U2360° TOUR

Aug 22 2009
Cardiff, Wal., GB / Millenium Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas
Edge was wearing a Wales t-shirt with a Welsh dragon on it tonight, celebrating U2's return to the land of his fathers. Bono paid tribute to both Edge's father and his mother - specifically for lending the band money in the early days, which kept them going. As you'd expect in a country known for its singing and a stadium which is home to Wales rugby team, the audience for this final show of the European leg of U2 360 was beyond loud.

Great way to end a special six weeks travelling through Europe: more from Cardiff in a while, meantime if you were at the show, add your own reviews below. Here's what they played.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Blown Away
Best Gig I have ever seen. Bono was on form and the set list is the best it could be for a long term lover of U2. Thank you and cant wait until next time
Awesome - that is it. Can't even talk about it
Has To Be Croke
No offence but the Dublin homecoming shows Rocked more.
This was the best concert I have been to and the stage and performance was unbelieveable. Thankyou Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry for an amazing experience.
Only taken me the best part of two decades, but I finally get to see my favourite band in the world, EVER! So many songs I wanted them to play, but nonetheless, they didn't dissapoint. GREAT atmosphere in Cardiff. Pity about the horrendous traffic. Jams at 2am!? Hmm!!! Mysterious Ways, Acrobat, Streets were excellent. LOVED the Crazy remix. Hate the song normally, but this version was full of atmosphere. Wish they'd put this version on the album. The new stuff sounded awesome live. You could tell the crowd were not as familiar with it, but hopefully they will be now.
Andy, T.J & Dave from Wolves
Musicians and a performance of the highest calibre, quite simply...Magnificent. Cardiff and that stadium belong to U2 and we are so proud and happy to have been a part of U2360 August 22nd 2009. Hurry back !!!
How can they improve on this performance
Every time I see U2 I think 'they'll never top that' but they do it time after time. Excellent set list, with a good mixture of some old favourites. If I could afford it, would love to follow them to the States and see a few more shows. Highlight was obviously meeting Edge again and Adam (I'm so lucky). Thanks for an unforgettable night! You never disappoint!
ste & colin at 360 cardiff
We Found What We Were Looking For!!!
Never sat down... all the way from 'Space Oddity', what a show!! Still can't believe we were there - picked the right one for our first U2 gig!
moving night
My greatest and most moving concert ,the longest day show in Milton Keynes `85,was equalled,if not surpassed last night in Cardiff.I was in the VIP section with the stiffs last week at Wembley and envied the guys on the `pitch`....so took a chance and headed for Cardiff and had a fantastic night and the lads were on top form.If I had the cash i`d be booking my flight to New York right now. If there was such a thing as Groundhog day I want it to be yesterday......I would leave my house in Northamptonshire earlier to avoid the traffic though ! Lets hope there are many more tours and many more great night in the future. Thanks lads
5 different tours in and by a mile, last night was absolutely the best I have ever seen. We got in the Golden Circle standing right between Edge and Bono and from close up you could see how touched they were by the reaction. Most amusing moment of the night was Bono swallowing a fly and trying to spit it out! Loved Bad, Stay and thought Crazy was mind blowing. Come back soon boys! xxxx
geordie daryl
great show but little bot disappointed
the band was pure awesome last night, but was dissapointed with the stage,we were on adams side of the stage and we hardly saw any of the other members of the band because the stage was sooo high!! i had to hold hold my camera in the air to get some pics,and the bridge kept going right on top of us blocking our view even more,but other than that top show!!
Hangover cure!!!
I think we managed to get Bono over his hangover!!!!! 7 th time Seen the boys and they still know how to get their shit on!!!!!!!
jayne m
amazed in cardiff
This is the 2nd magical U2 show ive been at in Cardiff.Thought it couldnt get better than VERTIGO tour but the boys proved us wrong.The welsh love U2 this should be the tour DVD.Thanks for a great night.
Fire of the Earth
Great night
Could have listened for another two hours - shame they didn't do elevation. Did Bono choke during Bad - or just forget the words? Fantastic singing round the stadium to Still Haven't Found - think Bono appreciated the help 'cause his voice sounded sore. So cool to see Larry do a lap for Crazy, and Edge looked very fit during his Vertigo sprint. Nice spangly sequin guitar strap on Adam too. Wished they made more use of the 360 stage though - tricky to see them from the back.
Very special
Having been to Wembley, Glasgow and Cardiff this was truly a phenomenal show. The band looked genuinely moved and in awe of the crowd. Stay and Bad were extremely powerful and Bono's voice continues to be as good as ever. Great stuff!
