U2360° TOUR

Sep 20 2009
Boston, MA, US / Gilette Stadium
with Snow Patrol
'Tonight we're gonna play old songs, new songs, songs we don't know... but we're not going anywhere without you. Are you ready for the ride ?'

Boston was ready for the ride - witness the inner circle during 'Boots' going up and down like we were at a punk rock gig or the entire stadium grooving out for Mysterious Ways.

'Irish boy kissing on a tea train, Irish boy in Massachusetts...' There was definitely an Irish thing going down tonight. 'Great to be back home in Boston,' as the singer put it. They've been to this city many times since they first played here in 1981, but they never arrived in space junk like this. Quite an experiment.

'Like to introduce our band: On the right, Experiment One, a mix between jimmy Page and Stephen Hawkins, a test tube baby, The Edge. On my left Experiment Two, his bottom end can move stadiums, a gentleman, a wise owl, a great bass player, Adam Clayton. Experiment Three, not human at all, at 21 gave his body to science, Robocop... Larry Mullen Jnr.

You don't need to know about Experiment Four, work still in progress...'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Like a truly great wine, the boys just keep getting better with age. I've been going to concerts for over 30 years and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to U2!! Thanks for another great show guys!!
One of the best U2 shows I've ever seen. Loved the spaceship, loved the new music. Great to hear The Unforgettable Fire live. The concert never stopped rocking! Come back for more shows, Please!
U2 make me want to be a better person
Amazing show 9/20, amazing U2 fans, amazing experience. Best I've ever heard Bono's voice in all the shows I've had the good fortune to see. He wasn't running around stage as much as previous tours, but that didn't appear to negatively impact his connection to the audience. And to see all four members jamming and having fun, made it that much more fun to watch. Thanks for coming to Boston! My only complaint was how traffic was handled. Gillette stadium should know better and have done something different with traffic lights. It pains me to write that I not only missed Snow Patrol, whom I really wanted to see, but also the first few U2 songs. Traffic simply didn't move. I was stunned to look around and see how many of us, stuck in our cars, were missing the show. I allowed two hours for what normally takes 50 minutes to drive. The reality is I had jobs and a babysitter to deal with, so I couldn't have left sooner. So next time, learn and deal with traffic better, Gillette! Going home was even worse, but at least I wasn't missing any songs just trying to get home. To end on a positive note, everything else rocked and I am so grateful to those four men for what they have added to this earth!
Don't Go!
i wish i could go again tonight, but i have a 3 month old and i have to take it easy this tour (no inner circle and 5 shows in a row for me this time....but i will be right there front and center @ next tour!!!) it was magnificent. i don't want it to end. thanks for last night. (ps don't go!!!!)
Eight rows up in section 109 ... Took my son for his 16th birthday. A memory we'll always have and it lived up to it. "Elevation" was completely out of control with 80,000 jumping up and down together. Great version of "I'll Go Crazy ..."
Thank you!
The band always makes the Boston fans feel so incredibly special. Thank you for an unforgettable evening! What an amazing show! The stage, the playlist and the vibrant energy of the outdoor setting made it an absolutely experience. The playlist was a perfect balanced mix of classic and new songs. I was thrilled to hear Mysterious Ways, Sunday Bloody Sunday and With or Without You. Simply Amazing! We got tickets with my sister for my husband's birthday, we had to sit in different sections. During the car ride we couldn't stop talking about the show, and we had to agree that this was one of the best U2 shows we have seen. The only thing is that we wished we were going again tonight. For those of you going tonight, get ready for one of U2's best concerts ever.
Wow!!! Amazing show. I love how all these songs just take you back in time emotionally. Went with old friends who like me are die hard fans!! Took my husband...a reluctant fan...he is now converted!! Would go again tonight if I could!! Enjoy the ride.
They've Done it Again!
Can someone please explain to me how U2 has been doing this for as long as they have and still are the most exciting, talented and just plain amazing rock band in the world? Sorry for the run-on sentence, but once again I have danced away from a U2 show completely mesmerized by the phenomenon of the live U2 experience. I have been awake now for 25 hours, as I drove back to Vermont from the show and had to work about 2 hours after I got home. SOOO worth it. They are so INTO what they do and the commitment and happiness they bring wash over the crowd. It is a euphoric experience. Thank you for experimenting (fabulous intros, Bono)!
Gillette 9/20/09
U2's music was awesome!!! Loved the new and the old!!!! The band looked and sounded great. Boy, are they aging gracefully or what?!? I must say the stage set up was breathtaking but I was somewhat disappointed. One of the arms of the spaceship obstructed our view. (did anyone else find that to be a problem?) Sure, we could see them on the huge screen but we were unable to see Bono and the Edge in the flesh on stage. Other than that it was a tremendous concert. Was happy just to be in the same space with the band. Wish we were going tonight!! Thanks guys and God bless.
Loved the show but had to move
