U2360° TOUR

Oct 20 2009
Phoenix, AZ, US / Univ. of Phoenix Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas
The roof is open in Phoenix tonight and we're looking up into an endless Arizona sky. More on the way from us, meantime how was it for you ?Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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28 years w/ U2
I can honestly say, in my 28 years of seeing this band live that last night's stage/show was INCREDIBLE ! Breathtaking could be used as well. I was blown away from the minute I got there and saw it in the light (thank god i missed BEP, bad choice of an opening band), to the first darkened view of the spectacle. I find it amazing, as Bono said, that they can keep the intimacy in a huge stadium. I still get shivers up my spine at the beginning of "Beautiful Day" and to this day "Where The Streets Have No Name" wells tears up in my eyes. I only wish that I could go back in time and be that little boy he brought on stage.. To have that a memory for a lifetime would be harmonious to seeing heaven. I have been through good and bad in my life, but nothing can take me to a good place like U2, especially seeing them live. THANK YOU Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam for making the last 28 years amazing...
Desert Sky
What a great night!
The Band Gets an A+ but ....
Loved the show. However, the crowd seemed a bit sluggish to me. I have been attending U2 shows since 1985 across this country and this may have been the lowest energy crowd in my opinion. Unfortunate because the band was great - Edge's solos on "Unknown Caller, "Until the End of the World," and "Moment of Surrender" were superb and the set list included some gems like "In a Little While" and "The Unforgettable Fire." It seemed like the band sensed the lethargic crowd and redoubled their effort to give an extraordinary performance. A U2 show, as the band members always say, is also about the audience, and in my opinion, we may have dropped the ball tonight.
Amazing Boys!
Simply Amazing! The set is stunningly huge and a sight to see. Add in 4 mates who know how to put on a first class show you have a night to never be forgotten! Thanks Guys for an awesome night!
amazing show!!
Thanks guys it was incredible!! my little girl was so happy to be there !! I hope to see the show again!!!
Excellent show guys!
You continue to draw people into the show...even us in the nosebleed seats. Me and my date sang along like a couple of crazy people at times.
Good Lord
I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in December of 2006, and they completely blew my mind. The lights were great, the sound was great, and it was overall the best show I'd ever seen. That was completely true until October 20, 2009. The Phoenix leg of this tour was my first U2 show, and I lost my mind. Bono is the single greatest frontman ever, the Edge has an incredible stage presence, Adam Clayton rocked the house on bass and Larry Mullen tore the drums apart. I'm a 17 year old musician, and these guys are everything I hope to be one day. There were points in the show that I thought I was going to cry. The best part of all this is I was in the nosebleed section!! Can't imagine what the floor would have been like. To those who haven't been yet, you may want to stay sitting down in case your knees buckle. This will be the greatest show you ever see.
We had GA tickets...didn't know it'd be the BEST place to be in the stadium! Got there late (thanks Phoenix traffic!) and ended up on the other end of the stadium...parked in a random shopping area and walked a mile in the dark toward the lights...I wouldn't have cared about parking or paying for it...but since we exited earlier we were already close...as we were walking I could see at LEAST a mile of cars still waiting to exit toward the stadium...no thanks! Got there just in time to hear BEP play their big "good night" hit and headed down to the field. Side note...don't understand why they'd have the BEP play...eh, whatever. So...the show was amazing. Actually hit all my favortive songs...could see the Edge for most of the show from where we were...I;m guessing we were about 80 feet from the stage. The energy there was pretty incredible...Bono puts on such a great show. The person I took with me isn't a big U2 fan but thought it was great. It's hard to explain to people that it's not a concert...it's an experience!!! The roof of the stadium open was amazing...the lights could've been a little bit better (2001 tur had PERFECT lights) and the sound at points got a little fuzzy...but truly? This gets added to one of the best nights of my life...and I'm sure Bono will be awesome and maybe even more high energy in Vegas Friday! Thanks U2!!!
Great, but not the best
U2 rocked the house! Passions running high as we've come to expect. Poor Bono seemed to be suffering from a cold. His voice was a bit thin and the pitch not quite there. Hope he's getting his hot toddy today! We're off to Vegas to see them again on Friday. U of Phoenix stadium was too full of food and booze being hawked up and down the aisles. Distracting and annoying. Too many disinterested drunks.
As Always
As always, U2 connected to me, the audience, and the world through Phoenix last night! I've been to six of their concerts and each one memorable. Bono said early on that he wanted to create an intimate experience and they did. I took a first-timer and she agreed that he delivered. Honestly, this was the best sound quality I have heard going back to 1984. The open roof brought an ambiance that it was "our" moment, but open to the world. I bet many long-time fans agree, U2 songs represent a time in our life. Going to a U2 concert is truly an experience; an experience of the here and the now, and memories of years past. Going into the show, I had heard that they didn't play as many "classic" songs as some would have hoped. Well, it honestly didn't matter. The new stuff was killer! SPOILER ALERT: The version of "If I don't go crazy" they played last night with Larry on the bongos was out of this world. If you didn't feel your spirit grooving and toes tapping something is wrong man! I would love to have that version. I had seats in the upper deck, but found that the crowd was TOO mellow. I have never sat during a U2 concert and never will. I had to go to an open area where I could groove. And groove I did! Right on. Thanks for another great show (as always) and see you on the next Tour! bcool
When I bought the tickets to the concert way back in April, I recalled the first time I saw U2. I lived in Iowa then and saw them at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Since then, I have been lucky enough to see them in Phoenix several times as well as LA and San Diego. However, last night's show was especially poignant. For it was 22 years ago last night I saw them for the first time...October 20, 1987. The music is just as wonderful....a great time was had by all. I had just as much fun last night as I did that autumn night so many years ago!
