U2360° TOUR

Aug 14 2009
London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with The Hours, Elbow
'I think something's going to happen tonight.' predicted Bono, just a few songs into tonight's opening show at Wembley Stadium. It did too. First The Hours and then Elbow, with a particularly winning set, had caught the mood on a balmy summers evening and from the moment Larry opened up Breathe, the momentum barely slowed.

Too many stand-outs to list but our highlights included: a stomping version of 'Crazy' turning the neighbourhood into a disco; the joyful stadium karaoke of Unknown Caller; some breathtaking new visuals in Sunday Bloody Sunday and Walk On; the opening of 'Still Haven't Found' when 90,000 people took over the vocal; Bono reminiscing about his first visit to this city ( 'I slept on Waterloo Station as an 18 year old with a demo of our song Out of Control, the city's been good to us.' ) and a moving dedication of With or Without You 'For Beautiful Eunice Kennedy Shriver', longtime friend of the band who died earlier this week.

London shows are usually good and this was a great one - but what did you think? Have you caught your breath? How was it ? Add your reviews below: what was your favourite track, the moment you'll never surrender?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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If the video above continued for another few minutes there was the moment that made my hairs stand on end, all 88000 singing Still Havent Found' and the band going quiet in awe!! Excellent night.. missed Until The End Of The World being on the set but cant have everything!! 21st time I've seen U2, but definitely one of the best 5 I've seen!
Dave C
This show was amazing! I saw them at twickenham on the last tour but this 100% greater than that. I was only 3 people from the outer stage and the atmosphere there was amazing. Just an all round amazing show and well worth the 5 hour wait in the queue.
Awesome- Rock on
Well Wembley was great from the pit yesterday despite a back ache. Stood pretty much centre and had great all round views of the guys. I was keen to focus on the Edge and thoroughly enjoyed that. Its great to see the riffs that you know so well being played. Shame you don't have the full appreciation of the stage at such close quarters but hey it was my choice to be up close
The Jumper
Last night was special, been seeing U2 on each tour since 1981... (bit old me)...but last night had some truely moving moments for me....firstly after all the chaos and 5 hrs queuing getting in the inner circle was just the best and then hearing the unforgettable fire and ultraviolet was incredibly wonderful!! And yeah everyone singing still havent found sounded phenomenal! Oh and not to forget ELBOW! They were the biz! So cool :)
The boys are literally on fire at the moment. Thought I'd be gutted if they didn't play Bad, but there were so many moments I don't know where to start. The entire audience singing I Still Haven't Found, The Unforgettable Fire, MLK, the remix of I'll Go Crazy to the mobile phones in Moment of Surrender. A truly unforgettable night. Thanks guys, keep on amazing me.....
U2 as alwaysTHE BEST!
My first time in the new stadium, and what an amazing way to rember it. U2 as always deliver a fantastic night. Highlight for me being 'I still haven't found' with Bono not having to sing a note of the first verse as the crowd saluted their hero's by doing it for them. whilst he stood back in what seemed like pleasant supprise. Too many memories to mention but I have to say if I don't go crazy. Larry, Edge, Adam, Bono. Great stuff as alaways guys. Looking forward to the next one already.
i will never forget this night ...wow
This was just such a fanastic show in many ways, truly moving, down at the front with my brother enjoying u2 at there best was unreal.... yes the sound did get ropey in places but wembley just rocked.. the stage just looked amazing when you first enter the stadium like a space ship awaiting launch, then we heard THIS IS GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM..............brilliant. u2 NEVER fail to deliver... my fav song had to be the bongo tastic disco beats of crazy.. that was different but great !!!!!!! and the video rap around screen.....thanx.
What a fantastic night - the whole show was faultless. Highlights for me were 'Unknown caller', 'still havent found' & 'Boots' (which sounded amazing live), & also 'Crazy' & Ultra Violet'... Meanwhile no line, Magnificent, Beautiful day, Elevation & vertigo all seemed to set fire to the entire stadium! The energy was out of this world! The boys were on fire as ever - this is a night that wont be forgotten. Despite my feet and back hurting like hell (after cueing for over 8 hrs) - the 2 hours just flew by and felt like 30 mins.... amazing!
Fantastic show as always though I agree the sound was 'ropey'. Very hard to hear what Bono was saying. I've been a dozen times before and it's always been a lot clearer. Still, Ultraviolet - what a song!
Wembley 14th Aug
This was my fifth time of seeing U2 and I have to say this was the best. Love all the new songs, especially Unknown Caller and I love the full band version of I still havent found what I'm looking for (the best song of all time). Thank you for a great night.
Mike Maguire
