U2360° TOUR

Oct 1 2009
Charlottesville, VA, US / Scott Stadium
with Muse

College show at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville with its own special vibe from a very cool audience who were also well into Muse. (Incidentally, noticed that most of U2 at different moments were also out to catch their set. )

The spirit of Thomas Jefferson is with us tonight, the man who founded this University and was the lead author of an enduring little document called The Declaration of Independence. 'How is Mr Jefferson, ' cries Bono a few minutes into the show. 'Is he in the house?'

As the tour winds its way through North America the show is becoming more unpredictable with the choice of tracks and the running order changing by the night - No Line on the Horizon comes later tonight before the roof-raising, stadium-shaking Magnificent and Elevation. Your Blue Room is finding its place too, a mellow, ambient reflection before New Year's Day and Still Haven't Found launch the 360 space station into orbit again.

If Washington the other night had a distinctly political vibe, tonight we have another makeover as Bono introduces his bandmates for the benefit of the uninitiated.

'Would you let me introduce my room mates ? Behind me the jock, the captain of the football team....on my left, the cheerleaders friend, he plays the four-string instrument, because, in his own words, 'girls love bass'.

And seeing from the clip we have, a lucky local girl who had the scarf she knitted taken and worn by Bono, everyone had a great gig.

If you were at this show, please tell us what it was like and post your photos in our comments area below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
Your Blue Room
New Year's Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Unbelievable experience!!
A trully amazing show!! I came with my husband from DC and would go to see you guys again in Raleigh if we could. The stage, the sound and the song selection was great and the visuals elements were simply amazing!! Hope to see you in Prague sometimes... P.S.:The "experiment" with the Czech guys in Berlin on 07/18 was totally cool!! Love you guys!! You are a great inspiration to all of us!! Marcela
This show stays with you!
24 hours later and I cannot tell you how many times I have relived the awesome experience of the show in Charlottesville. I have been a fan since "I will follow" in the early 80's, 49 year old man who has been inspired by the music of U2 for most of my adult life. It has made a difference for me as a social worker helping people every day and I thank U2 for your leadership and hitting on things that really matter in life. You are an inspiration! There's a reason why you are more popular than the Pope! THANKS! Tom
I hadn't seen U2 since 1987 and my wife had never seen them live. What a difference a couple decades makes! What a technical wonder! But as in '87 it still came down to the music. Would I have loved to hear "One Tree Hill" and "I Will Follow" again? Sure. But would I trade them for "Breathe", "Moment of Surrender", "Mysterious Ways" or "Ultraviolet"? Not at all! Fantastic show!! Unfortunately, you can't squeeze the careers of these four into two hours. I'll be back in the audience the next time they want an audience for me to be back in!!
Magnificent night in Virginia!
My friends and I held a pre-show "Rattle & Yum" dinner party to get pumped up for the show. (Irish cuisine of course...and lots 'o Guinness!) We were in the 11th row of the Fan Club section. Great view, although Bono favored the other side of the stadium to his right. :( We did get to see lot's of the Edge and Adam which was fantastic. Loved it when Larry made his way to the front of the crowd! Our home-made banner said "VISION/VISIBILITY" in honor of Bono. Hope he saw it! Last night felt like church (Magnificent, Amazing Grace). Loved it! It was, without a doubt, the best show I have EVER seen in many years of concert going. The music was amazing, the stage...awe-inspiring. An incredible experience that we will not soon forgot! Congratulations on outdoing yourselves yet AGAIN. There's a reason that U2 have been around for 30 years in a constantly changing music industry. They are smart, talented, saavy and...quite simply...the coolest. Period. Lesley in Williamsburg
We Made it on the Spaceship
Great show. Well worth the drive from Canada! Look Bono-we were on your screen!!
Magnificent Message...
We avoided the traffic jams, arriving early, and from the lawn (<1 mile away) enjoyed hearing the Edge practicing mid-afternoon. My second U2 concert ... much better than Zoo TV, esp. since the combination of songs flowed together better than I imagined ... My wife is now a convert, stating she doesn't want to go to another concert since nothing could top this night (it didn't hurt that it was at our Alma-mater). Like many have stated, Crazy-remix was the best overall production (esp. for the GA-ers in the inner circle), but my top two favorites were Walk On and Moment of Surrender. p.s. I'm sure the space ship was visible from Skyline Drive (20 miles away).
Climbed the mountain and back
