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Oct 25 2009
Los Angeles, CA, US / Rose Bowl
with Black Eyed Peas
What time is it in the world and where are we going?' Bono asked after 'Get On Your Boots'. Tonight it was every time on the clock, depended which country you were in as the U2 360°: show went out live on YouTube to millions of viewers on seven continents.

'It's like we are all there at the concert,' said Baadsilver on our Zoootpia live thread 'We ALL have our hands in the air and are singing... crazy tonight for U2.'

Or as one clever Tweet put it, 'This has to be the best U2 concert I have never been to.'

From Breathe to Moment of Surrender, felt like a moment of rock'n'roll history tonight. If you were at the show add your own reviews and photos below.

Meantime, even though you probably know this, here's what they played at the Rose Bowl tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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***Great Show***
What a night came from Northern CA to see my 22 U2 show. My first @ L.A. Sport Arena in 1985. Had wanted to see U2 before that however tickets always sold out before I was able to purchase them back in the day before internet. Now WOW, first time bringing my kids and to a show with nearly 100,000 fans attending. They had a great time and many many lasting memories. Lucky us we even have an official DVD to mark the event forever. Thank you U2 for all the great memories and can't wait to see you another 22 times. Oakland June 7th 2011 is around the corner and can't wait to hear new songs...
I was there... I went to L.A. from South America just for this show, and I don't have words to describe that magnificent experience...
Great rendition, performance, delivery, everything. Waited years to hear this song live. Was worth the wait. This was a great moment indeed.
I was there?!!?
Okay, my first ever concert happened to be this U2 concert! I have never seen anything more incredible in my entire life! While I was there, I knew like five songs. I didn't know any others. Now that 8 months has passed, I now know like every single song. ever. I was in a daze the whole week after. You cant describe how it felt to be there. Plus, I got to brag to my friends I also saw the Black Eyed Peas, who were amazing too. =)
U2 at Rose Bowl: Simply awesome
I've been listening to U2 ever since I was a young teenager. The first cassette I ever bought was Live at Red Rock, Co. I have to say I am growing alongside the band. Their music continues to evolve. This concert was great, especially when Larry gets up from his drum chair and starts playing the one drum and walking on stage with the rest of the band.....I must say: talk about reaching out to the audience. That was simply AWESOME. I'm sure he must have had a huge thrill doing that throughout the tour. And of course when Bono did the intro to Ultraviolet Light, that was just great. By the way Achtung Baby is by far my most favorite album. Sheer masterpiece. Before the show, I had time to do a drawing in my sketchbook of The Claw or...The Space Station. I hope you like. Bono I wish you a safe and speedy recovery. Peace and hope to see you guys next year in Anaheim in 2011. Regards, a true fan.
Amazing Show
I will never forget that show, that whole day was amazing, this is my favorite shot that I took that night
U2 bucket list
I was in attendance and I can now check the "to be present at a filming of a U2 concert" off my "U2 bucket list." Amazing night, amazing show. To be amongst 90,000+ people enjoying the greatest band on earth is pretty spectacular.
Opening Act: Black Eyed Peas
U2 has always had an eye for "The Next Big Thing" in choosing who opens their concert. The Black Eyed Peas put on a stunning concert of songs, dance, and visuals that firmly established they will headline their own concerts for years to come. BEPs current "The E.N.D. Tour" solidifies the fact that they have joined U2 at the top of the pop-rock world (and it is symbolic that BEPs are using Michael Jackson's stage from "This is It").
Bringing in the next generation
The Rose Bowl show was to be my 25th in as many years. My friend's husband couldn't go at the last minute, so we used the extra ticket to take my nephew to his first U2 show. We arrived hours early with our lunch, joining tens of thousands of others picnicking on the grounds outside the Rose Bowl. For the first time, I got to hear the band do their pre-show sound check. After that experience, my nephew convinced the rest of his family they should come out to LA for the next leg of the tour. His mom, dad and sister will be arriving in a couple of weeks to join us at the Anaheim show on June 6. Can't wait!!
Over a Month Later
Still amazed by the Rose Bowl show. I was there and was completely moved. Completely inspired. Going to start up electric guitar....Edge, I might need some help. Thank you for a life changing experience.
i was there!!!
a great experience so hugeee!
Viva Mexico...!!!
I was not expecting that from U2, and really took away a tear from me. Hopefuly they touch ground in Mexico, too many rumors about two concerts. And the night at the Rose Bowl was magical, like every single of the other 10 times that I have saw them. Unknown Caller is to become one of the Classics like my favorite "Where The Streets Have No Name", wihout this song, a U2 concert would not be a U2 Concert. I must say that my seat was about 10 rows before the last one on the far section of the Rose Bowl, but I did find my way to be on the Floor right next to one of the legs of the Spaceship Stage on time to enjoy "Where The Streets Have No Name", almost brought myself on my knees, but manage to contain myself and enjoy the song. I have tickets already for June 6, and expecting to get some more for June 7. And waiting what will happen for the Mexico Concert... Have a Beautiful Day and have a great Guiness...!!! P.D. Hope you enjoy the small collague of photos that I did specially for U2.com comments.
