U2360° TOUR

Aug 15 2010
Horsens, DK / Casa Arena
with Snow Patrol

Was special for several reasons tonight: we had one of the loudest audiences of the tour, we had the Crown Prince of Denmark, we had supermodels and we had Snow Patrol in the house.(It felt a bit like a reunion, after all the shows they joined us for in 2009.)

The Return of the Stingray Guitar is proving an inspired way to open the show followed by Beautiful Day and, like Glastonbury, the other new song embedding itself in the set list, it's getting a sensational reception.

Hard to match the reception for these words though: 'Thank you for having us back to your land of islands,' explained Bono. 'Always a thrill for us, not just because we have so many friends here but because you really are such generous people in your welcome to this band and in your support of the poor and vulnerable in far off places'.

'Plus we like the way your royals carry themselves - welcome to Crown Prince Frederik and Mary.'

Special mention also tonight to 'our friend and hero' Helena Christensen: 'She has been working tirelessly for the ONE campaign as well as the Chernobyl Children's Project... please let me, in front of her family, toast Helena.
'I mean, what is it with rock stars and supermodels? We've so much in common - tall, thin, good-looking'

All the way to With or Without You this show was something else, and by then we had the band on stage with the audience singing to them. By the time we reached Moment of Surrender, no-one wanted to leave. Quite a night.

We'll leave it up to those of you who were at the show to tell us which tracks you thought were the stand-outs.

