U2360° TOUR

Oct 9 2009
Tampa, FL, US / Raymond James Stadium
with Muse

'The future needs a big kiss,' sang Bono in hot, hot, hot Tampa tonight and the future arrived, all the way from Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth in the International Space Station. 'Planet earth looks so great...'

Hottest night of the tour here in Tampa but it got more than cool when Bono revealed we were about to hook up with 'our friend Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth...on a mission to teach us about water.'

And suddenly, all the way from outer space, here was 'the first clown in space', with a spine-tingling perspective on what he could see of our planet from the International Space Station.

'I see stars, I see darkness and emptiness.' he told Bono. 'But planet Earth looks so great, and also so fragile. We should not forget that we have a great privilege to live on planet Earth.'

It was a breathtaking moment and the Florida audience gave Guy an extraordinary welcome. Could only be followed by 'Elevation, 'Are you ready for lift-off Tampa?'
"You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation....

Tampa was ready and the rest of the show passed in a dazzling blur, as fine a show as we've had. ('That is an unbelievable noise you make.' )

One little man who will never forget this night was Troy who took the stage for City of Blinding Lights, sharing the spotlight and taking Bono's shades back to his family.

Were you lost in space in Tampa tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

(Guy Laliberte didn't just drop in on the 360° Tour tonight. He was hosting a global artistic performance from the International Space Station to draw attention to global water shortages. It's all part of his Poetic Social Mission.)

