U2 360° Tour 2010

u2360° 2010 - Coimbra, City of Blinding Lights
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I'm Tatiana, I'm 14 years old and I was in this concert. When "Magnificent" starts I've screamed so loud, omfg. But Bono had some problems in the start, so everyone started singing. That moment was just beautiful, I'll never forget that.Thanks for showing the good side of the people and keep doing awesome music. \m/
The best birthday present I ever had...Y
Well, simply the best of the best. Having the U2 in my local town at my birthday was something that I never think that could happen. The worst was that after being several hours months ago to get a ticket to attend it was very frustrating, but.... It was the day of the first concert and strangely my family told me that they need to give me my present a day earlier than expected, giving the excuse that something went wrong with my registration day of birth. Well I open it and found that it was a ticket to attend the first day of the two concerts that would be played. WOW this took me into another dimension, the concert was FABULOUS and simply hearing Bono talking about our local Ûniversity, and asking The Edge, Adam, and Larry, what they would liked to be if they had study there, has AWESOME. But this wasn't a regular concert, this was also a way to show the world that several things are wrong, and that everyone have HUMAN RIGHTS. Once again thank for THE BEAUTIFULL DAY I had, I will never forget the 00h00m of the day 3 OCTOBER 2010, a U2 Concert in COIMBRA, PORTUGAL. THANKS. GOD BLESS YOU.
U2 Breaking Records in South Africa!
Saturday 23 October 2010, Ticket sales for the 360 tour opened at 9:00am. A buying frenzy in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa erupted as die hard fans lined up to snap up tickets, some waiting at ticket venues from the night before. I drove 200km out of Cape Town to purchase tickets t avoid dissapointment. Well to make a long story short, U2's 360 Tour has just become the fastest selling event\show in South African History and we can't WAIT to see the band in February 2011!
U2 Come to Costa Rica
We have a Brand New Stadium waiting for you
Sydney of Blinding Lights
Love this song! Can't wait to hear it live in Sydney, Australia. Less than 2 months to go!! (Not that I'm counting down or anything.)
bono back Potrugal , please ...
U2 portugal
Make love with the music of U2 in Portugal. 2, 3 October 2010. bravo. bono, you are fantastic !!! The greatest spectacle of music of the universe... bono I'm your friend.
I was there, and I really loved it! was the best show I ever went to! thank you so much Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam! was magic!!
Thank you U2 for The Best Weekend ever!! U give us 2 Magical Night´s!!
Magical night
Thanks for the amazing and unforgettable sunday night!!!
soon like that song u2 will be in mexico
You realize my biggest dream
See U2 playing in my home city Coimbra it was a dream all my life. See you two times was magnificent... see you singing Briosa realize me for the rest of my life. U2 I can´t leave without you!! Briooosaaa!!!
BEST CONCERT!!!!! Esperamos por vocês em breve.....
from coimbra with love
thank you so much for an unforgetable night... sunday the 4 of october will be remind forever. Guys even if someday you feel exhausted with your rock´n roll life, Bono even if someday you get tired with singing and perfoming, comeback here, we are small in size but we´ll sing with you and for you. the world needs your voice, and not only for singing Come back soon
Thanks guys!
At last I was at the U2 concert 5 years ago, in Dublin. Now I've waited a year for a concert in Coimbra. It was crazy, and unforgettable. Thanks guys! You are the best! Hope to see you soon on a new tour. Lydia from Slovenia
Great band!! Great show!! Good causes!!! As always, thank you so much for a MAGNIFICENT night! See you again very soon. We all hope. :)
Thank You U2
I know the tickets prices are expensive but i want to see u2 concert since the 80's. The experience was great listening sunday bloody sunday, new years day and the news songs on the Coimbra stadium full of fans it was realy beautiful what a great night. All the people who saw the concert said it was unforgetable. Thanks and dont forget Portugal on the next tour and the portugueses will say presente. Pedro (estive lá na grande noite de 03.10.10)
nuno tavares - lisbon
ohhh!!!what a amazing night a great show that i will never forget!! love the concert, you are the most better band in the world, thank you!! Bono you have a lot of money and fame, but you have a great heart too, was my 2 second, 2005 alvalade was a great too, but this one i surrrend ot the lights and spectacular concert!!!maybe you sould play "sometimes you can make it.." that i love.. i will never forget this night, i cry in this concert, it was a lot of sentimental facts :) Portugal forever will love U2 Kiss From Lisbon Come back soon
Clara Coelho - Porto
Since I was a teenager that I listen U2 music, but Coimbra was my first concert. I felt a great emotion from inside that I want to share by this message I wrote: "With the name of a plane They fly everywhere Taking a message wihin the music they share: for innocent people hope, justice and support In the name of Love, four stars shine lightning up the way for a better world. Their name? U2" Clara In the stadium I cried when I saw you on the stage, that was my moment of surrender. Nice to meet U2. Bono, you're a great man and a fantastic musician and you mix those 2 qualities in such an intelligent way (and you never went to an university :-))). Never give up, please. Kiss from Porto/pt
Great Show
Great great show. You guys are sensationals. Thanks for the most incredible weekend in my life!!!!
I was at the second concert in Coimbra and there is only one word that can describe it: MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Thank you U2 and thank you Bono for an incredible and fantastic concert!!!! You're the best!!!
Yesterday at the beggining of the concert lots of people noticed that Bono couldn't sing properly, due to a problem in his voice. Some minutes later he got injured too during his performance. But neither that dissuaded Bono from his purpose... and it was AMAZING!!!! We waited for 5 straight hours standed and worth it every second. The crowd was on fire and if Bono wouldn't be able to sing, we would sing for him till the end of the concert (as we did). THANKS FOR BEING LIKE YOU ARE AND FOR TRANSFORMING AN INCREDIBLE CONCERT INTO A CONFERENCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS! May God bless your efforts.
Marta - Coimbra, 3
The show was amazing!! I realy loved, thanks for those great moments!
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