U2360° TOUR

Oct 6 2009
Atlanta, GA, US / Georgia Dome
with Muse
Were you at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below. Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Best Birthday Ever
Oct 6th is my birthday and my little girl and I spent it at the U2 concert in Atlanta. We drove up from New Orleans, because U2 will not play NOLA, on the 5th. We spent a few days in Atlanta, but nothing was better that the concert. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday with my little girl and the greatest band in the world.
A family memory...
I can't belive this was a year ago already! I went with my husband and our 2 daughters and it is one of our best memories. It was our first concert, and it was really meaningfull for us. The youngest (6 yrs old) is a big fan; she loves 'moment of surrender' and she waited all night just to hear that song. We all had a great time and would love to repeat it. We were living in Georgia at the time but now we live in Uruguay, South America. When r u coming this way?
Our 1st U2 Concert-Awesome!!!
My wife and I attended the ATL concert following what was a particularly hard 6 months in several areas of our lives, which we had come through, with God's help, and I bought the tickets as a welcome to the other side kind of victory celebration. We were blown away with everything about the show! We were not disappointed in any way. We didn't get any pictures due to being told that cameras were not allowed in the venue. Then when the flashes started all over the house, I knew I had screwed up. Next time we go were bringing a droid phone or some equivalent to capture some of the event! We were anticipating Pride being sung, but not hearing it did not diminish the event in any way. We will surely see them again the next time they come across the pond! Go U2 Go!!!
This was my first U2 concert and definitly not my last! it was the best night of my life!
my best concert to date...
I have to say I loved every minute of this show!!! This was my first time seeing U2 live and being able to be there was an amazing experience!! They are by far one of the best bands of our time. I have a few of their albums and grew up listening to them on the radio, so seeing them BLEW ME AWAY!!! The only complaints that i have though, the show should NOT have been at the Georgia Dome ( very BAD acoustics ) and the way the stage was set up, If you were behind the stage you really couldn't see them all that well. The stage only faced one way , so it's a good idea they had that circle so that Bono and The Edge could walk around, other wise I would have had to watch the big tv the whole time!!! Other than the GREAT SHOW!!! Hope they come back...xoxo
You never disappoint me
The show in Atlanta was amazing. I had very high expectations and they were exceeded. Did I expect Pride in the Name of Love. Sure. Did the show sink because it was not in the set? No. Was the mix of new and older U2 enough balance for me? Absolutely. Can I think of a track I wish they had played? No. Did I feel Bono connected. I was not that close and I felt very close. The stage setup was unlike anything else. The sound system was obviously a new standard. I am not the usual follow the band around guy. But I will see you in LA, Miami, and NY in 2010. Hell, maybe I'll make it to Montreal(2) too! THANK YOU!
Not their best set...
I love U2 and had looked forward to seeing them for months. I thought their first 10 songs were absolutely incredible. The bands energy level was amazing, Bonos voice incredible and they actually overcame the horrible acoustics provided by the Dome. Bono seemed to struggle on Unforgettable Fire and the band never seemed to fully regain the energy of the first 10 songs of the set. The encore had absolutely no energy and the song choice was awful. Everyone was expecting them to play Pride in the Name of Love but it never happened.Hello, we are in the ATL, home of MLK and the basis of the songs story! Given the downbeat Moment of Surrender we all thought they would play Pride and finish but instead inexplicably ended the show on that note. Big, Big letdown. Ona positive note, Muse was outstanding and exceede my expectations!
follow up
45 times??? are you kidding me? while i'm sure if i had had the PLEASURE of seeing them that many times i would say some were better than others, but i would NEVER say i was disappointed with one!...unless the power went out, bono lost his voice, edge broke his hand, larry poked himself in the eye with a drumstick, and adam missed the flight there! give me a break!
