U2360° TOUR

Oct 12 2009
Dallas, TX, US / New Cowboys Stadium
with Muse
Over 70,000 in the stadium tonight, and with the roof over our heads, we really knew it. Here's what U2 played, more coming up.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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As always the show was awesome. No matter how many times you go it's always a different experience. Nothing will compare to seeing them in Dublin but awesome show. Looking forward to Red Zone tonight in Houston!
There are no other words to describe it. I have been a fan of U2 for 10 years and have tried every time they came to see the show but to no avail. The moment they came out on stage I KNEW it was well worth the wait.
Dallas rocked!
I spent six months looking forward to this show, ever since I bought the tickets early at a fan club member. My boys didn't disappoint. Even after following them for over twenty-two years, they can still make me feel like I felt the first time I saw them. Since there were no shows in the SF Bay Area, I flew to Dallas to see the best band in the world, and it was worth every penny.
Great band, bad venue
The band seemed to be in good form, but that is the last show I will see at the Cowboys stadium. The acoustics were terrible, and Bono sounded real tinney there wasn't any warmth in his voice. I love U2 and they seem to always be having a good time, I myself had a good time, but the sound at the new Texas staduim sucks.
13 Sept 09
It's hard to try and put this show into words that do it justice. Awesome isn't discriptive enough neither is magnificent. Wow in a primal scream with a kick *ss jump may come close. I'm looking forward to seeing them again as soon as I can, maybe sometime in Europe in 2010.
Wow!...That sucked
Over the top, choreographed, corporate butt rock show is what that was last night. Im a huge U2 fan and have seen them 4 times in the past and maybe im spoiled by how great they have been in past shows. I was on the floor and I still felt disconnected from the band because of the huge setup and video screen that made me feel like I was sucked into a music video. I thought that U2 got shows like this out of there systems in the 90s.
What a journey with the best rock band in the world( in my opinion)!!! since the start of the concert with Muse I steped into a world I have not seen before! it was a fantastic dream I didn't want to leave it. I love Muse, the reason why I came from Columbus, Oh to Dallas, Tx because they were with U2. It was kinda shocking to see the audience not identifying with Muse, the thing that is unusual. For Muse was nominated the best live rock band in the year 07 or 08, not sure. Lots people arround didn't know the band, some people whispering: " who are they" or someone else saying: " I could not tell a word they say" :) . However, that did not stop me from enjoying every second of the show, literally. Bono was like a hurricane, he was beyond the imagination. It was my first time to see U2 live. I loved the show. i have one regret, and yes it is not accoustics or bla bla bla as some noted :) it is not meeting them in my country Morocco, and more than that in Fes, my hometown, where they spent a lot of time producing their last album. That would have been the best vacation ever... Thank you U2 .
Go to the Spa!
Larry, Bono, The Edge and Adam, How do you do it? What a demanding schedule! Saw you June 20th in Amsterdam at the ArenA. Awesome compared to the Dallas show. The sound was great in C309. Sound suxxx in the top sections even at football games. See you in Houston, Norman and Brussels next year. Oh, and THANKS for sticking with us. P.S. Please put Unknown Caller on the playlist for Norman and Houston. We like that song in this part of the country. Supporting Aung San Suu Kyi and Burna through thoughts and prayers for their release, Scott
Thank you boys!
I didn't get to see the last two tours so this one was special! Thanks for playing Unforgettable Fire--I never thought I would hear it live. One of my favorite albums. Great show guys!
Dallas was simply MAGNIFICENT! My husband and I drove up from Houston & it was well worth the ride. Bring on Houston tomorrow guys, as I'll be there with our oldest daughter! Can.Not.Wait. WOOT!
Great show...I think
This was my third U2 show, my wife's second, and my son's first....maybe it was where we were sitting, but the acoustics in "Jerry's Barn" as another poster put it, were horrible. So, I think the show was great, but the sound was so poor it was hard to be sure. It was difficult to understand anything that Bono said or sang. My wife (scientist of the family) suggested the opening the roof even a little would have given all those echoes some place to go. Instead they just bounced around at the top of the barn. Nevertheless, I'm glad we went, and I'm looking forward to the next tour.
Section 400 Bad
My wife and I, along with another couple attended and was very disappointed with the sound in our section. We know it's not the band, it was the stadium. Perhaps there shouldn't have been seats sould for the upper section.
First U2 Concert and I'm addicted! More, More, More! Best time of my life.
I can die happy now
A lot of people have been giving this venue heck about the sound quality. I guess someone was looking out for me when I got my tickets then.. because where I was sitting, it was great all around. I have been a HUGE U2 fan for a really long time, but this was the very first time I have been blessed enough to get to see them in concert!! The rockin irish boys did not disappoint! Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry, and all who helped them put on an amazing show- THANK YOU!!!
