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Jul 31 2009
Gothenburg, SE / Ullevi Stadium
with Snow Patrol
Seemed like everyone had got the message to go white tonight, a carpet of flags stretching right across the floor of the Ullevi Stadium and up to the highest seats. As it was dark when the band came out and Larry struck the opening notes of 'Breathe', it made for the most dramatic opening of the show yet.

Stand-out moment for us was going in to Walk On when Bono noticed a big sign in the audience and asked what it said. Turned out to be a quote from Aung San Suu Kyi, 'Fear is a habit - I am not afraid.' Everyone was with the Burmese leader tonight. 'Pull out your masks as we become her, all of these masks, one face...' Another memorable moment was when the lights came on for With or Without You and when they went off for One. 'Let's bring out your phones and try a little magic act which has become a tradition in this band - turn out the lights and turn this into the milky way.'

What were your favourite moments in the show ? Add them below, here's the set-list to remind you of a great first night in Sweden.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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U2 360 stage at Ullevi in Gothenburg
No U2 360 tour in Denmark in 2009 - shit, but I got tickets for the first show in Gothenburg. Had a fantastic night with and Ultraviolet is one of my favorite numbers. But it gets better with the upcoming 2010 tour where my calendar says U2 concert in Germany - Denmark and Finland. Hope 2010 is gonna be a great year.
So cool!
the gig was magnificent! My first u2 on live...
beautifull weekend in sweden
what a great gig in sweden, visited sweden the 1 time in my u2 concert live, a magnificent concert inside the staduium 31 july, and a funny streetconcert outside on 1 augustus, what a coool city, nice pubs, friendly people all around and a perfect end off oure 2009 summerholiday... i fall in love with sweden..
Great night in Gothenburg!
Great great great night! Fantastic set list, fantastic show...! Couldn't be better...!
Magnificent :)
LOVED the show on friday. It was my first U2 show and much better than I had dreamed of! Got to be on the front row, who would have thought! My favorite moment was MLK, but the Crazy remix was also brilliant for a live show. With or without you and Desire were also great. The only songs missing were Stay (Faraway, so close) and New years day... See you next time in Finland?! :)
This was THE very best concert I've ever seen. I love you, U2. I really do.
Mysterious Ways and Ultraviolet
was the best moments in the concert. The light show during Ultraviolet was impressive and Mysterious Ways had the best sound during the concert imo. My first U2 show and it was awesome. But i was a bit dissapointed by the prepared talking with the subtitles. More spontanity, more something special, please. Looking forward to hearing "Stay", "Bad" and "Elevation" live some day. Hopefully in Copenhagen next year!
i was there! Thank you u2. I actually felt big hope and joy.. singing one love... with my dearest frinds and my favourite band and singer...love you! never stop touring plz...lotta gothenburg
Amazing night @Gothenburg 31/7/09
Thank you guys for this fantastic gig at Ullevi! Even it must have been freezing cold at the stage, you gave your best and me and my friends were enjoing every second of the show! I have seen ZooTV and Popmart, but this was the best setlist ever! I would give my heart for Ultraviolet ♥ I really hope to see you next summer in Helsinki, and perhaps finally will hear Stay (Faraway, so close) : )
Make it Perfect, Go Bad
Great show! Worth every minute and hour of waiting in the rain! After 6 shows, I was really hoping to catch Bad, unfortunately it never came. We even prepared a poster with "Make i Perfect, Go 'Bad'", but it got destroyed before we could hold it up. Unknown Caller was a very positive surprise, worked better live than on the album. Until the end of the World and the gitar solo were mind-blowing as always. Thanks for Mysterious Ways! Unfortunately I wont be able to catch any more european shows, but I'll see you in Toronto (and Oslo next year?). Please go Bad in Toronto!!!
Still high on the show!
Four mates from Denmark seeing the band for the 4th time. We are simply amazed how the boys takes the show to a new higher level on each tour. Truely magnificent. Gothenburg 1, was out of this world. And I agree that the Crazy remix was awsome. We hope to welcome the band in Denmark next year (keeping fingers crossed)
What a moment to remember!!!
