U2360° TOUR

Aug 9 2009
Zagreb, HR / Stadium Makimir
with Snow Patrol
'Thank you for having us here in the majestic land of a thousand islands,' said Bono, introducing One, a song which seemed to sum up the evening. 'Wherever you come from in the region, thank you for coming, you make it even more majestic... you're from all over. Beautiful.' It was dedicated 'to everyone in this region who's had their warm hearts broken by cold ideas.'
Video coming up, meantime add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. What were your stand-out tracks, the moments you will never forget, the reason you were glad to be here in the Stadium Makimir tonight?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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visiting old friends
I was seventeem when discovered Boy and October.Now in my mid forties it was my big pleasure to be with my twins sons (now eighteens) at Zagreb yesteday and enjoy in great show.It was as I visited my old friends which have not seen 30 years.Thanks for changing my life all these years in a right way. Igor from Drazice near Rijeka/Croatia
...so beautiful to be last night at Maksimir...beautiful time and place and music and people.... I'll be there tonight again....so adictiv...
The Unforgettable Moments
Majestic night!!! 2,5 hours of pure love and wonderful music. I am so happy my doughter (although still not born) was there - it will be quite a story to tell her once she comes to this world!!! Hope to see you soon again in Croatia!!!
Thank you, U2!
Last night's concert was absolutely the best experience in my life! You guys played almost all of my favorite songs, and thank you for a magnificent performance of One, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. I've never danced and sung and screamed so much in my entire life, but what I saw as the peak of the evening was when Bono quoted one of the greatest Croatian poet's lines about freedom, in CROATIAN! That just shows that you're not just one of the bands who go on tour completely uninterested in cultures of the cities and countries they're playing in, but that you really want to get closer to the people. Just by doing that, you actually don't need that majestic stage (even though it is really amazing!), because you show you care about your fans and your audience. Thank you so much for making 2 hours of your performance seem like only 20 minutes, and for organizing the best party in Europe last night! I had such a great time and hope you guys will come back to Zagreb during your next tour. Thank you, U2!
U2 stay for a long time
I've been waiting for this moment nearly all my life :) and yesterday was the biggest wish come true. For me the highlights of the amazing show were Stay and Unforgetable fire. I was hoping for Bad too, but nevertheless it was epic.
Picard propose to take Adriatic route on
Dear lads, thank you for being with us in 90's when we need your support and attention. May I kindly ask you to consider to fly back home via Adriatic coast route so that you can see magic and magnificent view from 3000 - 4000 feet of Adriatic coast ( weather forecast is not so good but your flight officer will find a window if any ). People who are working in the aviation industry for more than 30 years and who had been on every continent as you, say that if it is a sunny day it is one of the most spectatular views on the planet ( flight path Dubrovnik - Island of Krk or at least Split - Krk - I propose that you see at least Kornati archipelago - cockpit view is recomended ). Flight officer please plan your course carefully and ask for route above sea and use your breaks as much as possible otherwise you will be in Italy before you realise. Bono, this would be an easiest way that you introduce coast to everebody who have not seen it first hand as you and it will be a completly new experience for you as well. I hope you will enjoy it. All the best. Good bless. From the bottom of my heart. Picard
beautiful night...
I just have one word to describe it - magnificent. Thank you U2." I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" was "explosion of energy" but Moment of surrender touched me in a special way....Thank you!
can't wait till tonight
even listening to the concert outside of the stadium was an experience... can't wait until tonight to feel the real thing... Thank you for fulfilling one of my lifetime wishes...
Unforgetable Fire!
What a show..!!! It was the Unforgettable fire that did it for me - I am an old fan and hearing this song live for the first time + the AMAZING visuals - I was swept away! Biggest surprise for me was the AWESOME remix of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - can't wait to hear it again tomorrow (yeah, I got tickets for both days!! :))) LOL to you guys and thank you for coming to Zagreb after all that time - we were dying for you!
Wish I Could Have Been There...
Instead, I'm stuck here on the other side of the Atlantic.. :( But I was there in spirit, with all my sisters and brothers who were there! :) Goran, Silvana, Tessa, Nada... WE ARE ONE!
Exhilarating & Moving
Wondrous! Looking forward to the even more beautiful “FIRST” night on Monday... In a perfect world, this excellent setlist could only be improved with the presence of "Running to Stand Still" and/or "Bullet the Blue Sky", but that's just me, :) Igor, Macedonia
Poetic Beautiful day
Tonight Beautiful day was very special, because Bono included a verse of a Croatian poet's poem, which he sang once before at Warchild concert in Modena (as Passengers): "O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo...) It has a lot to do with us Croatians. Also Until the end of the world rocked better than ever, Unknown caller was great and I'll go crazy was groovy and funny. Can't wait 'till tomorrow - hope we'll get Bad!
I was swept of my feet and I`am speechless after tonight show. I can hardly wait for tomorrow, I have a feeling that will bee even better :):):)
Great concert, it was beautiful day for Zagreb :-)
A Great night
A Great night, as always! This guys are on fire this tour!
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