Jun 29 1983
New York, US / Pier 84
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Incredible Setting and Show
As documented by others the set up for this show and being part of the War Tour, the aircraft carrier Intrepid was right next to the pier. Bono climbing the scaffolding with the white flag and pointing to the Intrepid singing No More (War) during Sunday Bloody Sunday is pleasantly burned in to my brain forever. The pier sponsor was Miller and there was a lot of happy drinking consumption going on... great crowd.
Sister love
I was at this show with my 2 sisters. I dragged them there with me. I remember the "Alarm" opened for them. What a night! Im 60 shows in now and counting:)
my first U2 show also
as with Ed below - this show was the first of many that I attended. Pier 84 was general admission on the floor and my college friends (15 of them) had gotten down to the line to get in the show around noon. There on line throughout the afternoon they drank a rather large amount of special punch so they were very much "in tune" by the time the showtime came around, but they did successfully get the entire 2nd row dead center in front of the stage. I arrived about a half hour before the show started (had to work that day) and was quite happy to see their glowing faces and big smile as they had saved me a seat right there. Now what is important to understand is that we had gotten a bootleg tape of one of the boston shows from the tour a couple of months earlier and we had listened to that cassette over and over (I still have it to this day) and the part we loved more than anything on that tape was when Bono was introducing the band during I believe it was during Gloria.and on that tape he yelled - "do you know who this is - This is the Edge" and the Edge would turn up his volume and hammer out a great riff on his guitar. Well as we danced and loved every minute of the Pier 84 show - we were all standing on our seats right there with Bono right in front of us and Bono yells out the same introduction line except my friend Fio answers the "do you know who this is" with a resounding "This is the Edge" and proceeds to stumble and fall sideways and takes out the whole second row of people - like domino's - right in front of Bono - it was hilarious and the band kicked it in and we all laughed and got back on our seats and danced the rest of the show. they ended the show with "40" and the crowd chanted for a long while after the band had left for good. By and far the energy level was incredible through the whole show and I was forever hooked and since then have attended well over 50 shows. What a great show and a great evening. One I will never ever forget it.
ed daigger
My first U2 show
Pier 84 on the west side of Manhattan. The stage was set up facing The U.S. Intrepid which was docked at the pier. It was a stage built mainly of scaffolding. I was working in the city and drove my truck to the pier after work and parked right behind the stage. It was a perfect summer night. I paid $10 general admission and walked up to within 20 ft. in front of the stage with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my shorts. The Alarm was the opening act and I remember them being very loud.....Bono started to climb the scaffolding w/his white flag while others tried to stop him he still went up. I remember telling myself that these guys were going places and looking back I regret not trying to go to work for them....I think my life's experience would have been much more fulfilling had I done that....I have lost count as to how many times I have seen U2 live after that first show....including Berlin this past July 18 09 I will be at the July 19 2010 show in the New Meadowlands Stadium.....Tho I have never met them they feel like family to me....The 360 tour is the greatest on earth in my opinion
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