U2360° TOUR

Sep 12 2009
Chicago, IL, US / Soldier Field
with Snow Patrol
'Where are we going? South Side...Grant Park...Lake Shore Drive...' Bono introducing Magnificent in Chicago tonight and what a show it was, with the skyline of the windy city providing a dazzling backdrop to the 360 space station. for the opening of the North American tour. Here's what they played.

When the lights went down, the green clocks popped up on the screen and we were counting down to U2's first appearance in Chicago since the recording of the live DVD on the Vertigo Tour. In fact the last time they played here outdoors was on PopMart and Soldier Field has been completely redeveloped since then.
Opening up with Breathe, it felt like the final European show in Cardiff was last night, not last month, like the band had never put down their instruments for a break. And when Bono talked about being 'an Irish boy in Chicago' during the opening of Beautiful Day, the reception matched any on the tour to date. (Don't suppose there was any Irish in Chicago tonight ?)

'We Irish like to think we played a part in building this majestic skyline,' mused Bono before 'Still Haven't Found'.'We were the clouds.. the rain... in fact we are the wind in this windy city...'
'Let me introduce my colleagues, on sky scraping guitar, the man who makes Dr Spock look like Dr Ruth, The Edge. On bass guitar, the man who from an early age knew four strings are better than six, the elegant Adam Clayton. On drums, the thunder and lighting of the band, Larry Mullen Jnr - and when he smiles the sun comes out..'

Were you at the show tonight? What was the moment you will never surrender? Add your own reviews below. (More coming from us when we've got our breath back)