Were you there? Add your own review of the show and post your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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What time is it in the world? SHOWTIME!!! (in Horsens anyway). YES, once again. Seen all 5 tours in DK since '93, they have all been unique and yesterday was no exception. LOVED IT. Up front and center, a magnificent view and lots of cool fans making it so much worth it. Proud to be a part of the danish U2 fanculture. See ya next time :-)
What time is it in the world? SHOWTIME!!! (in Horsens anyway). YES, once again. Seen all 5 tours in DK since '93, they have all been unique and yesterday was no exception. LOVED IT. Up front and center, a magnificent view and lots of cool fans making it so much worth it. Proud to be a part of the danish U2 fanculture. See ya next time :-)
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonigh
Ohh we went crazy last night in Horsens :-)) Magnificent concert!!! I attended the concert last summer at Wembley in the inner circle, big, beautiful and loud, the concert yesterday was even better!!! Perfect set list and a good mixture of old, younger and new songs :-) The bass, drums and specifically Edge on the guitar sounded perfect and showed why U2 is the world greatest rockband! Bono what can I say, MAN we are happy to see you again :-) U2 I thank you for another unforgettable concert.
U2 6 / 6 stars
I've been to six concerts with U2, and what I saw yesterday was fantastic, had goosebumps from start to finish. the audience was really loud. Glastonbury, I'll go crazy ..... and Hold Me Thrill Me ...... was amazing. Looking forward to tonight where I'm going to my seventh concert since 1993. U2 world's best Rockband
Super show - simply the best.
The setlist is NOT ok. Where are songs like Bad, Out of Control, Original of the species, Yahweh, Gone, Electric Co, All I want is you, Please, songs from "Zooropa". I'm from Holland and next month I go to the show in Paris. I hope they play some of these songs.
Perfect night..
Hi guys, Thanks for another most perfect concert.. My girl and I really enjoyed it.. looking forward to next time you visit denmark. see u there!!!
Best sound ever
I don't know if it was Edge who had blown the dust out of some gear backstage, or the man at the mixer had an exeptionally inspired night, but this is the best stadium sound I have ever heard - including 360 in Gothemburg last year. What a great concert. Magic. Thanks.
My second U2 concert, was a magnificent experience. Fantastic venue, fantastic fans and U2 on top of their game! I was so happy to hear "New years day" and "Magnificent" Only sad thing is that i have'nt got tickets for tonights show, but those who have are in for an experince of a lifetime. Enjoy! Flemming from Hedensted
Do it again
Thank you, lads for a great time. Big concert full of energy, soul and will. Going to watch the show again to night and are really looking forward to participate. I don't have any expetations - I know you as a band allways do your best - and that's all I as an audience can expect. See you soon.
Thanks guys for a great performance in Horsens August 15th.
I was at the Horsens show last night, it was my fourth U2 concert, and it was beyond words! Simply beyond words. The band was fantastic, looking great, they entertained, they played brilliantly, they played The Unforgettable fire - I've never heard that one live before, at it was bloody brilliant! I loved every second of it, and almost cried when it was over. You guys are the best. No doubt about it. I'm madly jealous at those who have still concerts to see. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll come to Denmark again soon :-) please?
Halleluja U2
I was at my first U2-concert ever last night in Horsens - it has always been on my to-do-in-my-lifetime-list, and man, it was one of the biggest moments of my life. I have seen Madonna and the Rolling Stones in Horsens, but they did not come near the perfomance of the Irish lads yesterday!! Well done, U2 - simply Maaaaaaaagniiiificent!!!! Hopefully, it will not be my last concert with U2!!!
Fantastic night in Horsens
Thanks for a super concert where both sound and stage show was world class. There is no bigger than U2
what a night
WOW is the best word i have to describe the show last night my husband and i saw them last year in gøteborg but last night was even better and more loud the atmosphere was magnificent!!!! i wish i had tickets for tonight again
My God
what a beautiful night. The greatest song was Where the streets have no name. Thank you for a unforgettable night from the inner circle.
Edge's Notes
Oh Edge! Did I mention your notes from your guitar! Beautiful too! Lisa
Love, love, love...
It was in deed a beautiful and magnificent evening in Horsens last night - Thank you so much! My moment of surrender was when Bono surrendered to us....'With or without you' - a moment I'll carry in my heart for the rest of my life! You guys are and will always be All that I can't leave behind! Please keep doing what you do so extremly magnificent...
Best One Yet
My second U2 concert, (first one in Berlin last yeah). It was fantastic. Really awesome sound and the tracklist just made it all add up. Everything was perfect and Bono was flying all over the place! Great guitarplay and both the Drums and Bass was perfect as allways!
Great show in Horsens
Thank you, thank you, thank you - Saw you Sunday the 15th in Horsens. Great weather, great show, great performance, great audience. Thanks for beeing back in Denmark.... Sunday beautiful Sunday.
A beautiful night
Words just aren't enough! Thanks, guys ... Will we ever hear the full version of Discotheque again, pleeeeeease .. See you again tonight :-)
Horsens way to tribun
Wow effect at the way to the seats.
Thank you! Saw the show in Gøteborg 2009 and must say the show have improved big time. Much more a rockconcert and much less a multimedia showoff. Bono is back in top form - singing like an angel, and the Edge is elevating everybody with his guitar. Thanks for a great night.
View from the Horsens Hill
Great view into the opened Stadium.
A magnificent night!!!
Thank you all in the band for delivering a magnificent night. It was in deed a great concert. The music peaked with "Where the streets have no name", and what a great way to be pushed further into the nigt with "Moment of surrender", a new classic is born. I could not imagine any better ways to celebrate my 30'th birthday. For all of you attending the show tonight; Please look forward...
Letter to U2
Hi, I'm Santips from Italy, sorry if i write here, but I don't know where do it, and maybe I could receive a fast answer (n.b. sorry for my mistakes...). First of all: I LOVE U2 they are under my skin from more time, and my heart beats too fast when I listen their songs... I was on Tourin and I thought to be in Heaven... Really formidable...!!! I follow the other concert on streaming and ok isn't the same but I'm happy!!!! During these days I read comments about U2 (some offensive and I became very very hungry, another a little disappointed in this way: someone says why they don't sing old songs like 40, An cat dubh, or Running to stand still... I know, they can't satisfied all the world in only one concert, but I think they could give a gift sometimes... We really really really love U2 we cry for their music and for them but it's only for remember THE STORY... Please send this message to 4 Mythical Dubliners. WE LOVE U FOR EVER... Bye.. Simona
Awsome night in Horsens
Hi guys. Thanks for a fantastic night in Horsens last night. The scene was set for a perfect sunday night: Beautiful weather, a great and loud audience, a band who really enjoyed playing live again, and a Bono who just gave it 1000%. And perfect it was. See you again tonight. Yeahhhh!
What a breathtaking, blown-away, energizing show last night at Casa Arena in Horsens!!! Bonos voice keeps getting better and better - unbelievable! My only thought this morning getting my kids to the kindergarden on my bike: Thank you, thank you, thank you U2!!!! Definitely see you again!!!! Deep bows - Jacob Højland, Skanderborg, Denmark
unforgetteble night
one and agen a graet show (first show barcelona 09)with new songs, and the band still going strong carlo odense DK
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