U2360° TOUR

Jun 30 2009
Barcelona, ES / Camp Nou
with Snow Patrol

U2 unveiled their 'space station' in Barcelona tonight and 90,000 Spanish fans gave it lift off.

Arriving on stage at Camp Nou at just gone 10pm local time, the band played 22 songs over two hours and twenty minutes , eliciting an extraordinary reception from passionate Spanish fans.

As well as seven songs from No Line on the Horizon, the band soared through the catalogue returning to many classic tracks that have been missing from the set on recent tours.

The groundbreaking new stage production, designed by Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, was the first thing to hit the audience as they arrived at the venue - its four huge legs stretching across the hallowed home of Barcelona FC and suspending a giant spherical screen delivering crystal clear 360 vision throughout the huge stadium.

'This has been our neighbourhood for the last couple of weeks,' explained Bono, taking a breath after four opening songs from No Line. 'This is where we wanted to build our space station...'

The space station soon made contact with another one, when, to general astonishment, Bono called up the astronauts orbiting planet earth on the International Space Station. They immediately appeared live on the gigantic screens. 'Very nice to hear you,' said one astronaut as the microphone floated around the cabin.
'Commander, can you see Barcelona?' asked Bono.
'Right now the most beautiful sight in our cosmos is the blue planet earth,' came the reply.

Larry, Adam and Edge joined in the conversations with the space travellers, each of whom held out a sheet of paper, creating the phrase 'The Future Needs A Big Kiss' .

Along with some serious chat about the fragile beauty of the earth seen from space, Larry wanted to know if the earth was really round. 'Actually, that's classified...' came the reply. 'Escape yourself and gravity' goes a line in Unknown Caller, and considering this was its live debut it immediately sounded like a classic set to stay in the set for years. Sounded pretty cool hearing an entire stadium rhythmically chanting, 'Restart and re-boot yourself.' If it was a surprise to hear Unforgettable Fire, title track of an album released in 1984, it sounded majestic - of the 22 tracks the band performed we counted selections from eight different albums.

Another striking moment was when Bono dedicated 'Walk On' to Aung San Suu Kyi, democratically elected leader of Burma in 1990 but under house arrest for most of the years since. As the electronic screens weaved lower and elongated spectacularly over the stage, huge images of Aung San Suu Kyi appeared just as dozens of people began walking slowly along the external stage runway, each holding up her mask. 'Let her face be your face.' said Bono, as people all around the stadium began pulling out their own masks and wearing them.

Apart from a stumble during One, the band sounded looked pretty happy to be back on stage and back amongst their audience. It feels as though the new production will do what it was commissioned to and turn a stadium into a club.

