U2360° TOUR

Oct 9 2009
Tampa, FL, US / Raymond James Stadium
with Muse

'The future needs a big kiss,' sang Bono in hot, hot, hot Tampa tonight and the future arrived, all the way from Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth in the International Space Station. 'Planet earth looks so great...'

Hottest night of the tour here in Tampa but it got more than cool when Bono revealed we were about to hook up with 'our friend Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth...on a mission to teach us about water.'

And suddenly, all the way from outer space, here was 'the first clown in space', with a spine-tingling perspective on what he could see of our planet from the International Space Station.

'I see stars, I see darkness and emptiness.' he told Bono. 'But planet Earth looks so great, and also so fragile. We should not forget that we have a great privilege to live on planet Earth.'

It was a breathtaking moment and the Florida audience gave Guy an extraordinary welcome. Could only be followed by 'Elevation, 'Are you ready for lift-off Tampa?'
"You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation....

Tampa was ready and the rest of the show passed in a dazzling blur, as fine a show as we've had. ('That is an unbelievable noise you make.' )

One little man who will never forget this night was Troy who took the stage for City of Blinding Lights, sharing the spotlight and taking Bono's shades back to his family.

Were you lost in space in Tampa tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

(Guy Laliberte didn't just drop in on the 360° Tour tonight. He was hosting a global artistic performance from the International Space Station to draw attention to global water shortages. It's all part of his Poetic Social Mission.)

