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Oct 1 2009
Charlottesville, VA, US / Scott Stadium
with Muse

College show at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville with its own special vibe from a very cool audience who were also well into Muse. (Incidentally, noticed that most of U2 at different moments were also out to catch their set. )

The spirit of Thomas Jefferson is with us tonight, the man who founded this University and was the lead author of an enduring little document called The Declaration of Independence. 'How is Mr Jefferson, ' cries Bono a few minutes into the show. 'Is he in the house?'

As the tour winds its way through North America the show is becoming more unpredictable with the choice of tracks and the running order changing by the night - No Line on the Horizon comes later tonight before the roof-raising, stadium-shaking Magnificent and Elevation. Your Blue Room is finding its place too, a mellow, ambient reflection before New Year's Day and Still Haven't Found launch the 360 space station into orbit again.

If Washington the other night had a distinctly political vibe, tonight we have another makeover as Bono introduces his bandmates for the benefit of the uninitiated.

'Would you let me introduce my room mates ? Behind me the jock, the captain of the football team....on my left, the cheerleaders friend, he plays the four-string instrument, because, in his own words, 'girls love bass'.

And seeing from the clip we have, a lucky local girl who had the scarf she knitted taken and worn by Bono, everyone had a great gig.

If you were at this show, please tell us what it was like and post your photos in our comments area below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
Your Blue Room
New Year's Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Charlottesville Va. rocks
My first U2 concert, I have loved and followed since the beginning, took my daughter, as a surprise gift during a visit from Chicago. She had just seen the show a month previously @ Soldier Field in Chicago, and was the 4th time for her. The night was cool and the moon huge, Great open air feel, the sound was magnificent! So much fun, one of the best memories ever!
Best double whammy ever!
As someone who has waited for this moment since 1983 I cannot express, in words, how amazing this show was. This little Irish girl, rememebers being stopped in her tracks by "a long haired guy singing a great song" when she was 4 years old. I didn't know until recently that U2 was on the radio in her parents Jeep on the way to the hospital, and playing in the delivery room when she was born. This has truely been a lifelong dream. Yes, I cried a little during the show. It was simply raw emotion. And that was just for U2. I was beside myself when I found out that this little band I had been trying to tell people about for a long time was the opening act. Muse... I only regret that it took so long for the masses in the US to really experience thier greatness. What do you get when you combine 2 massively explosive bands with equal ability to attack that place inside each of us that forces us to get up and do something bigger than ourselves? One hell of an amazing show! I hope to see Muse back again next year- yeah I'm going again.
marla from va
Scott Stadium
Unforgettable night... Magnificent U2!!!
Incredible Night
I have been waiting to add my thoughts on the show and its like I dream every night about what I saw. The moment and the feeling has stayed with me even after two weeks. I enjoyed the new songs alot and really was knocked over by the "I'll go crazy" remix it was definetely a highlight. So continued success as the tour winds down and heres to hoping you guys comeback to Virginia again in the future. Thanks, from a U2 fan of 25 years.
Stuck in a Moment
The best experience I've had at a concert. It was my daughters Eve first rock concert and she loved every moment of it. She won the bet on what the opening song would be and since she is 6 years old I thought it to be a great guess. It helped that she listened to all the new songs over and over in the car as we drove to school and by the time the concert came around she knew more words to the songs than i did. It brought back memeories of when I saw U2 in Ireland back in the 80's in Cork. Great memories. You have a new generation of Fan in the manning Family.
Loved it!
What a great concert--and a great first concert for my 7-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. Magical, magical, magical.
saved me
you brought my life "back to life". Losing loved ones is empty and you helped refill the void. U2 - THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
Unbelievable experience
My wife and I felt privilaged to be part of such a unbelievable experience. I saw the lads in 1987 and thought that was the best , but this show was by far better. It was all we thought the concert would be and much more. We thank u2 for being entertaining, enlightning, and encouraging. We thank their families for allowing us to enjoy their loved ones and we thank UVA for the comradery. Peace and Love, Bill and April.
Now Forever a U2 Fan, C-ville love
