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Aug 20 2009
Sheffield, GB / Don Valley Stadium
with The Hours, Elbow
Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield tonight, a show that went out live on air to milllions of radio listeners in the UK and around the world to U2.com subscribers with a live audio stream.

U2 first played here in May 1980 on the 11'O'Clock Tick Tock Tour and last played the city in June 1992 on ZOO TV. And there's another connection: Sheffield is the city that gave the world Willie Williams, the band's Show Designer, who is celebrating a birthday - something 45,000 of us joined in with tonight, by singing him Happy Birthday.

'Where are we going?' Bono asked, as the band introduced 'Magnificent'. 'Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds, Manchester?' Sheffield was the northern town he was looking for and Sheffield gave the penultimate night of the European 360 Tour a show to remember.

Were you at the show or listening in online? There was huge demand from U2.com subscribers and tens of thousands of you tuned in from around the world... Let us know what you thought of the show - and where in the world you were when you were listening.

So just Cardiff now and then Europe is done... and North America beckons in September.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Bored to death at work
I was with my secretary at work (@ Fortaleza, Brasil), signing tons of paper, when I realised the concert had started. Well, It made the rest of my day much better. The problem was that I finished signing everything, but I didn't want to go home, since I would miss the rest of it!!!
My Jaw Aches
WOW!! Never seen anything like this. My jaw aches from non stop smiling from start to finish of the show. I was lucky enough to be on the pre-sale Horizon list(thanks U2 .com) and managed to get great seats next to the tunnel where the band came into the stadium. Ive never been so close to U2 and was a bit starstruck! The guys walked past me about 10 feet away and they have a great aura about them. I cant begin to explain everything, the stage, sound, music, songs, atmosphere, crowd, security, warm up bands, lights, visuals, technology, everything blew me away. I have watched U2 grow from 1983 onwards and have always been a big fan. I have been to every tour since 1987 but never seen anything like his. I believe this is the future for stadium rock technology. Stand out songs for me were "Streets"(favourite song) "Unforgetable fire" and the remix of "Go crazy". The rest were just brilliant. Im still getting goose bumps just reminissing. Thanks U2.com and thanks U2, dont stay away too long.
Rocking This Town
Gr8 to see my lifelong heroes rocking my home city tonight. Another superb performance from the foursome. Highlights being Breathe (even if a touch early in proceedings), Unknown Caller and those old stalwarts from the golden decade that is the 80's, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Still Haven't Found Unforgettable Fire. A gr8 set list. All I can say is come back soon and rock this town once more.
Just got back to North Wales - fantastic show in Sheffield last night. The Edge is a legend xx
The Best
Amazing show, fantastic night. We travelled from North Wales and stayed in Sheffield, drove past the stadium in a taxi this morning and saw the set being dismantled, felt sad that the show was over but the memories of the night will stay with these four friends forever. Hope to see U2 tour again in the future x
we were at Croke Park that was great...........sheffield was even better loved it !!!!! the new songs are good but the old ones really get the crowd going the best.....crazy tonight
Just got home after seeing u2 last night. Still on an amazing high. Ive been through all emotions possible. I laughed, I cried and I made new friends! Knew they were going to play Unforgettalbe Fire and Ultraviolet and they were both wonderful to hear. Cannot sum up in words just how mindblowing the whole event was. It will be with me for years. Love you guys xxxx
We bounced all night !
Hey all we travel'd up from wigan had a great day . The boys were on fire tonight , met up with fan friends we have not seen since the vertigo tour 4 yrs ago so it added that extra touch . ( hi robbie and edge thanks fellas .) Blew all our minds . Big thanks to all involved from the band to the poeple collecting litter at end . P.s thanks wille for the super sonic stage and happy birthday again my friend. P.p.s . On the tram back into town everyone was singing "40" nice end to the night . x
One Beautiful Day
Listened to the show on the internet. Great Show Actually, I hear Bono's voice. And the real lyrics!! His voice is better then ever recorded before!!! Thanx for this awsome gig and oppertunity
One Beautiful Day
Listened to the show on the internet. Great Show Actually, I hear Bono's voice. And the real lyrics!! His voice is better then ever recorded before!!! Thanx for this awsome gig and oppertunity