Here's what U2 played in Tampa tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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The Blackbird Flew Friday
U2 is working for us, one person at a time. They got to me in Tampa. Awesome band, stage, venue and audience. Everyone around me on the floor at stage center was smiles all night. Great homages to songs and bands gone by were sprinkled throughout the show, and U2 was pushing their edge all the way, not holding back. Yes, they have skill, and a huge stage, but their heart is what they are working on (with our help) and that is how they reached me Friday.
What an experience; from the drive up to Tampa from Miami, until the last notes sung by Bono, it was an incredible experience. I have been a U2 fan for over 25 years and NEVER have I been so awestruck by this band's magnificance like I was on Friday night at the RJ Stadium. I will never forget this experience!!!! U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2 !!!!!
The Concert of the Century!
Without a doubt, this was the BESY U2 concert I have evern been to. I was with all the people I love and the atmosphere was bettern that I could ever expect. From the dropping of the screen until the very end, we were on the edge of our seats! We had great seats on the 100 level. Although we were a little far away, we could feel the love in the room. What a great, great, great experience. I had the time of my life. If I die tomorrow, I will go fulfilled by the experience I had Friday night. All you folks who are waiting for concert night (Dallas tomorrow) get ready for the best experience in your life! JCBBONOWANNABE 10/11/09
This was my 3rd time seeing them this time around, 16th time going back to 1984. These guys always perform to the limit, leaving nothing behind. I must give the entire staff props for a great experience from "The Claw" to the amazing video screens... Wow, it is amazing the way they always take technogly to new heights yet keeping it quite simple. Please, dont ever stop!
This was my 3rd time seeing them this time around, 16th time going back to 1984. These guys always perform to the limit, leaving nothing behind. I must give the entire staff props for a great experience from "The Claw" to the amazing video screens... Wow, it is amazing the way they always take technogly to new heights yet keeping it quite simple. Please, dont ever stop!
Well, a lifetime of waiting paid off! From Belgrade to Cyprus to New Orleans, I knew the day would come but this, - this was AMAZING! I've waited 25 years, Maja and the babies few less... half way through the Breathe opening (It's always been Sara’s favorite) all four of us were in tears through the No Line on the Horizon. Everything was perfect: the hot breeze, the stage, the lights, the love loving crowd, but most amazingly of all, THIS INCREDIBLE BAND! Four of them managed to fill up the air with the richest rock sounds in the world... and all the messages... OMG it was so moving! Second row off the field, we could almost touch the stage. My 10-year-old daughter and the 13-year-old son exclaimed "THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!" Yup, kids are smart... sure was! Bono sounded incredible, the whole band sounded fantastic! Someone wrote about waiting extra 50 minutes in the heat to get in... are you kidding me? Smile people, couldn't you hear your band on the stage rocking their last walk through/sound check - it was special waiting outside and hearing boys tear through the parts of Elevation... a bonus jam!!! Special! The acoustic Stuck in a Moment was a religious experience! Sunday Bloody Sunday still spreading the word better than Pride, better than Stand up Comedy! We loved every bit of it! WE HOPE YOU COME TO NEW ORLEANS TO CLOSE THE 360 in 2010!!! Hopefully, then Aleksandar gets on the stage to be the face of THIS boy the time will never take out of this man! Thank you Bono for the music and the inspiration! Thank you U2!
It was a BeaU2ful Day in Tampa!
The boys from Dublin were at their finest in our record heat! Best stadium concert I have ever seen...the sound, stage and energy was incredible!!! Thank you so much for always coming to Tampa you guys never let us down. To think that U2 broke a record for attendance at RJ more than the Super Bowl??? U2 the greatest rock band EVER!!!!
I'll go with you
Yes, it was hot, but U2 never fails to deliver the most powerful rock n roll. The energy at Raymond James Stadium was amazing,loved every song, esp the re-mix of I'll Go Crazy. That place was on fire! I want more
Yeah-- Baby!!!
Thanks for one of the most remember able shows I have ever seen. As we drove down from Jacksonville I wondered if my excitement would live up to our hype... WELL... it DID. BONO & the BOYS are simply AMAZING and I wish I would have seen U2 20 years ago!!! You played the right sets, at the right time, with the right amount of political points, and fan involvement. WOW-- I wish I could go again, thanks for the great performance and anyone who reads this and is curious about the act you need to BE THERE!!! My hat's off-- thanks again =)
Fab, Awsome, UnBelievable
This was my second U2 concert. I was awstruck!! They get better and better. It hurts me to hear someone complain about Bono forgetting words. I'd like to see any one of us get up on that stage in the heat that we experienced that night and perform. It was hot in our seats I can't imagine what is was onstage. U2 you were fabulous!!! Thank you for making my day!! It truly was "A Beautiful Day"