I must admit that I didn't really know much of ya'lls music. I mean yea, I knew your big songs like Beautiful Day, Elevation, and Vertigo, but i wouldn't have called myself a fan before the concert last thursday night! My dad laid the plywood flooring that you guys may or may not have walked on, and ended up getting tickets to be in the inner circle of "the claw." I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I loved that you guys had Muse open for you, because I love them. I admire that you guys have been together for so long and still enjoy playing with each other and you still enjoy performing. I love that you guys are so involved with charity work. You are just, all around, a fantastic group of guys and I am so glad I got the opportunity to watch you play! Keep rockin' and enjoying what you do! You're great at it!
I'm a longtime U2 fan of 25 years and I was so pleased to see my favorite band of all time in my backyard. They totally did not disappoint!! The remix of "Ill go crazy" was an unexpected highlight to an otherwise great show. Bono was in such a joyful and joking mood and the rest of the band played awesome. Thanks to Edge for waving at me while going in. Hope the guys come back to Virginia again soon. Thanks again guys.
Cassiar Memekio
First Time
This was my first u2 show and the first big concert I've ever been to. I've been in love with u2 ever since I got into music. A crazy night. Unbelievable.
Ross The Boss
U2 can't be Stopped!
U2 has been and will always be my favorite band. They are like no other band, and they truly enjoy music for what it is. They always give it their best and always seem to amaze me with their talent. The whole night I sang along to each and every song. U2's music has a special place in my heart. Bono was funny and him and Edge sang brilliantly. All four of them are extremely talented musicians, and I'm amazed that they've been together for so long and manage to reinvent themselves over and over again. :) The "space station" is a great work of art. U2's members are not only great musicians, but also great people. I want to thank U2 and all of the U2 staff for making my U2 concert experience unforgettably Magnificent.
Spoiled for a lifetime...
This was the first major concert we took our boys to... and they will never see a better show... EVER!!! Not many of their friends are U2 fans, but that hasn't kept them from listening to them. Now a new generation of U2 fans is growing! We will be going to see them again if they come near Virginia!
No words to describe.....
Just absolutely freaking amazing, beyond words to share the experience, without fail U2 has the capacity to make you laugh, cry, feel angry, feel positive, this music speaks to me like no other can. I only wish I had not waited so long to see them again since the the last time was London 1992 (or thereabouts...)
The great concert I have ever seen!
I've been a fan of U2 since I was a kid and they are still as amazing now at age 45! I took my fiance and my sister, first time any of us had seem them live. The choice of songs couldn't have been better as it brought back so many memories. These guys still rock the house and I can honestly say this is one of the best shows I've seen ever! The stage and claw were amazing! The night was unforgetable! Thanks U2!!
Engineering and Humility
It is amazing that the technology and engineering actually do serve to enhance the intimacy and the art of the show. It is amazing that the most significant vibe of the evening was humility. A band just wanting to share their music as best they can. At the bottom of all the showmanship and spectacular is still the music and the heart, the sound and the grace. Best part? Watching Bono enjoying Edge taking a vocal solo!
Charlottesville - One incredible night
It was in the air all over Charlottesville that day; the excitement and anticipation of the biggest band in the world playing at our beloved Scott Stadium. How did we get so worthy? Everyone we met on our journey that day was uplifted and excited. How it is that Bono and his mates can make every concert so special is beyond me! "Is Thomas Jefferson in the house?" A perfect night - even the moon was full !! Thank you, guys, for a night we'll never forget! Thank you for your love and gratitude, and for rocking the house! You just keep getting better and better! Come back anytime.....and soon!
Don´t forget Unknown Caller and Bad in
Please Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam play "Bad" and Unknown Caller in this concert. Is for a special nigth in my life and I need listen for my soul that song. Thank you U2 to coming at Houston...
Girl with the scarf
I am the lucky girl that gave the scarf to Bono.This was my first U2 concert and it definately won't be my last. My sisters and I were in the line 18 hours before the gates opened and every minute of anticipation was worth it all. They put on such an awesome show. They are just so Cool. I can tell they really care for their fans. They want their fans to know they love them. I have never screamed, danced and sang so much in my life. Thank you for making this night so magnificent! I can't wait to see you again. In the meantime, I will be busy knitting more scarves. XOXO
My first concert ever and it's the BEST! U2 was awesome and Muse was a great opening act. I was about 8 feet from the outer circle & it was the most amazing sight I have ever encountered. I got alot of great photos and was glad the my dad was there with me because he loves U2 and he's the reason I love them so much (:
