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Sep 24 2009
E. Rutherford, NJ, US / Giants Stadium
with Muse
Sir Mick Jagger, Phil Ramone, Kanye West, Rick Rubin all got shout-outs from Bono tonight, and the near 85,000-strong audience made it a night to remember.

Stand-out moment ? Probably when another youngster got invited to lap the stage for City of Blinding Lights. The band also smashed the house record tonight at Giants Stadium. The previous attendance record was held by Pope John Paul II after his visit to the stadium in 1995.

With gig goers in excess of 84472 it was a fantastic night at Giants. Speaking from the stage at the end of the night Bono said, "News just in. We've broken every record for attendance in this stadium - including the Pope. Sorry Bruce - we know its your birthday and all". Before adding later, "I know they're knocking this place down...we probably won't be here again before the wrecking ball but it was a magic place for us as well as the Giants"

Were you there? Tell everyone else what it was like. Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Unknown Caller
Until The End Of The World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Way to Long After
Not my most sentimental but I got to take my cousin, namesake, godchild and 1st nephew by heart to this show. You guys forgot to add that they flowed into Stand By Me after I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. The version of Vertigo was probably the most BAD ASS, I have seen ( kept old laptop to replay it in true form)
One of 84,467
We went to Boston 4 days earlier which was great and then this too was awesome. To be part of the record breaking attendance at Giants Stadium was a highlight as was seeing the Worlds Best and Biggest Band in this famous venue. To see 2 stadiums next to each other was epic, before Giants Stadium was knocked down 4 months later.
I'm ready to die now
I've was literally racing to get some U2 tickets for 10 years but with my luck they always sold out or were too much for me at the time. Well not this time. They sold out in L.A. where I live, they sold out in Vegas. Damn it, I'm not missing another show! So I saw them in New York Yankee Stadium. Well worth it, everything. It just didn't matter what I spent. U2 stand for more then music and they give back, so I didn't care what I spent. I can die happy now, :-)
Out of all the U2 concerts this was one of the best one they plaid my favorite song where the streets have no name and another one of my favorites Ultraviolet light my way i though it was amazing and i wish i could see them again when their near New Jersey again.
Intimate setting of 84,000 fans
There were a heck of a lot of people there, but Bono and the boys really knew how to draw the crowd in. It felt like we were in the palm of U2's hand, not in a "giant" stadium. It felt like I was in an intimate nightclub with 84,000 of my best friends. Never dreamed I would hear U2 play Unforgettable Fire live....my favorite song of all time, along with my other fave, The End of the World. I just used my new presale code today to get tix for the 2010 Philadelphia show. Ground control to Major Tom!
I said I wouldn't cry...
But the tears were like a waterfall on my face again...it's been the fifth time live...It's been twenty years now...twenty years I hear those tunes and they make me cry, just like it was the first time when I was a teenager. They meant even more back then... Thank for whispering to my soul throughout these years. Thank you for every tear.
Absolutely incredible show... So excited for the announcement of a show at the NEW Meadowlands Stadium!! My boyfriend said it was the best birthday present anyone has ever given him... Guys, keep coming around so that we can enjoy more shows! We'll be coming to every single one!! LOVE U2!!!
Great show but not my top favorite
An all round great show ... U2 can never really disappoint ... good mix of songs ... Unforgettable Fire was a standout for me - an great album that I think has been under-rated / overlooked by some. I do have to say, though, that the Elevation and Atomic Bomb shows I saw were, I felt, even better overall with their mix of songs and the spiritual feel. Those shows, however, were also in smaller venues by comparison, so it was a different feel because of that as well. Anyway ... rock on boys!!!!!!!
What can I say? THE BEST!!!
Hubby and I traveled from Corpus Christi, Texas to see the show. This was 2nd show on 360 Tour. Again, amazing show, of course. We always know it will be. They do not disappoint. I am not picky with set list, any song they play from their catalogue is fine by me. What a treat it is to hear/see them play. Next time, I will try for GA. I gotta try it once even though I'm a shorty. Thanks again for a SPECTACULAR show! We love you! XOXO from C.C., Texas! Jennifer
What an incredible night!!
