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Jul 18 2009
Berlin, DE / Olympic Stadium
It was wet in Berlin today and the umbrellas were out on the stage but in the end they weren't needed for a hot, hot show. 'Berlin, oh Berlin' as Bono sang over With or Without You.

Our highlights? (If you were there, add your own reviews at the bottom of the page)

Angel of Harlem in which three young men from the Czech Republic joined U2 on stage, assisting Larry on drums and playing Bono's green Gretsch guitar.

A special introduction for One, which was made in this city nineteen years ago. 'A song we wrote here in this city/ Means a lot to many different people/ The gay community/ Means a lot to lovers..'

Treat to hear an acoustic version of Stay (Far Away So Close), a track originally born in those Berlin sessions but actually written when long-time German friend and director Wim Wenders wanted a song for his film Far Away So Close. (Wim was here tonight too).

Nelson Mandela was 91 today. 'We might sing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela.' No further encouragement necessary, the entire stadium erupting in a rousing chorus which they probably heard in South Africa.

During Moment of Surrender Bono paid special thanks to the magnificent 360 touring crew and added a tribute to those involved in the tragic accident on the Madonna tour in Marseilles earlier in the week. 'This goes out to the Madonna crew.. and to the good lady as well.'

So there's a few highlights from Berlin, city of Achtung Baby, and here's what the band played tonight. But how was the show for you?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Martin Pala
We arrived there, four friends/ colleagues from Prague, Czech Republic and it was such a wonderful experience. Best concert of my life so far. Great atmosphere in a city where Achtung Baby was born. Returning there now after 9 years with big expectations.
London, belfast and Berlin
Concert was amazing. Great setlist, atmosphere, U2. More nights like this please.
Amazing show!
360 in Berlin was incrredible. It was concert with "spanish" atmosphere. It was easy to see that band like Berlin and it is important place for them.
Ich bin...Part 2
On May 24th I appeared here as a nameless member, because I commented before completing my paid subscription. I just want to say again that this concert was an unforgettable experience. Now the new 360 DVD brings back all those joyous memories. Particularly "Moment Of Surrender" was such a soulful and moving finale. U2 dont have a choice but to lift me up! It was a beautiful night! And Bonos German was SWEET!
Ich bin ein Berliner
I´m very late to review this concert, but I registered as a new member yesterday. As an Austrian I was lucky to be able to see my favourite band in Berlin. Entering the stadium and seeing the gigantic "spaceship" for the first time was thrilling. U2 performed with great power from the very beginning and hearing the new material from NLOTH live was amazing. The band succeeded, as always, to connect their straightforward energy with a lot of atmosphere. There were many memorable highlights such as Larry´s drumming during "I´ll Go Crazy...". U2 really proved their good communication with their audience when some guys from the crowd were allowed to join them on stage during "Angel Of Harlem". When they played a very intimate version of "Stay" I could feel their strong connection to Berlin. Listening to "The Unforgettable Fire" and seeing all the shimmering lights created one of those moments that made me feel shivers. And I was also very moved by Bono´s performance of "Ultra Violet", he truly "sang his heart out". He also made an attempt to speak German and now I want to say something in official Latin: U2 MUSICA BONA EST!!! Thank you so much for all the beautiful moments your music has given me!!!
Better late than never
I've been meaning to review this gig for a while now and done nothing 'bout it 'til now. Firstly, those who have seen the pre show video footage, that was my 21y/o nephew - the tall Australian - talking about the gig - it is a big thanks from me to him that I was able to see this show. Secondly, it goes to show how far reaching U2 are - of the first 7 people to show up to camp out the night before where 2 Australians (myself and my nephew) to Canadians and 3 Dutch! Now I've seen U2 a few times in my life now and was fortunate to see them at Wembley Stadium the next month with my wife. Having said that, this gig is a stand-out of all the gigs I've been to, simply because of the whole experience. I was front row on Edge's B-Stage at the Vertigo gig in Brisbane in 2006, but that pales in comparison being front row in Berlin, the home of Achtung Baby, my favouraite (and now SPIN magazine's favourate) album of all time. The band was on fire, Edge is my hero and he played like I've never seen him play before, Bono's voice was true to form, Adam was always there and Larry was solid! I'm about to head back to Australia after living in the UK for 3 years and I'm hoping and praying that the decision to tour down-under gets the go-ahead for next year as I'd love to see this band perform again.
the best concert ever....we came for one day from greece....all athens and greece lives for the 03/09/2010....
Thank you
Thank you for magnificent concert. We liked it so much that we decided to see you in Poland again. :-)We really look forward to it especially to "One". We hope we'll be able to see you in Praque one day. :-)
Thankyou for the great gig in Berlin last week. Unforgetable experience - I was the guy with the shades on in the inner circle :-) You 4 have played a massive part of my life for the past 25 years and have given me inspiration, love and many many smiles. True good freinds. Thankyou. Keep us rocking like you know how, Ian
Achtung Baby, Crazy, Berlin
Thanks U2!! This was my third concert, amazing. The Elevation and the Vertigo Tour were very special good but 360° thats crazy. The Show, the Stage, the light, the sound, the fans and specialy U2, Amazing. This was my best concert!!
I really believed that STAY would be played there because that song had to be played in the place it was born. For me it was an amazing experience to see you again in a concert. Great improvisation with the czech guys, great show from A to Z. I just realized 3 generations were gathered in the Stadium with grandparents, fathers and children enjoying your music. I found myself in a "beautiful day" enjoying an "unforgettable fire" of passion one day before "sunday bloody sunday"... Thanks U2 for that present...
