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Jul 21 2009
Amsterdam, NL / ArenA

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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First gig ever
So, this would be it. And it became IT! My first U2-gig ever. I had ticket for a seat and although the ticket was linked to a particular seat and didn't necessarily had to be there early, I was there 11 hours before the show. The first time I saw them. I will never forget
martin van der veen
Amsterdam II
I visited both shows this year in Amsterdam. It was great. Hope to see them back in The Netherlands very soon. In the meantime I will see them again in september 2010 in Paris, France and twice in Brussels, Belgium. Looking forward to it.
Absolutely fabulous show!
This is the first time I saw U2 but it was a real experience. Snow Patrol was a real good intro for the concert. I took many pictures of the great and huge claw, it was fantastic! Is there a DVD coming of the concerts you were in the tour, in my cace Amsterdam. (But one question: Why are you not going to Amsterdam in 2010?) But I really want to thank you* for give this excellent concert!! * the band themselves and all the crew who had done a great job!
family day
Hi there, we loved your show on July 21st. I just turned 40 that day and it was the greatest birthday I ever had! This also was my 9 year old son's first U2 concert. He did not know what to expect from it. He was thrilled and highly impressed! My 12 year old daughter was devistated while she went to the toilet when you played Elevation. She cried when she realized she had missed her favourite song. I promised her we would see the show again. Hopefully you'll be back in our area in 2010! I heard you are coming to Brussels. If yes, thant my prayers have been heard!!!!! I did not use my presale code yet, so I hope I am able to use it real soon.
An amazing night, absolutely wonderful. Definately a super setlist, although I would have loved Unknown Caller as well. All in all it was unforgettable, and not just because this was my first U2 gig, but just because there was an awesome interaction between U2 and the public. Absolutely Magnificent!
Out of our minds!
Monday was so great, then the waiting and hoping and praying is for other songs on tuesday... And that's exactly what we got! 5 other songs amongst them an acoustic version of Stuck in a moment, wonderful... And Bad... My god, we've sung our hearts out to our dreamband. Way to go boys, love you 4ever, hope to see you soon!
Just magnifisant, great concert,unbelievable. U2 is the best !!!!!
Thanks for the great show. I draged some friends to this show and it turned them into fans. They all loved the show. Thanks
Superb evening!!!
I had an excellent view in Red Zone 1. What an amazing evening!!!! Setlist and performance were superb Thank, guys for all the beautiful moments the past years and especially for this Amsterdam 2.
jaco kazius
Great show! Again!
After a short night, because i was home from the first show at 2:30, my friend and i went to Amsterdam for the second one. This one was even more thrilling than the frist show. We arrived early which gave us the privilege of standing inside the circle of love. I really loved the setlist change. Thanks for two marvelous shows U2! Jaco http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacokazius/
Great show
Great show. My compliments. Has cost me 6 hours online to order the tickets, with a trembling hand :-) But i enjoyed it very, very much. U2 is still going strong!!!! Hope to see you in 2013 again guys!!! Thx for this great show, you give us. very impressive. Good luck with the worldtour.
Mario Cornelis
Some story here. Two nights in a row, inner circle. Monday was great but Tuesday EXCELLENT. What a joy to see them have so much fun playing together. After 'streets' Bono was lying on the stage, Adam looked at him and then looked at Edge with a big questionmark on his face, saying 'what is he doing there?' . Then Edge hits the pedal with his foot and then BAM the intro of Bad. Boom!, the crowd roares and the rest is history... More highlights: crazy, stuck, one. Thnx, Mario
No line @ Amsterdam 2 !!!!
Best show I've seen so far !! What a night, thanks to Snow Patrol for that great "warm up". Great setlist !! Amsterdam 2 was worth waiting for after Vertigo august 2005 @ Amsterdam!! Great to see the special stage, Larry on the jembe, fantastic! Being a drummer, I wouldn't mind playing under those circumstances !!! Thanks guys !! And a special thanks to the whole U2 crew !
u2 better then ever
the second concert in amsterdam was magnificent!!! u2 is back, and better then ever, really great setlist, especially elevation, it's a great song to perform live for 60.000 people!! i hope u2 will bring this concert out on dvd, so i can relive this night over and over again.