'U2 is most at home when we're playing live.' explains Larry in the Tour programme. 'This is the place where our songs live.'
Ok, we haven't mentioned Gaudi, Michael Jackson or Desmond Tutu but that's all we've got time to say for now about a great opening night. We'll be adding more content in the coming hours - meantime, if you were at the show, don't forget to post your photos and videos.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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The begin of no end!!!
Just waiting for the new tour to feel the same "subidon" during the perfomance of this show. The first of 8 shows I was during this incredible tour!!!! I will never forget!!!!
monica martino
I will never forget!!!
I decided to go to almost the very last moment and I will thank my friend Marco for the ticket FOR EVER and Massimo (he knows why...) It was emotional, unbreathable, cryable, laughable show. Not existing those words? I don't care, there's no way to express personal feelings, seeing the claw for the first time, seeing the boys walking out from the tunnel and walking on the stage. It was not a perfect show. I think there's no perfect show...unless you are there
great show!!
loved every minute
Nou Camp - view from stage right
Flew all the way from LA to see the show with my brother. Snow Patrol was a pleasant surprise and U2 absolutely rocked the house. The Barcelona crowd was one of the best I've been part of.
First show, can't miss it!
When I read for the first time that u2 would be back on tour, I wanted to be sure to be at the first date. So I subscribed here at u2.com. I paid the best 50$ in my life (plus the ticket cost obviously...)! I was pretty sure that it would have been a great tour, and when i saw the claw I was sure of it. Really good show,with the exception of two mistakes of the edge during walk on and unknown caller, and a strange interruption during one. The show was still rough (understandable, as it was the first night and the claw is such a HUGE and complex stage), but however wonderful in every single second.
u2 Barcelona 09
Great concert. Those were our sights :D
u2 in nou camp 2009
4 of us travelled from Edinburgh,and stayed in Barcelona for 4 days,enjoyed the swimming pool on hotel roof,had more than a few drinks on way to concert,was totally amazed at the 360 stage on the pitch,it was fantastic,brilliant show,with a few of the new songs,the best i've seen U2 play live,it was a privilege!!
Fantastic Show !!!
thanks you2...
Fantastic Show !!!
thank you2...
I saw you in Barcelona and i'm waiting f
I love this concert.. i travel from Portugal to see you. It was MAGNIFICENT! I'm waiting for you on 3 October of 2010! Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam love you so much!
Atmosphere, crowd, venue, songs, lights, show, stage and U2 - MAGNIFICENT . Looking forward to see the show in Helsinki next year.
Greece was there
We Greeks were there at Camp Nou to attend the first concert of U2 360 TOUR. We are VERY VERY VERY happy that U2 are coming to Athens Greece next September. I've been expecting U2 in Athens since 1983. I am SO VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!! :-)
i can now die happy
i had seen them before, 4 years prior, in Lisbon, and this time i went to Barcelona from Portugal just to see them. i can hardly picture someone saying anything but the greatest complements of this show. even the little mistakes (comun in a first show) were a contributing factor for a unique show... not at all a somehow worse show. it was a mesmerizing experience inside the ring. i can only hope that next time they play mysterious ways :D
Can't wait...
to see you guys in Dublin! What a set list!!!
I agree with an earlier post below, this is a commercial list, not a fan list. I give them points for including Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet. However, they should have included Stand Up Comedy instead of I'll go crazy...(obnoxious pop song). Will they ever play anything from Zooropa? Enough with Beautiful Day, Pride, and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Those songs are played out. When I see them this fall, I hope they dust off Love Comes Tumbling, Walk to the Water, Seconds, Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car, and Acrobat.
360° also for the back, left and right
Saw the second show in Barcelona!Fantastic!But one thing: can you PLEASE ask to Bono to get also more contact to the left, right and the people behind him!!!!!!!! I will go aigain to Paris and will have a seat on the back of 360° and I hope we will see Bono more than in Barcelona (where we were on the left)
richie joshuaramone
thanks for existing !
once more u2 are revolutioning rock n`roll!in a time ,we`re living without new great ideas and inovations,thank GOD ,còs here they are again the band i`ve ever loved doing their unic and most magnificent job again...inovating and openning new doors!i will always love u ,thanks for keeping doing your job!
Going Green
Thank you U2 for going 'green' during 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. It means a lot for me and our people to know we have your support.
First U2 concert
had the chance of seing them live for the first time, took the trip from Greenland to Barcelona. It was worth every penny, fantastic show. And they even played my favourite song live, for the first time in 20 years. A night to remember for the rest of my life.
I can't wait to enter the San Siro Stadium next tuesday for my 3rd U2 experience! I am amazed from the track list playing so many songs from old album, and I really hope that ELEVATION will be included at last minute... BENVENUTI IN ITALIA!
Holland was there
What a show! What an Audience! What a city! What a band! What a fantastic, world class, rock show! How proud and happy can you be to be part of this historical evening! Thank you Barcelona Thank you U2 CU in Amsterdam!
I was at barelona 1st night,am still buzzing boys THANK YOU,icant come down,unforgettable fire thank you,GREAT.the best on the night was Crazy Tonight,orBOOTS,Boys you`ve done us proud,watched you since 87,this was best ever,nice angel of harlem,am from liverpool, thanks for,YOU`LL NEVER WALK ALONE,i cried. EDGE BONO LARRY ADAM,thank you. Fan since 84
brazilian fan living in Barcelona
The show in BCN was fantastic and when they connected to the space station, we realized how big U2 are and small is the world. Their scenary "space station" is amazing and frightens with its size, but at the end, those guys playing is all that matters, and their best for me was Magnificent, is pure U2, Edge at his best, the second show the best was "Electrical Storm". With their discografy/history is difficult to have mistake in their set list, but some classics could be substituted for songs from Pop and Zooropa.
marina watt
thank you U2
I was was very fortunate to vgo to both concerts in Barcelona...Irish living in spain and being in Camp Nou was pretty amazing. All and more then i anticipated...the set, the 90.000 packed stadium, snow patrol all spectacular....but then cme on U2 and all of that is just a bonus, when those 4 come together something special happens!!! It was great to hear some of the older songs...and the new...U2 rocked Barc elona and have demonstrated they can actually get better then the last time!!! Nobody can touch them playing live, well done l love you and see you in Dublin at Croke Park!! Thank you for two spectacular nights!
There are no words to explain what I felt during this show! All I can say it was one of my dreams come true! N one of the best days of my life. U2 Rock big time!! Hearing the CD's now ...they feel so Poor quality compared to the original thing!!! LOVE U GUYS!!
Worth the trip
Travelled from nyc for the shows worth every penny. New album sounds great live! But the old stuff was amazing! Unforgettable Fire stood out for this old sole!!!
Belgium was there too
Amazing show, great night one of the best U2 concerts i have been to and that are allready a few. Still 5 to come this tour so hopefully next week a great night in Milano ! U2 is just the best rock band in history it is as simple as that !
Mostly good...
I was really hoping they would play Stand Up Comedy and White as Snow (favourite tracks off the new record). Unforgettable Fire and MLK are brilliant, but (in keeping with my line of nostalgia), I wish they would end the concert with '40' (such a great song!) like they used to. If you've been a fan for over two decades, you tend to miss the "good old days" as well as appreciating the new!
Awesome setlist
I still cannot believe they played Ultraviolet!!! I can hardly wait to see them in Texas...
Wow! Absolutely perfect set list!
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