U2360° TOUR

Aug 15 2009
London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas
Another special night and the band mixed up the set list again. Hard to single out any particular moments but as someone says below, 'To see 88,000 people lose themselves in music is a sight you don't forget in a hurry.' And enjoyed this comment: 'Ultraviolet wins in this tour- it's got real panache- a laser jacket, a rope swing mic, lower lighting, and Bono's voice seems to sound better now singing it than he did on Achtung. Hats off. Oh and that 'Streets' song ;)".

Keep sending us your reviews. What did it feel like to be at the show tonight? Surprises? Shocks? Unforgettable moments you'll never surrender? Here's what they played."

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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My second 360° Show
This time the show was really improved. Beautiful visual effects (but not the final ones), great emotions, great stadium, great public, great songs, the band in perfect condition. In just one word, memorable.
after a moment
when i think about it.. after few months, it was impressive. came to the show from far away, actually slovakia, trip cost me a loads of money, but it was worth a double. i was on vertigo tour, but this one, that particular day, wembley, those fans, atmosphere, something was in the air that night that it all felt great when put into one place - u2, wembley, 15th august... everyone. really took my breath away. like everyone's saying, i'm daring to say... one of their best performances ever !
Family affair
Took my daughters to their first U2 show this night. Grande! Show built strongly, especially from Magnificent to Vertigo. Then finished with two of my favorites ever in the last five songs. London is a great concert town!
i loved it can i go again plz
Lucky to be there
We missed out on Paris and Amsterdam:( Living near the place where the Claw was build and long time fan we wanted to see the boys on 360° tour. No Brussels in 2009 and we had to find an other possibility. Could it have been better? London, Wembley stadium the 15th of August.:D Everything was perfect that evening ; the organization, the fans, the Stadium, the Wave, the Singalongs and what a playlist!!! No band in the world comes close to what U2 gave us that evening. Thx guys and see you in 2010.
Wembley, 15 August 2009
Great concert!!! My first U2 concert and i love it!!! The best!!! PORTUGAL is waiting for you guys!!!! Don´t make us wait.....
seconds u2 concert in my life
New year's day....then unforgettable fire.....WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!The firs time was in nice this year and the day after I decided to come to london......Another wonderful and unforgettable night.....I can't stop myself to listening their song.......USA tour I'm coming ;) !!!!!!
Neil Peachey
Wembley Friday 14th
Interested in people's coments, Looks like I went on the wrong night, Friday show was great and I had a fantastic time but let down by the poor sound, I first saw U2 at wembley on there Joshua Tree tour, the stage was simple and the clarity of the sound was amazing you could hear every word that bono sang, It would be nice to go back to that cause lets face it we all go to sing the songs don't we.
A Dream come true
Two 17 year old girls 10 years ago sat on a mattress listening to their first U2 CD. To this day one of them for sure carries each song in her heart wherever she goes - they give her something to hang on to, to sing to, something to believe in, something to share when others around her are feeling low. And the London show was a dream come true. I will never forget the swarms, the goosebums of excitements, the longing for that 'WALK ON'!! THANK YOU U2!! You have given hope and can teach so many lessons to every generation.
Barcelona 30 june
i was in barcelona in u2s concert i will never forget that night.
where's the rack?
was at the wembley show (friday). loved the claw, the atmosphere - the great congregation sing to 'still have'nt found'. the sound was a bit echoey - but did'nt ruin the vibe one question - what has the edge done with with his 'icon' rack of effects..? has he gone digital? please let us in...any chance of a video clip with edge and dallas on it?
Best night of my life
The concert was amazing, magnificent, breath-taking and any other superlative you can think of. It was the best night of my entire life! I've been waiting for the moment I'll see U2 live for 9 years, and it was worth the wait. They give the best show on earth, and in space for that matter, because The Claw seems minutes away from taking off and climbing into the sky in dazzling lights and sound. (: Top moment: All of the concert. (: But really, Until The End of the World, New Year's Day, Stay,The Unforgetball Fire, Bad, With Or Without You and the best part of the night, and the best 3:50 minutes of my life - One.
The dream came true
A dream of my life came true that night. Real U2, real music, real people! Thanks to Wembley and the peolple for the unforgettable atmosphere of freedom and safety, thanks to U2 for the divine music! Thanks for the really live sound, which seemed to be going under my skin. The sounds were so vivid, they went inside of we and next morning they woke me up, playing tunes in my head! I even felt some kind of music intoxication the morning after the show. And thnks for STAY (as if played specially for me). And the live version of THE MOMENTS OF SURRENDER was a master piece...