Awe Inspiring
So very uplifting. Fantastic show start to finish! Muse was great. U2 unbelievable! What a positive bunch of guys. Their good attitude is catching. Sound was better than I expected for a dome (Much! .... thx Willie!) I'm around the same age as the U2 guys, so I grew up with their music. I've had a lot to be down about lately and I couldn't have afforded the tickets but my wife won free tkts (God love her) and inner circle wrist bands to go with them. How's that for changing your luck! We were right on the side of the stage just a few feet from Adam. I've seen many concerts at many venues in the ATL and all I can say is if you guys ever come back , as long as I can walk I will do all I can to make sure I'm there. I promised Miranda some photos like the ones below, but I see she is already famous on YouTube. But since I promised, here's one anyway. Come back soon yall.
Edge & Larry Atlanta
They were awesome
Still The Best!
After seeing these guys for so many years - since I was a 16 year old lad in 1983 - they still put on the best show in the world! I can't drive the streets of any African nation without the words of "where the streets have no name" running through my head. Certainly some of the best lyrics of our day! I hope this isn't your last tour, but if it is, thanks for all the great music and for all of the awesome memories.
Have been a fan since War....the days when alternative were being born....bono quote...."we were alternative when there was no alternative"...third time seeing band....have had some hard days in the past and u2 was my escape...Zooropa 93 days to be frank..."For the first time"...so when I got to the show...the band was in my face....five yards in front of Adam...very humble gentlemen...but missed out on "Your Blue Room" absoutly love that song....More than Pride that people were wanting to hear.
What a spectacle...
This was the 2nd U2 show for me and my wife (we saw the vertigo show) The stage presence of the band was undeniable; I can't get over that stage and that crowd! It is stirring to hear Still haven't found sung so loudly and sweetly by all of us...thanks,U2! There are lots of things to remember...I'll Go Crazy remix!! I didn't think that would work but it did. Ultraviolet was a great addition, and I thought Breathe was a great opener. Stuck in a moment acoustic is a classic. The only songs I couldn't get jazzed about were no line and get on your boots, but i'm sure others loved them. the crowd just didn't seem to get behind those. We had good seats in section 118 and didn't seem to have problems with acoustics that others had. To sum it up I would say that I look forward to seeing the boys again real soon and would be pumped if I knew I would be seeing them in the near future. ps..our 20y/o daughter had a great time going to see mom and dad's band and we nearly won over a fanatic kiss fan that we took along...haha
Emotional lift-off
This was my 7th U2 concert, and I last saw them in Raleigh on Oct. 3rd. My brief comparison between the two shows: Raleigh acoustics were better (because it was open-air), they played a little longer in Raleigh, and Bono’s voice was a little better at Raleigh. But, the ATL show was much more emotionally powerful and the crowd was better in ATL. I was front and center on the floor with a friend who is a huge U2 fan (drdavidcampbell who posted above…hey David!). During One, Bono seemed to be fighting back tears and was grimacing towards the end of the song. Edge saw and moved closer to him, intently watching him. Bono then simply spoke (not sang) “love is a temple, love the higher law” 2 times because it looked like he was unable to sing because he was choked up. After a few moments he was able to finish the song. Right after One and the Amazing Grace verse, his tech came out to take the guitar from Bono. The tech was shaking his head, pounding his hand over his heart, and had a look of awe on his face. After all these years and performing that song thousands of times, Bono still gets into it emotionally…and it still touches the roadies who have also heard that song thousands of times. That’s just one of the reasons I love U2. Highlights of the ATL show for me: Crazy remix (love it!), Until the end of the world, Bono pulling the woman from the audience up onto the bridge, and Ultraviolet. Oh, and I got some good picks of when Bono pulled Miranda on stage. Send me your email address and I can send them to you (none of him kissing her hand, though).
This is the first time i've seen U2 (also the largest concert i've been to) and i got the awesome spot right in front (20 yards away from Bono's mic) in general admission (sorry to all the people i may have squished past). I was just taking my older sister as a birthday gift and i didnt know all the songs but now i'm so addicted to U2!! They kept me engaged the whole time and were just AMAZING!! They are on the top of my must-see-in-concert-again list. Only sad part was that they didn't play Pride (in the name of love), Especially since it was Atlanta. But everything else about the concert made up for it plus some!!
