U2360° TOUR

Oct 28 2009
Vancouver, BC, CA / BC Place Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas
Here's what the band played in Vancouver tonight, the final show on the 2009 leg of the 360° Tour. If you were at the show post your own review and add your photos below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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From start to finish, Bono's voice was great, The Edge's guitar work was stellar. Top notch. In no way was there any disappointment. This was my first time seeing U2 - although I have listened and followed ever since Joshua Tree. I have immense respect for you. Thank you for an unforgettable and magnificent experience. Blessings to you!
In A Little While
..... I will get my Seattle tickets. Right now I am suffering from U2 seperation anxiety. The concert was awesome. Even though the sound was crystal clear there was a bit of an echo at times, which is known for BC Place. So I just covered my ears a bit.I had a wonderful time and I want to see them again, especially if they have "Songs of Ascent" coming out. *U2 forever* THE STAGE IS HUGE
Best Ever
This was the 10th time and the best time I have ever seen them. The stars seemed to aline for this show. The entire town was a buzz, you could not go anywhere in Vancouver without hearing the music or people talking about the show to come that night. Black Eyed Peas were the best opening band I ever saw and U2 just seems to know how to take things to another level.!!!! Thanks to U2 for another night that I will never forget, see you in the summer time.
The Yukon Loves U2 & Peas
We bought our tickets to celebrate my wife's 40th Birthday. And what a time it was. The peas came out and stole the show...what a great opening act! The boys came out and rocked the house. It was a visual spectacle that surpasses all the other concerts I have seen in my lifetime.... Nice job guys you made Ireland proud and the people of Canada were amazed!
Oh, what a night.
Vancouver, October 28th, 2009 - This day and concert was one no fan should miss. U2 is in a league of its own; their music and lyrics speak volumes, their drive and humanitarian flavour powerful. U2 is "one" that no person or band can imitate or duplicate. Bono's voice is truly incredible, the Edge remarkable both vocally and musically; playing his guitar with ease and precision. Adam, on the same note, played his guitar with the same great ease and that recognizable U2 base sound. Larry, really, the band would not be the same without him. His drumming skills are so unreal, he just ties all the sounds together. This was, indeed, a Beautiful Day. Thanks U2 PS. How about having U2 perform in Save-on- Foods Memorial Arena in Victoria, BC next time. Vancouver Island is the best place to be, I promise, and you will make so many island residents, that can't afford the trip on the ferry and hotel costs in Vancouver so happy.
Amazing night in Vancouver
26 years ago I listened to my first U2 song and I have been hooked every since. I've never been to a concert in my life and I'm so happy that I saved the best for first! The concert was amazing, I cried like a baby when Larry came out, and was completely taken by the stage. I have such a profound respect for all four of you and really hope that I can take in another concert before you all retire. Thanks for a great show...I wished that night would never have ended!
favorite band for 21 years....fifth time seeing in concert...absolutely amazing show...we were close...in the inner circle...was very amazing...it would be nice to have seen a second night and sat up high and just watched the lights and so on as i've seen some you tube views from further back....looks amazing....totally different perspective
Vancouver was better than Pasadena
It's true, the enrgy level in Vancouver was a lot better than Pasadena 360. Black Eyed Peas though were not as good here as they were in Pasadena. A Trade off I suppose. Their sound was muddy, very odd while U2's for the most part (barring feedback problems) was great. I am now in withdrwal after 7 consecutive gigs. Photos after the jump.
Anna C
U2 Rocks!
This was a great concert, all my favorite songs were played, I love the new album too!! Vancouver is so vocal too! What a show!
Greatest Experience
This concert that I went to on Wednesday, October 28th was the best experience in my life. Not only was it my first ever concert, it was also my favorite band... how many 17 year olds do you see that like U2? Awesome band, awesome performance and I look forward to the many U2 concerts to come.
Vancouver: "Until The End Of The Tour"
I have heard a few people say that the sound at BC Place wasn't very good, but I didn't notice! U2 were simply amazing! It is not very often that we get to see a crowd of 60,000 people for any event here in Vancouver (music or sports). So, thank you for playing at BC Place! and thanks for playing "Until The End Of The World!" (the greatest song ever made). The memories will last for along time! or at least until we see you guys in Seattle next year! hee hee Cheers!
Just getting my voice back...
