U2360° TOUR

Sep 21 2009
Boston, MA, US / Gilette Stadium
with Snow Patrol
As showtime began, all four members of the band arrived on stage at the same time, picking up their instruments and hitting the ground running by bursting into Magnificent, which took everyone by surprise.
The energy of the band was matched by the energy coming back at them from the Boston audience and you barely noticed as they went straight into No Line On The Horizon.

Your Blue Room returned but this time after Elevation and then leading straight into Beautiful Day.

No Line on the Horizon
Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Still Haven't Found
Your Blue Room
Beautiful Day
Unknown Caller
Until the End of The World
The Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender Tonight if you thought you knew the 360° show think again as the band shock up the beginning of the show. For the second show in Foxboro, they kicked off the show with Magnificent.

As showtime began, all four members of the band arrived on stage at the same time, picking up their instruments and hitting the ground running by bursting into a full version of Magnificent.
The audience joined them in the energy and by the end of the song the band and crowd hit the ground running moving straight into No Line On The Horizon.

Your Blue Room returned again but taking off after Elevation and landing straight into a Beautiful Day.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Great show!
I was there with a bunch of my friends. We were up close but not in our seats, lol. So eventually we had to move. Once in our far away seats the sound kinda wasn’t as good. There were complaints I heard about the first night.
Best U2 Concert I went To
My first time of experiencing GA, last time I was seated (won't EVER do that again). I was so touched and moved at this concert. My (now) wife and I went to this, it was her first concert and she is a fan for life now. U2 reached out and touched us and gave us a night neither of us will ever forget. Thank you for all of the energy poured into the concert, it wasn't in vain.
I traveled all the way from Monterrey, Mexico to be in this MAGNIFICENT concert. I spent my whole one year savings in order to do this. The best experience EVER in my lifetime. I just simply love the band and I can't wait to see them again WHEREVER I can afford to do....I WISH TO BE THE GIRL THAT BONO PICKED .....but unfortunately I WAS ON A 37TH ROW................LARRY MULLEN....You are the most magnificent guy .........
Best U2 Concert of My Life
I was at Gillette both nights, and Monday night's show just out-shone Sunday's in an extreme way. The band was ON, the crowd was incredible, and I got to experience it all from "Ground Zero", or the second row right by Bono. He played to us for at least half the show and just made for an unbelievable night. The fans I met there were some of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and we all just experienced the show together. We knew we were in for something special from the moment the show opened and all four guys came on stage together - and the show never let down from there. The boys continually outdo themselves, and I just feel fortunate to have witnessed this concert - because I truly believe something magical happened at Gillette Stadium that night.
Dominican Rep Fan
I loved them! See you next year!!!!!
Amazing Show! Set List! Stage!
We got to Gillette at 3pm and had no trouble getting in the inner circle front at center! Love the "Magnificent" Opener, and a few surprises I didn't expect, "Unknown Caller" but it was done really well live and "Crazy Tonite" is one of my faves and the Remix was a great surprise! "Stay, Until the End of the World, Amazing Grace"...all unexpected! The Stage set up was great, not much "extra" on stage made for great visibility, and being in the dead center, the catwalks gave us Bono on one side and Edge and Adam on the other! Can't wait to go again!
What a show!
What a pleasant surprise to hear Magnificant as the show starter. I was a little bummed that Breathe was not on the setlist for the night, however. Regardless, the second night in Boston was amazing. I am so happy they played Your Blue Room, Stay and Until the End of the World!!!!
U2 Boston
We went to both shows, the first night was a good show, but the second night was just amazing. Bono was so emotional singing Sunday Bloody Sunday. can't stop talking about the show. We were in the pit and met other great U2 fans. We had a great time. Can't wait till they come to Boston again, hope it is real soon.
U2 fan 4ever
The show was great ,,, I've been to at least 1 show on every tour since the Joshua Tree. From now on though ,,, I always heading to the Red Zone. What an experience. Thanbks guys
I thought it would be hard to top Dublin but it was done! Im so glad that I went to see them again! This was MAGNIFICENT!
Amazing, amazing..amazing!
I had such a great time..I took every second in..being a long time U2 fan and a fan of everything Bono has done..what a great mesh! The energy in that stadium blew me away..and the Crazy remix was insane!!!!!!!
Still on cloud 9
All I can say is amazing! This is the best U2 concert I have ever been to. The stage was incredible and the crowd was crazy into it and the energy that filled the stadium could lift you off the ground. Bono's voice was pure magic and the band was equally as awesome. I have been a fan of U2 since the early days and after this concert I am more in love with their music than ever before. I only wish I could catch another show. IRELAND RULES and I'll love U2 forever!
Come Back!
Went to both shows. Both were unbelievable! They get better and better each time I see them. I hope they add another leg onto the tour and swing by Boston again. Love seeing them outdoors!
Best concert I have ever been to. Wished I could have gone again on Monday. The show was awesome!!!!!! Would see them again in a heartbeat!!
julie flynn
Set list?
Went to both shows in Foxboro and have seen them on every tour since 1984's Unforgettable Fire. They always please but I do question the set list. Your Blue Room after Elevation was a downer. Just when the crowd was getting into it, everyone was running for the beer lines. Glad they dumped Breathe. I question Moment of Surrender as the close. Great song- but not for the close of the show. Maybe my issue is that I compare these shows to the other 30 times I have seen them live. I still love them and would go again without question, but really want them to rethink the set list. Thank you boys for another amazing experience.
Francois Tremblay
September 21
WOW !!! What a great show...as usual, the guys delivers !!!
Great Job Guys, again........
