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Sep 16 2009
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Snow Patrol
The band played in Toronto tonight, the first of 2 shows, and set beneath the Toronto Tower, the stage looked more spaceship like than ever. Show was out of this world too.

'We've got some old songs, some new songs, We got songs we can barely play... We got a space ship'.

What did we make a note of ? The roof of the Rogers Stadium (home to the Toronto Blue Jays) was off, which is a bit of a rarity - it came off for Bruce Springsteen too - and that made for some great acoustics tonight. The end of Beautiful Day found Bono singing 'Alison' by the one and only Elvis Costello, who was here watching the show. The band paid tribute to their hosts ('Our first night on the majestic half continent that you call a country - Canada.')... which went down relatively well. And we learned that 'the effortlessly stylish Adam Clayton' is ' the only man in U2 who uses face cream.'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Our first time
sim65 - 14 July, 2010 My husband and I decided to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary with U2!!!We took the train from Quebec city to Toronto to see U2 at the Roger's center!!! It was absolutely crazy,I will remember this forever, we were at the 11th row and I will keep the tickets for life!!!The most unbelivable is that the day after the show, we had the chance to see the group at "the edge station" And Bono tried to take a picture with us,but my camera didn't work...:)But you can see it on U2.com!!!I look crazy,normaly I can keep my self a little bit quiet,but not at this moment!!!
Hi Boys! I'm Vinicius, I live in Brazil. When you come on here? Hugs!! I wait for you here!
why u2 360 is not coming to brasil???? we love u2 as much anyone in the world!!!!!!!!!
Why didnt Bono pull up a kid on stage on this show. i expect to see it on July3, 2009
I thought that it was awesome the first show. Cant wait to see you again in Toronto but in GA section
True Space Oddity (U2 style)
Imagine, add the CN Tower's synchronized lighting just to the right and waaay-up and you've got a stage-set that seemed as though it was designed and built for this venue. With the dome open, the sound was fantastic. I sure hope 'Your Blue Room' is reintroduced for the second leg of the North American tour. To all you casual fans; you need to have a copy of Passengers - Original Soundtracks 1, GET ON YOUR BOOTS, go out and GET IT! The song most certainly does work in a big stadium. For those of us who know the song, it was much appreciated and very dramatic. It's just that pop-chart fans aren't familiar with this album. I will miss the 2010 Toronto show but will be taking my family to see them in Montreal. U2FF(Fan Forever)
Super Show
This was a fantastic show roof open ! You boys did a super duper Show !
That was my first U2 show and I wish there will be plenty more Ill see. There was so much times during this magic night i wished that friends of mine and people that i love would be there. I was at 20feets from the stage and if I get to see your guys another time Ill take further seats because from close or far it is not the same show because you guys makes each seats in the stadium the best place to see your show (i wish i wrote that well my english is very bad sometimes) anyways I hope you guys will come back on canada's east coast mostly in montreal or once again in toronto.
Awesome Show
We flew in from Halifax just to see U2 we had really good seats and the band was great // To top it off the day following the show we were downtown and ran into the band outside the Edge radio station. We didn't even know that they were going to be there it made it a trip I will never forget Adam was right in front of us and I got some great pics of Bono and The Edge. What a good time.. // My fav song from the show had to be Moment of Surrender the band was really into it. It was a really good show closer.
Went Crazy in toronto
This was my 6th time seeing them on this tour and i would have to say it was right up there with Dublin 3. I have heard many mixed emotions about tonights show, but from my standpoint (Front Row Center Outside rail) I thought the show was amazing... They wandered out onto the catwalk numerous times more then they did from what i have seen this entire tour. I think from the amount of movie stars that were in the crowd that U2 may have been showing off just a little which made it even better.. Cocky U2 = Great night Live
Amazing Show
I have waiting months to finally see this with my own eyes. Toronto1 was incredible. I never though that any show could out-do the ones I saw on the Vertigo Tour, but this one blew those away. The boys were in brilliant form and the music was spot-on. I could not have asked for a better setlist. To finally see Unforgettable Fire live left me speechless and the Crazy Remix rocked. Seeing them again in Raleigh and Atlanta and I hope to see this setlist again. It was absolutely amazing!
