U2360° TOUR

Aug 10 2010
Frankfurt, DE / Commerzbank Arena
with Kasabian
'Be with you, be with you, night and day...'.

Second show in Europe opens with The Return of the Stringray Guitar again but this time, after Beautiful Day, the set list changes, we're into New Year's Day and after that the 360 spaceship heads way out into orbit.

'Danke Kasabian for giving us lift off, ' says Bono. 'I want to thank you all for coming out tonight, I hope you like our space station...truly, we built this to get closer to you.'

Another capacity crowd at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt with 'Happy Birthday Edge!' signs competing for attention with the Irish flags. We spotted Helena Christensen at the mix, along with Michael Stipe and Bono has special reason to be grateful tonight.

'I'd like to say a personal thanks to a team of German doctors who are the reason I am here tonight, a great and gifted team.
'I have been rebuilt using the best engineering in the world, German engineering. I have 'made in Germany' now stamped on my ass. I have never felt better, I feel like... like a Mercedes Benz.'

A rocking riot of a show tonight but there are tender notes too, everyone gathered at a huge music show just days after the tragedy at the Love Parade dance festival in Duisburg. And on that poignant note, the show closes.
'For everyone who lost their life - for their friends and familes. This is Moment of Surrender.'

Were you at the show tonight ? We want to hear how it was for you ?

Add your highlights, reviews and upload your photos.