Went to Monday night show at Gillette,haven't missed a tour since the 80's! U2 sounded Incredible! The only Band that I have ever seen live that can duplicate the music they produce on their records!!! Keep up the great work... I hope one day our paths will cross so I can thank You all for the Music personally!! David Bagley-Boston Mass.
what time U2 took the stage?
Anyone from the Boston concert, can tell us what time did U2 walk on the stage? traffic will be crazy after 6pm. thanks
Oh my God!
I live in Brazil and flew straight to Boston in May, 2005 to watch the Vertigo Tour at Fleet Center. I was lucky enough to get into the elipse and make it all really worthy. Well, I also met "The Cow" and laughed a lot back then!!! So, waht a surprise to watch the video!!! I became emotional to see him again dancing and supporting the band, it made me remember the whole concert and how I felt so excited about the concert 4 years ago... Nice, really nice... Hope I can also see this tour live here in Brazil or abroad... Ah! I believe Magnificent is a strong start as City of Blinding Lights was, good choice!!!
Made both shows at Gillette, what a way to end the summer. Only thing I would have changed as to continue to lead the show out with Breathe, what a great,powerful intorduction into the new material from No Line On the Horizon. The stage is expansive, but this allows so many more people to get close to the band and the action, and truly be a prat of the U2 experience. Great show, keep doing what you're doing, it works, and works well.
Magnificent Boston! Mind Blowing World!
When Larry sat down and the rest of the band followed him straight out on stage we knew something was up. "Boston you wanted this", "So here it is". The energy and passion they bought on stage tonight was intense from get go. Magnificent was just that! And the rest of the set the same. But unlike many times they have played it before Until The End Of the World was a performance that I haven't seen since Zooropa. F#@%ing mind blowing - even with the captain directing his troops to greater things. An intensity that whipped the whole of Gillette into a frenzy of ecstasy. And the euphoria didn't end there. Again! The omission of Pride (in the name of). What next boys? Mofo straight out of Crazy Remix? Or how about Gone into The Unforgettable Fire? Please? POP. the cork once for us on this tour! Some dreams do come true as you've shown us tonight and every night U2 360° lifts off and carries us all to another place in the sound. Words can not express how grateful I am for being in this space and time with you! Thank you!
I love Magnificent and its one of my favorite songs on the new album but i have to say i was dissapointed to see that breath was taken out of the set list. That is one of the songs i looked forward to hearing at this show. Dont get me wrong. I think magnificent was a great show opener but would liked to have seen Breathe in the set too :-(.
Since the debut of NLOTH and the announcement of the 30 tour, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would like to see them open the show, and 'Magnificent' was and is THE song I believe is best suited to this important slot. Reading about the shows in Europe and the first few in NA had me willing to give Larry's opening with 'Breathe' a fair shake, but I'm thrilled to hear that the boys have reordered the opening sequence with 'Magnificent' in the lead. The lyric, the ultra-strong beat and the overall quality of 'Magnificent' make it a much better choice. I'll be up front - or in 360 terms... ??? close to the circle??? - in Dallas in a few weeks, and I'll 'Go Crazy' if they open the show with 'Magnificent'!!!!!!!
Great show after Sunday blowout
Loved both shows, Sunday was definitely the rager...back in Boston boys, thank you. Nice way to change it up and keep us on our toes. Blue Room was great but the best set list so far has to be the Sunday show with Breathe, NY Day, and the consistent killer performance of Stuck in a Moment. I'll take any show any day of the week...and keep up the great stage & sound work, your crew deserves some kind of award for that unbelievable setup. Glad to see Bono still fighting the good fight...peace, justice, and love for all hopefully someday my friend.
Simply Magnificent!
I was 11 back in India, when I first heard Joshua Tree telecast during the Grammy's. For some strange reason I rooted for U2 to win the best album and they did. It is to date my favourite U2 album. Fast forward 22 years, I actually get to watch them live at Gillette last night. Boy! was it amazing to watch them from such close quarters!!! simple fabulous and magnificent!!! I absolutely loved it!!!
Thank you for another unforgettable phenomenal time. We were fortunate to be at Gillette both nights ... felt like an incredible religious experience. Doesn't get better than hearing Amazing Grace followed by Streets. Boston showed the love back - very cool!
Both shows in Boston were phenomenal. Day 2 brought an exciting twist to the playlist and my impression is the band struck a deeper connection with its fans over Day 1. Day 2: All the planets were aligned for this show! The band's synergy was out of this world. The message was meaningful, the music was penetrating, the beautiful sound lifted you up... It was a beautiful ride! There's no better feeling than a U2 concert! Thanks U2 for keeping true to your Boston roots. <3
U2 both nites at Gillette
Great shows with the second nite being the greater of the two! U2 never lets their fans down! An Unforgettable Magnificent! Nite!! Incredible set list! Scott Andersen
Neil from Sutton
I LOVE U2. I'm old enough to remember Boy, and have watched these four men grow into what they are today, representatives of my generation's best. I love how they have always brought a sense of morality to their music. I love how they express themselves, and work on so many levels besides through their music to make the world better (tip of the hat to you). I saw your Boston show last night. My family and I (brought my 11 and 14 year old to their first concert) were sitting up, way up, near the top of the stadium. WHAT A SHOW!! Really. I had a chance to see U2 back in 1984 in Syracuse and always regretted missing that show. Now I can say that I saw U2. And although the show was incredible, the acoustics up there were just awful. The echo across the stadium ruined most of the music. Couldn't understand Bono when he was talking. And the echo was as loud as the music. I talked to friends who sat behind the stage and were blown away by the music. So, I know it was my seat location. Just thought I'd bring this to someone's attention. Waited 25 years to see the World's Greatest Band. I'll DEFINITELY seem them again. But I will be more aware of the seat location. My kids and wife were disappointed too. Tough to explain. I know that even U2 doesn't have control of everything. But they should know about this issue.
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