Atmosphere was MIGHTY, dont like saying it cause I'm a PADDY but enjoyed it more than Croke park...BEST GIG EVER AT, hope to make it to America..THANKS WEMBLEY, THANKS DAVE, PAUL, LAWERANCE, ADAM...
The Greatest Show On Earth.
Wembley Stadium 15th August Wow! what a night what a show,this was with out doubt the greatest concert to be staged at the new Wembley Stadium so far.The stage set was outstanding i was in the circle and i have never been so close to the band before it was as if i was part of the show as Bono ,The Edge, Adam and Larry moved around the stage they played the full 360 stage it was awesome,and the set list could not have been better a wonderful choice of songs a great atmosphere the band were up for it tonight the crowd was vocal and i hope this night was filmed for future dvd release otherwise this night will be lost for ever but what a record of a concert that will be a classic for years to come if it was captured for dvd. please please i hope this will be !!!!!
Wembley 14th August
The best ever!!!!!!!! New years day Oh My God!!!!!!!! Thanks U2 for a great night.
wembley 14th august
ohhhhhhh whata night of pure sound from u2 the greatest rock band in the world in the best venue in london (wembley stadium) what more could i say about this group pure class cannot wait another god knows how many years to go and see them again a night to remember as its my 3rd time of seeing them and many more to come in the future keep it up guys you are tops i lov you xx
Stood on the pitch a few yards from the outer stage, what a feeling! Beautiful night at Wembley, it felt like the guys gave full throttle... Get On Your Boots really got the thunder going, New Years Day made the troops sway, Still Haven't Found awoke the singing crowds and Unknown Caller really had a special rhytm this night. The rest was just brilliant, brilliantly sequenced between rhytm change, classics and newer stuff. Really great performance, in my view much better than Gothenburg, Sweden two weeks earlier. Stay on Your boots U2!!
Thank You
three days later...i still cannot believe i was the part of this!!! new songs- brilliant lyrics and music(i cry everytime i hear 'Moment Of Surrender'), stage- awesome, show- magnificent. my dream came true. Thank You Guys!!!
KP Shaun
Blown away again!
I went to croke park a few weeks ago and was blown away! But Wembley was just on another level! Lad's thanks for the best night ever! Shaun
Wembley 15th
Seen U2 loads of times now and their shows just get better. Even got to see the first ever show in fort laudadale of the All That You Cant Leave Behind show. Unreal gig and amazing set and atmosphere. First time I ever heard them play MLK live so that was unreal. Ulraviolet was class but the version of I know I'll go crazy was out this world, totally different for what I and others were expecting. I tell people if your not that keen on their music then just go to take in the mind blowing show it's self. ROLL ON SHEFFEILD THURSDAY NIGHT WHEN I GET TO ENJOY IT ALL OVER AGAIN! Scraty Kid & Lucy From Wolverhampton.
Best show ever!
I`ll never forget 88.000 people singing "I still haven't found what i'm looking for". It just drove me crazy!
Bono and the boys outshine the brightest star in the galaxy! Just Magnificent. They just have that magical factor.
was just great!, and the show .......even better :@)
WEMBLEY 15/08/2009
Sat on level 5 we couldn't hear what either the Hour or Glasvegas were singing about. All we could hear was the bass and drums. Thank god the sound was sorted out before U2 took to the stage! A great set of songs & an awesomestage to play them on. Bad was a big surprise :-)
Another unforgettable night... Perfect!!!
Wembley 1st Gig ever
Were in GA - wot a fantastic night - Go Crazy is my fave just love the dance mix of this - awesome - can't wait for Cardiff
So Glad For Bad
so great to see Bad back in the set... Can we ever see One Tree Hill???
WITH OR WITHOUT YOU I could stop my tears coming out when everyone was singing the song in the darkness and the only light was the flashing from the mobile phones and cameras. The best moment when Bono stopped singing to listen to the voices of 88000 people singing the song and suddenly they turned on the lights of the stadium and i saw all the people with hands up singing the song, that was AWESOME, HILARIOUS, SPECTACULAR...
So near yet so far...
Flew in from Dublin to see the gig as missed the Croker leg of tour. Have been at every U2 tour in various venues since 1985 and have to say, this was a big disappointment. Song list great, a bit disjointed but mainly the sound left a lot to be desired. Couldn’t hear Bono most songs, he appeared to be out of sync with band especially latter part of gig, n what was the problem with his ear piece? I moved to the back of the stadium and the sound at least was a little better, "BAD" didn’t sound too 'Bad' from back there. Dont think Wembley gives a great sound and perhaps too many and too loud a speaker setup. So lads, smaller venues next tour where you will sound so much better!!! There is a great place in Dublin called the Olympia......
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