U2 were awesome last night - as usual the stage was amazing, can't think what they can come up with next time and great to hear some of the older tunes like Unforgattable Fire played live again. Thanks for a fantastic evening guys!
This was my No2 favourite Gig; However No 1 favourite was also U2 at Cardiff Arms park in 1987 Joshua tree. It didn't quite eclipse that day but it was fantastic - atmosphere (starting with the crowd 'waves') , music, setting, ; it had it all Especially wanted 'Bad' to be played - And they didn't disappoint , Great that the crowd carried it on after the band went off. Also 'mysterious ways' and 'stay' were great inclusions - Also the edge's welsh t-shirt and snow scene! The band knew how to play the crowd Just wished they would do a few more gigs here so I can relive the experience!
Nick Hutchinson
What a way to end......
.......in Europe. Having been to the first Wembley night and here, this was so much better, as was Cardiff better than Twickenham on the Vertigo tour. What is it about the Millenium stadium and the Welsh crowds that pulls out such a performance. I also loved hearing Bad for the first time live, after many gigs over the years. And this was the first U2 gig for my fiance who loved it. Thanks U2 and all the crews who have made this tour so amazing. What a blessing the last 8 days have been. Come back soon!!
A magical night which will be remembered for a very long time. Fabulous atmosphere and sound. Glasvegas were appalling - The Hours were so much better and should have played the longer set... The only thing which was disappointing was that the stage didn't rotate 360 as expected and for the crowds at the back who paid premium prices we spent most of the show staring at the back of them... ... however this did not detract from the experience which was unforgettable.
What can I say U2 in Cardiff absolutely awesome more then I could of expected. I was a massive fan before but now I just can't bring myself back to earth. Best U2 show I have ever attended, the band seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the crowd. I didn't sit on my seat at all dancing and singing right through. Brilliant selection of songs as my Husband didn't know NLOTH that well so it was great to hear older songs he totally enjoyed himself as well. My highlight was Bono in Ultraviolet with the lights on his jacket and swinging the mic around fantastic. The crowd singing was fantastic and I loved the remix of Crazy Tonight it turned the stadium into a massive disco. The guys should be so proud of themselves they just get better and better.
What a superb night, Wembley was fantastic but Cardiff exceeded all our expectations. Crazy remix just gets better each time. So many unforgettable moments. Can't wait to see the band again. - Loved the Welsh T.shirt on the Edge!
Jo Pat Matt n Claire
we had the most AMAZING night ever!!!! The best show on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! however the welsh road works meant it took near on 6 hours to get home :( couldnt fault the boys thogh
steve phipps
u2 were brilliant but not the roads
once again u2 put on a fantastic show, although a little dissapointed they didn't do elevation as that really gets the crowding going but it was great to hear bad haven't heard that in years. the traffic was a nightmare it took me seven and half hours to back to london. other then that it was a great night.
crashed car
Cardiff Bendigedig
wow absolutely amazing gig thought edge wearing welsh tshirt was a nice touch for the evening great to hear bad in the set again and ultraviolet diolch yn fawr boys come back soon
Rock and Roll Doggy
Well, thats Paris, Berlin and Cardiff. What a show, the boys never fail to amaze. Incredible...........The dragon tshirt suited you Mr Evans......!
Cardiff Show - The City of Blinding Ligh
Wow, what a show - my first U2 concert was a mindblowing experience...stood in the red zone just letting the sound from the overhead speaker stacks wash through us all, and for the first time being close enough to the stage and the catwalks not to need the big screens to see the action was something to behold. To be there for my wife's 30th b'day has made it all the more special at the end of the european tour. America should be ready for a real treat when that 'space junk' rolls into town.
I went Crazy last night
A great show , but that was never in doubt, I expect no less. The highlight and thank you for this it was truly Magnificent, the Welsh language wording of Desmond Tutu on the screen just for One. I saw Vertigo in Croke , Cardiff must now be U2's second home. Remember we got a roof and what a place to end the tour leaving a space station just up the road in Pontypridd ;-) Thank You.
Amazing Best Yet!!!
I have just got back from the concert in Cardiff, and all I can say is ......Amazing an moving!!! I saw the Zoo tv tour and Vertigo, but this was by far he best. I had some tears. The lads absolutely rocked. Also, hearing Bad for the first time live for me was incredible (as watching Bad on Live Aid was the moment I found U2!) As for the "Space Junk" What a stage, and what an atmosphere, how the hell to they follow that!!! But I know they will as they always do!!! Thank You, Bono, Rdge, Larry and Adam!
A truly amazing night. The band were great. Definitly worth flying over from Belfast for. Let's hope there's another tour soon!
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