I have been to several concerts and have loved them all. The set was great to look at but I am wondering if it affected the acoustics for the higher level seats. I was in section 307 and the distortion was very bad. It was hard to distinguish the songs let alone the commentary. My family and I moved to a standing room area behind the stage and voila, great sound. They should have the sound engineers sit up high and listen.
My third and best U2 show. It was unforgetable. You have just raised the standard once again..it will be hard to top that. Thanks for playing The Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet. Thanks U2 and all involved for truly wonderful show...
Awesome Show!!
Awesome show as always!! A bit disappointed they didn't spend as much time on the outer circle compared to the Paris and Nice shows in July.
Gillette #1
Awesome show ... Bono is in excellent form and The Edge is the one and only. Quite a spectacle!!
Bono and the boys were in great form last night with songs old and new.. Elevation and Vertigo were definitely crowd favorites! Went to bed last night( this morning?) with the songs still running through my head..
Oh My God!!!
What a fantastic show Snow Patrol was great!, But when U2 started they just blew me away. The new stage is really incredible. Wish I could make the second show.
Cant wait to go again tonight!
Great show! Hope you play Stay tonight! Saw it on recent set lists! BostonPoke, were you carried out of the center stage area to the back of the stage? We saw you get put on the wheel chair! Hope you get to go back!
The show was Magnificent! Hadn't seen U2 since 8 months pregnant with my 17 year-old at Foxboro. Brought him & his 11 year-old sister last night. Wish that I could have afforded to have seats closer than the nosebleed section because the echo in Gillette made it near impossible to hear Bono's intersong comments - which are usually pearls of consciousness. Spent 10 hours on the road for the experience. Wish you'd come to Maine despite the small venues!
What a great night. Stage was incredible. As usual they sounded awesome. The crowd was great. One of the best U2 shows I've seen in 20+ years. Thank you for a great show.
GREAT concert!!! We had a great time-except for one thing-Bono never came to our side of the stage (on the outer stage)!!! we kept thinkling he would come around but he never did!! Otherwise a fantastic show!Loved the nrew song live.Wish I was going again tonight!!
Surly Usher dulls the mood for 13 year o
I thought the show was AMAZING. First saw the band at the Worcester Centrum in '83 and have seen them as far away as Oakland, CA (Zoo TV) and they more than met expectations. This night was special as I got attend with my 3 sons (10, 13 & 15). The only bummer of the evening was when an usher (between aisles 140 & 141) came down to our seats and put his hand in front of my 13 year old's camera (a cheap Cybershot) during "Magnificent" and threatened to take the camera from him if he didn't put it away. Needless to say my son was left stunned and sat motionless for the next several songs, paranoid the guy was going to come back and harrass him. I'll give the show a 5 for performance but have to note that Gillette Stadium staff have lots of room for improvement!
Great Show...Dissappointing Echo
We were at the show last night. We've been to all the tours and they keep getting better. We brought our 3 girls to their first concert ever and were dissappointed in the echo where our seats were. Not our normal U2 experience.
Breathtaking... Inspiring
My 7th U2 concert to date. They are always inspiring. The stage was incredible... every seat had to have been great. The sound was great. I can't imagine how they must feel to hear 65,000 fans SING to THEM. If there were a roof... it would have been blown off! Set list was good... a mix of new and old. Missed my favorite, 40, but the Moment of Surrender certainly made up for it. Rock on!!
Boston Loves U2
AMAZING SHOW!!! I am also going tonight and am so excited to experience it again. The 360 Spaceship is amazing and so enhances the experience. U2 have only gotten better! My best friend flew in for the weekend and we were able to see U2 for the first time together in 20+ years. Thanks for coming back to Boston!!
The who show was a masterpiece. I was in the end zone where they enterd and exited. The stage set up was amazing. It allowed a complete unblocked view. Mysterious Ways, Magnificent, and Streets With No Name were performed perfectly.
LOVEEEEEEEED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!! It was a dream coming true to me...FANTASTIC!!!!! Will be back tonight again :)
A great show pulled off by the best band in the world. They beautifully meshed the new material with the classics. Sunday Bloody Sunday rocked tonight. Not one miss tonight. Going again tomorrow and hoping to hear Pride. Wife is also going for the 1st time. She's in for the ride of her life.
I got to see a whole 30 seconds of the show before I was doubled over in pain with a kidney stone. The medical people were great. Thanks to everyone who helped. I'm still in pain and have a nice strainer to remember the concert. Hopefully this will end soon. I can't believe I had to miss the show.
Awesome Show!
What a great show. Got back a while ago just trying to take it all in. Great music from the opening act to the final chord of Moment of Surrender. Getting some rest for tomorrow night's show.
Just got home... it was amazing! Everyone looks & sounds fantastic!!! The stage is awesome & lighting great! I'm coming Monday night to, I have seats closer to the stage but behind it ~ any chance of you all coming back there a bit?! hey, a girl can ask... oh yeah, the unforgetable fire - thanks for that, I haven't heard it live since the early 80's... woo-hoo, I'm not sleeping! :)
and Bono whispered...
"Lift your cell phones, your lighters, and let's turn this place into the milky way..." as The Edge began his riff into With Or Without You. Hands down the best concert I have ever been to.
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