Simply a MAGNIFICENT night in Göteborg, inner circle, holding hands with my husband :) What a show, what a Space Station - so many amazing songs!! City of blinding lights, Unknown caller, Crazy (Remix) simply OUTSTANDING, Desire, Ultraviolet - my list is as long as the set list :) And to be send of into the night with Moment of surrender, almost like a lullaby - fantastic!!! Love U2 and would LOVE to see you in COPENHAGEN/DK very soon - I want more!!!! Thanks guys, for the greatest night this summer.
Wonderfull show
For me the highlights was Crazy and Moment of Surrender. I've never cried at a u2 gig before, but that song just made my tears coming ang coming, I can't believe how beautifull that song is live. The show was awsome, and the setlist too!!!!!
unforgettable fire blew me away, i never thought they would play that one. and i cried like a baby at stuck in a moment , i think it got to me. desire!!!!!! wow finally rattle and hum one was again u2´s song not a duett or an mtv song. and YES! until the end of the world :) i been waiting for 18h this weekend outside ullevi it was worth every minute thank u
until the end in Chorzow
plese, play Until the End of the World in Chorzow!!! U2 forever!!!!
Ultraviolet (light my way)
Unquestionably the best consert i've ever been to!! Entirely incredible! Almost every song was a highlight for me but one of my absolut favorite moments was ultraviolet (light my way). Bono came out in that crazy laser-blazer, the heavy wind, the light and the atrtificial smoke creating an incredible atmosphere! "Sometimes i feel like i don't know...." Amazing! And then right into with or without you....
Unforgettable Fire
Fantastic track and a great return to the setlist as was Ultraviolet. Awesome show, wonderul performances, great atmosphere. By the way, thanks Dallas, you're a star!
I saw you concert on friday and Im now listening to you againg on my balcony. I wont to thank you for the one ´time life experience you offered last night. I was so moved and tuched, and proud to be alife and able to tell to my doughter about U2. Your are incredible and and think a will always in the future cry when I hear Sunday blody sunday. Thank you so much you make some part of life worth living.
Simply Perfect!
What a great show!!! The set list was amazing!! But next time; come to Copenhagen!!!
What a evening
As usual the concert was grate. The stage was fantastic. The version of I'll Go Crazy was lovely, I got shivers :-)
Simply magnificient
What a fantastic night. Me and my wife have been to the last 3 U2 shows on Ullevi. But 31/8 was the first time for our two children. We realy realy hope to see more U2 live-shows! rumours has it that U2 comes to Copenhagen next summer - we will be there......
what a koncert!! havent been able to see them for manny years for different reasons ,but finnally I did .drove from kopenhagen to gøteborg and my only regrets is that I didnt have tickets for both nights. That would have been so perfekt COME TO COPENHAGEN NEXT TIME, PLEASE
2nd show on it's way
After Amsterdam, now comes Gelsenkrichen on Monday - would love Discotheque to be played to really mix it up.
great memorable show
I have seen U2 in 1997, 2001, 2005 and now 2009. All the shows have been amazing. Unknown Caller - I really love that song!!!!!
What a SHOW... We miss you in Copenhagen, but thanks for Gothenburg... City of Blinding Lights was and is amazing with your one in a kind "the claw" Hope to see you in CPH in 4 years time.
What a SHOW... We miss you in Copenhagen, but thanks for Gothenburg... City of Blinding Lights was and is amazing with your one in a kind "the claw" Hope to see you in CPH in 4 years time.
Last night was the best U2 show I have ever seen. For the first time(have seen 6 conserts in Sweden, The joshua tree at Eriksbergsvarvet when I was 13 was the first;-) )I have nothing to be disapointed about, Party girl & New years day of course would have made it even better. Pride (as always) made my heart melt and MLK totally swept me off my feet! Thank U! Amazing!
We loved the show! Especially Crazy it turned the hole place into a klubb. This is what we live for. Going again tonight, hope we get to hear Bad and Running to stand still:)
Great night in Sweden
Simply the best concert experience ever. We hope to see you in Denmark next year :-)
Definite Change Required
I've been to over 25 U2 gigs over the years and the current tour is brilliant but lads you cant go out on a slow dance, Moment of Surrender is a very special song but its no way to end a U2 gig with people scratching the head. Rock n Roll
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