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Oct 3 2009
Raleigh, NC, US / Carter-Finley Stadium
with Muse
'Magnificent Larry Mullen Junior, magnificent The Edge, magnificent occassion...' Only one word to describe tonight's show in Raleigh, North Carolina.

'Let's get some lift-off' comes the command from 360 flight control as Magnificent gives way to Elevation. And this show takes off.

Special mention to the delegates from the U2 Academic Conference which is taking place in town this weekend - and particularly to Agnes Nyamayarwo, Ugandan anti-AIDS activist and long-time collaborator with Bono, who is celebrating her birthday.

Another long-time collaborator also gets a dedication tonight - Dik Evans, Edge's brother, who's taking part in tomorrows Carnegie Hall RED celebration of Gavin Friday and Friends.

Stand-out moment? At the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bono picks out of the audience a flag that reads 'People Get Ready...' complete with guitar chords. He gives his mic to the guy in the crowd, who knows that this is his moment and with the cameras picking him out for the whole stadium, sings his heart out.

Were you there? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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MOST Incredible Concert Experience Ever
I have followed the music of U2 my whole life. 1980's - Mid-teens through now my 40's - 2000's. I have never been able to get to a concert until the one in Raleigh, NC; NC has been my home for over 20 years. I spent over 23 years in the military and just didn't have the money or the timing never worked out life, deployments...etc. So My wife (also a former US military vet) and I and two close friends attended for me (and my wife) what was the Concert of a lifetime. To be there with my wife, share the music, the life energy that flowed with the music and the fans was overwhelming; try to describe the experieince in words, all the feelings and emotions too much, you just have to go where the moment took you.... My most memorable parts of the concert were the break out of "Stand-by-me" and "Amazing Grace". The music of U2 has spoken not just to life, but to my soul. As a fellow Christian and someone that has struggled through life and my faith at many times, the music that U2 has created has meant so much to me through the years - THANK YOU to the band for sticking togehter and being a part of something greater than just playing and making music. The title for Raleigh was spot-on MAGNIFICENT. I don't really care about the traffic and parking...that's par-for-the-course of any major event...deal-with-it and get-over-it...people. You got to SEE and experience U2 live, playing their hearts out. Love the fact that Bono brought the young man up on stage and gave him his glasses... and allowing the man to sing his heart out that's greatness, thankfulness and being humble. U2 - Terrific, Incredible, Heartfelt. I really hope I get to go see U2 again in my lifetime, if I don't, these memories of Raleigh and the Magnificent night will not Fade. AND, a great shout out to MUSE they rocked!! and are the up coming Headliner Band. My wife and I discoverd them from the Twilight Movie soundtrack, great Pick for the opening act as they are a headliner themsleves; people didn't know or fully appreciate what wonderful band they were getting to experieince. U2 FAN4LIFE Most Sincerely, S. Hopkins
All I Want Is You 2
360 in Raleigh
The best birthday present ever! I am now a Muse fan too!~)
addy john
best concert ever
although i went to 7 concerts in the states from aussie land, this was by far the best concert i've ever seen and heard in my life so far....thanks lads for giving us a great life........been a fan since i was 16 back in 1983 and U2 will be in my life forever
Awesome Show
It was truly an absolutely spiritual experience to have the privilege of attending this show. Typically you 'get over' a show after time has passed, and you go back to your normal life. This show was different though...it stays with you, and becomes a part of you.
Great show by the band ... poor show by
I went to Raleigh after having gone to the Charlottesville show on Thursday. In fact, I bought my ticket for behind the stage at 1PM on Saturday afternoon so it was really spur of the moment kind of thing. I didn't experience the headache of traffic that some did as I know the area fairly well and was mentally prepared for it to be an absolute nightmare. But I will say, Raleigh was horrendous in comparison to Charlottesville parking wise. Charlottesville had their act together; Raleigh was awful. But beyond that, I thought the band was better in Raleigh than they were in Charlottesville. I felt like they really just hit it hard from start to finish and they connected with the audience more so than they did in Charlottesville. So glad I went! Adding "Stand By Me" was phenomenal as I was one of the few people in Carter-Finley who had a full view of the moon over the claw for almost the entire show (I was behind the stage). The band sounded phenomenal and getting a shout out for the @U2 conference was pretty awesome!
