The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Melbourne, AU / Marvel Stadium
with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 25
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07 October, 2019
Around the world....
35 Days, 19 Hours, 52 Minutes... I can not wait until the flight starts in Hamburg to see two Shows in Australia! A friend and I will be in Melbourne and Adelaide. Absolutely crazy, like us... We are looking forward to have a great Party with you...and U2 ! See you...
David Welsh
15 September, 2019
My birthday is on the 15th, so looking forward to spending time seeing the lads, last time was New York 2015.
18 July, 2019
Saw them at Madison Sq Garden last year for I&E tour and hoping they can perform a few of the tracks of the Innocence and Experience albums as wouldn't want to see us miss out on tracks like the Blackout, Lights of Home, American Soul, Red Flag Day, Raised by Wolves included in the set either side of Joshua tree. Think U2 not coming back to Melbourne/Australia for so long has cost us a second show. First time they have only performed one show in Melbourne I think
06 July, 2019
U2 my first love
So here I sit waiting for November for my first love to come back to Melbourne - I had flowers for you last time at Vertigo tour, I slept out for front row, I was even at the Love Comes to Town way back when - we are even going to a U2 tribute show in two weeks for my birthday --- many have done this, but now on my 45th birthday my beautiful husband has outdone himself with VIP tickets --- so Bono and my boys, look for me or even better than the real thing, let me win the tickets to backstage to see maybe meet the boys that shook my world for so many years. I love that you love! Cheers Sam
23 June, 2019
Second Melbourne Show Please! Please! Pl
The title says it all! The demand is here, just wishing for the band to stay one more night in Melbourne!
23 June, 2019
I'm so excited to be going to the Melbourne and to both Sydney shows!!!! This will be my first time seeing them outside of the U.S. and my billionth time seeing them live. I'm sooooooo excited!
20 June, 2019
Adding to the calls for a second Melbour
There's still a lot of demand from people who missed out on Nov 15 - you won't have any trouble filling Marvel for a second night!! Please Please Please :) xx
20 June, 2019
Still Waiting on a Second Melbourne show
So far I am going to the Brisbane show, Melbourne and both Sydney shows, as well as Perth and first Singapore show. Oh, I'm coming all the way from San Francisco, California to see the lads, I really hope there will be a second Melbourne show. Waiting patiently.....
10 June, 2019
Thank you
Thank you! Finally got my ticket to see them again, after Croke Park #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017!! Melbourne, here I come!!
10 June, 2019
After all these years!!
I went to a U2 concert in 1989 in The Netherlands when Bono had to stop the concert when he lost his voice. In 2006 I managed to get tickets for a U2 concert in Tokyo, but this concert was canceled a few days in advance. Now I just secured tickets for Melbourne. Finally, 3rd time's a charm! A lifetime dream come true. Can't wait!
05 June, 2019
Oz Bound
From Oz (Kansas) to Oz, let's do this! Haven't missed a tour since '87!
04 June, 2019
Coming from San Francisco, California
After going to 11 shows in the Experience tour in 2018 in the US, excited to head to Melbourne and Sydney for the November shows. Nothing beats a U2 show!
04 June, 2019
Norway - Melbourne = Love is bigger
I cannot believe I am lucky enough to be able to see this show again! I saw it in Amsterdam, and fell head over heels in love with the music and the lyrics in totally different way than having listened to you digitally. Saw you in Paris last fall and I still find it hard to believe that I am actually flying across the world to see you guys again. Three tours in three years, it is almost to good to be true. Cannot wait to hear Streets again, it really is the best livesong ever! And I also keep my fingers crossed that you will play Bad, that song means the world to me. See you soon!
04 June, 2019
U2 again??
i will going everywhere, behind of this band, into other side of this planet. since PORTUGAL. U2 FOREVER
03 June, 2019
JT 2019 In Melbourne!!!!!!
Loyalty does pay off. Thanks guys, I've scored awesome tickets for JT 2019 for my family and we're all blowing bubbles!!!!!!!! Now that we're on a roll, when's NLOTH2 coming????
03 June, 2019
This Texan is going. :)
03 June, 2019
And the wait is over.......
Got my tickets for Melbourne Oh yeah! Fist time i saw U2 was on the Joshua Tree Tour at Cardiff Arms Park in Wales in 1987. I think a little bit of pee just came out...........
03 June, 2019
This Gig defines your life.
You transcend time, and go back fondly in your life 30 years! All the things you did and the people you were with, the smells, the memories, the experiences........... You know where you were when this album came out, and started playing on the radio. You know who you were with during these halcyon days! You begin to feel the, spine tingling, hair raising, tear jerking emotions of that era, so vividly, and lucidly. You feel a nostalgia that this music invokes. You proudly reminisce the by gone days. You will never again draw on these memories so warmly, and clearly, as you will, during this awe inspiring, breath taking, epic concert. I was in Southern California for this show a few years back, and it blew me away speechless, and I am going again- When the lights dim down, and you've had a few rounds, prepare for a date with the past- It will be a blast!
03 June, 2019
Darren Glen
this is like time travel to see this tour again its just beyond incredible. imagine winding Back the clock 2 tours after the Zoo tv tour to see Lovetown again. Its kinda like the same thing, this stuff just never happens...ever. Except in dreams. And this is a windback of a tour that is a windback of a tour!!! what a total clusterf&*k. so excited beyond words!!
02 June, 2019
Number 1 Fan
I've been to 2 concerts in Mexico and I moved to Australia in January 2015 thinking that I would get to see them sooner here. They haven't come until now but they have already been in Mexico during these years. I stood outside the Aztec Stadium in Mexico city during the 360 tour for ONE WEEK and I already had my tickets so I was at the very front. Im a little worried because I am in the process of getting my permanent residence in Australia (or being kicked out of the country) so I hope I have the chance to see them because I'm buying them tomorrow tuesday and putting all my faith on that. THE BEST BAND AND SHOW IN THE WORLD
02 June, 2019
Yes - Oh Yes - Long Wait
Bloody long wait - but worth it - Got my pre-sale ready to go Will pump up Joshua Tree over the next couple of months
02 June, 2019
Nine long years waiting
So excited!! Would go to every show if I could but last time did Melbourne twice and that was not enough so went to Perth for two more. Amazing shows just before Christmas 2010! Hoping the band includes some of my all time favourites Bad, Running to Stand Still and Mysterious Ways. Just 160 sleeps to go!! See all you awesome U2 fans at the show!
31 May, 2019
first time
we going to try for Melbourne and Adelaide
30 May, 2019
Whoooo Hoooo At Last
Been promising my now 14 year old son i will take him to the next U2 Tour in Australia since 2010..He was 5 back then and has grown up listening to U2 with me. Cant wait to share the ultimate live concert experience with my son!!!
30 May, 2019
U2 + Peter?
Well, I still haven’t found the tickets I’m looking for... The last time I did was PopMart in ‘98, Sydney Football Stadium. Knew we had good tickets because Peter Garrett, of the ‘Oils was just in front of us—fortunately, we were two rows back—he’s a tall bastard! All time show resplendent with Sydney’s thunder and lightning for effect... then there was Garrett’s dance moves to ‘I Will Follow’... un-followable! So welcome back (sans lightning) Bono and the band...U2 Peter Garrett? I’m excited! Casho.
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