This is my second post regarding the concert at the Ga. dome in Atlanta. My wife nor I ever thought we would a) ever see the band live... b) get on stage... or c) watch a video ON THIS WEBSITE of the whole thing !!! I would love to see any other photos of the two of them (Especially when he knelt and kissed her hand:) ... Not sure who reads this, but it has been over a week now since the show and we are STILL stuck in the most wonderful moment! Many thanks to you all.
No words can describe this show!!
This is my first U2 show as I am only 13 years old! This was my 13th birthday present and I will admit that it was the best present I could have ever asked for. They played all of my favorites including With Or Without You. Allthough I would have loved to hear Discotheque, Pride(In the Name Of Love),and New Year's Day I ended up feeling very happy with the setlist. Bono and The Edge are really looking good!! Haha :)
Amazing Concert
As my second time at U2's concert(first was the vertigo)I really loved this concert. It was amazing to see how they use technology to inspire their fans and make an unforgetable show.I really wanted to hear songs like The fly, Pride, and other older ones but was happy at all.Hope you guys come back and I'll be there again. My mother was like so surprised for what she saw and thank you guys as well....Great job!!!!!
I'll Go Crazy remix is always the highli
Been to three shows on this tour so far (Boston1 and DC), and Atlanta was the best. The band had a lot of energy, as did the crowd. I have to say that the highlight of every show for me is the "I'll Go Crazy" remix. I love, love, love that song, and no matter how mellow the crowd is at the beginning of the show, this song totally transforms the mood. Everybody just goes crazy indeed. Bono's voice was pretty powerful, and the Edge's guitar gets the audience in a riot. My most favorite parts though are Adam's basslines that are so rich, it's almost the defining part of the song. Then there's Larry playing the djembe, which I find so raw. It's amazingly ironic that the song sounds electronic and techno, while Larry's playing traditional African percussion. Amazing.
Back to Being U2
Interesting how so many of us *expected* to hear Pride (In the Name of Love). I did as well. Not only would it have been very poignant in Atlanta, but the song itself is beautiful and a huge nostalgic favorite for a lot of us. It is interesting what we *expect* from these guys. They have set the bar so high and they always seem to leave us wanting more, right? They are very smart how they do that...yes indeed. They are like a drug that you cannot get enough of. We drove from Tampa to Atlanta, although they play here this evening, because tonight we are booked and did not want to miss this tour. So our expectations were as high as any other fan's. I have seen them 5 times before since 1985. The first two shows (Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree) were intimate and emotional leaving an impression that has lasted to this day. The next 3 were not so great (all lights, video screens, and less sound/voice quality...somewhat forgettable). They really got it right for this show bringing back the emotional connection that U2 fans come to *expect*. Although they did not capture what was once there over 25 years ago (and let's face it, they never will because as they say "you can't go back"), they did a great job of combining a huge production with good sound and good voice from Bono. Listening to The Unforgettable Fire at the show did not deliver the same chills it did listening to it on my iPod earlier in the day, nevertheless, I appreciate that they performed it live. Their newer songs sounded great and got everyone dancing which was huge fun. They were so high energy that the monstrous claw structure did not overpower the performance. Actually, it was extremely cool to look at and actually enhanced the whole experience. At the end of it, I just thought "my boys are still awesome". Finally, U2 fans are the most fun to be around which made the show that much more enjoyable. I love seeing 40ish year old men singing with their hands over their hearts.
"You are amazing"!!! This is what Bono said to my wife as I lifted her on to the catwalk during the show in the Georgia dome!! They walked to the end, he kissd her hand and was the quintessential gentleman. The BEST show EVER!! To you Bono... Thank you for helping us find what we were looking for!!!
U2 Rocked...
...But the Georgia Dome is not my favorite concert venue! This would have been much better outdoors than indoors. Definitely my favorite band, but we need an outdoor stadium next time!
Trying to find words
I feel like I might be slightly over-dramatic about it, but I'm still trying to find words to describe what I'm thinking and feeling from the concert on Oct. 6. To say it was amazing is only stating a portion of it. It was inspiring as well. As of Thursday, it's still having an affect on me. I wish I could put it into words better, but all I know is that show literally will have a lasting impact on me. U2 is the epitome of dreaming big and going for it, and that's something that inspires me. That may be why I'm attracted to their music so much. To connect with that sentiment live, in concert was truly amazing. I hope to see the show again, and I hope to allow myself to be continually be inspired and daring enough to go for whatever my dreams are.