Thanks U2!
I traveled all the way from Denver, Colorado to catch this show in such a special city and it was worth every penny. Keep up the awesomeness lads!
Flew from Chicago to Berlin
I have been a massive fan for 30 years or so, and i have never seen them in Europe, although I have seen U2 50 times or more...and I took my best friends sons, 16 years old, Alex and Lorenz, they have never seen U2....we ended up right behind the Czech boys who went up onstage...and we ALL three of us say exactly this....this was the greatest concert of all time...I could not have been more proud to 'show' U2 to these boys..and they could not have been in more aw, me too! And we 3 cannot wait to see U2 again and again! It was ALL perfect....thank you U2, we love you then, now and always! Jim-Chicago and Alex and Lorenz Linz, Austria
Best Show ever!!
Thanks to Berlin and U2 for a perfect night, whet a show!! See you in London:) David Copenhagen, Denmark
That's what Bono said 3 times before leaving the stage, I think he felt the special magic of this unbelievable night. I came from Rome for the concert and I was sure he was going to sing Stay and he did!!!!
Me and my friends Cristina e Fernando came from Portugal to see U2 at Berlin, and it was amazing, if I can I follow U2 to all countries. We hope that you go to Portugal in 2010. The concert was unforgettable, magnificent, take our breathe, we can not see the line on the horizon, our boots was so tight because we can not stop jump, it was a beautiful day in a city of blinding lights, and we move in a mysterious ways going crazy on a moment of surrender with or without you angel of harlem. THE ONLY ONE BEST BAND OF THE WORLD ARE U2. Paula Alves from Lisbon, Portugal
Haha, thats me on the photo! Very funny ;)
WHAT A EXPERIENCE ¡¡¡ Incredible Show, fantastic audience, unbeteable venue....¡¡¡ Spanish eyes in Berlin breathing deeply, enjoying every single moment of the best band ¡¡¡ Unforgettable ¡¡¡ Thanks for a wonderful night ¡¡¡ See you in Spain in 2010? I hope so. Potimarbella
Thanks for the Berlin show! GREAT! PLEASE come to Germany again in 2010! The Crazy-Mix is WOW!!!!
U2 - Faraway, So Close
I've come from faraway (Australia, but I reside in London) to see the band, and I was so close. Thank you U2 for making it worth the effort of camping out for 30 hours. Higglight for me was Unforgettable Fire & COBL. Stay was beautiful, Edge has such a great touch on the acoustic guitar!
IN ! CRE ! DI ! BLE !!!
Breathtaking Show that night on a monumental stage! Thanks so much for acoustic 'Stay' - it´s such a beautiful song. And for that great Party-Remix of 'I´ll go crazy', that really surprised me (and obviously the rest of the stadium, too). And, of course, 'Ultra Violet'! After 25 years of U2-records on my shelf and having seen every tour since 'The Joshua Tree' at least one time (most more often), I´d like to thank you for all those very special moments you gave to me throughout the years. As I do connect nearly all of your songs with special periods and moments, your music is for me the soundtrack of my life! Thx, and CU again, and again, and again...
Wunderbar !
Another special concert in another special city ... I'm italian and I enjoy a lot of U2 live concerts around the world and everywhere the show was an unforgettable performance and a great soul experience. Oh Edge how many songs we wrote here ... see Larry Mullen right in front of you ... what's your name ? Thank you thank you (oh those 3 young chzech ...). I'll go crazy was a surprise, TUF a piece of history, Magnificent hit my soul. Wunderbar !
Please Stay!
It's always a bit dangerous and unfair to anyone to expect the more-than-outstanding from a mere rock 'n' roll band, but you're not "a mere" band. If a stadium can have a heartbeat, though, the Olympic heartrate just zoomed away last Friday in passion and connectedness to your amazing presence on stage. I wasn't sure about the "Crazy" version you offered, and I felt a bit neglected in the area "behind" the stage, but I sure burnt alive in the Unforgettable Fire and absolutely want you, after periods in the preparation of the 360° tour when you hinted at the chance that you might not be going on the road for very much longer, to STAY (what a song, what electricity) on live stages almost forever!!
thank you so much
Berlin was amazing! What a night, I expected a lot but you gave me so much more. Thank you! Stay was a very special moment. The dance version of " Crazy tonight" was crazy again and lifted up the whole stadium, just amazing. I heared the song in Paris and there is was great, but in Berlin it was even better!! Looking forward to see you tonight and tomorrow in Amsterdam.
Stay in Berlin!
Thanks U2 for a great night!!! it was absolutely spectacular! Waiting more than 12 hours and then getting into the first row were like magic! Love you! Andrea, Romania
can't wait for Zagreb
it was amazing yesterday in Berlin...we really enjoyed being part of it! in the past we had always to travel to see Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, but this year they are coming to our place directly...we are impatient to see them in Zagreb...hope it will be as good as yesterday...wow!!!
Angel Of Harlem - highlight of the show
this song was played so perfect because Czech u2 fans who played with U2 know the end of the song with snippets...(it is played a little different) so they cannot stop when Bono shows to stop... :)) so this was not only experiment as Bono said, this was a great moment of the show.
just unforgetable
Thank you guys for the fanstastic show yesterday in berlin. The last months wasn't really easy in my life but you give me yesterday a very special feeling. Thank you so much i will never forget and please please make soon a tour in Europe (maybe again in Zurich?) Kiss Lorena Lareo Zurich, Switzerland
Katerina Bonner
Unbelievable indeed
The night was fabulous!!! Was pleased especially by Ultraviolet and Stay and Ill go crazy if.... Thanks for a great show and looking forward to Chorzow in less than three weeks........:-O
Best crowd ever at a gig
Fantastic show. The crowd was in a great mood. I've never seen the WHOLE audience stand for the entire set before. Brilliant atmosphere before and after.
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