U2 and Muse Forever
Son, Wife and I traveled from California to see this combination of bands, and we were not disappointed. We arrived at the stadium during daylight, had no problems by cab and no problems getting back to our hotel in downtown Raleigh. It was the perfect day and evening with Muse, U2 and the full moon. My son enjoys the music from Muse and we enjoy U2. This will be unforgettable.
Im disappointed that the set list did not include unknown caller, by far one of the best songs on their new album. as far as the traffic issue goes. I live an hour and a half from raleigh and i allowed myself ample amount of time to get to the concert. I think the main issue was people who lived close by decided they would just show up and walk right in...didnt happen. a concert of this magnitude required better planning by not only concert goers but the parking staff as well.
My third time seeing U2 over the years, and it just keeps getting better and better! The stage, the show, the emotions ... always leave me feeling like I've had a divine experience. PLEASE come back to Pittsburgh on your next tour! Heinz Field isn't just for the Steelers! If you do return, I have a special song request of Pride/ITNOL with some word changes for an event that took place here in the past year.
Go Wolfpack !!!
Wonderful to see my favorite band in my alma mater's stadium. Got there at 5:30, had a great tailgate, then the best show I've ever been to. Turned 50 at midnight. What a way to celebrate!!! Thanks U2.
Ann Hunt
great show, great place!
There are a lot of comments on this site about troubles with parking and traffic (I personally didn't see it as we got there early, parked easily, and only sat in traffic for about 20 minutes when leaving). But I'd really like to encourage u2 to continue to play in smaller-scale stadiums like Raleigh and like Charlottesville. These are great venues, allowing enough space for all u2's effects and sound, but still providing EXCELLENT visibility for the fans. Especially at Raleigh. Perhaps the solution is to encourage the locals to provide some form of public transport? I certainly would have made use of a bus service had it existed. Excellent show!!! absolutely loved it, and hope to see them at Carter Finley again!
Fantastic show
This was my 12th U2 show over 6 tours. I have to say each tour is unique and has its own signature (Joshua Tree, Zoo Tv, Popmart, Elevation, Vertigo and 360). As for 360 the fans are incredible when you stand in the GA line. I was able to exchange stories with other fans. After the show all fans were saying. WOW. These guys just bring it on. It was a great warm up for U2010.
Unbelieveable show. This was only my second opportunity to see U2 though I've been a fan since the early 80's. "Unforgettable Fire" and "New Years Day" are two of my all-time favorites, so I was particularly excited to hear those. "Ultraviolet" with the laser jacket and drop mike were very cool, and it brought back memories of the only other show I got to see - the Zoo TV tour back in '92. I loved the moment when Bono handed his mike to the random guy in the audience to let him sing a few bars of "People Get Ready" - an unexpected, stand-out moment that made the show unique. These guys clearly appreciate their fans and the fact that they spend a lot of money and sometimes travel a long way to see their shows, so they put everything they have into them to make them memorable. Absolutely brilliant.
First Timer....
My first U2 concert and I cannot describe how much I enjoyed the show. I tear up every time I tell someone about it! Every moment, every song was incredible and Bono's infections enthusiasm will stay with me forever! The weather, the sexy band members, the full moon, the song choices - PERFECTION!! I will do everything I can to attend another show. A truly moving experience! To those who complained about traffic -plan ahead next time and instead of jumping into your car and immediately trying to nudge your way in - take some time, talk to your friends and discuss how awesome the show was. I went from the parking lot to 440 in less than ten minutes! Learn to take your time and enjoy the moment!! U2 please do not let the traffic complainers deter you from playing this venue again!! Love you! One question, why no videos from our show?