awesome night
WOW.. that stage is something else, and because i was on the floor and able to go in the inner circle i was blown away... I do have too say 50 yards back was a whole different experience City of Blinding Lights made the stage come to life, and then being 2 feet from Bono swinging during Ultraviolet, it was a moment like no other . totally a perfect show...
This was my 9th U2 show
I haven't missed an Arizona show since Joshua Tree in 87..this was a fantastic show. The boys really seemed to be enjoy themselves last night. Great set list..the new songs really shine live. I really loved Ultraviolet..I think that might only be the 2nd time I have ever heard it live. Amazing show lads!
Intimate and Spectacular
Amazing how U2 can integrate social commentary, a moral compass, and explosive stay-on-your-feet rock into a mesmerizing and intimately moving event! Along with Black Eyed Peas, this night was a revelation!
Emotionally uplifting!!
Thank You Larry, Adam, Edge, and Bono for another spectacular, and for me in particular, another emotionally and spititually fullfilling evening! The Dalai Lama once told me that music and sound are the truest forms of communication because it is a language that the whole world can understand and it has the power to reach the deepest depths of your soul, take hold, and never let you go. You four beautiful, marvelous men, whom I have followed for 30 years since I was 10, very powerfully exemplified that sentiment to me last night, again and again! Every U2 show I have seen in my life is truly a spiritual homecoming for me, many times mixed with overflowing emotion because of what your music has meant to me over the years. My world is a better place for having had these experiences. Thank You from the farthest part of my heart...it is yours!!
Momentous Occasion
This was an AMAZING moment of this lifetime. We went specifically to take our 4 year old to his first concert. U2 has been his parent's favorite band forever and we were able to share U2's magic with him. When he grows up and can finally wear the concert shirt we bought for him I hope he'll remember what was shared last night. Thanks U2.
Please, please, please oh god please play Pride in Vancouver!!!!!!!!
Pretty awesome
Hey, Dan Feldman here... GREAT show. Liked the set list-- I saw em' in '92 and '97, so it's fine with me that they left out Pride (In the Name of Love) and New Year's Day. The stage and presentation are quite the sight to see. I was way up the nosebleeds and visually it was still very cool. Kinda wish the sound could've been even better than it was-- there was a lot of publicity about the huge sound system, and being a musician for the last 30+ years, I thought I deduced that this would mean maybe it would actually sound really good in ALL the seats in a huge stadium, but no, not really. I sat in 3 different spots around the upper level, including straight back, and the bass was too boomy in all of them. The snare and other drums were drowned out in The Unforgettable Fire by keyboards. These are just minor notes from a drummer. Again, overall, great show.
U2 - Party of 4 !!!
The guys have outdone themselves again with this tour. The sound was awesome (Black Eyed Peas warmed up the PA amps quite nicely). Very cool lighting effects - especially on Ultraviolet. Good mix of songs with some surprises thrown in. Poor Edge had to re-learn "In A Little While" - he got it, though :) And Guys - please come back to Edmonton - this following you around the continent is wearing us out!!!
Phoenix Show
Great show...I loved it all but the extras they did tonight: Beautiful Day then Bono mixed Blackbird into the melody at the end Also loved One - Bono did an A Capella verse of Amazing Grace before he transitioned into Streets Have No Name...amazing. Shivers down my spine...didn't have a camera, but hoping the mexicans next to us will send us their amazing shots....
Eric Anderson
For the first time ever, I think U2 had an opening act almost steal the show. BEP totally owned that stage and really made me sweat. The U2 show was a bit of a letdown in some ways. The crowd control was not very good this time and it seemed like there was no end to the people showing up at 700PM and then expecting to crowd in with all of us who had been there since 700AM. There were far too many skirmishes and way too many drunks. The stage didn't really put the band in the crowd like the last 2 tours, and frankly, the venue was too big. More shows in smaller arenas, please! I just felt a little like I was back on the PopMart Tour. E
Fun night in Phoenix
This is my second U2 concert and first time ever being at the Univ. of Phoenix Stadium. The concert was really good. Just wish Bono run around the stage more I miss that. The stage was a killer. Just wish the price of seats weren't that expensive but I bought them anyway because I didn't want to miss them and they were my birthday present. I would so do it again. WIsh I could meet them and design there stuff. :) First time ever seeing black eyes peas. They were amazing to.
Tony Simmons
I just got home from the concert here in Phoenix.. roof open.. the arms were in the air.. the smiles were wide.. Bono running around the stage with a sweet little kid... and three girls joining him on stage.. I bet they are still smiling from the magic that happened tonight.. and I am still smiling from the magical night that was... U2 doing what they do!!!
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