U2 360° Tour 2010

Elevation in Paris - U2360° 2010
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U2 ... PLEASE . . . Come BACK IN PARIS in 2011 ;) Co. aka Electricco.
unknown caller
In the movie we can discover a phone number (0:18 sec) ; i tried to call (not as unknown caller) And finally ; the Mobile Phone Number is not the Bono's one ! But a Paint Artist who's doing art with U2 themes. A beautifully gallery ! The Artist name is Thomas Guichard http://www.thomas-guichard.fr We can buy his paints (but not the original) Very nice guy ; doing big things
Amazing show!
The French crowd was fantastic, great energy! I would rate the Paris show #2 behind the first Brussels show however. Best two out of six that I have seen so far this tour!
Family Trip
We are trying to make a family trip this year to CA in June to see the show. My kids are 11,9 & 5 and they might be getting the ultimate Christmas Gift...as wished. Lets hope uncle sam is good to us this year!!!!!!!!!!! wish us luck
wanna be my friend?
i hope to go to the concert in mexico
We went to concert in Paris from Ecuador, it was great, amazing, we feel very happy for that, U2 is the best band!!! AlvaroT
Ms. Realmawake
Elevation that defines U2. Elevate the masses, awaken all. Realmawake
Out of Control
Is there any way that someone tell Bono to play Out of control in Mexico during the second show?
Paris U2 - Carl
Magnifique, what a brilliant concert, what a party. well worth the trip from South Africa...we want to see you guys play in SA next year...common please ! Carl from South Africa
U2 Paris 2010
Exceptionnel, extraordinaire, fabuleux, je manque de qualificatifs pour décrire ce concert de U2 au SDF, BONO en pleine forme, le son au top. Long long Life to the verry best rock band of thé univers ! Bernard from Paris.
Geraldine W
Gerry Watts
Great night - the anticipation of waiting for 6 hours to get to the front of the Red Zone was worth every moment! LOVED the first track - is that The Return of the Stingray Guitar? Anyone know where/if you can buy it. Top Band. Top night. Thank you
A great moment ! My first concert of U2 ! Realized a dream ! Thanks U2 !
Bono's phone #?
In this clip, Edge is holding a card that has the name Bono on it and a message "my mobile tel". I"m in the States and can't call. Is this a 'planted' gag, and has someone actually called the number?
U2 in Paris: it was fabulous!!
Thank you so much for this night in Paris!! It was magical and wonderful!! I hope I'll see you again soon... And the next time, I dream you'll sing "Bad". Thanks again and again, you're the best.
Amazing show!!! Love U2 Walk on!
Amazing, awesome, mand blowing!
Best U2 concert I've ever been to. Well work all the planning and saving to get there.
Concert in France
I was there it was wonderful!! Thanks to all the group but special thanks to The Edge and Bono I was crying when Bon start to sing Miss Sarajevo. A lot of emotions! It was a very good evening. God bless you Pat
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