Here's what U2 played in Tampa tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Hot in Tampa
I have been a fan forever and never thought I would ever see them in concert. It was an experience for my two teenager\'s that they\'ll never forget . Their music is so emotional for me . I will see them on their next tour .
Just the beginning
I won my tickets to this show off the radio & was so excited. I have been a casual fan for a long time but this show made me a die hard. I was really impressed when Bono thanked the fans. Another point was when Bono pointed to the Tampa Bay Bucs pirate ship and said "You got a pirate ship. We got a space ship!". But my favorite moment was when they did Sunday Bloody Sunday & One. I got teary during SBS. Its such a powerful song. Same for One. Ultraviolet was great. The light show, the claw & the disco ball on top of it were so awesome. There were points where the whole top of the claw almost resembled an Asian temple. So pretty. You really felt connected and unified with everyone during the show. It was such an amazing feeling.
Florida, here I come. 5 th time!
I was on my way to DisneyWorld and I saw an add: U2 in Tampa, And I said to myself: why not, let's see what my favorite band can do outside Paris... The night was hot (35°C), Muse was great, U2 was exceptionnal as usual! My second 360° concert this year and it was as good as the first one in Paris 3 months ago. I love you guys, come back soon!
Bono's Girl
They were so good that i'm going to NY in 2010 to see them again
Tampa Rocks
If you had told me I would wake up to record heat,hear that our president had won the Nobel prize,attended a U2 concert where the singer spoke on a live video feed to a man in outer space,in a stadium more crowded than the super bowl it just hosted, with a gal from Australia,I would think you had the finest imagination on Earth. What a day. Now that's Vertigo
It's shortly after Christmas, and now that I am an official U2.com subscriber, I want to share my amazing experience on this extraordinary October night in Tampa. I'm still running on the positive energy that circulated Raymond James Stadium this night. My brother and I saw U2 12 years ago at the old Tampa Stadium for the Popmart Tour. Since that awesome show in '97, I have spent much of my time battling and surviving illness. So, with 2009 being my best year to date, we thought it fitting to return to Tampa 12 years later to see my favorite band again. The soundtrack of my life. I'm so thankful to be a part of this record breaking crowd watching U2 do what they do.
hot hot hot!!!!!!!!
That was a truly hot night! Literally and figuratively speaking :) I saw the second concert in Chicago, and it was great but different. Here, being on the floor, I got to enjoy the show dancing and going crazy with other fans around - we did not remember that it was so hot anymore! 'firemaciek' on yahoo
Blown Away
Just back from the rest of the holiday after taking in the show in Tampa. Was row 4 sec 114 and what a view. I had tried to keep away from reviews prior so that it kept it all new on the day. After over a dozen shows over 20 years now the boys just keep getting better and better. There is something new and different every time, this time it was Redanka's I'll go crazy remix, i can't get enough of it. Roll on 2010.
Going again
I saw U2 in Tampa. I`ll tell you how good the show was...it was so fantastic, that when I heard they were coming to Miami in July 2010, there was no hesitation in my mind about seeing them again in less than a year. This time my kids(who will be 7&14next July) are going with me and my wife,I want them to experience these legends while they can....Can`t wait Miami!!!
Great Show
It's been since the Joshua Tree tour since I've seen U2 live and they were incredible! The stage, sound, and energy was awesome. I also think having MUSE open was fantastic...what a show! Thanks for rockin Tampa and we'll see you in Miami next summer.
Happy Anniversary
Finally got to see the band outside the UK. Holidays in Florida are always unforgettable but when you get to see your favourite band on your !0th wedding anniversary it becomes extra special. Brilliant show(NIce to watch a gig in shorts and t-shirt) and the link up with Guy helped make it a unique experience. Big thanks to Janis for giving up a romantic meal, my in-laws for babysitting and the band for a truly memorable night.
Pure Joy
I was at the Tampa show and I think the word that sums up the experience best is "Joy". The show was wonderful. This was my second U2 concert, the first being Popmart in St. Louis back in 97. This show was so amazing I can't wait for the second leg of the tour. A note to The Edge, you are amazing and possibly the most electrifying guitarist in rock n roll today. Can't wait for the next album and show.
U2 Tampa
Amazing Show. 6th time in my life to see them live and I believe this has been the best so far..
Magic Night
We are from Brasil and went to Tampa just for the concert. There are no words to express our feelings when we saw the Claw. Concert was amazing!!! Bono is magnificient!!! Tks Tampa and tks to U2 for this amazing experience!!! Cibele and Silvia
Hot & crazy in the Sunshine State
Hottest day of the year it seems. Band sounded and looked great - prime concert form. LOVED remixed Crazy. Wish band had worked stage more as in Chicago but still incredible, collective, spiritual experience all the same. Faithful fan since 83!
HOT Rock.....
Fourth show this year, travelled from Dublin for the gig. What a night out. Two old friends came from Ohio. The band must have stamina to burn. It was so hot in the Stadium and we had seats about 7 from the front in the middle of the Spaceship. Faraway (No!) So Close, up with the Static..... they were just on fire. Thought Meadowlands, Millennium and Croker were mindblowing, this was just fantastic... in fact Magnificent!!! Thanks for a great life!
Bono with Tory
I thought this was a neat photo given it's from a cell. Bono-you still have your youthful faith as you are figuratively and metaphorically still in sync. The Best-lifelinesince83
i love it
simply it was tehe best i really enjoy it it was a week ago and i allready miss U2!!!! i went to the concert with some friends we travel from mexico just to be there and it was priceless.........:) i want more!!!!!!! please come to mexico!!!! Bono i love you so so much!!
What a great moment...
I just want to say thank you Mr. Paul David Hewson (Bono), Mr. David Evans (The Edge), Mr. Larry Mullen Jr. and off Course Mr. Adam Clayton, and also all the people that work in the U2 Company for bringing us such great moments in life, i bet that the 72000 people that were on that place this 9th of october, were magically transported to a different place, and that was U2 place, those 2 hours were just amazing, my only complaint is that i wish they have played songs like Bad or All i Want is You, but it is what it is and it was perfect, i only ask one thing to this big company called U2, PLEASE, do not quit doing what you're doing, and that is again touching peoples' heart everyday. Thanks for all these years of wonderful music.