My camera wasnt that great, but there were a few shots that I was proud of. This was one of them. This was my first time seeing the band. I don't know why I never saw them before as I have been a fan for over 20 years. I am glad that this was my first show and the whole world was there for this one night. My only wish though was to hear 40 . To imagine 100,000 people in that place singing along would have been fantastic. But I have no complaints on the setlist. I'm glad that I was able to grab tix for Anaheim (night #2) on the 7th. It will be a fun countdown.
Quiet crowd
Went to both shows in Chicago and the show in Pasadena. Chicago was much louder. The Pasadena crowd was very tame. Dissapointed that the crowd couldn't ELEVATE the boys a bit more. Seemed like Bono was a bit miffed at times. Was hoping for Your Blue Room in Pasadena. A smokin version of Until The End Of The World.
Rose Bowl Rock on..
That was the best U2 concert that I have been part of. I was right in front of Larry carrying my Mexican flag. I loved when Bono said “VIVA MEXICO” during Vertigo. Even my Flag was taken into the stage while the Black Eye Peas band was playing. That was an Unforgettable night. Thank you U2.
Suzy Q
What a great night!! The Black Eyed Peas rocked to the house. Then U2 came out it was an amazing warm indian summer night in Southern California. Music was great, friends so special...a night I will never forget.
Eddie Anderson
Sing Your Heart Out !!!!!
Fantastic show .Thank you guys for letting us see the show..on utube..for free.Magnificent.
First live U2 experience
This was my first time seeing U2 live and my friend and I flew down to the show from Seattle, only to find out that they will be coming to Seattle in June. Can't wait to see them again! We were about 10 feet from the stage in the inner circle and all I can say is "WOW!"
Gina Ocon was #50 that Night!
This concert was by far the best one I've ever seen, period!!! I arrived at 4am and waited all day just to get inside the ellipse! Out of 97,000 people, I was #50 to enter!!! A big giant shout out to Randy, former American Idol superstar, who entertained us TOP 250 with his security antics!!! And to PondScum...I think your story is worth retelling to the LA Times! I took sewage around the ankles for Bono! Air Force One and UCLA broad, THERE WILL BE NO MAS NEGOTIATING!!! You showed up late, sorry, stop inciting the masses! The crowd was phenomenal, sound was tight, evening was warm...Joe looked edible!!! Black Eyed Peas rocked! We were in the front row, and I've got 4000 pics to prove it. Kathy from work said she saw me on Joe's shoulders on UTube! U2 you've got one loyal fan here...and thanks to BSW for your devotion and loyalty to this amazing band. You taught me how to love and how to love U2!!!
The BEST show EVER!!!
Waited all day in GA line...well worth it! What a night! What a show! Great crowd! Can't wait to see U2 again next year!
The best concert of my life!
it was incredible, I dont have words to describe it!!
The Rose Bowl show was my first U2 show.. HOLY COW!! I'm hooked!!!
My family and I were fortunate enough to be at the Rose Bowl concert and it was everything we expected and more. We had waited 17 years to be able to see U2 again...last time we saw them was '92 in Oakland. We had an amazing time and are looking forward to repeating the experience in June back in Oakland! Thank you U2 and Black Eyed Peas for giving us one hell of a night!!! :)
Simple the Best
I was there my friend and i we travel from the San Francisco Bay Area to watch them for 1st time and i'm really impress with the stage the people who attend the show was really amazing same for the people who was in charge for the event,all the songs were amanzing but there was Vertigo wich made trill when Bono yell VIVA MEXICO!
Fantastic ! ! ! ! ! ! !
To have the opportunity to finally see my favorite band live was an experience of a life time. I'm waiting for the Anaheim pre-sale, gotta see them again. ONE LOVE ! ! ! ! ! ! !
amazing show
I was there. and I don't have word to describe the show... Magnificent!!!
Still have a buzz
I'm still high from the Rose Bowl show. We waited from 7am to get closer than Ive ever been. Been a fan since early 80's have seen about 16 or so shows (this is first and only 360 show) and this was a special night....I rank it at or near the top show Ive ever seen. Thanks for more and more great memories !!! BTW, props to the Black Eyed Peas, they really were a great warm up act. Everyone really enjoyed them...and Slash was a phenomenal surprise. Again, still buzzed over the entire experience.........
A Canvas
A week has passed and I am still inside the metaphoric "claw". The music, the performance, the moment when I was part of a concert I had long dreamed of attending, continues to reverberate and inspire. Is it possible to be a better person because you have attended a rock concert? Yes, if it's a U2 concert. I pledge that I will do something good as a result of this pulsating experience. I am deeply grateful to have attended the Rose Bowl concert. I am profoundly grateful that we have gifted musicians and lyricists in the world who are dedicated to using their talent to inspire rather than tear down. Bravo.
U2 360 - SO GREAT
The concert at the Rose Bowl was incredible. I will try to see U2 at the Angels Stadium. I loved Ultra Violet and Larry on the conga drums.
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