U2360° TOUR

Sep 29 2009
Washington, DC, US / FedEx Field
with Muse

Moving night in Washington with tributes to the late Eunice Shriver and Teddy Kennedy and respect going out to political movers and shakers in DC ... more than a few of whom seem to be here.

During Beautiful Day Bono remembered 'the beautiful Eunice Shriver', describing her as his mentor and it was another special moment when New Years Day was dedicated to Teddy Kennedy. 'For a peaceful Ireland we salute you Teddy...' That nearly brought the house down.

In the stadium tonight we spotted Nanci Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives and broadcaster George Stephanopoulos, as well as African leaders like Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director of the World Bank. And in keeping with the DC vibe, Bono restyled the band introducing Larry as the man who wrote U2's constitution, Adam, the Minister of Culture, Edge, 'the leader of my free world' and musing that he himself might be Majority Leader... 'verbal, elegant but tough when I need to be.'

A kid called Andy arrived on stage at the end of Unforgettable Fire and accepted the invitation to stroll around the stage for City of Blinding Lights. 'Larry Mullen wants to go crazy, Larry Mullen is crazy...' sang Bono as the drummer took the djemba for his own nightly walk around the stage, on a track which is without doubt one of the highlights of the show.

Can't fail to mention The Most Stylish Man in Rock, looking particularly dapper tonight, a sparkly red guitar strap standing out on a very fine new jacket. Set list, as you can see below, got another shake-up. Were you there? Tell us what it was like and post your photos in our comments area below.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Eighth Time, Eighth Tour
okay, admission here. U2 was great (again and again), but i left that show wondering who the hell is Muse!?! Those guys nearly topped our boys! A 'drop the mike' opening act. Anyway, by then, i feel like i am growing old with my Irish friends! Started when i started college ('81), then law school, then married, kids, career, etc. And that was nearly fifteen years ago! yikes. still the best show on earth. And the stage in this one was crazy, but I do prefer the smaller indoor arenas.
Amazing show
U2 is the best. This was a massive show but they still made it special.
360 - Filling Up...
Before the show, excitement is in the air...Doyou dare go to the bathroom? Nah...Fight your way up to the front!!!
Unforgettable night!!!!!!
I traveled from Perú just to see this great concert!! the second one after Vertigo tour! Hope to see you soon in my country!!
What a night!!
This was my first U2 show and it won't be the last. This show exceeded all of my expectations. LOVED IT!!!
Good but not U2 good
The concert was very good, but was the worst of the 8 U2 shows I have seen. It seemed like the set list was shorter than usual and although I do like a little political interjection, half the show was talking politics. I do like the indoor shows better, much more intimate. For the price we all paid for tickets we were kinda wondering - that's it? I would have liked to have seen another 5 songs or so - and Amazing Grace was a little over the edge - I mean we weren't in church, we were at a Rock N Roll concert. And I hate what they did with Crazy - If they want to go dancy, use discoteque. Anyways still probably the 8th best concert I've ever seen, only behind the 7 other times I've seen the best band ever.
For me?
My 8th U2 concert ....My 54th birthday, a present with a bow from my main men. We were 10 feet from the stage near the leg on the front right side..We stood in place for five and a half hours. No beer, no bathroom...A brilliant moon and brilliant sounds....Bono bringing the guy up onstage wearing a turban carrying an American flag....The two men danced and sang to 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'....We are ONE....!...The light suit and trapeze act at the end..My best birthday!
U2 lands
Form the echoing intros of Major Tom (reminded me of Phili 1992 Zoo when they played a Bowie too, Young Americans), You knew the boys were about to land and new musical discoveries and rediscoveries were about to unfold. Highlights for this old fan were Magnificent, UnforgettableFire, was it Your Blue Room where Bono waved at the fan in the Round? (and the fan waved back) I'll Go Crazy Remix ( "I know we can get a groove on here tonight!) Moment of Surrender and why I came ULTRAVIOLET. The last song had such a deep meaning to me in 1991 when Actung Baby was released. I remeber being at The Zoo TV Outside Broadcast Philadelphia Veterans Stadium Sep 1992 drunk and everything else, lost and seperated from my friends. What else was there to do but look in at the ZOO screen. The Edges Head was on a huge screen and I yelled "Come on Baby LIGHT MY WAY:, a voice answered "are you out there?" through the sound system. Was it Bono?hmm (This is true, if you see Zoo archival footage, Kurt Loder was interviewing the band on the screens for MTV after the concert) I answered "Yes, and I am not leaving until you play Ultraviolet!" Little did I know , it would be 17 years later.. ha ha. BTW I also asked for One Tree Hill, then went and slept under a tree and went to the next nights show. Anyway U2 9/29 Fed Ex was as moving, Poingant and awesome as ever. Only downsides - Sound, not quite up to par with prior U2 standards, a little echoey and Bonos voice a little garbled. Also appreciated on the Vertigo tour the exercise of a few more long-unplayed tracks in the setlist (an cat dubh, etc) OVERALL WORTH EVERY PENNY , the 3 1/2 hr drive AND THE LAST HALF DAY OF VACTION I HAD! STILL THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!
