 18,000 fans. Bono proceeds to sing the verse "Your eyes make a circle, ......." on my shoulders for everyone to see! This lasted about 35 seconds but it seemed like an eternity. Bono then taps me on the head, I lower him down, he helps me up, I look over at The Edge who's smiling, i look to the other side and Adam gives me a little thumbs up, Bono walks me to the front of the stage and leaves me their! They put a spot light on me, I jump up and down a couple of times like ROCKY and then jump back in to the crowd. Today I'm 45 but I remember that night like it was yesterday. Technology wasn't like it is today, so none of my friends ever got a picture, but to this day we still laugh our asses off about how I had the balls to jump on stage! I don't know if Bono ever reads these things, but if by chance he ever does, I want to say THANK YOU for giving me a moment in time that will never go away! Scott McLean
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