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Windy City Performance
As usual for U2 that played to perfection. The event started on the rooftop of Chicago with food, wine and U2 memorabilia. The playlist included old favorites and the best of Vertigo
First Major Concert
The show was completely AWESOME! My favorite track in it was "Breathe". My most memorable moment was when I was walking to Solider Field and U2 drove right pass me, and seeing this enormous stage while walking to my seats. It was completely life changing to me at the age of 10.
First major Concert!
My dad and I went to this concert and, Now this time we are bring the whole family. The concert was the best and most rememberable concert I have only been to. My dad and I still talk about it on a monthly basic.
Chicago Night 1 North America
My wife and I flew in from Vancouver, I couldn't wait til the end of the tour to see U2. It was one of the best days of my life. The city itself was great, saw the Cubs play a nooner at Wrigley Field, than stumbled to the "Cubby Bear" for pre concert drinks. What a great day. To top it all off "Bad" made one of its only appearances of the tour. My favourtie Song ever, can't get enough. Open air concerts are always the greatest.
One we must carry each other
We decided last minute to drive there from Canada (Ontario) and bought our tickets online, I was So happy I could not help but get caught up in the energy of the night with Bono leading us in Positive vibrations, truly Transcendental and uplifting, I had not seen them in 25 years as I had been in Africa. I plan on Seeing them in Toronto and Lansing in 2010 and maybe Chicago if I can manage it. I Will Follow.
Most Amazing
We decided last minute to drive there from Canada (Ontario) and bought our tickets online, I was So happy I could not help but get caught up in the energy of the night with Bono leading us in Positive vibrations, truly Transcendental and uplifting, I had not seen them in 25 years as I had been in Africa. I plan on Seeing them in Toronto and Lansing in 2010 and maybe Chicago if I can manage it. I Will Follow.
Most Amazing
We decided last minute to drive there from Canada (Ontario) and bought our tickets online, I was So happy I could not help but get caught up in the energy of the night with Bono leading us in Positive vibrations, truly Transcendental and uplifting, I had not seen them in 25 years as I had been in Africa. I plan on Seeing them in Toronto and Lansing in 2010 and maybe Chicago if I can manage it. I Will Follow.
What a Feeling
So opening night in Chicago...my first U2 concert. I had listened to the cd tons...and knew that breathe was my favorite from the get go. My girlfriend was nice enough to get us these tickets...and planned this trip. It is one thing to go to a concert...it is something else going to a U2 concert. When the Drum Beat started...it was Breathe....are you kidding me. The guys come walking out. Unreal. It was my first concert with my girlfriend. I was glad I got to share this with her. We have our tickets and looking to celebrate a few months shy of one year back in chicago. You guessed....July 6th watching U2...are you kidding me. I figured is was a once in a life time chance last time....now I get to see them again. This time I know it isn't just chance...I get to see it with the women I love.
U2360 in Chicago = AMAZING (Missing Phot
The photo from my previous comment "U2360 in Chicago = AMAZING" did not post so I'm trying again...
U2360 in Chicago = AMAZING!
I flew up to Chicago from Nashville for my first ever U2 show. I had never been to Chicago either. What a amazing city to visit - when it's not cold! I was on the G.A. line all day - from 6 AM - and had fun meeting new people. And then it was show time... What a great band! What a great show! What a freakin' awesome night! Being dead center on the back rail of the the inner circle was amazing. Now I understand why people travel from show to show. What a fun and memorable time. As soon as I got back home I bought G.A. tickets for the October 2009 Atlanta show. If you've never been to a U2 show, don't let the next one slip by. I regret not seeing them earlier, but I'll never miss another tour as long as I'm above ground. In fact I have my G.A. ticket for the June 2010 show in Chicago. After being so close in the inner circle (see attached photo that I took), I don't think I would ever want to buy a seat. G. A. all the way!
All I Want Is You 2
360 in Chicago 9/12/09
I can't define love, but I know it when I feel it & felt it @ the show.
I didn't want it to end!!!
We got stuck in traffic on Michigan Avenue, so we missed Snow Patrol, but when U2 came out nothing else mattered...We had great seats, but early on security asked if we wanted to move closer to the stage!!! Heck ya...This was one of the best concerts I've been too...I only wish they had played The Sweetest Thing, and All I Want Is You... Can't wait to see them again in July :)))
a perfect show
It was a long trip to be there. I and my 15 years old son went to Chicago, from Brazil, to go to the show. And we had the greatest expirience of our lives. Thanks for the amazing show. And we will be waiting for you in Brazil!
Running down the road like loose electri
This was my first U2 concert. What a thrilling and spiritual experience! The feeling of being in Soldier Field with 70,000 other fans all singing along to the wonderful set list in incomparable. I will seek out this experience again! In fact I will be buying tickets tomorrow for the East Lansing concert! I can't believe they are coming right to be. It's a dream come true! I live 13 miles away! Wow, I can't wait again!
evolutionary rockers
I took my 85 Unforgetable Fire tour shirt out of storage-first of many concerts we've seen...and came out to em again! They were magical way back then and continue to create unforgetable WOW moments!