U2 has been my number one band ALWAYS! It was my priviledge and dream come true to attend Thursday's night concert..my first live U2 concert EVER! For that matter my very first live concert ever!! What a mind blower!!! I am still two days later living the experience in my mind and heart. It is something I will never EVER forget...I cried too..the rocket ship was to much(my Father was a NASA Engineer..who I just recently lost).Also cried during Amazing Grace..not sure exactly why except that my emotional cup must have runneth over. Most of my favs were played...shoot Bono and the rest of the band could have played and sung "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and I would have been happy..What a wonderous.. truly WONDEROUS night it was under the moon and stars with U2. Guess I can now truly say I will be ready to leave this earth (when my time comes) one very HAPPY contented person!!! Thanks U2... For "Elevating" this ove very happy Rain drop :) ((( Love Always)))!
My 19th show in 26 years & it ranks in the Top 3! In the inner sanctum 15 feet from Edge & Bono. The band was on big time - feeding off of our energy. Just incredible!!!
Un real ... even got kicked out !
the show was amazing and unfourtunetly i only got to see half of it during new years day i got kicked out of the stadium for trying to climb on to the bridge i made it half way in before a security gaurd tackled me off the frisk wasnt pleasent a cop punched me in the ribs after asking me what my motives where i responded i just wanted to hug adam hhahaha really hoping to see them again and finish the concert =]
Last time I saw U2 was in the late '80's in DC -- 18th row. Wanted an uplifting night to kick off October, the 1st year Anniv. of both parent's deaths....boy I got it. Even the moon showed up, nearly full! At the end of the show, after encore(s)it seemed no one wanted to leave...even Bono remarked that we weren't ready to leave. Great mixture of old and new....from Beautiful Day to Vertigo and Bloody Sunday. Can't get enough of the 4 lads from Ireland who's music reaches across generations. Many of the kids in the audience probably weren't born when I caught my first U2 show. Never quit guys!
Wow!! where do I start...
We got our tix through the fan-club Pre sale & have been waiting patiently ever since..We drove 3 hours from Hampton just for this show.It was the first time I've seen these guys live & all I can say is we(the whole crowd!!!) were blown away by this show...I had heard that they give a good show, but, I had no idea how good until Thurs. night. Set aside the incredible stage & production of this tour,..those 4 guys performance was over the top. When a band can take a crowd from a deafening roar(I'll go crazy,..Vertigo, etc.) to dead silence(with or without you,..Amazing Grace, etc.) & back again at will,.theyre doing somethng right,.. Bono had the crowd in the palm of his hand all night & they definetly showed me why they have the reputation they do for theyre live shows.I told my girlfriend after the show,.."thats why we drove 3 hours"...She told me that she had never seen anything like it in her life & was amazed.I told her I agreed. I've been going to shows,concerts & music festivals for over 30 years...waaaaaaaayyyyy tooooo many to count.. & this show was hands down,. without a doubt, the best show I've ever seen,.,.Cant wait to see them again...
If the goal is soul, then they have mine
This was the first U2 concert that I have had the privilege of being able to see. And the boys did not disappoint. Right from the beginning, it was a totally religious experience and I'm still reeling from it. The venue was huge, and yet it felt so small. I didn't get to see a lot of what was going on with the claw, as we were about two people back from the stage, but it was still just an unbelievable show. This may be blasphemous, but for me personally, it was like sitting on the Mount of Olives. Incorporating the Arch into the show was definitely a wonderful part, and I loved the remix to "IKIGCIIDGCT". Larry Mullen stopped right in front of where we were standing, so it felt a little like we were just at some small, underground Europop dance club with him. Overall, it was a phenomenal show, and I could never thank the guys enough for brining us closer to them. They have blown my mind so many times before and they continue to do so, even when I think it's impossible for them to think of something else.
U2 fans - Charlottesville
Hope the great family we met looks here! We had a great time! Loved meeting you!
Totally worth the wait!!
After six months of holding onto my tickets in anticipation of the show...U2 did not fail to deliver a most excellent performance. The stage set was larger than life and there's nothing better than hearing the band live. We sang, we danced, and we were in the moment from beginning to end. When Bono sang "Amazing Grace"....I teared up. Must give a SHOUT OUT to the U2 staff....the people at the merchandise booths were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you guys....it was truly my pleasure to be able to attend.
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