And if you weren't there tell us what you think.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Really enjoyed the show! saw them last year at Wembley for the first time, i was up on level 5 tier, so miles away from the lads, this time i was in the inner- circle, brilliant, could see pretty close up views.Loved Return of the stingray guitar and Miss sarajevo was outstanding.Thanks guys for a truly memorable evening, well worth the trip from the u.k.
thrills of joy
My goodness - I'm still totally flashed! I won the Tickets and I am so greatful for that - because otherwise I would have missed the best concert in my life! It was a long journey down from Belgium - but it was all worth it! The crowd was amazing, even before the concert startet. It was such a nice and peacful atmosphere! And as U2 entered the stage it was just a storm! It gave me the heebie-jeebies during the whole set - and as they played "The unfogettable fire" I was just in heaven and tears were running down my face. And Bono made me cry again as he performed MLK aswell... So emotional... The stage was amazing, the lightshow so huge... The videos and the political statements so true and 100% U2... Loved it! And "where the streets have no name" topped it all - the whole crowd was singing and partying... It was amazing! Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam! Our German cars! :-) And thank you for this awesome experience!
Great show....Proud to wave the tri colour,was one off the competive ones....Really enjoyed MISS SARAJEVO, never heard it in concert b4...Taught ONE came across really really well 2...Shame about poor BABY BABY BABY BEING PUT TO BED SO EARLY AND NOT PUTTING IN AN APPEARENCE THOUGH, BUT SO B IT....Streets was also brilliant.....Sorry 2 that we didnt carry on to Hannover....Might squeeze another Trip yet out of my ever decreasing funds...Really enjoyed it......
Just got back to Dublin after a great few days in Germany. Judging from the U2 t-shirts on the flight, I was not alone in making the trip. This is my only concert of the 2010 tour (went to 4 shows in 2009) so I wanted to make it count. Even though the sound quality was a bit of a let down, the lads seemed well up for the shows. If that's how Bono acts a few weeks after back surgery, I don't want to be his doctor. Got to say that it was great and the crowd - even in the not so cheap seats - was really up for it too.
i will follow
play i will follow and mofo : back to pop and boy please.
Great show but we need Breathe back ples
Loved the choice of songs tonight. This is the 4th 360 show for me and my 29th in total. We came from Manchester in UK and had a great night, but PLEASE bring back the Breathe intro this Stingray thing Stinks! Larry's drum solo for Breathe is a perfect start for this show but the introduction of this poppy Stingray tune is not the way to open this great show. Apart from that it was superb particularly End of the World! Stage looks amazing during this song. Definitely my highlight:-)
Greatest show ever!
I was there - finally! Being a fan for over 20 years this was my first U2 concert. It was an unforgettable night for us with highest emotions. Thank you so much, all the best and see you soon!
Greatest show ever!
I was there - finally! Being a fan for over 20 years this was my first U2 concert. It was an unforgettable night for us with highest emotions. Thank you so much, all the best and see you soon!
FRANKFURT Gentle air Nice wait under the trees Stadium not too big Beautiful sky very early in the pit cocktail banners hoovering through the crowd then Beginning tunes of Joshua tree? Bee man showing off he's alive and kicking You let us dance and sing vulnerable odeur in the air even fragile time is fragile fragility of time of life frail backs and time are questioned again and again all the seconds as long as we savour your tunes and you return our kisses with straightforward beats the sound might be off sometimes the words may be gone with the wind the notes tumbling into a merry-go-round do not mind let us take over delete all control you embrace our breathing our breathing shows you the reason you're willing to live with all the aches forget about time we linger in the fragility of time no back will back you down take care PS it was great Elkeeach wednesday 11th august 2010 23h19'26''
Groundcontrol, we have lift off!
What a night, what a band, what a set-list, what a rock 'n roll show!! It was an awesome night in Frankfurt, the band really rocked! Very well worth the long drive from the Netherlands, too bad they skipped our little country this time! Am looking forward to Brussels!
10-08-2010 Frankfurt
It was a great show. For months i was looking forward to it, and now it's over. Damn. But now i have great memories. I got tears in my eyes when Bono dedicated Moment of Surrender to the people of Duisburg who lost their lives. I hope that they will come to Holland the next tour. Thanks for a great show. It was a beautiful day for me.
Brilliant show, poor sound
The show in Frankfurt was brilliant, the set list very good and the band...well, even better than the last time! It was my first U2 concert without "Pride", but "Streets" always makes me shiver. The sound was poor, too loud and Adams bass guitar and sometimes even Bono were hard to hear. But I´ll be back anyway!
Al the way from Coventry UK, to Frankfur
One of the best U2 gigs ive ever seen!! good to hear Miss Sarajevo live, Thank you for a great couple of days in Germany!! See you again soon!!!
magic night in Frankfurt
I still feel like 360° but in terms of temperature!!! It was a great show last night, even though it was my 24th U2-show in total and the 6th show of the 360°tour I just could not avoid some tears rolling over my face in some (maybe only for me) special moments! A changed set list compared to last year, a new song for opening the show and a real "rockin'" new song "Glastonbury", what more can a fan wish for?!?!? The guys were in an extremely good mood, that's at least what I felt. Looking around in the stadium it was a great atmosphere and I still feel some adrenalin...! After Berlin, Amsterdam, 2xDublin, Gelsenkirchen and Frankfurt I am now almost on my way to Hannover. Vienna and Munich to follow - and - I WILL FOLLOW!!! Well done Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Trabbi - keep on playing the soundtrack for my life!!! Rock on!!!
for the third time in heaven!!!
This was my third U2 concert and it was again magnificent!! I went with my sister and two good friends and we had to come from a four hour drive out of Holland. In frankfurt we had a trafic jam that lasted more than an hour so we became verry nervous if we would make it or not. We came in the stadium 2 seconds before the band came up and when they began to play we instantly forgot al our agression and felt it like we just had entert heaven. it was so amazing!!
Staring at the Sun
The 3rd time in 360 - is it getting better? YES, definitely. An amazing, luxurious evening. The brilliance & perfection of the stage makes you stunned. Thanks Bono for greeting us all in the "behind" of the stage in the beginning of the concert. Such a beautiful memorable gesture. The band was in a total shape, looking absolutely gorgeous. Bono´s voice and seemingly his whole habitus were in a top form. The set list was a pearl. Waiting for Helsinki double. It will be a huge celebration for us Finns and all the guests from all over too! Welcome!
The Magnificent four
Thanks for the show guys. This was our third 360 show after Amsterdam and Dublin in 2009. We believe your getting stronger every concert that you play. Young in mind and body shall we say. The show in Frankfurt was amazing. I was impressed by the new songs and looking forward for a new album. Now i'm looking forward to the show in Paris next month. Love you all! Walk on!
Beautiful Day
Sun in the sky, U2 ticket in my hand: life can be sooooooo beautiful. This was my 4th concert at the 360 tour, and it was again a night to remember.
Fine wine
U2 are like a fine wine..they get better with time. Torino opening night: awesome! How about getting David Bowie to come on stage to sing Space Oddity Live opening one of the future shows....?! JRS Lenzerheide Switzerland
Infected by the U2 virus
Our two girls, 11 an 13, have seen their first concert ever and are infected now by the U2 virus. I think they will tell their grand children about it. :-) I have to agree that the sound was not the best which was a pity.
Love Letters & Beginnings
Dear Bono, Thank you for New Years! The notes, the music, embedded in my Heart and Soul always & forever. You bring The Depot back to us. I Love all of your songs, what an honor to hear any One! of them live, so EXCITING! I Love Kiss Me, the jacket, & the microphone! Everything Well Played, We will Begin Again...Begin Again!!! Congratulations on Seconds!! show! Keeping on...Much, Love, Lis ATL
Great show - poor sound
Really a pity that the crew had to fight some technical problems - even more as the band really seemed to enjoy the show and especially Bonos voice was better than the last few shows I´ve seen. But the sound was really kind of poor! Edges guitar really screaming in the high ranges that it nearly hurts, and Bonos voice and Adams Bass way too undefined! The best sound had Larrys drums... . I really hope that these problems were caused by the special stadium location, and I´m looking forward to Hannover tomorrow! Rock on!
Best out 5
Hello, For us this was the best show out of 5. The energy of the band, was perfect in this show. Also the graphics on the screen, they where more beautifull than in 2009. Best Track: New years day MMM: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me... flying BONO :) Frankfurt 10 out 10.. See u next time in Belgium
long trip worthwhile
we drove 1200 km from liverpool for this wonderful show . miss sarajevo - bono what an operatic voice !
Going to church
It was a long drive from the Netherlands to Frankfurt, but the dudes made it al worth the trip. The setlist is better then last 360. They rocked the spaceship into the sky. And the sound, ah well, the let us on in, thats what mattered! On to Brussel.
My first concert ever and it was absolutely brilliant, amazing, unbelievable... I can't even describe it yet ;) Thank you guys I had a great night and I am now looking forward to Hannover :)
Beautiful Frankfurt...
Thank you for beautiful moments in Frankfurt.. It is just incredible how wonderful you are. Every show is special and just amazing....no words to explain.. Thank you for being sooooo gooood! natasa
New Year's Day
Beautiful surprise... Thank you!
Bring Back UV!
Listened into an audio feed from Sydney, AUS. Would be a perfectly GREAT setlist if the boys would bring back Ultraviolet!! My god, it is just something else with this tour design.
Electrical storm
I've been waiting for your show for 8 years in Russia and I kindly ask you to play the song "Electrical storm" when you will be here. So I'm sure it will be the best concert that we've ever had in Russia! Thanks for your songs!
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