Lucky Girl
I am really greatfull of having had the opportunity to see both shows in Amsterdam. The first night was great ( besides the smoking people who made it difficult for me at the end to sing along as my throat become more sore by the minute...too bad). The second night was even better then the first!!! This time on the frist ring and smoke free!! Wat a great setlist..All of my favourite songs were played.My son acompanied me the 21st and he doesn;t know how lucky he was to attend such a great show sine this was his first concert ever...but he liked it as well.
Edge and my slide!!
Back at home now from the first row in Amsterdam .. I had a slide with BAD painted on it .. earlier that morning (8am i guess). I hold it up ... and edge looked at my slide ... and he moved his head to say to me "you're just gonna be fine" .. and there it was. What a amazing, magnificent night 2 was, after a brilliant night 1 at the same spot near. Thanks guys for giving me 2 great nights in Amsterdam. BTW Bono was it really ment to be that you look in my cam the way you did? It is a brilliant picture ... THANKS THANKS! Michel on U2 360° tour See ya in Dublin
Don`t have enouh red dots for an accurat
Having been to both shows in Amsterdam (both attended in the front/center part the Golen Circle) ,I can honesrly say that Monday nights show was great,but what I have been privilleged enough to have been part of last night was just beyond compare....... Last night was just Out Of Control. I`m still reeling the day after!!What an experience! I started dancing at Breath and with a scant few breathers I never really stopped and neither did the rest of the stadium!! Magnificent to the second power! Pleeeease come back soon. Oh,and special thanks for including my favorit Elevation.
It was my second concert this tour! Really great I was in the pitt the first night A'dam and in red zone 2 the second night! Really great! They setlist was great and they really played better then the day before!
WAY better than yesterday
I could not believe it!! So much better than the night before.... THANK YOU
Cried my eyes out, my first time at a U2 concert, finally made it... Had the best night ever.. When can we see you again?
wide awake
I cried my eyes out with bad .... we played that song at my brothers funeral 5 years ago, he was only 29 ...... bad had always been the brothersong for us .... even started a record label called wide awake records ........ and now they played the miracle song ......... and my parents were also sitting behind the stage .... so tears from two sides .... you can imagine I was lost after that song ...... loving it .... crying .... shouting and screaming .. what a gift ..... what a night .... macphisto eat ya heart out ! we were together in barcelona 1 only to get this night as an unforgettable souvenir from the year the boys went 360 ......... thanx
Magnificent show
Last night, Amsterdam...an evening full of surprises! Bad, where the streets, walk on,Crazy - absolutely unbelievable song. Larry on the djembe....this has to be the next single- in this version. We loved the show, the music and the happiness of everyone.Thank you, U2. karin
Last night i was witness of one of the most incredible concerts i ever been to. What an impressive stage it was. We sat in the second ring, but the view was very good. And thanks to the videowall we could see every step these man take. I was emotional when Bono plays One. So thiny, and small. I was touched by it. And songs like Elevation are allways nice to hear. Thanks u2 for a wonderful night. I will remember it for a very long time.
Beyond imagination !!!
Words are hard to find to let you guys know how great it was last night! The sound was so much better than 4 years ago! It was SuperDuper fantastic to have been able to enjoy both shows in the ArenA. Thrilled to hear The Unforgettable Fire on monday !! my all time favourite ! Please come back soon
Until the end of the Show!
What a night, What a band, What a crowd!!! I've seen every U2 Tour since 1987 in the Netherlands, but this gig was really the best of them all! Magnificent setlist from the beginning until the very end of the show!!!!
Unknown caller
Great show! I've been to the openingnight in Barcelona as well. But why remove "unknown caller" from the playlist of the second night in Amsterdam? It was sooo great to sing it with you and everybody else in Barca! Keep up the good work, love, Ellen
What a night
I went to the second night in Amsterdam. It was very exciting. Very good list, although I expected Unknown Caller. But I forgive the band for this. Snow Patrol was very good too. And what an audience. U2: THANKS! See you.
The first show was great. The second was greater than great. Might have been the best show i have seen from U2, WOW... Amazing set list, Elevation, UTEOTW and BAD, yeah!!! Thanks for two great nights U2...
dublin saturday...
great set list, i think unforgetable fire should be set in stone on the set list though, also would love to hear Bullet & UTEOTW...roll on Dublin..
Surprise, reprise
Just One Word: Wooooooooooow! What a hot summer night it was; full of surprises and what a performance of Elevation, Bad and the best version of Until The End of The World, ever.... Many thanks for this perfect night and setlist...
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