U2360° TOUR

Oct 6 2009
Atlanta, GA, US / Georgia Dome
with Muse
Were you at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below. Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Great Big Show...!!!!
This is my second U2 Experience. I saw them @ the AA Arena in Miami on December 2, 2001. That was a great intimate show. This new show is a Great Big Show, it has a great gigantic stage, great lights, huge visuals, sound was very good for such a big dome. Only U2 can pull off something this big. This was a great experience. I hope to see them again down the road. My only complaint is that they did not play New Years Day, they were playing that song in the previous shows. Good Luck and thanks for the best Arena Show in the World.
raise the roof and blew it off
I though the hurricanes down south were the things to look out for, Thats was some serious bombs being dropped in here tonite and wow that was cool.... keep jammin and rockin out, my ears are still a ringin
The GA Dome performance was my 5th show, and 2nd this tour. I thought certainly that, since it was Atlanta, when Blue Room wasn't in the first few that it would be replaced later on with Pride (In the Name of Love)...wrong again, but to no dissapointment...they were still stellar!! Thanks again for a magnificent evening!!! Now...back to school. Love and Light.
An Intimate Dome
Bono said that the band wanted to get intimate with those in attendance Tuesday night. It was amazing to witness the passion with which U2 performs. The stage was awesome. Loved the video screen. The lighting was spectacular. The songs were full of charisma. No Line on the Horizon had a great live vibe. Amazing Grace lead-in to Where the Streets Have No Name. Acoustic version of Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For. Great memories. After Vertigo, the concert never let up, until Moment of Surrender seemed to be a gentle lullabye, softly saying good night to the crowd. As Atlantans, we all wanted to hear Pride, but we did get MLK. I left basking in the glory of an intimate experience with U2, looking forward to the next time we meet.
From Knoxville to the Horizon
Last night marked my 11th U2 show over the years (from War tour on), and the band gets better every time I see them. Bono's vocals were extremely powerful, and the place was LOUD! Muse was awesome as well, even though the sound wasn't as good as they deserve! I finally got to go inside the ramps and I can not adequately describe the atmosphere down there! There is truly a palpable connection between U2 and the fans, and that connection was very powerful last night! We drove down to Hotlanta from Knoxville and were impressed with the sound inside the dome. I can't estimate the crowd, but there were very few empty seats, and we were packed into a sardine-like love fest down by the stage. The only thing I can think of that would improve the show was for the band to interact more with the folks behind the set. Larry's drum set spun backwards twice, and Bono made a couple token laps around the track, but I couldn't help but wonder if the "backstage" people felt a bit neglected. I would wager they probably didn't care too much, because just to be in the building was a treat and an honor that I will cherish forever (or until the next tour!)
It was ok...
I've seen U2 over 45 times in the past 25 years and I have to say this show was not my favorite. The set needed more vintage songs and the set was simply too big for this incredible band. Bono seemed to struggle through a few songs, Ultraviolet and Unforgetable Fire. And it just did not seem that electric as I have seen in the past. I did love the acoustic version of Stuck In A moment. More next time Boys.
It was ok...
I've seen U2 over 45 times in the past 25 years and I have to say this show was not my favorite. The set needed more vintage songs and the set was simply too big for this incredible band. Bono seemed to struggle through a few songs, Ultraviolet and Unforgetable Fire. And it just did not seem that electric as I have seen in the past. I did love the acoustic version of Stuck In A moment. More next time Boys.
Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam, Thank you for coming back to Atlanta. You have woven a thread of magic through my life now for over 20 years. You've been there with your beautiful music for all of the ups and downs. The concert was awesome, so thankful I got to see you again. Thanks for Unforgetable Fire and for throwing your hearts and souls into the music last night with everything you've got.
Exactly what I expected!
This was my 4th time seeing U2 and I enjoyed seeing them just as much as the other 3 times! I can't say anything negative about it, I had such a good time! I loved how they sang Amazing Grace and it moved straight into Where the Streets Have no Name. I thought that was very cool.
The best yet
I have not stopped since the Joshua Tree tour, and last night was the best I have seen! It was my wife's birthday and we celebrated with U2! Thanks boys for all the years of pure joy. No better band in the world!
Georgia Dome
Second time I have seen them in the dome and sound was just as bad as the first. Also felt disconnected with the band as much as that was the purpose behind the stage design. Have been fortunate to see them multiple times over the last 25 and would much rather have them next door at Phillips. Stage was incredible, vocals were lost? Was a great experience to take two teenage kids to. The U2 following continues.