a great anniversary
On Oct 3 1987, I saw U2 for the first time at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto (Joshua Tree Tour). What better way to mark that anniversary than with another U2 show at Carter Finley stadium (my sixth U2 concert to be precise!) One thing hasn't changed in the last 22 years is the energy, enthusiasm and passion that U2 brings to every show. I've seen some comments that the crowd was too subdued - I guess we lucked out because everyone around us screamed, sang, jumped, and danced for the entire show. Oct 3 09 also marked another milestone - my husband and I met eight years ago during the Elevation tour, but I was unable to take him. I promised him that I would take him the concert. Eight years later, I was finally able to make good on my promise and take him to his first U2 concert, which he ranked as the best-sounding live show he has ever seen. He had such a great time that we are getting tickets for the Frankfurt show in 2010! Overall, it was a "Magnificent" night! One final comment for those who have been whining incessantly about the parking and traffic in Raleigh Our friends and we hired a driver well in advance and split the cost (which worked out to be approx the same cost as parking if we'd driven separately), had the driver drop us off just outside of the venue, WELL AHEAD OF TIME, arranged an off-site meeting place and had no problems with traffic at all. Knowing that there's no public transportation and a shortage of taxis to the biggest show in recent Raleigh history - you should have simply PLANNED AHEAD.
Thanks for the show U2!
As much as I've listened to them through the years, this is the only time I've seen them in concert. It was better than I'd hoped for. There were really great fans I was with at the General admission gate for the field access, and they gave me some inside tips. Muse was an excellent opening act. But when Larry comes out, walks out and sits down at the drums and starts whaling, and joined by The Edge, Adam, and Bono....WOW!! In my 48 years I've never seen a group that could be together as long as they have, with all the tours they've done, and yet play with such joy, passion, and enthusiasm. I felt like they were just playing for me, with every song I wanted them to play. I really do appreciate them and all the folks who helped them put on such a great show.
I've seen the band several times now, with the first being in Atlanta in 1986 for Amnesty International... completely changed my life as a 16-year-old... I was so happy that for the first time I'd see them in my "home" town of Raleigh. I'm sorry the traffic sucked, but I'm also glad I got there 3 hours ahead of time. It was truly an amazing, wonderful show. Saw them with good friends who were first-timers--what a great experience for them! LOVED seeing the Unforgettable Fire, In A Little While, and the Crazy re-mix. The full moon was an added bonus, wasn't it? Every show over the past 23 years has just gotten better and better. Trying to go to Seville in 2010!
Red Zone/Conference
Both show AND conference were great!!! (Avoided the traffic mess by staying where I could walk to venue.) Had Red Zone for the first time and had a great spot on the rail. This was my 10th show (I know -not so many by some standards, but I started late) and it ranks #2 (Hawaii-Vertigo is #1.) The conference was amazing. A chance to meet great people (including U2 Mount Temple classmate and respected music critic, Neil McCormick) and, for two days, be with people who didn't yawn or laugh while you went on (and on and on) about U2, not to mention some amazing insights in theology, literature, sociology, ect. Hope they do it again.
Amazing concert
My sister and I flew to Raleigh to see U2 since they didn't come to Pittsburgh this time around. The parking was crazy, but we only missed Muse's first song. The concert was awesome and I really liked the mix of songs. The 360 screen was also really amazing and made us feel like we were up close. Can't wait to see them in concert again!
Awesome in Raleigh - on to Atlanta
Great show in Raleigh - glad I cabbed it in and out.. Taking my wife and two girls to the Atlanta show. It will be my girls first time going to see U2 - that is going to make it even more worth going south today..
BEST ever. Period.
This was my 7th U2 show, 2nd on this tour......I have been a fan for over 20 years but only recently in my "older" years had the ability to go to shows.......by far this is the BEST U2 show and BEST concert I have been to. I saw then in DC and it was great but not as magical as Raleigh. I feel bad so many had issues with traffic and parking but you cannot blame the tour for that, they rely on the venue and local authorities to handle that and they apparently did not plan well...... That being said.....I had the privilege of being front rail center right in front of Bono...this in itself made the show amazing but even if that was out of the equation this was the best, hands down. The crowd was just electric and you could tell the band was feeding off of it. When the crowd started singing ISHFWILF...the energy was amazing. And a special thank you to Bono for actually seeing my "Bono Smile 4 Me" sign and actually smiling and then coming over to sing a bit of a song right in front of me.......a dream come true for this girl. Thank you Bono for being the person you are and for inspiring so many people to do so many good things in the world. I cannot wait to see the guys again in 2010
U2 in Raleigh
Amazing show...the stage and screen were truly mind-blowing! Favorite moment: Bono throwing his mike to a fan (who did a great job) for a verse of "People Get Ready" Very very cool! Favorite new tune: Magnificent was truly magnificent.....