I hope the band got time to visit the TJ home in Monticello since he referenced TJ a couples times last night. It was a Beautifal fall Day in VA for the show. I think Bono needed the scarf from that fan - it was cool by nightfall. This is the first time I seen U2 since they came to VA at the end of the Joshua Tree tour in 87. The show started a little shaky, built to a climax in the middle of the show - then trailed off at the end of the set. I was just hoping that they would have kicked me in the butt during the encore with Pride, but that did not happen. I took my son and we were close on the floor jumping and having a blast. My Favs: The new mix of CRAZY2Nite, Vertigo, Blinding Lights (That was a light show!!!) also Streets. Would have liked to heard Bad, but can't have it all. MUSE was great, never heard an opening act with a sound as good as that. Tell the sound engineers for U2 - GREAT Job! lastly - who were the 3 hew haw guys on stage before the show?
Fabulous show
As usual, seeing U2 live was something you need to experience to understand. All I can say is WOW and that I wish I could be in Raleigh tomorrow night! Thanks for an incredible night in our little town!
Fabulous Show and Missed Connection
The show rocked! I was stunned at the incredible stage and lighting. First time seeing U2 in concert and was touched by their activism, and appreciation for their fans. Very cool. Also loved the double encore. Thanks! I wanted the show to last all night! Also, wanting to connect with the couple in 113AA (seats 15/16 maybe?) Guy had shaved head and girl in purple scarf. Definitely think I know you from somewhere and trying to figure it out all night. Missed chance to talk to after the show.
Fantastic Show
What a show! I loved the play list, and the "I'll Go Crazy" remix was fantastic. I really appreciated the song that Bono sang that was not on the play list (absolutely beautiful and touching). The acoustic treatment of "Stuck in a Moment" was great. U2 continues show how their music from 25+ years ago is as relevant today as when it was first recorded. Also, the stage was beyond description. WOW!
The show was absolutely fantastic! In 1979 I watched Bono and The Edge carry their own equipment down into the Basement Club at Brighton Poly. Everything fit into 1 Ford transit van. "I Will Follow" was out at the time! Where are we now? 30 years later and still getting better! Awesome Awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never seen a moon like this ---- can you
2nd show of this tour my friend and I have been to. Words cannot define the restorative effects that seeing U2 live has on people. God Bless this band and all behind-the-scenes who make this tour possible. All of us in Charlottesville last night under the same amazing moon, feeling the same amazing things. I would travel anywhere to see this band. Even if the future takes them to that moon -- my friend and I will be the first one's on that rocket!!
U2 rocks UVA!
U2 did an amazing job on October 1st at UVA! It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen U2 perform! :) U2 brought there "A" game. Bono's vocals were fantstic. I loved every minute of it! Come back to Virginia!
After having waited to see U2 live since I was in middle school, I finally got to last night! Let me just say this was definately the highlight of my junior year of high school! The lads played an incredible show, which just goes to prove that after 25 years of rockstardom, they've still got what it takes to be magnificent. I was so thrilled to hear 'Ultraviolet' and 'Your Blue Room,' both underrated songs, as well as the classics. Can't wait for the next tour!
Thanks, boys
I saw my first show on the PopMart tour at RFK Stadium with two of my high school friends. They both made it out to last night's show - which (in my opinion) was the highlight of the 7 shows I've seen. Thanks so much for coming to VA, guys! Adam - it was great hanging with you for the entire performance! (we were directly below you, stage left) -Stu
Scott Stadium - a BLAST!
Danielle and I have been anxiously awaiting this night since April and in no way, shape or form were we dissappointed! An amazing show with the absolute best band on the planet! This was the first time either of us have seen U2 and it certainly won't be the last! Really enjoyed the energy of the whole experience and will treasure these memories for the rest of our days! Thank you so much for what you do - Bono, The Edge, Adam & Larry!
C-Ville Show = AMAZING
Ive been waiting to see U2 live since I was 14 years old (Im now 29) and I have to say it was more amazing than I EVER imagined. Every song was perfect. I could not have had a better first live U2 experience. We were in Red Zone 1 which was great but next time I definitely plan to wait the long hours in line with the other GA fans so I can be with the people who are just a excited as me to be there. I cant get over how special it was for me to finally see them after all this time. We are scrambling now to get tickets for the Raleigh show this weekend. Im completely addicted.
Amazing Night!!
That was my first U2 concert ever and it was just amazing. I can seriously say that was the best night of my life. I'm 16 and after seeing that concert I went home picked up my guitar and started playing ...at the 2:30 am. I couldn't even sleep that's how awesome it was. When Adam played that part in Moment of Surrender I was in awe he is the most amazing bass player I have ever heard. All together it was just an amazing night that I will never forget....I hope U2 goes on tour again!!!