It took two days after the concert to get my voice back...what a show; it was a fantastic night and I am definitely going to try for tickets in Seattle! I've been a fan since 1987 and hope that U2 puts out many more records - their sound is like no other and I will be a life long fan!
worth the drive
My wife and I came up from Oregon, and endured almost 20 hours in the car, all told, including nightmare traffic trying to get into Vancouver, just SURE that we'd miss the show altogether. Luckily, we made it into BC place about halfway through the Black-Eyed Peas' set, which was unexpectedly (I'm not a fan) rousing. While the dome did distort the sound undesirably, this was everything I expect from U2, and a night I'll never forget. I was particularly happy to finally see "Until the End of the World" live, and just about died every time the Edge let it rip. "Deliriously happy" is the phrase that kept jumping into my head concerning how I was feeling. Some especially nice touches came when the entire crowd joined Bono in a rendition of "Stand by Me", the frontman's introduction of his bandmates (including a standing ovation for Larry for starting the band, and a big round of applause for Edge's mum, who was at the show), seeing Larry sing back-up on Moment of Surrender, and the finale, which saw the four men hugging each other in congratulations for a show, and a 2009 tour, well-done. "It's getting emotional in here," Bono said with tears in his eyes just as the band turned to leave the stage and the crowd positively erupted in thanks and glee for 2 hours+ of one of the best rock shows you could hope for.
U2 Disciple
The concert performance defies words, it truely was the best concert of my lifetime. The lads put on a show that was mind candy for the fans. The combined sound, performance and visual display was an overwhelming experience. Since I bought my first U2 album in 1981, the boys have continued to push the envelope on music, lyrics, performances, and message. Thanks for dragging me along for the ride. I can't wait for what the next 10 years have to hold. Thanks for making the world a better place with your music, performances and message. I'm a believer in the church that is U2.
U2 like good wine
It kills me reading the newspaper reviews, as if those reporters really have a pulse on the general thought patterns of those who go and see a U2 concert. The show was astounding, the little girl on stage a beautiful moment, not confusing at all. Singing along with "Still Haven't Found...." a spiritual moment indeed. Stage of course had it's limitations for those on the corners, but we all went knowing what it was, and accepted it, and we had a great time. U2 delivers on the grand scale, of course they were tired, we were the last stop, what do you expect, they still perfomed and delived the show we all paid to see, bottom line.
Magnificent Surrender
What an incredible show to finish the 2009 leg of the tour! I lined up early to get a great spot in the pit, and I was as amazed with U2 as I was this summer in Dublin! Moment of Surrender is not only one of the best songs of the entire show, but I think it is also one of the best songs U2 have ever recorded! I can't wait to see the show again in Seattle next summer! While the hollow dome of BC Place did its job of keeping the pouring rain off our heads, it did create a bit of an echo, which I discovered can be corrected with a simple pair of ear plugs (or a pair of fingers in your ears if you don't have any plugs handy). This little trick allowed me to hear Bono's incredible voice without the usual distortion of BC Place Stadium. I have posted my photos from this show, as well as two shows from Dublin this summer, on Flickr, so if you're interested in seeing them, just do a search for U2 on Flickr and you'll eventually stumble onto my page.
I tried.......had a great time anyway :)
I was the loser with the sign "been waiting 22 yrs to get on stage" and I guess I'll be waiting a few more - mortgaged the house for backstage tour red zone tickets lol - made sure I was visible but alas didn't get picked. After a very bumpy start to this concert (BC Place wouldn't let anyone in - we missed our tour that I had waited so long for - finally got to do a mini tour just prior to the peas taking the stage who were fabulous - the show as always was breathtaking - going to have a "do over" in Toronto though so I can just sit back and enjoy the show this time!!!!! Can't wait to see you again!
Magnificent in Vancouver...
... It's been 22 years since I've been in Vancouver and that was to see U2 for the very first time on the Joshua Tree Tour, November 1987.. And, after 22 years, they never lost a beat and never disappoint!! This was my 7th time seeing the band and will shoot for 3 more next year including my home town's show in Edmonton!! Thanks U2 for the Beautiful Day in Vancouver 2009!!
Oh it all goes so fast ! I have to say that that was an amazing concert, there is a bond with the audience that goes beyond just the music. The backside of the stage is a little hard cause we had a hard time seeing around that huge claw leg. The concert left us yearning for more, oh would have loved to have heard Angel of Harlem ! Most impressive though was Bono introducing Adam Clayton at the concert, there seems to be a bit of a oddness/strain about those two's relationship. Bono went out of his way and made it very clear that there is real respect and love when introducing him. Adam is a bit like George Harrison when he was with the Beatles quiet, soft spoken but one knows there is so much more going on, he seems like the soul of the band.
