The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sep 22 2017
San Diego, CA, US / Qualcomm Stadium
with Beck

Rising Up In San Diego
Last night in the USA. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

When & Where
Friday, September 22nd, 2017, SDCCU (aka Qualcomm Stadium), San Diego, California; the 40th (and final U.S. show) of the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 

Set List 
It's been more than a dozen years since U2 played San Diego (where they opened the Vertigo Tour at the SD Sports Arena on March 28, 2005), and the massive Friday night Qualcomm audience gave them a hero's welcome. It was a special night marking the last of 27 U.S. dates on the Joshua Tree tour before the band heads to South America early next month. 'Miss Sarajevo (Miss Syria)' and JR's moving film featuring 15-year-old Omaima from the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan returned to the set for the second time on this leg of the tour, opening the encore on what was a few hours shy of the 20th anniversary of the band's historic concert in Sarajevo on Sept. 23, 1997. The encore also included an intimate, acoustic version of the band's new single 'You're The Best Thing About Me.' 

Social Posts  
@harmanjennifer: '30 years after I saw you in AZ for the original #JoshuaTree tour, I got to see you again in San Diego for your final night. It was the best!'

@dianahandall: 'First from Phoenix. Now from San Diego, Bono & @U2 continue sending their love & support to Mexico. Thanks! Mexico loves you back!' 

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'You're The Best Thing About Me'. 'I can see it all so clearly/I can see what you can't see…'

Leonard92: 'Last night of the Joshua Tree tour in the USA! Thanks U2. We brought our kids, passed the torch! Loved the acoustic version of “Best Thing About Me”'

'I had a dream, I had a bad dream…' Bono said as he began singing the pared-down acoustic version of the first single from the band's forthcoming 'Songs of Experience' album. Bono said he wanted to play a special version of the song for the woman who inspired it, his wife Ali Hewson, who was in the audience Friday night. 

What (else) did Bono Say?
Mexico was on the mind of the band as it closed the U.S. leg of the tour in San Diego, just a few miles from the border with Mexico. 
'Thank you for coming out to see us this Indian summer evening, whether you crossed the city, crossed the state, or crossed the border,' Bono said. 'You put some faith in us and we've got a lot in you.'
During 'One', the show closer, Bono asked Willie Williams to turn down the lights so that 'we can see those stars come out for the people of Mexico City—we get to carry each other! Fuerza, Mexico! Fuerza!' he said. Fuerza is the Spanish word for 'strength.'
He also included a snippet from 'Drowning Man, changing the lyrics to lift up Mexico City, which suffered a massive earthquake on September 19. 'Rise up, we will rise up, with wings like eagles…we will run and not grow weary. Viva, viva, viva Mexico! Viva, viva, viva Mexico!'

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Actor-activists Ashley Judd and Robin Wright joined the other 'luminous icons' of the HERSTORY multimedia installation that accompanied 'Ultraviolet'. 
Shout Outs: To actor-activist George Clooney, in the audience with his wife Amal: 'George! George Clooney! God Bless you and the Clooney Foundation for justice!' Bono said during 'Miss Sarajevo'. Bono also said goodbye to Craig Evans, the band's longtime tour director whose last show was San Diego after more than 20 years with the band. 

Review from The San Diego Union-Tribune:
'It could have easily been 1987 in San Diego Friday night when the iconic Irish band U2 performed its revolutionary album “The Joshua Tree” in its entirety, all 50 minutes and 11 seconds of it in chronological order. It could have been 1987, but it wasn't. “Nothing's changed; everything's changed,” Bono declared after a rousing delivery of the album's first song, “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Building an entire concert around a 30-year-old album seemed, on its face, an emotional ploy to relive the past, dredging up memories and flirting with old passions. It was a dangerous proposition, and in the wrong hands, it could have been disastrous. In U2's hands, it was anything but. “The Joshua Tree,”the band's critically acclaimed fifth studio album, came of age in the era of Reagan and AIDS and heroin addiction, at a time of economic and political unrest and natural disasters.
It became crystal-clear Friday night that the band had zero interest living in the past. It plucked “The Joshua Tree” from its resting place in 1987 and dropped it in the heart of 2017. Their message intact, the album's songs breathed with a new sense of urgency, speaking to a world marred by the ravages of climate change and opioid addiction, at a time of political and economic upheaval….'