Wow! This was my second show ever in 2 days, and I am still speechless!! My best friend drove all the way up from Delaware to join me, and we quickly got into the GA line by 7am. The line was again very organized, very calm, and much better than I expected. After the mad dash again into the stadium, my quick speed got me to the front with my friend close behind! Couldn't believe it- we were railside at U2, right in front of The Edge's spot! Ahh a feeling money can't buy for sure. The night was tremendous, Muse are terrific & a perfect opening act. Quick, rocking songs without trying to steal away U2's spotlight. Once "Space Oddity" started playing, the crowd found it's excitement. And then once U2 hit the stage, the adrenaline started pumping! "Breathe" is a fantastic opener, and once it hit the ground there was no turning back! Awesome performances of "Mysterious Ways," "Elevation," "Until the End of the World," and "Ultraviolet." "With or Without You" was pitch perfect- possibly the best live version I've heard in years. Bono's voice is really at a place it's never been before, and I say that with utmost amazement. Astounding show! Unfortunately I got into an accident & totaled my car on the horrendous drive home [sorry for the traffic backup! =O], but it truly was still the BEST night of my life!!! Thank you U2, please add more NYC area shows!!!
Absolutely fantasic! I love you guys! You bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. The show was phenomonal in every aspect. the stage, lighting, big screen and the sound. Best band in the world and it's been a pleasure to grow up with you guys!
From Mexico City
just amazing we made the trip all the way from Mexico City to see this show and it was worth every penny..... we will do it again without a quiestion... U2 Rules...
can't wait till the next time
i must say that the sound sounded funny from where we were sitting (mezzanine level behind the stage) and i think bono might have had some trouble hearing during moment of surrender but, really, can anything ruin a U2 show? it was amazing. this was my sixth show and they never disappoint. the emotion is always overwhelming and it was great to hear ultraviolet, stay and especially until the end of the world and unforgettable fire back in the set. loved the little boy during city of blinding lights; what a lucky kid! maybe that will be my daughter someday... :) as soon as she's old enough she'll be there with me!!! the stage was just beautiful. stunning! it's always amazing to be in the same space as U2. a beautiful show.
Worth the 3400 mile trip!!
Travelled 3400 miles from Glasgow, Scotland with my brother. Fantastic experience, loved every minute, sound was really good and the new york/new jersey crowd seemed really up for it. 2nd time seeing the show as I saw them in Glasgow as well. U2 just get better and better.
Great show
Back in Australia now after seeing Boston 1 & 2 and this one which was the best of the lot by far. Great start with Boots and Mysterious Ways following Breathe, it really got the crowd jumping. Hope they bring the show down to Oz next year after Europe.
Chris. Woldt!
probably my 2nd favorite, out of 8, U2 show's i've ever been to. just so much fun, good sound, great vibe, etc. here's to hoping they head back new york way next year.
Window in the Skies
I wonder why U2 isn't playing Window in the Skies during the tour. I like that song a lot, id love to see it live
First time in NY
Wow. 9th time seeing them, first time i've seen them in a different city. Proud to be part of the record setter! Amazing show as always. Disappointed by some of the fans slowing down for the new stuff. Other than that energy was awesome, performance brilliant. Bring on Vancouver!
Bring on Raleigh
Looking forward to the Raleigh NC show on Sat 3rd Oct. Will be my sons first U2 concert, he Is so excited. He will be rocking out in his wheelchair and singing every song. Would love to hear either Kite or Sometimes You can't make it on your own, for my dad.
Well worth the risk...
Almost thought twice about attending the second show, with the recent terror warnings, and stuff going down in Queens, but I figured, what the hell. I just wore comfortable shoes instead of sexy boots in case I had to bolt! GA tickets were amazing, thanks U2 for being so good to your long time fans. I always liked U2, but didn't fall in love with music until Achtung was released, it was so great to hear Stay and Ultraviolet. The boys sounded great,the stage was absolutely amazing, I almost forgot I was at Giants stadium and not at the Garden. Starting with Breathe and ending with Moment of Surrender, it don't get better than that!!!!
Frankie V
From Breathe through Moment of Surrender, the show was amazing. As a long time fan, I always look forward to hearing songs I've never heard U2 perform live before and once again, they didn't disappoint. All the new stuff from No Line, plus Unforgettable Fire, MLK, Stay & Ultraviolet, were spectacular. And of course, the "standards" never get old; from the great sing-a-long's of Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For & One, to the stadium shaking experience of Where the Streets Have No Name live, it was a concert to remember. Thanks guys for keeping Rock-n-Roll alive and well.
The Forgettable Fire
Our seats were in the last row of the first tier. The overhang of the second tier blocked out most of the stage, completely blocked the screens and the sound was abysmal. The only time the screens were visible was when they were lowered for several songs in the latter part of the show. The last five to seven rows of the first tier should not have been sold or sold as limited view. We were able to walk down during Moment of Surrender and from there the view of the stage was spectacular and the sound was clear. The seats were purchased through the first round of the presale. My tickets for every other pre sale have always been good to great. I left the show feeling like I had wasted my money.