My sisters and I drove from Savannah,Georgia to see this show. It was a 5 hr drive for us, but I would drive 10 if I had to. We tried to get good seats at the GA Dome, but they were all sold out.It was well worth the drive and the traffic was crazy. I am 49 and I have loved this band 4-ever seems like it anyway. They are the BEST and will always be in my book. My dream would be to meet them one time, along with a million other fans. I thought is was very nice for Bono to let the little boy Ryan walk around the stage with him. I just wish it could have been me. A lot of bands would not have give Ryan the time of the day. I love U2, there music and the messages that he gives to his fan. Your faithful fan 4-ever
Never Seen A Moon Like This!!!
What can I say? Gorgeous autumn evening beneath a full moon sky and the world's best band live and in person to entertain us...life rarely gets much better than this. From the time U2 took the stage we were on our feet -- dancing, singing, shouting! I'm a huge fan & have been for many, many years, but this was my first opportunity to see a live show. Those few hours were WELL worth every penny of money and every moment spent in traffic. Loved the "People Get Ready" moment...C, A minor, F...and the young boy (Brian) that Bono pulled up on stage. He'll never forget the evening, and neither will I!!! I was thrilled to hear new AND old favorites, and the verse of Amazing Grace during the encore drove home one of the many reasons I love this band so much. U2's music awakens the mind, body & soul.
Jaw Dropping
Incredible show. This is the first time I've ever seen them. I own every dvd and thought that I might not come away impressed. I thought I might just see more of the same. Boy was I wrong!! The setlist was great. I loved it. I also wish everyone would quit complaining about the traffic. It's U2. Most of the people who complained are most likely Charlotte snobs. I would sit in 3 hours of traffic and walk 10 miles if I had to - to see that concert again.
Mike McFadden
How will they top this?
That was easily the best U2 show I have seen!!!! From Breathe to Moment of Surrender it was far beyond what we dreamed of. When I saw Zoo TV in 1992 I was sure I would never see anything better than that. I was wrong! I left there saying that there is NO way they can top this! What a great way to celebrate mine and my friend Gil's 40th birthday!!! Full moon, clear skies and 75 degrees in October in the Great North State with the boys from the north side of Dublin. Truly a Beautiful Day!
First Time... And it was Magificent!
Wow, I'm only fourteen years old and I got into U2 at about eleven but even in that short period of time i have turned into a U2 fanatic. This was my first concert and I went with my best buds. This concert experince exceeded my expectations times 100. It was awesome. I saw U2 at Carter Finley Stadium in Raleigh, and I loved it. The light show was beyond anything I'd ever seen. We had no trouble getting in and the parking-even though it was quite a walk- couldn't be any smoother. We practically walked the entire place trying to find our car after the concert, so it was truly a 360 tour, but that added to the fun and hype of the night. Muse was great too. Comming from a younger fan: You guys were amazing, brillant, Magnificent
Thank you U2 for coming to Raleigh!! That concert was the best concert I have EVER seen. I loved every song; especially WALK ON. What wonderful messages that you brought to us. Be aware. Be helpful. Be loving. Most importantly BE ONE!!
Mind Blowing
I have been a U2 fan for 25 years so Saturday's concert was much anticipated. The band's impact on my life at age 17 in 1993 when my mom died of cancer can not be stressed enough. Their lyrics resonated with me and still speak to my soul. The show was incredible and the joy it brought t o me ranks in the top 4 next to the birth of my three children. I am so thankful that I was able to experience U2 live - it was a show of a lifetime for me and it blew my mind to comprehend that it was real. Thank you U2 <3
This was my fifth show and it was easily the best. My wife and I drove 6 hours to see U2 and didn't once question wether or not it was worth it. I only wish that I could go to Atlanta tomorrow but it is my daughter's 11th b-day and I don't want to be away from her. Super night by U2
Full Moon Show
What a beautiful night to see an outdoor U2 show! Yet, traffic leaving the stadium was ridiculous. Great show, but want more 90's albums. Thanks for Unforgetable Fire!
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