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Jul 25 2009
Dublin, IE / Croke Park
Second night in Dublin and right up there with the first. This is what you've been saying: 'this gig was out of this world'; 'loved the remix of 'Crazy', Moment of Surrender is a great closer'; 'three rows from the front barrier and Croke rocked even more than Friday night'; 'ultimate homecoming, words can not describe...'; 'My feet really really hurt - but it was worth it!'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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That remix of crazy, for me, totally blows. UV was brilliant though.
Dublin Goes Crazy Part II
Thats two nights on the go and cant wait until Monday night! Their performances on both nights have been exceptional. So far, stand out moments- Bono and the edge singing the auld triangle on night 1 which sounded great and the message from the space station (night 2)-particularly apt at these Croke Park shows are out of this world!. See you again Monday
Rain Down On Us !
Best gig I was Ever at... Ultra Violet & Unforgettable Fire where Outstanding ,Didn`t matter about the rain we get that everyday not U2 live! ROCK ON There`s atleast another 4 or 5 tours left in that lot Enjoy the day off ,I need a ticket now for Monday ;-)
Thank you sooooo much for giving me one the best nights of my life. I love you Bono, Adam, Edge and Larry. U2 Simply the Best Band in the world. From start to finish it was Magnificent. There are not enough words to describe Croke Park 25th July 2009. UNFORGETTABLE.
I went on friday and it was fantastic but when they played on saturday they took it to a new level I was blown away the sound the lights the band all beating as one everybody clapping singing and dancing a festival of pure class....if only you could bottle it and sell it.....roll on monday i cant wait......
Croke Park 25/07/09
loved the show, awesome, highlight for me was definetely the I'll go crazy remix, started off so cool with the 4 faces on the screens bopping and clapping to the beat, and then larry coming onstage with that bongo, awesome, that tune lifted the whole stadium and it kept us at that level for the rest of the gig.
Achtung Barry
What a night !
What a show. Thanks to all the guys and girls arond me in the pit from Scotland, Poland, Brazil, Belgium, England (We let no one stand in our way !) as well as Chris and Andy from Oz, Anthony and Jasmina from Lebanon, and Antonia from Texas from the GA queue for the craic. Fantastic night, performance and setlist. The band were on fire. Kaiser Chiefs rocked too. One of the best support acts at a U2 gig ever. Ps... My feet really really hurt.... but it was worth it !
Amazing..... nearly!
What a fantastic night. The only way it could have been any better? Elevation!!! Gotta keep that in the set. The crowd go mental everytime! Still amazing though!
AMAZING... ultimate homecoming, words can not descirbce!! welcome home boys
Amazing - what a sort of homecoming!!
What a night - Republic of loose where a band I had heard off but considering really buying now, a good introduction to the sound of the stage tonight. The Chiefs, were energetic, very very good and played a lot of there well known hits, which went down a real treat with the crowd. And the main event, the band that might just go somewhere according to Dave Fanning!! U2 came, saw and conquered tonight, Bono stating at one stage - "Thanks to the GAA for opening the hall" and telling the crowd, or even asking the crowd - did we like what they brought home - the space station was just another product in the wide range of U2 accessories!!! U2 rocked Dublin tonight - and maybe Dublin, and the crowd at Croke rocked the members of U2 - either way, it will long remain in the memories of all in attendance tonight - fan, crew or band member!! Rigo
Dublin Show 2
Amazing! We were 3 rows from the front barrier & Croke rocked even more so than Friday night - this show just gets better & better! Love the Crazy remix soooo much!!! See you Monday guys xx
Second Homecoming
I can't believe I gave my 10 year old son my ticket for the first night and they played Bad and until the End of the World. They were amazing other than above and I thought Ultra Violet was fantastic. Thank you for another wonderful gig at home. For 30 years watching you guys live and this was near perfection - I think the first night was perfection
Chicago in Dublin
Came from Chicago to see U2 here in Dublin, GREAT show! Can't wait to see the guys again in September. Loved the remix of Crazy and Moment of Surrender is a great closer. Awesome concert!! Been a great week here in Ireland! Cheers & God Bless, Pete and Ann
u2 at croke 25th July
Simply a great, great night with the boys. Stunning show, personal highlights too many to mention - but suffice to say the 'home run' from Sunday Bloody Sunday works incredibly well, and Moment of Surrender is an awesome set closer. u2 shows just fly by so quickly.....roll on Wembley and Sheffield!!!
thank you U2
Last night was magic...Had an amazing night tonight and ...Fair play to youz, proud to be irish! Loved your message from the space station...Croker left the ground tonight..special love for the edge , rocking
I was let down by the Vertigo tour in Dublin a few years ago but I have to tsay that this gig was out of this world. The best gig ever. All I can say is please dont finish up yet and give Dublin one last summer to remember.
Ultraviolet - Lights my way!
Ultraviolet - what a colour - really was special tonight. All three encore tracks really seemed to take it to the next level. Moment of Surrender was sublime. Unknown Caller was the stand out live track from NLOTH. Was it even better than the real thing - better than Dublin 1? Well... 5 more stars!
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