What a terrific night!! From opening lines" Knights.." of Muse's set to the end strains of " Moment" of U2's, it was the best. Thanks, guys!!
No one can explain the raw emotion and power that U2 gives in each and every concert. Absolutely amazing. Their passion for Humanity is like no other and I always leave their concerts uplifted, feeling great and wanting to do more for the world. Very inspiring. Awesome performance. Great music Great people!
270 Tour Rocks
We rocked with U2 in Christchurch, New Zealand in '93. It was incredibile!! Last night in C'ville, they brought the house down. It was a gorgeous, crisp, clear fall night. The band looked and sounded FANTASTIC. Loved how Bono did a shout out to T.J. It really is an amazing stage complete with gorillapod spaceship. Our quadrant of the stage was left without a personal appearance by Bono thus the 360 Tour was actually a 270 Tour. We love you U2. Keep rockin' the world.
First U2 show for a longtime fan.
It was more than I could have imagined. The sound was perfect, the stage and production was out of this world and U2 played a perfect 20 plus song set! Bono and the guys played their hearts out for an experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life! Big cheers for Muse for starting the evening off right!
best show ever
3rd time seeing U2- awesome show!! Loved the inclusion of songs from "unforgettable fire", would love that TV for my living room!! U2 brought it every song!!
A priviledge to be there!
I've been a fan of U2 since the War album. This was a fantastic show featuring great songs from through out U2's career. I felt privileged to be there. My favorites were 'Light my way' and 'Stuck in a moment'. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for a great show and a lifetime of music that sees into us. BTW - Great job with the 'Go Crazy' song!
Incredible Experience
WOW! When we arrived at Scott Stadium, I had no idea that a few hours later I would be literally standing at Bono’s feet as he sang to us! The 360 experience was absolutely amazing. We somehow ended up in the “inner circle” between the stage and the runway, with the “moving bridge” passing over several times throughout the show, carrying Adam, The Edge, and Bono right over us as they sang and played. Larry came right past on his walkabout (he’s so funny, Larry, the reluctant rock star) The feeling of being right in the middle of it all was simply amazing. Sunday Bloody Sunday, Where the Streets Have No Name, Vertigo, One, With or Without You, No Line, Magnificent - the set list just blew me away. Just reminded me again how enduring these songs are, just as moving, fresh and vital as when they were written. Not shown on the set list, but how special that Bono played and sang the old hymn written by a slave ship captain, John Newton, who himself played an “amazing” role in the abolition of slavery in the UK. Thanks, U2, for coming to Virginia and playing for us. Memory of a lifetime for me. Great opening to this show, as Muse came on and rocked us with Knights of Cydonia and, of course, Time is Running Out, and others, with Resistance from the new one – was hoping for Stockholm Syndrome, but there’s only so much time….. Thanks, U2, for bringing these guys along with you, it was great!
A priviledge to be there!
I've been a fan of U2 since the War album. This was a fantastic show featuring great songs from through out U2's career. I felt privileged to be there. My favorites were 'Light my way' and 'Stuck in a moment'. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for a great show and a lifetime of music that sees into us. BTW - Great job with the 'Go Crazy' song!
Big Kisses
Awesome night! I have been going to shows since the Zoo Tour and a fan since the '80s. This was the most spectacular show yet! I think there were a lot of new fans and they did not 'know what to do' during some of the songs...like sing along with the band, but Bono got them going, eh? I know in my 500 level seats, we were all dancing! I loved the acoustic performance of Bono and The Edge! It was awesome to hear Bloody Sunday. I'm not sure that I have heard that live and it was awesome! Loved the show of Beautiful Day and really enjoyed Magnificent! Came from Blacksburg and got home at 3am! Was well worth it! Please keep going on U2! I wish I could catch you in Istanbul!!
I loved it, blue room was great in chicago and was awesome last night!
My first U2 show - UNFORGETTABLE
General Admission, made it to the inner circle, outer edge- so amazing.
Oh, My God
Wow. I have seen at least one show during every tour since War. Never have I been in more awe than tonight. I just got home (2:30 am est) and couldn't wait to post my comments. The "space junk" is insane. While they nailed everything they played...my favorite song had to be (and I never expected this because I love all of the new stuff) "Where the Street Have No Name". After 20+ years it still blows the "roof" off of the house. But beginning to end-this is by far the most amazing show ever.
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