Reviews on 

Brentco: 'We were all elevated right out of the stadium. Thanks for another transcendent evening! Message to America, received and loved.'

Leonard9227: Dream beneath a desert sky!!! Dream come true! Seeing U2 perform the entire Joshua Tree on the last night in the USA! Road trip through the landscape that inspired it!!

Were you at the show in San Diego? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    U2/Beck/San Diego/ Another Night on the
    Substitute teacher job filled for my absence 8 year old being watched with love Almost didn't happen Substitute plans ready and waiting Students bribed so they're behaving 4.5 x 6.5 purse borrowed from my 8 year old daughter Water in fridge cooling for tomorrow Gas in the car Going to bed early Hoping my friend and I Will get along perfectly Tomorrow is not far I LOVE you, U2 Live show number 3 in GA I LOVE Beck So pleased he is playing I don't love standing in line for 7 hours waiting Come and see us GA waiting for you Maybe around 2? Looking forward to a wonderful night Let it be Just right Still debating on my planned spot Really need this escape Hoping it is super great And the memories will continue To take me away When I'm blue See you tomorrow Will be sad when it is through
    Continuing the passing of the torch
    Extremely excited to see U2 before sending them off to the rest of the Americas, and I'll be hosting 3 individuals who have been fans of varying length...from the 80's to the 90's but never had the chance to experience the phenomenon of a live U2 show!!! And what a show it's been! I've been blessed to have seen all the California shows to date for the JT30 tour!!! Lift them up!!! Send them out!!! There is a light... Gloria!!!
    After The Spirit of St Louis lay before
    Let us raise some Money for those left out and at Qualcomm, San Diego! Joshua Tree in Reverse!! Cannot wait to see you guys.
    Sam Diego show this coming Friday, 9/22/
    I'm extremely excited to fly out to San Diego from DC to see my 2nd show from the current tour. Question: does anybody know why the status of that specific show is "Ended" when you look on the "tours" page and list of concerts still to come? I'm thinking it would say "sold out" but not "ended" because the 22nd of September is 3 days from now! Any thoughts ?
    This time Friday...
    Cannot wait for Friday night! Flying out from Sydney, Australia on Wednesday morning with my husband and son to be at the Friday night concert in San Diego! Bursting with excitement!!!! No better way to introduce my 7yr old son to his first concert than seeing U2 Live. His middle name is Bono and he absolutely loves the music. Total bonus to have Beck perform too.
    Best Year of My Life
    My goal for my 40th birthday was to see U2 twenty-two times. Is it a coincidence that the final show I will be seeing is on the 22nd, my b-day February 22 and U2 is celebrating 40? Its all in the numbers!! Things happen in Mysterious Ways!! I will be in GA in San Diego. I can't wait to meet more U2 fans and experience my all time favorite band!! Thank you Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam for an amazing tour thus far...this experience is going to be epic!
    See you in SD!
    I was in RZ for Seattle show, then attended SF show with my 10 yo daughter who's always wondering what's so special in U2, now she knows :) I'm so excited to fligh to SD show as well to spend couple of amazing hours with my favorite band and best fans ever :) Hope U2 will play their new songs, enjoying them!
    One More Time
    Seeing these Irish men play, it's just amazing. The Holland crowd for The Blackout invitation, it's just nostalgic. I can only imagine!
    See you all soon~
    What a blessing to see another show in California. THANK YOU U2 for giving me a great life and after 40+ shows it still feels like the first time each and every show I attend. This tour has been amazing and can't wait for more to come. So far so good with the "TWO" new songs I have heard. See you in San Diego!!!
    it is soon
    very excited to see U2!!! can’t wait....
    Two more...
    Attended the first in Vancouver then the two at the Rose Bowl. Excited to see them again in Arizona and finally the last U.S. show in the city where I reside. Yay!
    San Diego Setlist
    Please...please...please...The Little Things That Give You Away...need to hear it live!
    Road Trip!
    Heading to the show from Orlando, meeting best friend coming from Anchorage. Immediately after the show headed to Vegas! EDGE, please come with us! (I'll drive) - You have a few days off before your next show. Can't wait!
    Soldier Field,Chicago
    Went to the show, it was awesome as always! U2 never lets me down. So excited they are going to be in San Diego this fall. Going to get Gen. admission and get as close to stage as possible.Got to get close up!!!!
    Once Again