Worth the Wait
22 years ago, at the age of 13, i heard my first U2 song and was totally hooked. Last night I finally got to see it live. Wow! Made the trip down from Alaska with my Brother and Sister-in-law. After what I saw, I am going to go see it again in 2010. What a great night. Thanks so much.
U2 - Probably the best band in the world
I am still in shock at how close we were to the stage - the vision Bono had to get closer to the fans was a reality but has left me in a kind of daze today! My husband & I were singing at the hotel breakfast table this morning "you give it all, but I want more" - such an inspiring band you gave us an experience that will never leave us - Thank you for blessing us.... now I'm off to try and get tickets for Edmonton next year MAGNIFICENT!!!
been there for over 20 years... this was an unbelievable show, although the sound was better at GM place for Vertigo... spiritual... profound... maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but certainly mine... wishing tonight was last night.
bring back the pass, amazing!
U2 brings back such amazing memories to those who saw them from the begining! I'm one of those teens from the 80's! I felt like I was in a temple of greatness! U2 you guys are increible! the stage was unreal, the sound and lights had the wow factor! a fantastic show!! You guys rock Vancouver, I'm getting ready for the Seattle one, see you there!!!!
U2 Left Everything...
...including Bono's voice, in Vancouver. I've been looking forward to this show since December 12th, 1997 when last I saw my life-long favorite band perform. Some things in life I truly worth waiting for. I had floor tickets and ended up in pretty good spot front and center not too far back fromt he elipse of the outer ring. Popmart and its giant TV were cool and all, but the spaceship blew it away...especially when all the pieces of the screen split into a story-high monument to the band willing to geek out on technology to enhance their shows. All in all this was a fantastic show. The Pea's were a fab opening act who appeared to be having as much or more fun than the crow they were warming up for the main event. Bono and the boys played their hearts out and Bono obviously had almost no voice left at the end of the show. His energy and love for the fans made up for the fact he couldn't deliver is normal operatic performance. In the two times I've seen U2, I've come away with a humbling spiritual feeling and the sense that the band is truly humbled by the love their fans show them. A couple days before the show I was treated to the news that U2 will visit Seattle in June...you can bet I won't let another 12 years pass before I see them again.
U2 - Final Date in Vancouver!
U2..thank you so much for an amazing show in Vancouver! I've seen you a few times but the last time was about 18 years ago here at BC Place so I was long overdue to enjoy you live. I've loved your music since about 1983 and have seen you 3 live 3 times now. Loved your show and loved the Black Eyed Peas. Hoping next time you grace our city, you'll play GM Place for 2 nights. The sound there is so much better! Thanks again! Tracy
Simply Magnificent
This was the first U2 concert for my wife & I who drove up from the Seattle area. It was even better than I expected. The Black Eyed Peas worked the stage very well and the U2 came on and showed once again why they are the best in the world. My wife & I had the time of our life and can't wait until June 20th in Seattle!
Simply Magnificent
This was the first U2 concert for my wife & I who drove up from the Seattle area. It was even better than I expected. The Black Eyed Peas worked the stage very well and the U2 came on and showed once again why they are the best in the world. My wife & I had the time of our life and can't wait until June 20th in Seattle!
U2 Rocks the Dome
Wow, What an amazing unforgettable show it was !! First the buzzing Black Eyes Peas auto-tuned and prepared us for the onslaught of aural pleasure. The majestic 360 claw towered the mighty BC Dome, which unfortunately sucked up some of the precious sound waves from Bono's astounding vocals. The video and images were inspiring to say the least. Bono thanked Bill Gates for all the wonderful charity work he has done in Africa and continued to serenade Happy Birthday to the PC King. Adam, Larry and The Edge were in fine form indeed, proving yet again, why U2 is the greatest band on the planet. The set list was mainly 2000's, but the top favourites were sprinkled in for fun. Thank you guys for entertaining us for over 3 decades. Hope to see you all again soon in our Olympic City.
Stoked for U2 in Vancouver!
Just watched the live webcast from the Rose Bowl and was blown away. It's been a while since I last saw U2 live and I can't wait to be on the floor at BC Place when U2 wraps up this leg of the tour in Vancouver on Wednesday. The set list seems to have been pretty consistent throughout the tour, with a good selection of tunes. Would love to hear "New Year's Day", "Bad" and "Bullet The Blue Sky" added to the set list for the final show on this leg tour. Let's wrap it up with a bang!!!
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