Tampa: Why skip Philly
Hey guys, its not 100 degrees in Philly and we note this is the first time you skipped us
awesome show
The Tampa show was the most exhilarating and exciting show I have been too. The last time I saw U2 was 18 years ago in IL at an outside small venue and that was great too. But this show was totally great. I can't wait until the next time. Wish I could go to Europe for a show 2010. A few times the songs and show were so powerful I was moved to tears. Just excellent. Thanks to the four of you for sharing with us. Take care!
Best of the U2 shows I have seen - by fa
I’ve seen U2 at least once on every major tour since The Joshua Tree (JFK Stadium – Philadelphia, 1987), and each time I’ve been left thinking two things: 1) THAT was the best of the shows I have ever seen; and, 2) How on earth could the next one get any better? The show in Tampa certainly did not disappoint, as I was left to again contemplate these two points. I’ve been checking the website and reviewing the set lists from previous shows and making playlists for the iPod in preparation of the Tampa show, but the Tampa set list was PERFECT! Awesome to hear some of the songs played only rarely to this point (Until The End of The World had the place rocking!), always fantastic to hear the staples of U2 shows (Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Streets, With or Without You), surprising rebirth of the classics (Unforgettable Fire, MLK), and really neat to hear how the stuff from the newer albums blended seamlessly with songs from decades past – even the techno remix of I’ll Go Crazy fit in perfectly with theme of the show. I really appreciated the shout-outs to other classic artists scattered throughout: album versions of Space Oddity to open the show (love Bowie!), Rocket Man to close, and Bono singing a few bars of Stand By Me, Amazing Grace, and Get Up Stand Up throughout. I have never been a huge fan of the album version of Still Haven’t Found (live versions have always been a different story), but one of the coolest moments of the night was when Bono held the microphone out to the crowd, and 80,000 fans sang the entire opening verse for him – incredible. Despite sweating my face off because of the heat and energy in that stadium, I had a blast with good friends, and the greatest band in the world. This was an amazing show! Come back soon, U2!
Tampa Show
I saw U2 on there 1st US tour in a little bar with maybe 50 people there. I remember the guys sitting in a Van outside the club after show, I wanted to go talk to them and as I approached I heard this thick Irish accent and could hardly undertsand a word they said, too see the original band still rockin was amazing and true testiment to there loyalty to each other, if U2 is anything, they are loyal to the fans and each other. As far as Friday nights show, the stage is amazing and the only complaint I have is the band didnt use the stage to its potential, they still played most of the night like they were on a small stage hunkering down staying close to each other, it must be that bound they have that keeps them close. but we would have loved to seen the guys work that stage more and give the people in the back a little more love.
Tampa show
Bono was very dispappointing. His energy level as very low. His political veiws should have been kept to himself.I spent my whole tax return check and drove 5 hours to see the concert of of dreams and was very upset. He started problems in our sections with his views. He missed words in songs. Edge was the start of the show. I wish you would find a way to make this. He only came around the circle once. I paid top dollar to see the show.
U2 WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
I have never been to a concert that has impressed and amazed me more than this one! I can't imagine any other band putting on a show of this magnitude. U2 was brilliant from the very first song and just kept going! Loved the Space Station link and their dedication of 'Walk On' to the Amnesty International representative. I am still reliving last Friday night and it still brings a smile to my face. GREAT job guys!!!!!
Larry's drum kit
Alot happened on our backstage tour but the best part was Sam, Larry's drum tech, asking my 8 year old daughter if she wanted to see U2's aka Larry's drumkit. He led her & myself on stage! Then he let us take several pictures wih her sitting on Larry's stool in front of the drum kit! Everyone in the audience was staring at us because they wanted to know how we got there! We also recieved several souveniers from the crew & tour guide. Then when the concert got going we had some of the best spots. Bono stopped & sang several times right in front of us, he was only a few feet away! Then all of the guys eventually came & stood in front of us also. I was an experience to remember 4 ever! P.S. the picture shows my 8 year old, Taylor,at Larry's kit, & behind is me & Sam.
Hot hot hot Tampa!!
The concert was awesome!!!!!!! It's an amazing experience to watch them live woOow!!! ahh but I was too smelling marijuana the entire time of the concert. ??? WTF!!
carson in tampa
Yeah, it was hot, but when the sound rang out from the first riff, it was like hearing it for the first time, and it was cool as ever. The stage and experience of the concert was sick. I loved the list of songs played, I just wish it could have gone on longer, but then when you wait for the big day, it comes and goes so fast. The show blew away my expectations by far, and I wish I were in Dallas tomorrow night to see it again. Please come back in '10. I was in Lakeland, Fla. as the Zoo tour was being worked on and i've followed the band since Unforgettable Fire. Keep Doin' it guys, you just get better with age. God Bless, Paul
I Stood in the Presence of Greatness!
In 1983, I was 16 years old. I came home from school one day and turned on MTV as I ate my Oreos and milk. U2 came on with "New Years Day" and a fan was born. I was captivated by Bono's haunting voice and the incomparable sound of the music by The Edge, Larry, and Adam. Their music has been the underscore and soundtrack of my life, with each album representing the different periods and experiences of the last 26 years... from teenager, to college co-ed, to career woman, to wife, to mother. On Mother's Day, my husband and kids gave me tickets to see my favorite band of all time in concert -- for the first time! On Friday, 10/9, I stood in the presence of the greatness that is U2! The experience was nothing short of spiritual! I cheered, sang, danced and celebrated for 2 of the most magnificent hours of my life. The crowd around us was singing so passionately that sometimes I couldn't even hear Bono! It was like for one night, we were ALL a part of the music. Incredible. I'll never forget it!
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