U2360° TOUR

Oct 3 2009
Raleigh, NC, US / Carter-Finley Stadium
with Muse
'Magnificent Larry Mullen Junior, magnificent The Edge, magnificent occassion...' Only one word to describe tonight's show in Raleigh, North Carolina.

'Let's get some lift-off' comes the command from 360 flight control as Magnificent gives way to Elevation. And this show takes off.

Special mention to the delegates from the U2 Academic Conference which is taking place in town this weekend - and particularly to Agnes Nyamayarwo, Ugandan anti-AIDS activist and long-time collaborator with Bono, who is celebrating her birthday.

Another long-time collaborator also gets a dedication tonight - Dik Evans, Edge's brother, who's taking part in tomorrows Carnegie Hall RED celebration of Gavin Friday and Friends.

Stand-out moment? At the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bono picks out of the audience a flag that reads 'People Get Ready...' complete with guitar chords. He gives his mic to the guy in the crowd, who knows that this is his moment and with the cameras picking him out for the whole stadium, sings his heart out.

Were you there? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Me & my wife travel all the way from Mexico City to attend this gig... Even qhen we rent a car, fortunately we decided to take a cab to the stadium... and it takes just almost like 25 minutes to go from Cary to the Stadium, so the traffic and parking issues does not affect us... About the show: It was great, the stadium is not that big, so you have e GREAT view from almost every point... The sound was really marvelous!! Thanks you guys!... We are waiting for you to annonnce the tour dates for Mexico...
A great show, in the inner circle up against the stage between Bono and Adam. Plus we met Bono!
Best show yet!
My husband and I are fans for the last 25 years. I was 11 when I bought my first U2 record and we never miss a tour. The show in Raleigh was the best yet. It was great to have 60,000 fans in the same place for a fantastic show. We loved Elevation and the remix of Crazy Tonight. Great set, great stage, great close-ups of all the guys. Muse was a wonderful beginning of the evening. Too bad our state capitol cant accomodate so many fans, though. Since Charlotte wont allow concerts at BofA stadium I fear NC will miss out on future U2 outdoor shows. I'll travel to neighboring states (or wherever) but Raleigh really dropped the ball on this one. The $4million economic impact of the U2 show will perhaps be better appreciated by another city in the future.
What an Experience
That was the first time my wife and I saw a U2 show together. It was absolutely amazing. We are so thankful to U2 for being artists with hearts. The human spirit takes off with each and every song! Keep up the great work! We love you!!!
Felt Like a Dream
I've been a fan for over 14 years any show with U2 would be perfect, but this was amazing, I did feel that connection with U2, "the intimacy", even if I was too close to rude drunks that only knew two songs. Oh to have been in the GA admission with all the real fans, next time I'll go broke for RED. MUSE were amazing, even though the ahole beside me was yelling for U2 , and the front man heard and looked that way, they were great and I loved the music. GO MUSE. GO U2. Boo Raleigh. Wish I went to Atlanta. Never again Raleigh but I will go to the ends of the earth for U2. If I could tell U2 one thing I would tell them thanks. That was exciting, emotional, thought provoking and loud like concerts should be. Wow, I still haven't had enough of my U2 drug.
How do you explain the perfect concert? U2 360. that's how. The effects and stage were indescribable, but there were showmen on stage and it is rare to see that kind of commitment any more. Well done Muse, you did a great job getting things started. The show was BRILLIANT, thank you guys so much. It was a great night and I will enjoy the memories from that show for a long time. WOW.
Loved it!!!
I am a fan of over 25 yrs, but this is the first time I got to see U2. I either didnt have the money to spend since I was a single parent of 2 or else the GA tickets were sold out. We got in line at 8 am when they allowed you to start lining up. Gates opened at 5:30. I had drove from East Tennessee on Friday evening, got there & checked in the hotel by 3 am, didnt go to sleep because by the time I got ready there was 2 hrs til line up. I went over 40 hrs with no sleep by the time concert was over....and it was WORTH every minute! Had a great crowd, very polite crowd. Yes the traffic was horrible after the concert. But we called a cab. Keep rocking guys! We love you!
What an amazing show. My wife (U2 fan since War) skipped her 20 year high school reunion to see her favorite band for the first time. She wasn't disappointed. We were lucky enough to squeeze into the inner circle and experience the show as if it was in a small club... with an alien craft parked above it. The addition of "October" to the setlist would have made a fine Fall evening in Carolina even finer. But who's complaining?? Here's a wacky blurred photo...