Taking my middle son to his first U2 show was spectacular. It is so satisfying to see him grow into a magnificant human being and U2's performance just made it all the more special. Thank you!
U2 is the best!!! This was our second night and it rocked even more than the first night. We were under the cover too and the sound was fine a bit muffled but it was windy too. I don't know how anyone close to this arena and this show could have had a bad time. The entire building shook...if i was blind I would have loved the sound. Anyway best show ever!!!!!
Long Time Fan's Perspective
U2 have been my favorite band since Boy was first released (I bought it here in the US as an import at Cheap Thrills in New Brunswick). This was my 8th U2 show. The first time I saw them was at the Fastlane in Asbury Park in 1981 (which the band seems to think was called Hitsville South). The stage show certainly has gotten a little bit more polished since that show (and ticket prices have gone up a little bit as well). I would rate this as my 3rd favorite live performance by them. My favorite was when I saw them at The Ritz on Saint Patrick's Day in 1982 (opening act was, I believe, the Black Watch Pipers...post-parade)...amazing, unbelievable energy that night...crazy wild slam-dancing and pogo-ing...I somehow squeezed my way right up to the stage for most of the show...I really think this show was U2's coming out party in the US...definitely the greatest rock-and-roll show I've ever seen (and I have been to somewhere between 100 and 200 concerts since 1976). Second favorite show (U2 and all time) was the "City of Blinding Lights" show on October 24th in 2001. That show was so emotionally overwhelming in a good, cathartic way...the band really, really, really connected with the audience and each elevated the other that night (pretty appropriate since this was the Elveation tour). When I arrived in the city I felt so scared and anxious and left feeling uplifted and triumphant. It would be nearly impossible to beat the impact those two shows had on me as a fan so I guess it's somewhat unfair to compare. Anyway, the all I can say is that the band has gotten better with age (which I love to say since I'm the same age as the boys in the band). They have all matured as performers, each and every one of them. Adam and Larry were tighter than I have ever seen them. Adam has really stepped up and improved his playing. Edge was not only his usual technically excellent self but he meshed so well with Adam and Larry; each of them complimenting and enhancing the others playing. Bono has always been a showman but even more than ever this show; I really felt him taking on the voice and the persona of his (for lack of a better term) characters in every song. Stage show..simply amazing. Great song selection...especially loved Ultraviolet and Moment of Surrender...did not LOVE the I'll Go Crazy arrangement but it WAS fun and showed a different side of the band...I wish they had played something from October...I Threw a Brick would be my pick...but With a Shout would have been a good follow up to the I'll Go Crazy remix...I can almost hear Larry doing the starting drum riff on his bongo (or was it a conga?) in my head right now. I do hate to say this but...I have to echo the sentiment of the earlier poster regarding Muse. So loud it was nothing but noise...and I love their studio stuff...given the choice I would have rather had no opening act then that lesson in sonic pain.
Amazing Night!
Loved the setlist and Bono's always unflagging energy! High points were Magnificent, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and Streets. Acoustic Stay was beautiful!
A Giant Stadium for a Gigantic band
Flew from Miami for the show Thursday in NJ. I will never miss an opportunity to see U2 on stage as I have been a fan for more than 20 years and attended almost every tour!! 360 is an amazing staging, unbelievable performances, great mix of old tunes (MLK, Where the Streets and Stay among my fav!!!) and the new album. I've never heard With or Without You played the same way twice in 10 years !!! My greatest satisfaction? I came with a good friend who is not a huge fan and at the end he said to me: "The most amazing concert I've ever seen in my life, this band rock!! how could I'd missed that for so long?" Thank you guys you always deliver, you are THE Best and you will always be my # 1 band!
now i'm sad....
now i'm sad.. u2 has left the building of giants stadium...the show was a great mix of new and old.. some of the people are just clueless though.. most sat down during a great version of stay(far away so close), and even sat during mlk and walk on...i've seen every tour since zoo tv and i'm not sure which is best.. they are all great...and i can't wait to see them again and again and again..."in bono we trust"
Another Amazing Show!
Day 2 - this time GA! Right on the rail next to Edge! What an AWESOME show! Once Again, I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the Pre-Sale Codes, being a U2.com member. You guys/gals ROCK! Seriously, without the code, I cannot even imagine that I would have been in the spot in which I was. Thank You, Thank You! P.S. - tell Edge he has a beautiful smile! :)
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