    Ha Once again I'll be there. Got my tickets and this time she is coming so it'll be magical. I have a lil pix of last time in Pasadena Now next Sept. San Diego
    You're eyes make a circle, I see you whe
    I traveled from San Diego for all the California shows, (so far), and am thrilled and excited to be hosting you here before you launch off to the rest of the Americas!!! This tour has been awesome. I've had a chance to be close to the front rail for the San Jose show, where I felt I was "in" the show, close to the B stage for the first Rose Bowl show, a reminder of what it was to see U2 in a club in Hollywood in 1982, and seats toward the back of the Rose Bowl for night 2, which gave a terrific overview of the show with crowd interaction. It has been great taking in the show from all these different vantage points and experiencing the subtleties and not so subtle changes... The first night in Pasadena you closed with "I Will Follow" that you perform during the first tour I saw you on, October. It was a perfect closer for me...ending where it began for me all those years ago...the end was the beginning...."You're eyes make a circle, I see you when I go in there"... I was supposed to take my niece to that show, so we met up at my mom's in Simi Valley for a mini family reunion. I shared video from the San Jose show, as well as video and pics from the other shows via Unfortunately my niece was not feeling well the next day and not up to it. So once she confirmed her ticket was available, my mom leaned over and whispered she wanted to go. WHAT?!? I was more than a little shocked that my 70 something mother had caught the passion of U2's music and live experience just from the videos I had shown. Well that shock passed quickly, who hasn't been swept up by the passion of U2's performance?!? Plus I have been a vocal fan for decades. So I was supposed to "pass the torch" on to the next generation, but instead the fire was caught by the previous generation!!! Mind blown!!! Expectations blown!!! Music IS the language of the soul, and U2 has soul and SPIRIT!!! So my 7# year old mom braved the GA line in SoCal 90'+ weather and hung in there thru the entire show. We were worn out on the way home, but spirits were enriched, renewed, and elevated...Eyes were opened...Political chasms breached...Joy was shared...Communion was had..."Do this in remembrance of me" For the original Joshua Tree tour, I caught the 1st and 3rd legs of that tour in LA, and this tour I will have caught the 1st and 3rd legs as well, from the top of California to it's bottom, rooftop to the basement...Looking forward to sending you lads off as strangers in a strange land with a shout!!! P.S. Any chance of Gloria making an appearance in San Diego? If we're gonna do church, let's get high church!!! With a little Latin, before hitting Latin America in a little while.
    cannot wait!
    Saw the show in Seattle! Awesome! We live in Vegas...when Anton's videos appeared my girlfriend yelled "that's where we live!" Awesome moment! Will be ready for San Diego!
    promise made
    I promised my daughters that one day i will take them to see U2 live, I never thought it would be this special.
    Opening band for San Diego show?
    Just bought tickets today! So excited. Any rumors on who we'll be opening?
    Can't wait
    So glad you extended this tour and added another stop on the west coast. I was about to book a flight to Louisville, then got word about the new dates. Being in Salt Lake, I missed the opportunity to go to your earlier stops, but just booked my (much shorter) flight to San Diego and just got my pre-sale tickets to the show. Can't wait.
    San Diego loves U2
    It's great when U2 adds home to play the show! Pasadena was perfect-it would be even better to hear it in San Diego again! I will follow
    The inevitable has to happen..
    Look if it's U2, I have to see them twice especially since they are the greatest band in the world!
    Prayers Answered...
    Thanks for not forgetting California's first and finest City as the last US venue before reinvigorating the Mission and Mothers of Latin America as The Mother of All Bands.. Gooo U2.. The Lords Work prevails again..
    Haven't seen U2 since my dad took me to the PopMart tour. I was ten. Taking him this time.
    U2 Fan
    Awesome U2 added SD to the tour! We saw them in Pasadena and a couple years ago in Inglewood. Great show!
    The sweetest thing that you're coming to
    It will be a total beautiful day to have our very own U2 show in the finest city in America. We love you and can't wait!
    Thank you!!!
    I saw them in Pasadena this year, saw them at the Forum in 2015 and at Anaheim Stadium in 2011. Finally, close to home! Yippee!! I can't wait!!
    I would really love to get the presale c
    This will be an amazing show.
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