U2 360° Tour 2010

U2360° 2010 - Brussels
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We are still flashed!!!!!
Well, even for us as cracy german fans the concert in brussels turned out to the best U2 shows we´ve ever seen, heard and of course felt!!! This late september evening surprised us with unreal warm conditions and a full moon, which even Bono took notice of!! I was quite magnetised by bonos voice during miss sarajevo. I had never thought that he could be able to sing the pavaroti part like he did. Anyways, we are still flashed by this show and we will never forget it - NEVER! Thank you guys for this experience!!!
I know the 'This tour is run by Belgians' lyrics out of my head, I listened to this for like +1000 times! It was a beautiful moment in the most magical shows ever! ;)
i also saw U2 in Brussels, i loved the concert even more than the one in Amsterdam!!! I enjoyed it very much...The music sounded great and the light where "magnificent"!!!
I was at both concerts in Brussels, this moment was very special! This moment made us Belgium fans very proud and during it we made a lot of noise...haha...we continued during the whole concert and with the most magical moment as we kept signing after With or Without you, it wasn't possible for Bono to start talking, we where just too noisy! Love these videos, this is a reason to subscribe to U2com, the special stuff! Thanks!
I was there and it was een magnificient night. best 360 show so far ! I hope to see you again in 2011 in europe
Thanks U2!
Thanks for the great show in Brussels on 22.09.1910. It was my first U2 concert I went looking and certainly not the last. The feeling of being there have been indescribable. It was a day to remember. Thanks U2!
Thanks to all my compatriots ;D
Went to both shows :D Liked the setlist of the first concert a little bit better, but with the rain the second concert was just magical :D :D :D Singing your heart out with U2-songs in the pouring rain, what better feeling can there be ??? ;p Also a big thank you to all my compatriots who make this great show possible ;D
Hello belgium is forever your home __ thank ,thank ,thank you for everything ,beautiful dayssssss and come back soon please thierry
!!! WOW WOW WOW !!!
After having seen the U2 360° Tour in Amsterdam and Gelsenkirchen in 2009, I also went to the concerts in Paris on 18/9 and Brussels on 22+23/9. What an incredible experience!!! Especially the concert on 22/9 in Brussels was a night I'll never forget!!! Standing at 4 m from the stage soooooo close to Adam, Bono, Larry and The Edge was just WOW WOW WOW!!! I had goose bumps from the beginning until the end of the concert!!! When Bono made compliments about the Belgian involvement in this 360° Tour it made us Belgians very proud! :-) But what a magical moment it was when at the end of the concert 70.000 fans kept on singing "With our without you" and Bono wanted to say something, but he couldn't... You could see Bono & co were emotionally mooved by this and they really enjoyed themselves during the concert. What a band! What a show! U2 is definitely the best rock band ever!!! I love you guys soooo much!!! :-) xxx
Awesome Smasher,love from "de bende van de Veldstraat" you all rock !!!!!
Great clip!!
Awesome to see the mission control centre. Great to see Smasher enjoying it.
Love this vid clip of "Smasher" (I think
So precious to see what a little recognition will do. An uncontrollable smile and bounce in his step--so precious.
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