Sept 17th Toronto Show
Truly, Truly amazing show. I have now seen U2 in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and now Toronto. A great mix of the new stuff with some great old classics. Thank you Thank you for New Years Day and of course Sunday Bloody Sunday, it makes me cry every time. The very best part might have been the giant disco ball in the sky. Well worth the money and the 2000 mile trip, I came from Calgary. Next time I hope to be in London or Dublin. Thanks boys for a truly wonderful time.
anastasia demeter
The Unforgettable Fire
This was my 6th U2 tour and one thing's for sure, they never disappoint! I was lucky enough to attend the second show in Toronto, and thought it was spectacular! The set list had just the right mix of old and new, and having the roof open took me back to the Joshua Tree and Zoo TV tours in the old Exhibition Stadium. Magnificent, Elevation, The Unforgettable Fire, and Ultraviolet were definitely my favs. Thank you so much for a beautiful and unforgettable night!
Sept 16 - Great show
Didn't have my real camera with me, but here is another not bad shot....
Thanks for the rarities
Although I really enjoyed most of the new stuff, I am especially thankful to U2 for playing songs I never thought I'd hear in my lifetime live, let alone at my first concert. The Unforgettable Fire, Your Blue Room, and especially Ultraviolet really got to me and not just because people quieted down enough for me to actually appreciate the subtleties of the performance and see it without arms and cameras flailing. Thanks, U2. Not all of us only want the mainstream hits or show our appreciation by being loud. Bring out even more rarities next time!
Just perfect,
BEST SHOW EVER... TOO BAD THAT THE CROWD WAS REALLY LAME AND DIDN'T SEEM TO ENJOY THE AMAZING TALENT OF THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD... APOLOGIES TO U2 My only regret is not seeing them again on thursday.... (thank u for playing my wife's favourite song "with or without u", she was in tears...) Can't wait for the next show!
From U 2o Sky
Not normally a concert goer , but couldn't miss this one. Last time I saw them...91ish CNE Grandstand. Nose was bleeding and couldn't see the band, except on the big screen, sit seemed like a bad lypsyncing session... Hated it. This time ...WOW. Sept 16th - Best sound ever. That new stage is working ..combined with the dome open and the Tower adding backdrop....just great. If you want to send a U2 fan to Antarctica see more pics www.gindli.org. I liked the enerygy of Vertigo best
Thanks Lads!!!!
Awesome....just Awesome. Third time seeing the guys....and as with typical U2 fashion, they just keep on being new and fresh....it was like 3 shows in one, of course the band, the stage was another show, and the crowd....alot of people! I had chills up the spine and goose bumps all over me pretty much all night...even had some tears well up in my eyes a couple of times (Stay was one time...crowd singing still have'nt found..was another) I am so grateful I was there....THANKS GUYS, LOVE YA!!!!
Best show ever! The night was magical,the show was great and everything was wonderfull but now you have to do the same in Montreal !!! We simply adore U in Montreal! So please come make your magic so my kids can come too, and discover the greatest rock band in the universe! EVER
A Spectacular Spectacle!
Sound, light, music - it was a spectacle to behold. I haven't seen them since the Joshau Tree Tour - Montreal, October 1st, 1987. HIGHLIGHT: The crowd singing the opening verses to "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." Oh, and by the way, it's called the "CN TOWER" not "Toronto Tower".
Nothing's better than the real thing!
Best concert EVER!!! The night was perfect... the weather, the set, and especially, the band! I've been a U2 fan since the El Mocambo (was it really 1980?). Saw the Zoo TV tour in 93, and haven't seen U2 live since... (although I have all the albums!) All I can say is... my sincere thanks to Larry, Adam, The Edge & Bono... you still ROCK! Slainte!