"Magnificent" in Arlington, TX
WoW! A Magnificent experience!! Musically top notch and a technological wonder! This was by far the best concert we've attended and the visuals were jaw-dropping!! Thanks for a great first concert experience for my teen daughter--she'll never find another that will live up to the wonder of U2--and she loved MUSE too!! Great job and a MUST EXPERIENCE! psst--use another venue until they improve the acoustics in this stadium please!!! We don't want to miss a single word or note!
Bad Acoustics? I think not!!!!
Man, you guys ROCK. U2's the Joshua Tree changed the way I appreciated music for the rest of my life. I love U2 and was totally blown away by the performance that was awesome as always. I didn't know it was possible to rock the dog shit out of a place as large as the new Cowboy's Staduim.....but DAMN and SHAZAM U2 came through like a champ. I thought it sounded fantastic. I was near the 50 yardline on the lounge level and it sounded great from my seat. Visually stunning as well. Grade A all the way. I can't wait for you guys to come back. Maybe I'll be able to bring my baby girl next time and get another generation turned on to your kick ass tunes. Much love for you guys. Thanks a million!!!
I finally got to see the greatest band ever at age 46 and it was awesome. Another item checked on my bucket list. Thank-you Larry, Adam, the Edge, and Bono!
Poor Venue
Cowboy stadium acoustics don't cut it up high - very, very bad in section 445. Also pre-paid parking pass not honored because the "lot was full". I don't expect this to be posted - but I want U2 to know about the acoustics. The music is what I came for. Set was great and band had high energy - I'm still a fan.
U2- you never dissappoint your fans and that is why you are the greatest band!!! Words cannot fully describe a live U2 show; so much emotion and talent!! Can't wait to see you in Norman, OK!
I still love this band
This was my tenth (?) show since the Boy tour, and I was amazed at how they can still perform inspired when it's obvious they don't have to subject themselves to the hard work a tour of this magnitude requires. The sound was not good from our seats, but the stage and show was great. Friends with better seats said the sound was great. I guess you get what you pay for. Anyway, my wife and two boys enjoyed it, too. These guys stand for something greater than themselves, and that is the secret to their success.
U2 Greatness
Great show last night. Great to take the kids. Bono's voice was spot on and the band was extremely tight. Muse was great as well. Saw them in Dublin and this show was much more polished. Heading to Norman to see them again this weekend.
No Fly Zone
My daughter (10) waiting to hear "The Fly", but it never came... :( Awesome show anyway!
What a great night! Great seats in the inner circle on the rail by The Edge with he and Bono crossing the bridge over us. Love the 360 screen and The Spaceship. Also a bonus that they played my favorite song The Unforgettable Fire. Nice to have that song in the mix for this tour. I hope they come back thru again after Europe. Would like to see about going to Norman this weekend for the show. Well done guys. Thanks! A little bigger venue than my first band show at The Bronco Bowl during the War tour.
An Evening with Old Friends
One thing is for sure: U2 knows how to take an event of more than 70,000 people, and make it seem like an intimate gathering with old friends. This was my 7th U2 show since I first saw them in 1987. No matter where your seat, U2 connects with the audience. On another topic, the stage worth the price of admission alone! It was like U2 brought the Texas State Fair to Arlington. Once they launched into Vertigo, it felt like an amusement ride. I was spinning at the end, and thankful there was no fried butter at Cowboys Stadium... Thanks to they guys for putting on another awesome show, and thanks for the many years of great memories with your music! Allisa Green
Great Show in Arlington
Great show last night at the Death Star. Great set and the band was great as always. The claw was a sight to behold and lived up to expectations plus some. My favorites of the night were One, Streets, and Mysterious ways. Would have liked to hear some older stuff, but that's just being picky. Great, Great, Great!!!!Can't wait until Norman on Sunday!
It was amazing!
Thank you for a Amazing Grace...it was awesome!
Thanks for a great night!
I saw my first U2 and first stadium concert last night. It was a blast. If I didn't have a conflict, I'd watch the Houston and Norman shows, also. U2 was great last night. It seemed to me the band really enjoyed themselves, especially the Irish Cowboy. It takes a degree of arrogance to be the center of attention for a two hour concert, or to be rock stars for more than 30 years. U2 pulled it off with sincerity and humility (some how). U2's stage is out of this world!
One of the Best moments in my life
OMG!!!! I was there last night, front row seats, aaaaaaah!!!!!! it was Amaaaaaazing, I can't believe i was there, they are soo talented and great performers, they get better and better, I loved the entire setlist, it is so great to be a fan because you automatically no the songs by heart, i have been a fan since back in high school, love all their material, i think i even dropped a tear or two during "One" .
Jerry's Barn
From the first note from Muse to the last encore of U2, the concert was an overall bad experience. I'm sure that both bands performed their hearts out for the fans, but the acoustics inside of Jerry's barn totally stink! I heard someone make the comment on the way..."but the light show was great"! I didn't go for the light show, I went for the music! Too bad the venue was so bad.
the trip start...
Don´t forget U2; the dream is starting with "BAD, UNKNWON CALLER, STAY AND PRIDE"... The music it the soul of world and you have the best. Houston is waiting minute at minute... See you on wendesday... A fans
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