I cannot wait for U2 to come back to DC
This was the night I met my soul... and it danced and sang with thousands of other souls.
The most amazing musical experience of m
I'm HUGELY influenced by music. My emotions, my physicality, my love... without music I would be lost. U2 is one of the most influential bands in my life, if not the most influential. The band as a whole has the ability to stir up every part of me into another state of mind. I can feel my whole body, my mind and my soul move with the music. THIS is why U2 is such a great band. It's not just Bono's voice and excitment, it's not Edge, Adam and Larry's amazing talent, it's not the lyrics... it's the FEELING. The U2 concert in DC was my first experience with U2 live. I have never been so excited in my life, and what felt like, to me, one of the most amazing nights of it. I felt my soul that night. It was surreal!! The odds were in my favor as the whole experience got better and better, I was 5' from the stage and the band. I took some amazing photos, saw the band up close and personal, sang and danced and smiled and cried. I took some amazing photos as well... I wish tehre was a place for a non-paid subscriber to host them as I think they are great shots of the band interracting!!!
I boycott the Washington Post
Nothing in my 31 years comes close to U2, especially live. This was my fifth concert, and I decided it was time. Time to devote a day. You say church doesn't do it for you? Try singing "Streets" with 83,00 people. God is right on your shoulder the whole time, and you can't help but walk out feeling like as bad as a day can get, you can look out for your brothers and sisters... take a chance... change a life you'll never see. Boys, I'll be petitioning for you canonization. By the way, I can't figure out why the Washington Post would have more to say about Lady Gaga and debauchery than this. Oh yeah, I can figure it out.
U2 consistently puts on incredible concerts. U2 shows always leave me wanting more. Come back soon!
Visually Stunning
I attempted to submit a review several days ago but it wasn't posted so here it is again modified. Politics are so prevalent at U2 concerts that It's difficult to write an in-depth comment without referencing it. The concert was on a cool 50F's blustery day which tended to subdue to crowd a bit. The lead song, Breathe, was excellent and the best song of the concert and kudos to U2 for playing an initially relatively obscure song (track 10 of the new album), though no longer obscure. There are two basic song sets U2 are playing. Only three songs are interchanged, but the songs switched out are significant as they include Until the End of the World and Unknown Caller which has guitar leads to show off "President The Edge" (not President Edge) guitar prowess who was in absolutely superb form. Unfortunately some standards like I Still Haven't Found or Stuck in a Moment were transmuted from touching love songs. On the set list, in NYC where they added a song to their set list, here they unfortunately dropped a song from their new album, No Line on the Horizon. As someone who's owned every single major U2 album U2 put out, and continually played their albums, fresh U2 is a treat. At one point Bono brought an arab(?) on stage from the audience who was waving an American flag and singing along. Although the singing was off a bit, he certainly made up for it with gusto. I would definitely recommend going to see them. They still are a super group putting on a super show, and they're better live than nearly any band still playing. The beginning of Vertigo is a raucous ephoric moment, City of Blinding Lights and Vertigo are played better than on the CD and those song's visual effects are visual highlights of the show, and at the end of Stuck in a Moment, Bono extends the end by repeating 'and this moment, and this moment' several times so that for a few hair raising seconds you're right there focusing on the moment before 'this too shall pass.'
STILL Rock's Hottest Ticket!
My first U2 concert was at RFK Stadium in DC in 1987 when Bono separated his shoulder and kept singing anyway. This was, as every U2 tour since has been, the best concert I've ever seen. LOVED the spider-monster stage thingy; I think I'll get one for the back yard. (Don't tell the zoning board in Baltimore City.) Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, sat directly on the other side of the aisle from where we sat! Six days later, I'm still recovering my voice. Thank you, U2, for giving me the soundtrack to my life.
tears of mars
Tears of Mars
Tears of Mars comes to DC to Honor U2, tHE BAND OF 5 Brothers come to Fedex field ...to witness the annointing!
Alaska to DC - Blast Off
Not only was it hot in the city, but U2 rocked! I brought my 13 year old niece and she we have a new fan for life. She was absolutely blown away by the space ship. She was moved by Sunday Bloody Sunday and the discussion about Iran. She was full of questions about political activism on the ride home to Fredericksburg. She is now a member of One! U2 helped me stay the coolest aunt in the world! Even when I dancing to Elevation. Thanks guys, from the club tours so long ago, my enjoyment know no measure. We have spent the week going through my old Propaganda fan mags. Thanks for the MUSIC!