Canada Loves U2
Wednesday was my 7th time seeing U2. First time on this tour...and of course the Boys from Ireland did not disappoint. I agree with some of the comments about playing some of the old favourites...BUT COME ON...this is U2...why would they not shake it up...and experiment and try new things in the concerts...that is why we love them. I love BAD...my favourite U2 song actually...but enjoyed every second of the show!! I actually was with two friends who had never seen them live...and they loved it. I have converted them...to mega fans!! Hoping they add a Detroit date...as I live in Windsor...and want to see them again!!
Can't go wrong
Certainly a very good show. Rogers Centre can be a really tough venue to play and U2 is one of the few bands that can actually pull it off (having the roof open helped a lot). Ultraviolet was a great touch. Wasn't crazy about the Crazy remix - the original is one of my faves on No Line on the Horizon, and I would have really liked to have heard it. Puting the stage at the back of the stadium seems like a wasted opportunity. Everyone benefits by having it in the middle since this is supposed to be a 360-degree setup! I was on the floor 30 feet from the band and it still felt a bit more distant than their previous shows at the ACC. Having said all that, no matter where they are or what they play, any U2 show is better than 98% of other acts out there. Come back soon!
The Claw
Their are words like Amazing, Awesome, Incredible ..... but none of those words capture what took place in Toronto on Sept. 16th 2009. It feels like indestructible is more fitting! Well done boys. Love, Jason Day
I've seen them do better
4th U2 show, first with my kids. I thought the band was kind of flat. Hardly any crowd interaction which for Bono was kind of shocking. The setlist was OK, sound and visual was fantastic. Overall a very good show, but they almost seemed to be "mailing it in" compared to other previous tours I have seen. I prefer the 'intimacy' of an arena show and that may have been part of it, but I have seen them in a stadium setting before and they were more engaged. It almost seemed like they felt like hay check out this awesome stage setup and we don't need to do anything else. Crazy was definitley the highlight. Blue room did not seem to go over to well in a stadium setting.
We love the Edge!!!!
Awesome stage, sound and band....best concert I've ever seen....great view from the floor...right beside the rail on Edge's side. All the new songs sounded amazing live! Love Love Love the Edge!
Last minute decision..
..totally worth it! Great show tonight!
A Treat For Real Fans
I've seen a lot of people complaining about the setlist from this night, but as a diehard U2 fan it was like a dream. Instead of pandering to casual fans by only playing their big radio hits and nothing else, the band peppered in some lesser-known tracks like Stay, The Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet. Seeing Your Blue Room live was phenomenal. The song is gorgeous, and the visuals they made to accompany the track were breathtaking. I never in a million years ever expected to see this song played live. Sadly, the response was lukewarm (mainly because of lack of familiarity, I think), so I have a sinking feeling the track will be dropped from the setlist soon. The fact that it wasn't played the next night seems to confirm my fears. The Crazy remix worked incredibly well, also. The energy was totally there, and the crowd clearly loved it. Awesome.
Thursday Sept 18 was the best!
I was at the show Wednesday night in Toronto and thought I'd seen the best show of my life. But I was wrong, hard to believe it but tonight's show was even better! I don't know how they managed it but, they out did themselves. Bono, you thanked us for giving you all such a great life. But it's us who have benefited the most from this relationship. It's kind of sad that you'll never know just how much.
My first real concert
Just have to say my first real concert (I don't count the one I was dragged to as a child or the Videogames Live shows) and I didn't have great seats, I was way up in 515... and it was still one of the most amazing things I've seen in my life!!I loved the set list, I loved the energy from the crowd and from the band and I especially love how my girlfriend really enjoyed the show, even without being a real U2 fan going in. I'm totally going to book off the day tickets go on sale for their next tour stop in Toronto so I can get better seats... I was also really happy with I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For being opened by the crowd, it was the first song I sang at a cottage bonfire after so many years of just listening... all in all an amazing first concert for me!
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