Great Show
As always, a great performance. Loved the stage and the way it lets the guys interact with the audience. I have always seen U2 concerts in the northeast or Dublin, and was actually pretty disappointed with the Atlanta crowd. Great mix of songs, but why,why,why did they do that to 'Crazy'?? That is my favorite song on the new album, and I was so looking forward to seeing it performed live. It was a travesty. All noise, couldn't even hear the stunning words...Otherwise though, all I've come to expect from a U2 show. Love them.
Mind blowing
This was my second U2 show (the first being during the ZooTV tour way back in the day) and I was just as blown away this time as I was the first. This band brings amazing energy and they seem at peak form, amazing given how long they've been doing this. They also seem to still have such affection for each other. I was standing in the second row center in front of the stage and watching their faces as they interacted with one another was pretty cool. Highlights for me were being there with a big time U2 fan, my friend Mike, Bono pulling a very happy young woman up onto the footbridge with him, the remix of I'll Go Crazy, and of course, a great performance of my favorite U2 song yet written: With Or Without You. Sunday Bloody Sunday still brings goosebumps. Great show. Acoustics seemed pretty spot on, though that close to the stage it's hard to get a feel for the mix, or how it would sound further back.
What a day !!!!
Having my long time U2 Buddy Assi from Cleveland here with me in Atlanta was one Highlight. Having a Spot in the inner circle right at the walkway was a other highlight for us. Great Show great people around us * why are some people taller than 6 feet always stay in front of me ?? :-) * Loved every song U2 played last night. It could not be a better concert. and yes..I'm so sorry I stepped on the guys foot next to me while I was dancing .. I'm so sorry
Great, as always
We had a great time on the field last night at the G Dome. I purposely avoided any news about prior shows on the tour so it was all new to me. Great set even if i would have preffered a straight up version of I'll Go Crazy, but that's a quibble.
After the Vertigo tour, I thought U2 wouldn't be able to top it, but then I encountered U2 360 last night at the dome. Wow. In many ways a much more mellow show than Vertigo, the stage, including state of the art high-tech digital screens, an awesome red microphone near the end of the show, moving bridges and a rotating Larry Mullen, only touches the tip of the iceberg for the incredibe technology used during the show. As usual, the band as an ensemble, played off one another--Bono ad-libbing as The Edge had some mic issues, Larry Mullen grabbing Adam Clayton's bum, Bono leaning on Adam's shoulder--offered the audience what we love about U2--intimacy and togetherness. And then ... the music ... classic, wonderful U2! Ending with "Surrender" offered audience members just what Bono desired for this show--connection to those of us sitting in the stands. And after finishing the song, he lingered, thanking everyone, band members, road crew, Obama's sister, REM, and fans. What a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring experience. I'm ready for the next album and the next concert already!!
I took three people who have never seen U2 and even been to the GA Dome. I have been to 3 U2 concerts before. I told them before the show that this will be an experience in a lifetime for them. IT WAS ! What an absolutely personal experience for all of us. Realizing that the GA Dome was not made for the best acoustics in the world, it was an enjoyable experience for all of us. Moment of Surrender as the last song was appropriate. I love U2 and hope that they will add more shows in 2010, what about Charlotte, NC again?
WHY didn't they play Pride?
The one song (In The Name of Love) that meant the most to Atlanta they did not sing. It seemed as if everyone were waiting for that song and when the boys finally walked off stage it was almost a slap in the face to Atlanta. Don't get me wrong the they were great with what they played but a little homework on where they were playing would have been nice. In addition, the dome acoustics were bad. I am glad I saw them in Dublin at Croke where they were the best band in the world.I guess my expectations were too high for this concert. I just can't believe they didin't play In The Name Of Love (Pride). I left disappointed along with others.
My Favorite U2 Show So Far
I saw U2 in San Diego on Joshua Tree tour and Philadelphia on Vertigo 2005. But this was the best of them all. The stage set up was just unbelievable and the band sounded like a million bucks. And opener Muse was also fantastic. A great night with an awesome set list. I hope they do another U.S. leg next year so I can go again. And that 360 video screen was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. Well worth the $40. Amazing!
They amaze everytime
This is my 8th U2 concert over the years and they amaze me all the time. The energy is simply something to behold especially if you think about the years they have been doing this. On the choice of songs... can't have everything, can we? And they do have a lot of them so this was good enough for us. Just hope they keep going on and on! Best of luck guys
Another Fabulous Show!!!