Raymond James
Went with my family, took my 11 year old Granddaughter to her first Rock Concert. It was GREAT. It was all I expected and more. I have been waiting to go for so long I literally began to shake when I saw the the Claw (Maybe the heat and humidity had something to do with that). Words can't describe how happy I am that the show was SO MAGNIFICENT :-D
See U2 in Your Lifetime!
From the beginning I knew I was a part of something bigger than myself. I had purchased the tickets though an auction benefitting www.One.org. For my contrubution, I was alloted seats in the Red Zone, and from that moment on, all was right with the world. I had seen them 17 years before, same stadium, same week in October. In my 20's then, I was blown away. I had lucked out that time, too. This is before the internet, when everyone HAD to stand in line for tickets. The outlet sold tickets in lottery fashion; you showed up and drew your number in line. I drew number "2", and got 10th row, on the grass right in front of the stage. There was so much energy around me streaming from the crowd. When the band took stage, you could feel the kharma seep into the crowd and I was filled little by little with each song. Now in my 40's, the band is bigger, the politics are stronger, the humanitrian efforts astounding. Everything about Bono and the boys is larger than life, and their greatness trickles down to the fans who show up. Standing around me was a physician who knew every word to every song. There was a married couple who flew in from Panama, she after having a C/Section three weeks ago, and he after having surgery the week after that. Another couple was from Toronto, saw the band there, and had plans to follow them to Vegas in a couple of weeks. Even in the 90+ degree heat, the energy was good, people treated each other like friends. If you left for a drink or bathroom break, someone around you saved your spot. As U2 began to play, the energy was palpable. Being so close to one of the greatest bands to ever take the stage, and one of the greatest humanitarians of all time is hard to put into words. Again, I was washed in the sea of good kharma that follows these four boys from Ireland. The new music was exciting, and the old songs made the crowd sing their loudest. A young kid brought on stage during City of Blinding Lights, still has no idea what hit him and how huge a moment it was to share a stage with Bono (and get his glasses!). They played Walk On and shared the stage with members of Amnesty International in a tribute to the elected leader of Burma who has been imprisoned for more than 20 years. Sunday Bloody Sunday, orginally meant for those who died at the hands of British soldiers in a peaceful demonstration in Ireland, was given to those who demonstrated recently against unfair elections in Iran. A moment that brought tears, at least to my eyes, was Amazing Grace sung by Bono that lead into Where the Streets Have No Name. There are those fans who follow them world wide to as many shows as they can, and those who try to lead by their example and help save the world in what ever way they can. Where ever you fit in along that spectrum, you must see them at least once in your lifetime. You will find it well worth your effort, and that little bit of that pure joy will last forever. For me, it's 17 years and counting.
Time for Bono and the Boys to take their
U2 should stick to arena shows...much more intimate in my opinion. Bono can't sing anymore and messed up at least 2 songs to my knowledge (maybe he needs a teleprompter). I had the feeling U2 just went through the motions and just wanted to get out of the hot, humid, and sticky night. The red laser jacket was kinda ridiculous as with that microphone. The "Spaceship" or "The Claw" as they call it looked silly. I wonder if Bono is going bald or lost his hairplugs before this tour started. U2 ended with two slow songs which was a downer. Usually one would want to end on a higher note. I can go on and on and on. Don't get me wrong I like their songs, but as far as live goes...its over johnny!!!!
Hot, hotter than the sun
My ninth U2 show and perhaps the best I have ever seen them do. They were both powerful and tight. I attende with a friend who has brain cancer. A casual U2 fan She took a night off from chemo to attend the concert and she loved it....'She was singng 'Stuck in a Moment' all the way home...She loves that song.....She had never heard it before they played it this night....It is now her anthem......
Tampa Show Review
I have seen U2 4 of their last 5 times in Tampa now. The lone miss was Vertigo. I prefer them outdoors to indoors. I was one of the as Bono put it, "Die Hards" at Old Tampa Stadium for POP MART. Which was a very underrated album and show. Anyway... I would say to the band, they should take a page from good friend Springsteen, and change up the setlist a little more. Like Bruce, they have too great of catalog to play the same basic show night after night, for groups of shows in row. With that said though, the show was amazing visually, as well as the best sounding concert I have heard, indoors or out. Muse was incredible!!!!! What an awesome band. In the end... The greatest band in the world didn't let me down. U2 keeps pushing the boundaries of the senses, and staying second to none when it comes to Rock N Roll shows.
Great Show, like always!