Talk about a great show! I had sooo much fun dancing and singing...teaching the next day was not a good idea! Ha! I couldn't talk or walk! One was absolutely amazing and powerful! It put tears in my eyes. Thanks for a great show guys! Thanks for the set list.....something that I will truly cherish!
U2 Elevated My Soul
What an incredible show! My first time in the inner circle and being so close to the band was such a gift! Thank you to U2 for sharing your music with us and encouraging us to sing our hearts and souls out with you. When you play, all time seems to stop - yet it goes so quickly! You could've played for hours before the crowds were sated. And loved Bono's green guitar!
This was my 20th show stretching over 23 yrs and I was not disappointed (although really could have heard Bad!) I left the show, as always, thrilled, hoarse and praying you guys will come back very, very, very soon - my schedule is always open for U2.
Great Show in DC
I was there in DC, the first time I have seen U2 live after being a fan for 30 years. It was an awesome show, I want to see them again. I hope they return to the US in 2010. U2's music is inspiring, visionary, and invigorating. Some of their songs almost bring tears to my eyes. I will always remember this show.
Greatest concert in the whole world
This was a dream come true for me and my wife. We traveled all the way from Honduras in Central America to FedEx Field for the U2 360 Tour. Is great to go to a concert of your favorite band of all time. I will never forget singing all the songs next to the love of my life, I wish that night could last forever. Stuck in a moment acoustic and see Larry with the dejmba was amazing. Tedd's dedication and the children at the stage are things I'll keep on my mind forever. The wait was long but it was worth it. You Know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight. Thanks for everything! I enjoyed singing all the songs with you guys!
The whole experience was great! LOVED it and can't wait for more (Raleigh and Oklahoma)! Loved the Crazy Remix and the way it was done. The sound just couldn't be better and is quite amazing in such a large venue. I'll echo what a couple of others have said, and that would be to have 'Bad' added to set list. Looking forward to the other shows I am lucky enough to get to see! Thanks!
Review of Washington, DC
I had been looking forward to this concert so badly. Unfortunatey, I did not have good seats. I had the next to the last row in the stadium. The echo was so bad that when Bono spoke, I could not understand a single word that he said. It sounded garbled. I could tell what songs they were playing but it sounded terrible. I am so disappointed that I can't even explain. My husband and I have been listening to U2 for more than 25 years and they have been a big part of our lives. Our children enjoy hearing them and I still blast their music. I wish I could see the concert again with better seats.
Wash DC Show
I drove 8 hours roundtrip to see this awesome show. Thanks for making it so memorable. I may have to go to Europe next year for another U2 live fix! Bryan Monzella
I tried to post earlier, but it didn't seem to go through. This was my first time in the "inner circle", and it was an unbelievable experience. Loved all the songs -- hearing Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet were probably my two favorites, although I loved every moment! I will be in Raleigh with my 9 and 7 year old daughters for that concert (in seats high up this time -- so we'll enjoy the light show) and can't wait to experience U2 360 all over again! (Can I beg for "Bad" to be added to the setlist? I have never been to a concert where it has been performed, and it is my favorite... however, if nothing changes from DC, it will still be perfect!) Here's hoping for a second US tour leg...
Happy and Sad
It was a great show it always is. The four of your are the greatest band in the world. I really enjoyed Unforgettable Fire and Your Blue Room. I would have loved to have heard Bad or October. What I was sad about is Bono came over to the red zone on Adam's side once. I brought my 11 year old and she was disappointed. In the past I have been by the catwalk and it was great. I feel it wasn't used to full capacity.
More than I could have imagined!
Totally can't find the words to express my self for what an awesome show this was. Muse kicked serious butt but U2 was off the charts. Goosebumps for when Andy got up there and Bono gave him his glasses. Nice gesture! Go Crazy was just that...Frickin CRAZY!!!! Thank you for a night to remember
Thank you for the release
Attended the show with my friend, we are both young and newly widowed 39 year olds. I lost my beloved on Feb.13, 2009. His name was Garien Hendrick Wycoff. He looked remarkably like Bono. The show in itself was jaw dropping, but the song selection was absolutely beautiful. Blue Room, Ultraviolet, Unforgettable Fire....Seeing Bono on stage shook me a bit at first, because it was like seeing Gary alive again. But the vision and the sounds allowed us to grieve and be joyful at the same time. I hope you boys realize it is not just your music that means so much to us, it is like you have been with us through everything. Much love, AnnMarie
Over the top
Spectacular show. The 360 stage was amazing. The only bad experience all night was the "Johnny Rockets" burger I bought. I can still taste that today! Nasty!
Love the spaceship
Great show, it was nice to see the lads out of doors again. Love the relative intimacy of the arenas but the spaceship and its fantastical lights and colors was amazing. Especially loved Ultraviolet. Never heard that live before myself.
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