See you in Chicago again...
Loved the show last September 12 and I got my tickets for next July. I live in New Orleans, my boyfriend lives in Chicago. We both love your music so much. I´m originally from Argentina and in my teenage years I couldn´t stop listening to your melodies. I didn´t realize I practically have all your discography. Hope you can make it to Latin America. Andrea
This was the concert to be at. The playlist was amazing. I never thought I would hear them play "Bad" live but I did. It was unforgettable. "Ultraviolet" was surprising and equally as amazing. Brilliant show. Thank you thank you thank you. Mo
I had taken my son to the Vertigo Tour show @ the United Center which was a great time. This show was history book material. We're northside Irish & lookin forward to July 6,2010! Tom & John
I can check one of my bucket list!! And they did "Bad", and I think I cried but so did two guys sitting in the row in front of me. I couldn't speak the next day but I had to recover quickly because I was going to the second show and nothing was going to stop me!!!! Truly as good as I always thought they would be, never forget it. IT WAS AWESOME Thanks guys!!!
SEC 350 ROW 6
My best friend and I traveled from Whiteman AFB Missouri to Chicago to see our favorite band on their opening US night! Coincidentally Soldier Field is home to our favorite football team DA BEARS!!! I've always wanted to see them live since I bought their album The Joshua Tree on cassette when I was a kid. I totally lost it when they played Where the Streets Have No Name. I was floored by their stage show, and the light display. I am luckily gonna use my last 2 pre-sale tickets to grab another pair to see them with my wife in Chicago July 6, 2010, which happens to be my birthday as well! I'll see you next July U2!!!!
I still get goosebumps thinking about it
This was the third time my husband and I have seen U2, and let me tell you....I think,no - I know they are the greatest performers in the world!!!! I loved the show and the whole Chicago experience was absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!!! I so badly want to see the fellas from Ireland again and again and again.
Where are the songs from POP?
I LOVE YOU GUYS! But seriously, you need to bring back some stuff from POP and delve into the catalog a bit more. Mix up a bit baby! We are groovy in the USA. Well, at least I am in Chicago!
I was there
this was without a doubt the best night of my life. the moment i will never forget was when U2 was playing Magnificent and Bono and I met eyes. This was the best moment in my life.
hope u retour the US
loved the show hope you can swing thru Chicago again only wish i could have gone to the Sunday night show as well thanks for a GREAT evening hope all is well a true fan
great show....but missing something
The sound, set, and stage were all great. There was excitement, but a certain emotion was missing for many Americans. The first show in the US was on the day after a most tragic and remembered event to Americans: 9/11/01. Past experience would have us expect a word and a prayer from the band. We remember Madison Square Garden in October 2001 when the stage was filled with police and firemen sharing experiences and pacing the walkway to the emotion of Walk On, and when the band proclaimed Sunday Bloody Sunday as "America's song" too. From that time on it has been a given that Bullet the Blue Sky be dedicated to the brave men and women in uniform. Not on 9/12/09 in Chicago. There was no Bullet the Blue Sky and Walk On was given away. While it was an awesome performance, many who expected to share special emotions once again with band left in an empty state of emotional purgatory. As Americans did we ask too much...more than alot?
Unbelievable as always. They are the best in the business. Hope they play in North America in 2010 also.
STILL reeling from the terrific amazing concert. Acoustics were great, night, YOU Musicians!, Politicians, Fathers and Brothers, we ADORE you and have since my first concert at Soldier field (before the face lift/POP). You melt my hehart. You are like BUTTA! KEEP on rockin me baby, love to all! PEACE FROM CHICAGO AND ALL THE IRISH LAWYERS THAT LOVE TO ROCKOUT!!!
Hola Chicago
I was speechless during City of Blinding Lights. The show was the best one I have witnessed. I've been to 12 U2 concerts, since ZOOTV in Mexico city to Oakland during the Vertigo Tour. I looking forward to see them at the Coliseum here in California.
Flyin to Chi-town
Unexpectedly moved to DC after buying tix but excitedly flew back for this show. Tip of the hat to the designers and entire crew for presenting a really rockin professional show and allowing the band to connect for a new LIVE high. Well worth the trip. Enjoyed Bono's personalization of the city attractions molded into lyrics and the cover music snippets that blended in seamlessly to complemented their songs, reminded me of Zeppelin. In the 21st C. U2 reign on top of the world. Tanks a whole punch boys!
First show and loved it!
My wife and I came in from Omaha and spent the weekend. Waited six months to see this show since we got tickets, and had waited lifetime to make it (marriage, kids, college, etc . . .) Ended up 20 feet outside the outer ring dead center on the drum set and loved every minute! Breathe was awesome to open, and "Unknown Caller" was much better live than anticipated. "Crazy" remix was better live than on bootlegs. "Ultraviolet" was amazing; you could see the intensity Bono was singing with. Loved "Bad" to follow up "One"; haven't seen on any of the set lists that they've done that again. Can't wait for the opportunity to bring our 10 year old again. Any word on a second North America leg?
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