U2360° TOUR

Aug 18 2009
Glasgow, Scotland, GB / Hampden Park
with The Hours, Glasvegas

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Cuthy B
Let ME Back in the Sound
This was my first U2 concert, I have never had the oppurtunity or money to see the band play live before, so this really was a great experience. I have seen many bands before, including R.E.M., and I have to say in terms of show/music/length - the 360 Tour was absolutely spot on. Nice to see a bit of glitz and glamour back in the boys. Pop till you drop indeed. Absolutely estatic when you played The Unforgettable Fire, and I loved Larry's introduction for Breathe. Great show!
the singalong to where the streets have no name and the remix of I'll go crazy were the highlights of the night for me.absolutely awesome.
A great night in Glasgow; 60,000 at Celtic Park to see Celtic play Arsenal and 65,000 crammed in to Hampden to see the boys - I think we all mewt in the city centre beforehand! Bit of a slow start, the new songs going down very well however. Then a middle section that was up there with the best of previous U2 (and other bands'shows)-Vertigo thru to an astounding remixed version of I'll Go Crazy - this MUST be released as a single!" PA system packed up at start of and all the way through Walk On - some booing in our section but not at the band, who I am not sure knew much about it. Some roadie is presumably without a job today..... Happily, fully rebooted for Streets which literally had the stadium shaking. Have not heard Ultraviolet live since the Zoo TV Tour - fantastic. Not the best show I have been at - I still maintain the Zoo TV tour is unsurpassable - but a fantastic night out.
In The Presence Of Greatness!!
Superb Gig! "The Claw", what a masterpiece! The sound was brilliant apart from some loss on Pride and MLK. which was a bit disappointing. Best songs in my humbleness, Unforgettable Fire, Crazy Tonight remix, One (just gets better each time I hear it!) and with Or Without You etc....! Saw them last tour and Bono's voice is better this time, mellower, sweeter. The Band, just great too. What a sound, what a performance, what a night! I heard they played Bad @ Wembley, would have love to have heard it @ Hampden.
Mark Reid
Absolutely brilliant
This must have been the best U2 gig I've been too. The band were brilliant and the crowd were fantastic (even when the sound cut out!). Brilliant!
Warning : Gig For All Ages
took along 17 year old son and 14 year old daughter and both thought it was " awesome " and " one of the best nights ever " . But with a huge back catalogue of songs to draw from its no wonder thats there's not something for everyone here . Glasgow was a nightmare because of the Celtic game and it was far from full come U2 stage time . Space Oddity booms out , dry ice engulfs the stage and suddenly the 360 experience hits with opener Breather . Not one of my favourites but then its into a very punchy No Line on The Horizon . Highlights for me ? The Unforgettable Fire . Very atmospheric and very good attempt at a difficult song to play live . Unknown Caller ...great song too . Lots of political messages on the screens but not too over powering . Members of crowd came on to the outer walk way with the masks of female Burmese protester held up in front of their faces . Bemused looks all round . Nice sentiment , but ...... naff . Great sound , apart from when the PA cut out during Walk On with the band oblivious . They must have wondered when it kicked back in and the crowd started cheering . And Bonos red " laser light " suit for Ultra Violet ( which I surprisingly thought wasn't quite as punchy as of old ) was surreal ....where can I get one . And you'll love the brilliant Pop era dance blitz of I'll Go Crazy Tonight .... Well worth it . The spectacle returns to the big stadia ..... You have been warned !
I was at the show last night. Fourth time round for seeing U2. Maybe I've just been spoilt by them as my first ever gig was on the Zooropa tour. Disappointed there were only two tracks from Achtung Baby and two tracks from Josh given that those are clearly U2s best two albums. Great show tho. They never disappoint that way
Blown away by 'breathe', Glasgow crowd fantastic and on fine singing form. A small sound 'blip' during 'walk on' but otherwise an unforgettable night. Arnhem 2001, Cardiff 2005 and Glasgow 2009 - getting better everytime - keep it going lads!!!!
Still Buzzing
Had a fantastic time last night. This was soooo much better than the previous visit to Hampden. The set list was amazing, the stage was unbelievable. I would say the only negative was the encores seemed a bit flat. On the whole a fantastic night
Glasgow gig
Probably the best Gig I have ever been at ,surpassed Vertigo 05 . The new mix of "Crazy Tonight" was a real surprise, and the crowd singing " I still havent found" will stay with me till the day I die. Unfortunately the sound cut out during walk on and I don't think it came back 100% which broke the spell a bit, and I have to say one of the stage "claws" was directly between me and Bono, giving me a restricted view for alot of the show, that was a bit annoyong considering I had bought a premium priced ticket. But overall I am a very happy fan. Hope its not a 4 year wait till the next one !!!!!
nana maude
had tickets didn't go
Gutted. I got my tickets in the presale ages ago. But as the time got closer I realised that I could ill-afford the petrol from Yorkshire to Glasgow and back. So eBayed my tickets and lost £40 on what I paid for them. Ah well, bet it was great though...... Discuss
shefield here i come.. seen the guys 5 times before, have you got any tips, pointers, helps, info for a 43 year old with his 18 year old son who hasnt seen them before.. for this current tour ... :)
AMAZING !!!!!!!
This was my 5th show from this tour , 2 in Dublin and two at Wembley and Tonight and every show is as good as the last , Tonight was Awesome and i just love Ultra Voilet. All songs from "No Line" are just performed fantastic live. Thanks Lads for your amazing Music , I am lost for words at this moment but i look forward to Saturday in Cardiff as it will be my 25th time to see U2 live. Dont go too mad at Andrea's wedding on Friday :-)
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