U2 cannot top U2
I know you tried extreme measures to be close to us--AND not do 2 or 3 shows a night in each city--and the claw is impressive! Even unlit! There are just too many U2 fans! We've all grown up, but haven't gone away and then produced more! I don't want you guys to get too tired! (well here's a mama speaking) Just know that we love you and no matter how big you get, we will always be there to fill up a stadium to see you perform your magic. And, OH, Ultraviolet! SO much fun to Bono at his old antics, but breathtakingly beautiful!
I have been a U2 fan for four years. I have listened to and watched live shows but I never had experienced one personally. I was completely blown away and never knew that U2 was so great in person. U2 performed great and they were at their best on Tuesday night! The best rock band in the world no doubt! Thanks for a great night boys! Hope to see you come back to the U.S. next year! P.S. What a stage! It was incredible and really added to the show! How did ya'll get it in the stadium? Its so huge!
Excellent Show
I loved the show--especially given my $30 seats. Good job.
amazed in Atlanta
power,beauty and message-all there. My first live show, drove 600 miles, would do it all again!
The show was awesome. I did not expect the level of performance that we encountered. They did a brilliant job. I was disappointed a little because they did not play my personal favorite "Pride", but other than that I really enjoyed the show.
my life was changed...
U2 has been my favorite band since I was a little kid. I grew up listening to their music and felt as if they were there at every turning point in my life, helping me get through the hard times, and making me feel even better about the good times. I've been wanting to see them forever, but unfortunately never got around to it. During my teen years, I started listening to U2 more and more to the point where I can almost sing along to every song in their catalog. Seeing them on October 6 in Atlanta was the single most exciting, most jubilant experience of my life. Seeing the people I look up to most in the world walk onto the stage made my heart stop. I was going crazy, singing and dancing to every single song. When they played Ultraviolet, I felt as if I had died and went to heaven. In fact, I felt as if I were a lost soul being carried through space on an incredible journey. I can not thank the lads enough. God Bless U2.
Still in top form!
Well, I do feel for the people who have had the privilege of seeing U2 45 times and were disappointed, but this was my first time even though I've wanted to see them for 23 years and never had the chance (either from not being able to afford a ticket, even *get* a ticket, or from being outside the country during tours). I was desperately trying to "win" tickets after everything sold out, but of course that's like playing the lottery! But then I found discount tickets I could afford at the very last minute...so I felt incredibly blessed even though we were behind the stage. Now that I look at some of the comments about the sound, I'm wondering if location in the Dome made a difference. Because I'm somewhat of a sound freak, and I was MASSIVELY impressed with the sound. It was clear and distinct--just a gorgeous sound, at least where I was. Even with everyone singing and screaming at the top of their lungs, we could always here Bono's voice strong and clear. In fact, the thing that struck me the most was how incredibly beautiful his voice sounded--I have never ever heard that sort of quality at a live show before, much less a gigantic stadium show. Of course we gazed longingly at the lucky floor ticket people around the stage and the moving wings since the band didn't get to the back end too often, but they did do their best to give us some love (including a Larry on the Hand Drum solo), and we had a fabulous time. I'm surprised that someone here said they felt a disconnect, because I felt like the band was there to give give give to us--it was about us and not them...I felt like the show was so personal, personally. :) While I'm sure those who have been to all the tours might have wanted to hear other less-played songs, I was thrilled that they sang so many old standards that they know mean so much to us...and I loved how they still put new life into songs they've played thousands of times. It didn't feel canned at all--you felt the creativity going strong. While I don't know why people are complaining that they didn't play this or that, I do agree with the person who mentioned Pride that I was kind of sad when MLK didn't go into Pride...it would have only been fitting...but I really have no complaints! It was an awesome experience that I've waited for since I was a kid, and I'm thankful for all they put into the show! There were so many great moments that I'll always remember... For everyone who is going to an upcoming show: you're going to have a blast!
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