The show...fantastic. The band were awesome. Unforgettable Fire and In A Little While were both awesome surprises. Ultraviolet which has always been one of my favorite songs is worth the price of admission by itself. The band did not disappoint. The crowd...better than Charlotte for Vertigo. That's not saying much though. Much better than that tour, but definitely not on par with Atlanta from that tour (or other big cities from what I've read). Something about the area. Traffic and parking...horrible. Now, I arrived at 16:00 local time, so I didn't miss anything, but getting out was definitely horrible, so I can see there being an issue getting in if you didn't get there early. I was also a bit surprised they played there since capacity is 60k instead of Charlotte where capacity is 76k. Panthers had a bye week, so no clue.
I found the show to be exhilarating. I've seen U2 several times over the past 25 years and have always felt inspired by their music. This show was amazing and really had me overcome by emotion. I just hope that the thousands of fans that joined me last night (and all of the other nights in other cities) go home more aware of the world we live in and feel compelled to make it a better place for everyone. Thank you U2 for bringing the messages of love, peace and taking care of our (worldwide) neighbors to the forefront and keeping them fresh in our hearts and minds!
Outstanding show
The show was outstanding! U2 could have played Pride and IWF and all the rest but I thought the setlist was great, plenty of new material from the NLOTH (I love Breathe to open with...nice call) with the BEST sprinkled in. Unforgettable Fire was bitchin. All of it was, you know it. I am emotionally drained from the experience. As far as Muse, what the perfect support band for U2. This will be their last "support" tour in the US. I have been a big fan of them for a few years, and seeing them live is just as intense as U2. One show I will not forget. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for leaving everything you have on the stage for every song and after the last encore. You guys are amazing and mean so much to so many. You have years of relevancy ahead. As far as parking / traffic....try leaving for the show earlier..that's why the gates open at 3.
Awesome Show!
I agree with the first two comments that the Raleigh traffic was horrible, but we were lucky enough to get there before it started and saw all of the opening act MUSE as well as U2. Beyond a shadow of a doubt this 360 tour was the most amazing concert I have ever seen. Well done guys. The whole experience was just breathtaking. The full moon was the icing on the cake to this celestial music odyssey.
Bono in Blue
I used barely any zoom on this which was amazing and was so lucky that the lighting was really creative because it made the shots even better.
Raleigh can't handle the parking issues
My second 360 show (first was opening night in Chicago). It became clea that this venue cannot handle parking for this type of event. It took over two hours to travel 3 miles. We were stuck in traffic in front of the stadium when David Bowie's "Space Oddity" started playing and we were in the same spot when the lights went down and knowing the show, I heard the crowd roar when Larry walked out and I told my companions "he'll start drumming now" and he did ... and we were still in the same spot. I decided to turn around because no one was going anywhere and I was going to drop my companions off and just find a place to park BUT, lo and behold, the idiots running the parking lots decided to open up the lot closest to the stadium and we parked 20 yards from our gate. We got in towards the end of 'Magnificent' and so we saw 'Elevation' and the rest. We missed the first six songs. The band were great, as usual but I put the blame on those that handle traffic and parking. No one in the streets, including the police, knew what to do. People had given up and were parking on Wade Ave. and I-40 and walking. What a mess. The show was great, but the crowd not as energetic as opening night in Chicago.
As a U2 fan who has seen the band in Milwaukee, Denver, and Chicago, I must say that as a transplant living in Raleigh I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the city. The traffic was so ridiculous that it took us about 3 hours to go 5 miles. There was nowhere to park and every car we saw was parked illegally. We actually ended up missing almost half of the concert. I cannot believe how disorganized and sad the event staff and stadium were. As far as what we did see - I loved seeing City of Blinding Lights, Unforgettable Fire, Walk On, Ultraviolet, and One. I loved hearing In A Little While although we were just entering the stadium on that one. Thank goodness for my mother who switched with me to find parking so I could actually get into the stadium before her. While I only missed 7 songs, she missed 12. After this stadium experience, I'd say I prefer the more intimate settings like the Elevation Tour. And I would very much hesitate to ever attend another concert in Raleigh, NC.
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