I love U2 from the bottom of my heart, but unfortunaly the on Tampa the sound sometimes got very weird. The guitar was great like always but some distortions on the sound, I guess was because of the stadium. And sometimes Bono's voice was not easy to understand. I still love you U2. Amaizing view, you guys rock like always. Love you U2!
The show was incredible. U2 is my favorite band and I had never seen them before this concert. I am happy I finally got to see them live. They are incredible and put on a very entertaining show. I will definitely see them again!
tampa show
WOW what a show tampa loves u-2 ..the show rocked we had a great time great lights,sound,warm up band,club seats, parking, it was all the best...but dam that heat....somebody down on the equator left the door open.....rock on you guys have a great tour...this was the first time gail has seen u2 she is hooked...well done guys!!!!
we were in the circle , its was surreal. The performancxe was right on tune , not like otherbands who sould terrible live . It was perfection !!
ALMOST perfect, but very close
TERRIFIC SHOW!!! The stage was out of this world. The light and sound system blew me away. I hadn't seen U2 since the Joshua Tree tour in '87. It was worth the wait. Being a long time U2 listener, the only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that they did not play Pride. Could have listened to them for 5 hours. Bono showed his great sense of humor a couple of times. Unforgettable Fire was brilliant. I cried when they played "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" If you are going to a future show, ENJOY!!!
360 TAMPA, FL 2009
I JUST LOVE MY EDGE!!! last night's show was great, my seats rocked!! my camera got full towards the end of the night and I missed the best shot of them all standing together at stairs exit, MY BAD but it's all good. I had a blast. Larry banged out the intro to Crazy Tonight like the hot, smokin' drummer he is!!
Despite the physical duress of waiting in line on what felt like the surface of the sun --- the show was phenomenal. Kudos to your crew who labored in that heat to set up and tear down that insane stage. Loved hearing "Until the End of the World!" God Bless this band for reviving many tired souls -- all who who around me were in agreement about this: our spirits have been renewed ---- and in today's world, this feat is no small thing. oh, and also........I'm in love with The Edge.
Hot Night in Tampa
Great show, great vibe in the crowd. To the guy in line ahead of us at the concession who bought our drinks for us. Thanks. The boys from Dublin did not disappoint.
Tampa Show
It was so so hot. It is amazing though as soon as U2 came on stage it is like we all forgot about that. What a wild night. Saw my favorite band in the world U2!!! They so rocked. Concert number 5 down.. Crazy I have seen this group since I was like 16 and listened to the music since I was 12. Yet, each time is better than the first. With or Without you was phenomenal!! So was Elavation!!! ~~~BLKSNFLWR
Tampa was Maginificent
The show could never be described in words. It's a feeling inside your heart and mind that contains the real experience of 360. Combine the greatest piece of art (the claw) and the greatest band in the world and what do you get? Something out of this world. Something you need to experience for yourself so that you too can know what the band placed in the hearts and mind of 70,000 plus screaming fans on October 9th, 2009. WE LOVE YOU BONO, EDGE, ADAM and LARRY!!! Thank you for inspiring us. Dirk PS: Raymond James Stadium needs to be checked because I thought the floor was going to collapse during Vertigo. Everyone was jumping the ground was shaking I thought the spaceship was taking off!!
Awesome show!
Wow. Great, great show by U2. This was the 8th time I have seen them, and they always give blow me away. Last night in Tampa, they certainly did it again. Wasn't there in the pit, up high in Raymond James Stadium, but the stage was amazing. Really did feel close to the group, even though on the 3rd level. It was simply a beautiful day in Tampa. One I will never forget! Thanks guys for a rockin' good time!!
Loved the show....I think it was the best ever....Wished the weather was cooler but that is waht we get living in Florida!!!!!
Very solid show. I've hit multiple shows each tour since 1987 so it wasn't the best show I've seen. That said, I was so stoked to hear Unforgettable Fire & Ultraviolet live again. The show would have been aces if they replaced "Moment", "City", "Mysterious" (all played out) for Blue Room. Unfortunately, the merch folks were a joke. Whoever is coordinating this needs to be fired. How do you run out of posters before the changeover (a couple of t-shirts too)? They're just leaving money on the table. Also, they ran out of swag bags for people to put their stuff in? When I spend >$200 on stuff give me a flippin bag to put it in. Oh, and there was a merch booth with no card acceptance & no sign saying as much so a ton of people wasted their time - FAIL. In summary, the band were quality but their logistics people suck.
Magnificent Moment
This was my 4th 460 show in North America, and easily my favourite. Despite the increadible heat, the crowd was more alive than ever and the band were just amazing. Bono's jacket came off, Adams belly button came out and for those 2 hours Tampa was the brightest spot on earth. Bono sounded particularly good, his voice was in top form especially for Moment of Surrender. Just sublime, and a special mention to the Florida Police and Paramedics for the top job they did.
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