I was one of the lucky ones. Got into the inner circle and was totally blown away with the amazing performance tonight. This is the 4th tour I have followed and the stage was incredible I've never seen anything like it before. The music, location and atmosphere was fantastic. It doesn't get better than this. Can't wait until Cardiff next Saturday I just can't get enough of the live stuff. Got any jobs going?
What a great night! Bono and the band were in impeccable form. We were lucky enough to be in the pit and the house truly rocked. HIghlights were Still Haven't Found, the Crazy remix and the spine tinging UltraViolet.
Great Show
Thanks for that. Have been trying to see U2 live since I can remember being able to use my ears. I took a bit of my father with me to Wembley last night and I am sure, whichever is this place that has to be believed to be seen, he is glad of that. Thank you, that was so important to me. See you again in a week time in Cardiff.
Close Encounter!
The Claw was simply awe inspiring, the show rocked! My highlights were " I Still Haven't Found....." (spine tinglingly sung by the audience) and "Vertigo" which damn nearly demolished the new Wembley! Bring on Sheffield!!
awesome gig, fantantic night, u2 have still go it, we rocked the night away!!!! Amazing!!! xxxx
First ever U2 gig, and they were AMAZING!!! stand out moments for me sunday bloody sunday. And the crowd singing I still haven't found.....Can't wait to see them again.
Please play Bad
Going tonight second show at Wembley. Please , Please play Bad, One of the most requested songs by any fan, but rarely played! Please make mine and everyone attending Saturday a night a night to remenber. Thank you
Just mind blowing. Fantastic mix of old and new. I sang every word of every song. Thankyou guys for another totally memorable evening. Only wish i was going tonight.
London 14th - Crazy
Awesome remix of a great song. Visuals were great. My wife and I were in the Golden Circle and the band were at times all around us. Great spectacle. A memorable night.
Unbelievable show last night, easily the best I've seen since Zoo TV. Big highlights off the new album were Unknown Caller and Boots, hearing Unforgettable Fire again was great, while Vertigo and the Crazy remix just sent everyone flying all over the place. Great crowd, great night.
I went crazy when the band went crazy to
Absolutely amazing gig. The whole show was excellent (I last saw them on the Zoo TV tour at Glasgow) I have to say that 'I Still Havent Found...' sung by the audience gave me goosbumps...god knows what the band were feeling! I've been waiting for over 20 years to hear 'The Unforgettable Fire' live, Elevation took the place apart and I loved the new version of 'Crazy'.
oh my god!!! What words can i use.....
to describe the most awesome U2 concert ever, having followed the boys/men for more years than I care to remember this has to be the best ever! Being part of a record breaking night and listening to everyone doing Elevation was a real highlight......but hering Sunday Bloody Sunday and Pride really took me back. Thanks U2 for still being the best and I just know there is still so much more to come from you all.
still haven't found...!
Took my 10 year old son first concert, Great show never fail to deliver in all the years i have followed the band.However the sound feeback was not what the band are used too..may be due to the stadium however Bono is the master when it comes to improvising...great showman...
Trevor Esticles
Found what I'm looking for
WOW! What an unforgettable, magical night. Singing the first verse to Still Haven't Found.... sent shivers down my spine. And the boys looked genuinely blown away by it all as well. A Truly, truly special experience, in a truly special stadium. Got withdrawl symptoms already! Bring on the next one!
Brilliant gig the whole of the crowd seemed to up for it,U2 prove again they ARE the best!
Simply Stunning
U2 have just better and better. They were brilliant in 84 Unforgettable Fire) and 87 (Joshua Tree). Last night was from a different planet. Sublime. My highlights Fire, Boots, One, Pride well the whole set really.
Mark Jefferson
Let me in the sound
A disappointing night as the sound was very muffled up in Level 5. The stage was impressive but it was like watching a great concert from a distance.
Awesome night
The band were in top form tonight - from the first note to the last. I have been to many U2 shows but last nights atmosphere was awesome. Favourite moments were the unforgettable fire and moment of surrender. Bonos energy and performance inspired the crowd to lift them even higher.
Well it was certainly worth all the waiting and my feet killing me today - as per normal they lived upto normal being just FANTASTIC...........we were right ontop of the circle, brilliant, such great songs played and yes everyone singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was out of this world and the guys did look so touched by it. Oh I do hope they end the tour next year in Dublin...........I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for such a night and thank you to all involved. p.s thanks to all the great U2 fans that played a big part in last night
the best
what a gig it gets better and better! hope 2nite will b the same.the best band in the world! carry on lads and never stop.
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