God how I wish...
...I was there! Lisened it on U2.com right from the heart of Slovenia and loved every second of it. Hope to see you guys again, soon! ;)
I was listening from Germany last night, all I can say, what a rollercoaster of emotions, absolutly brilliant!!! Went to the show in Gelsenkirchen, but just listening to the music last night was almost as good as being there. My husband "got stuck in a moment" on March 21, 2009 and hearing that song last night live in the privacy of my own home, stirred up so much inside me. No words. The magic that these 4 people have is an increadable gift and I thank you for that.
Great - Greetings from Czech Republic
We listened this Sheffield gig online from Czech Republic. It was great . We were in Poland (Chorzow) 2 weeks ago and this was a perfect reminiscence. Thanks.
oh yes
I was in denmark near Copenhagen and listend on u2 com and had manny thoughts there went back to Gøteborg/Sweden witch I was so lucky to attend the first night. The show sounded great and people sounded to enjoy themselves but who wouldent do that at a u2 concert karina s j
Sheffield on the horizon
From Italy, the streaming was excellent and it seemed to me to be there . A song that was magnificent to me this night is ' The Unforgettable Fire'. Bono has sung it in a wonderful mood.
from Mexico
I listened from Sinaloa, MX. A though moment with my dad in the hospital fighting for his life, but knowing that God is taking care of him. U2 made my afternoon a little better. Thank you Bono, Adam, Larry and Edge. See you in Arizona next October 20th.
Absolutely Incredible!
I listened online from Barrie, Ontario Canada (an hour north of Toronto) with my 3 younger sisters and we loved every single minute of this show. The Unforgettable Fire, and I still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For brought tears to my eyes. It was such a treat, and completely made my day. I cannot wait to see them in Toronto on September 17th, and in Los Angeles in October. U2, you continue to amaze me. Thank you.
I listened to it from my office in NYC and they sounded super tight! The entire concert was pretty impressive all the way through. It rocked!!
from japan
It is absolutely beautiful beginning of today for me, I listened it from japan waking up at 4:00AM. Thanks!!! See you sonn @Rose Bowl.
After some website glitches, I started listening (U2.com) when "Unforgettable Fire" played. Was excited when "City of Blinding Lights" began and estatic when "MLK", "Walk On" and "Streets" were played. And the encore left me wanting more. One month till Foxboro. I can't wait to go crazy that night.
Great quality
Listened from Brazil !! Great sound quality and it remembered me the good times I had at camp nou, july 2nd. Can't wait to see the band in south america!
Hard at Work?
Listened online during work hours in the United States. Hard to listen and talk on the phone at the same time! Great sound online. The band was very good today. Can't wait to see them in Toronto!
Oh what a night
What a night! Managed to get in the circle and it was amazing - the band on the walk ways are just above your head!! 2nd of 5 countries for me - Cardiff Saturday, Vegas and Vancouver to come. Getting married just before the vegas gig and cannot wait - What a brilliant year!!!!!!
Great concert!!! i listened the concet while i was working, and it was great. Greetings from Mexico City!!!... por favor, por favor, queridos U2, ¡¡¡¡VENGAN A MEXICO!!!!! les prometemos que no los van a secuestrar, he, he
From New Hampshire
Listened live, what a gift! Thank you. Can't wait for shows in Boston. Loved intro to Beautiful Day which was amazing.
Central America... not Central USA
Listened from Honduras, great concert, nice to hear song like unforgettable fire and ultraviolet, would rather hear the album version of Crazy, but heck U2 plays such a great gig, you get into it. great quality of the stream.
From Brazil
Here I am, in Sao Paulo, Brazil listening to the birthday party in Sheffield, hoping U2 will come someday in the (near) future.
Just got home from an amazing gig, my 1st U2 gig since the Longest Day in 1986, oh what I've missed! Incredible audio & visual display, well done Willie Williams & Happy Birthday in your home town. Hard to pick out moments but love NLOTH,UC,UF,COBL & great version of Crazy. Adam, Bono, Edge & Larry thank-you very much indeed. Looking forward to "Disappearing Act".
Saw them at Wembley1, re-living it tonight online, just brilliant, was bouncing round the living room! No band can ever match this, just superb! Sound was sharp. Bono is The Man! Happy Birthday Willie, thank you for the greatest show on earth. We will never forget!
Northern Stars
Just back from Sheffield - 6th date of the tour for me and the band really up for it, looking forward to rounding out in Cardiff and then onto the US !!!! Happy Birthday Mr Williams, ,,,,,,
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