I'm a huge fan and this was my 3rd concert for you guys in Atlanta. When you were in Atlanta for the Vertigo tour you played for 2-nights (Fri & Sat) at Philips Arena. I would much rather have had you come on a weekend and at Philips. Although the energy was great, the songs were fabulous and the stage was amazing (as always) the acoustics were less to be desired. I think you sold yourselves short with hosting at the Dome and only for one night during the middle of the week. Overall I loved the concert and loved having Muse open for you. It was nice to find an opening act from a totally different genre from your guys' music. I love the range in your playlist; playing songs from your new album as well as the most memorable songs spanning your career. I will always come to see you everytime you're in my hometown and as many nights as your willing to play. So please come back and wow us with all your talents!!!!
My three sons
I have been a U2 fan since War. I have seen them in their early concerts. Zooropa in JFK had tons of sound reverberation and it was raining endlessly. But they still put on a great show. I am not sure what people were looking for last night in Atlanta but I am glad that we splurged ($500!) on tickets to see U2 again. They played every song to the fullest and the sound quality was amazing. I loved how they played songs from every one of their albums and when they changed the melody on a few songs they still sounded great. They are the best band ever and the best concert band ever, in my mind. They are worth seeing any time, any place, any where.
What a perfect night....I've seen 'em live every tour since Joshua Tree.....they just keep upping the ante. What a spectacle. The song selection was perfect. The new songs were amazing live....and hearing Ultraviolet, MLK, Unforgettable Fire was something I'll hold onto forever! I got teary eyed during "Still Haven't Found" and into the beautiful segue of "Stand By Me"....what a perfect night in ATL!!!!!
2nd Best Concert I've ever been to.
The first was in the mid to late 80's and was also U2! Loved the show! U2 is undeniably the best band ever!
Great show guys!
This is my third time seeing U2 and every time they are solid. The stage show was other worldly and simply amazing.
I wish they would have played the one song that meant the most to Atlanta; In The Name of Love (Pride). I think most of us were stunned when they finally walked off and we realized they were not going to play it. I was in Croke Park in Dublin on July 25th and it was amazing! Thank goodness I was there because I was disappointed in last nights show. I guess I had high expectations and they were not met. U2 were still incredible but I didn't like the setlist shuffle. WHY did they take out New Year's Day? The acoustics were awful to which U2 had no control. Even on what I consider not their best effort and not doing a little research on the town they were playing and what one song would mean to that town...HELLO IN THE NAME OF LOVE; the boys still rocked the house and were and are the best band in the world.
A **great** show
This was my first U2 show, so my expectations were non-existent, other than wanting to hear my old U2 favorites. I'll say this: the stage design is awesome as was the show. The rotating video screens are crystal clear, and make every seat in the house a good one. The song selection was pretty decent, but I gotta say that I'm a big fan of old skool U2, so I was hoping to hear more from Joshua Tree, Boy, Fire, etc. I was a bit disappointed not to hear Pride, but got a lot of good stuff anyway. One minor quibble was the acoustics in the Georgia Dome. I'm not a huge fan of arena shows for that one aspect in particular, but you can't ask somebody like U2 to play the Tabernacle (2000 seats) unless they are gonna be there all month :) All my pix from the show: http://picasaweb.google.com/calittle/U2360?authkey=Gv1sRgCKLY9fjd79P_lQE&feat=directlink
It was an awesome show...
Being to lots of concerts...but the first one to U2...I must admit that the sound was not the expected one..but the show..was one of a kind...!!! Sometimes things in concerts goes wrong and knowing sound engineering..sometimes you can not even work around them if the show starts in 30 min....U2 as a wband gave the best and song options no matter what I want..I alwasy prefer to hear...what they want to sing! It was an amazing concert which I will definately not forget... for years to come...Go on guys..and we can not wait to have you back in Atlanta.... ;-)
Awesome Show!
I was already resigned to this not being as good of a concert as Vertigo in 2005 because I didn't think that the new songs would translate as well live. i was totally wrong! The new songs blended in very well with the older songs. "The Unforgettable Fire" was the highlight of the show for me. The set list was about the best I have seen on this tour. You can debate for days about what songs they should have played or what they should have left out, but they are not going to please everybody no matter what they play. I thought the accoustics and the stage were great.
One and only
I started going to U2 shows back in the ZooTV era and none of them have ever disappointed. Every time I've been I swear that their latest show is the best ever, but really, I've been amazed that after all these years, the band is still the greatest live band of all time. Their dedication and hard work to perform so beautifully and to connect to their audience so well. I took my kids to their first U2 show last night in Atlanta and their reaction was even more than I'd hoped. To see them jumping and dancing and singing to songs I've loved for so long was an amazing feeling. The set list was fantastic - I was especially glad to hear Mysterious Ways and Until the End of the World. One was beautifully played. Thank you so much for playing Unforgettable Fire - that was my favorite last night. Consider playing A sort of Homecoming one of these days - my all time favorite U2 song. In short, thanks for another great night! Keep rocking.
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